Leaders Are Holographic

Leaders Are Holographic

Everything interpenetrates and is interconnected with everything;
and while humans may attempt to divide and categorize,
the true leader knows these divisions are but futile attempts to
understand what cannot be fully understood. Only felt.

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Look, I know the above is an intense concept, yet I’m assuming since you’re a reader of mine that you’re open to deeper conversations.

There’s a tremendous amount of talk in today’s world about “making an impact.” Yet, what most fail to realize is that you already are making an impact.

In fact, you cannot not make an impact in today’s world.

Since we are all connected and quantum entangled,
every single thing you do makes an impact on me; and me on you.
Every single thing you do makes an impact on the entire world.
You cannot not make an impact. The question is “What impact are you making?”

domnino falling into each other

Let’s back up and break this down as holographic leadership.

If you know anything about a hologram you know that the entirety of the whole is contained in every single piece of the holographic plate.

In other words, you can take a very small piece of a holographic plate and shine a laser through it, and the entire image will still be projected. The only difference is the degree of clarity.

Neuroscientist Karl Pribrams’ work proves that what is “out there” is really a
vast symphony of waves forms, a frequency domain that is transformed into the
world as we know it only after it enters our senses.

drop of water making waves

In physics there’s a principle called “A Sensitive Dependence on Initial Conditions.” Also known as the Butterfly Effect.

The butterfly metaphor illustrates that if a butterfly flaps its wings in Taiwan today, it might just create a Tsunami in Los Angeles two months from today.

The Butterfly Effect in physics states that small changes in
a complex system potentially create major impact.
You are a complex system. Your body is a complex system.
Your business, your relationships and your world are all complex systems.

James Arthur Ray

As we’ve discussed previously, the leader in today’s world must be a philosopher, an artist, a businessperson, a student of psychology, biology, physics and mysticism. All else is an incomplete model of the world and how it operates.

Understanding the holographic properties of this universe, and how everything affects everything, the Redemptive Leader® makes decisions and acts holographically.

The term “Redemptive” means “to save yourself and others from evil (living backwards) and error.”

Ask yourself:

  1. How will this decision/action affect my body?
  2. How will this decision/action affect my mind?
  3. How will it impact my quality of life?
  4. How will it impact the body, mind, and quality of life of all those with whom I work and interact?
  5. Is this decision/action in alignment with my bigger purpose?
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Your answers will help you determine your decision and actions.

Of course, there’s more—there’s always more—and this will get you started.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!


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