Keep The Faith

Upon release from Arizona in October, I returned to my parents’ small two bedroom condo in Oceanside, California. I love my parents, and I’m so very grateful to have a place to go post destruction. That being said… no grown adult wants to be forced to live with his parents (and by the way, their parents probably don’t want them either)—it’s humbling. I’m sure you can relate or at least imagine.

But I must say it’s all relative… in contrast to a 12X10 closet (cell) with two beds, a sink, a toilet, a concrete desk, and another full grown man you don’t even know,  to live with Mom and Dad’s was a major upgrade!

So, the last several weeks, I’ve been looking for a place to reside. This is a big leap of faith, after not working in four years. But Life has taught me over the years to make decision based upon where you’re going versus where you are. Please contemplate the meaning of that last statement and all its implications.

In my last book Harmonic Wealth I called that, “living from the outcome.”

Living from the Outcome is rooted in a faith that something greater is working through you and guiding you. The impulses and aspirations you get come from Intelligence far beyond your own small awareness. All we must do is learn to listen—and then act.

My first challenge was actually finding a place that would take me. This was not easy. My once “perfect” credit score (that I used to be so proud of), means nothing when it’s currently in the tank. Things we work for years to build can be gone in an instant. The past is history; and you don’t get much slack or recognition for who you used to be. Numerous places wouldn’t touch me with a ten foot pole (and believe me, there were many), no matter how hard I worked at it; no matter how hard I attempted to convince.

Secondly, this difficulty was only amplified by having to check the “felon” box on the rental agreement while filling in a big fat zero on the bank balance line. Apartment managers want to be assured they’re going to get paid.

Bankers and investors once clamored and begged to be a client or partner. Now apartment managers looked at me with disdain. But a couple things I’ve learned throughout the last four years are:

1. You’re not the labels (either good or bad) that people or society places upon you (more on labels to come); and

2. You must continue in faith, holding you’re intention, even when the current situation looks bleak at best or impossible at worst.

When things often look the worst, it’s time to get more creative and resourceful; and it’s time to trust in a power much greater than your own. It’s time to humble yourself and find a person willing to look at you, and listen to your story as a human being, versus just a guaranteed dollar sign. They do exist by the way… you just have to have the faith and fortitude to continue looking.

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At the end of the day, I’ve always been helped and guided to find a way, regardless of the odds; and by the way… so have you. Haven’t you?

I used to think that it was me doing the work; and this was my own ignorance and lack of understanding. Now I know it’s something bigger than me… something working through me… versus coming from me. Do you get the difference?

Think about it. Things show up, people appear, a lifeline is thrown your way… maybe in what appears to be the final hour. Haven’t you experienced this?

Things may not always be as “perfect” or as ideal as we think we want them to be, but we always find a way as long as we’re willing to move forward in faith versus fold.

Keep the faith my friend, I’ll keep you posted

james arthur ray



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  1. Hi Ray, I know I’m just another voice in the wilderness, but I just wanted to say thanks for the new blog. Of all the so-called self-help gurus out there, you are one of very few I’ve been able to stomach all these years, and all because of your honesty. Indeed, some might find it brutal at times, some might even believe that they can be happy/enlightened 100% of the time, but at least you tell it like it is. I love hearing your ideas, whenever and wherever I can. If anything, your recent trials and tribulations only speak for your humanity (not some cult-like figure beyond humanity) and make me appreciate your insights even more. I’m sure these harsh lessons will nourish you over the longterm and only bring you to bigger and brighter places. Keep your head up. Thanks again.

  2. James,
    I wish you the best – this must be a very difficult time- I appreciate your sharing your llife. Keep the faith! – Best wishes and keep moving forward. I loved your book Harmonic Wealth, it captivated me and I still listen to the Secret and really liked your participation. All will turn out well for you – one step at a time

  3. Keep the faith James, even before times were good, I seem to recall a motorcycle accident that had knocked you down. You got up from that, and you’ll get up from this.

  4. Thank you James. I often remember what you said “we teach what we need to learn”. Not everyone understands or agrees with it, but in my life so far, this has been true.
    Thanks again.

  5. It appears you have died from your ego and surrender to the divine. There can only be light and divine guidance going forward. Blessings.

  6. James, your insights and wisdom are coming from sublimated truth which is only found when one realizes the force behind ALL things. It inspires me to hear these words come from one of the first peeps to assist me in walking the path. Thank you so much for everything you share, past and present.
    This is all part of the greater plan, and one day you’ll realize that this needed to happen to reach where you’re going. The best is yet to come!

    Btw you’re always welcome to stay with me if you want to come to Toronto.

    Your brother and student,

  7. Sometimes we do need to realize its the Source that directs all. It’s easy when things are especially good to forget that then we need a course adjustment just like a plane or a ship. This is not a bad thing, just a reality. It may be challenging to accept our “adjustments” however if we want to end up in the port of our intention it’s necessary. Blessing to you in this time of “course adjustment”. 🙂

  8. “living from the outcome.” is the only place to play!

    I believe that my FUTURE guides my PRESENT actions, and creates the PAST. So its not the past and present affecting and creating my future, but my thoughts of the future that are affecting and creating my actions presently. In other words, I do not allow my past and present situations to affect or create my future. I choose the way i want my future to occur, and my actions automatically act on those thoughts and the universe responds, creating my future. – Werner Erhard

    I have also gone from the frying pan into the fire … and the hole everyone says ‘stop digging’ I keep on keeping on. What will rise from this is incredible and will evoke.. how did that happen?? Thank you James for making it a better place.

  9. My family seen you in St. Louis and we had the opportunity of a free seminar. We were very grateful and we still are.

    We were very impressed with your ‘way.’

    This is just a ‘speed bump’ for you. I ‘m glad your ‘out’ and now can keep going. Just make sure you have the proper forms for people to sign so that the ‘law’ is appeased. I’m sure you already know that. Lots of disclaimers… give the government what is due and those who participate will now be accountable for their own heath.

    Best of luck


  10. James, you have been an inspiration and amazing leader for years. I met you a few times at events and have read your books. I manage a real estate office here in San Diego and wanted to offer our confidential services to you when you are ready to get a new place. This is not self promotion by any means, just offering what I do to help you as you have done for me and countless others over the years. I know how difficult it is to start over, but I have done it in my past and I have faith that you will take each day as it comes and you will enjoy each new day and each new challenge. Life is precious as we all should know and we learn from it all.
    I am here for you if you ever need anything.
    Thank you for all you’ve done and all you’ve gone through!

  11. James ( I see you talking in front of people but now what you talked about in the past) do you see the new vision?
    I been knocked down twice in my journey (going from the top to the bottom) both times I lost everything but not my family who stuck by my side and most importantly God who never left me.
    Through it all I’m a much better person now then I was 20 or 30 yrs ago. I’m doing well now but my priorities are different then they were in the past. I have a business in Carlsbad and its been in the desert and the mountain top through it all I keep my faith and belief. Find a church that is open, with freedom and loving people, after all of my challenges I found a good church without the religion part of it, only God and the Trinity with no hang ups.
    Remain steadfast and keep moving forward, the new season is here for you, start with your faith, family and personal vision. He only prunes the branches that shall produce more fruit, let the past go and forget about what you thought you knew, its a new beginning for you and your direction.

  12. James, you are such an inspiration to humanity! Thanks for sharing. I want to acknowledge you for your courage and transparency. I will always remember you. You got me going on my journey of consciousness and understanding of the laws of nature about 8yrs ago when I attended your weekend seminar in Orlando. Your passion to help others to walk this conscious path is unsurpassed. I listened to your CD in my car for many months as it helped to transform my life and the lives of all the people around me. Keep the faith my friend, one day at a time. That’s exactly how I live my life everyday! You are definately on track.
    I love you and wish you only the best…you are one AH-maaazing human being!!!
    ps: “if you are not growing you are dying”…I learnt this from you, this is my personal mantra…You are definately growing!!!

  13. Yes, James! Always guided, and grateful for it!
    Yes, I AM an instrument!
    Yes, Amazing how serendipities of the Universe show up…attraction !!

    Loving Light!

  14. James,
    I admire you for moving forward and remaining so positive. You have always been an inspiration to myself and my husband. We had the pleasure of attending several of your seminars back in the day. You opened up a whole new perspective on life for us.

    In 2008-2009 due to the fall of the economy and the industry my husband is in, we lost our house and filed bankruptcy. We happened to have a 5th Wheel trailer we got to keep out of all of it. My family of 3 and 2 pets lived in it for almost 2 years. We worked hard to rebuild our financial status, I went back to work, put my daughter in Montessori school, and began a new life one day at a time.
    Our credit was trashed. Nobody wanted to even talk to us when it came to renting or trying to buy a new vehicle, even though we had proof of 2 years perfect and cash in hand. We went to an all cash system, I could go on and on.
    Persistence was the key. You are right there is someone out there willing to put the past in the past, and embrace what the future holds, the greater picture. Hold your head up high James and you will be guided. Don’t ever lose the Faith, especially in yourself.

    Sarah A.

  15. James, I’ve always loved your presentations as I find you are extremely gifted with unique ways to get the point across. That said …thanks for writing from this fresh perspective! The genuineness of your sharing is just as beautiful and impactful. You are playing on a whole new level for sure and showing us all that having limited resources does not mean we are without the means to create and allow the universe to flow through us anyways.
    Interesting timing since so many has had to let go and recreate themselves since the recession.
    I acknowledge your journey in the highest light!

  16. Dear James, I really wish you best in your new life journey. We all live in the journey of life and sometimes we think we know where it will take us, but alas life shows us that it can really take it where it wants us to go, or needs us to go in order to really see who we are and how we will show up. I have followed you for many years before this situation showed up and was a little sad, disappointed and yes sometimes angry as to how things happened and were handled, but if we are to live from our true self, then we should all be true to ourselves and know none of us are perfect and many of us have shown (or at least seen) the not so good side of ourselves. We we are all human and everything that happens in our human experience is to help our soulful experience grow. I just wanted to say that I have forgiven you, the experience and myself and that everyone deserves another chance to move forward and do the real and sincere work we are here to do. Much love, success and peace to you.


  17. The Principles of living a full life work James, I appreciate your work that helped to teach me that fact. I am so happy that they continue to work for you my dear. Much happiness begets much happiness. Thank you for continuing on.

  18. James, I have loved your work. As a Prayer Practitioner, I have prayed for you. This is my work, trusting the One Power and knowing the truth about you and I own a home in Florida with 2 studio apartments and a home in Ohio. I would rent to you. Contact me if you want more information. Blessings and prayer, Diana

  19. Hey, James – remember those signs and lifelines WILL appear. Just sometimes they don’t look like you expect – remember to look beyond surface apperances, and you’ll find real gold. For an anology – if you’ve ever gone prospecting for precious metal, the place you find it is discovered after you dig past the surface.
    All the best to you, chin up, you are on the path of evolving to a higher level. Wishing you good prospecting for your future!

  20. What a life experience you are having!!!! When I was reading your blog today my favorite poem came to mind. As a Metaphysical Practitioner and Coach I felt I needed a mantra in my life and this poem does it for me. You might already know it and I don’t think it hurts to hear it again. By Edward Teller “When you come to the end of all the light you know and it’s time to step into the darkness of the unknown FAITH is knowing that one of two things shall happen. Either you’ll be given something solid to stand on or you’ll be taught now to fly. Continue to have Faith and fly James……

  21. There are days that living in the moment for the future I am choosing to manifest is so easy and other times it seems impossible. I can only imagine that it’s harder for you right now when others feel the need to flog you or push you back if it seems that you are moving on. I have had a few family members like that… But, it seems your plight or lesson is way amplified to more than a few! The last few days I have been reminding myself several times a day that my positive is much more powerful than anyone’s negative! I wish the same for you… Well anyone who chooses to pursue the positive instead, when it seems like so many would rather see you wallow in misery! This to shall pass!!! Good Luck finding a place and beginning again… It will happen!!!

  22. I find it so interesting that the teacher has become the student and all your previous work has seeped into people and they are now using it to aid you. Who would have thunk it! Keep on going and please continue your posts it will all turn out so much better than you can imagine!

    1. Does the heart good Alison. I pray that you’re right… because I imagine it pretty good!! =) Thanks so much ~JAR

  23. I love this, James. It may be the most honest thing you’ve ever written.

  24. lets face it, these dark nights of the soul suck but compassion, vulnerability and courage and crazy humor are some beautiful treasures we can pick up along the way on a trip through shit storm forest. sending divine love peace and joy your way…Namaste’ 🙂

    1. Deborah there’s nothing of value I can add to that so I’ll just say. Well said. Much love ~JAR

  25. I haven’t read all of the comments, but the ones that I have read have moved me to tears. The love, compassion and understanding are palpable. Thanks to all of you. In ministering to James, you have ministered to me, as well.
    James, thank you for being “real” and willing to share your walk through this valley. Sending you prayers and lots of love!

    1. Gladys I too share your sentiment. There were many times when I felt all alone but we were there together all along. Thanks for your prayers ~JAR

  26. You have touched my heart. The divine “you” has blessed your path. As you walk it, those along it who see your countenance are also blessed.

  27. James thank you for sharing. I have always held the faith that you would find a way to transcend such unfortunate circumstances. I have been to your seminars and have even been in the hot seat so to speak. I knew then that you have always had good intentions. I too have had to start all over again more then once. Each time, as painful as it was, gave me the gift of insight and self awareness. It led me to believe in a higher power, keeping the faith can be challenging at times and that’s ok, because the higher power is forever and always there when we are ready to pay attention to it again. Thank you for your honesty. I truly believe in your ability to turn all of it around. Your example of how you will go about this will be watched by many. I wish you nothing but the best James. Cindy

  28. Let’s all “keep the faith” together. I think we are stronger that way. Someday you’ll look back on this time and hopefully – with a smile – say “I get it”

    1. Bill, I do get it! And I’m sure you’re speaking from experience. The problem is that often we’re only good at this in retrospect. We develop mastery as we “get it” in the moment. Keep the faith my friend ~JAR

  29. James
    I believe you, more than ever before. You have found your authentic voice and we are listening. Thank you for your courage. It’s refreshing to read something so authentic and honest. Your best work is yet to come!

    1. Sue, thank you. My personal opinion is that the personal development arena has become (or maybe always has been) was too Polyana.Yes, everything is beautiful and wonderful… but sometimes the beauty must be found in fertilizer (also known as excrement) Do you follow? Keep the faith ~JAR

  30. Happy New Year or perhaps I should say Happy New Life! If we all stop and really think about it, we have been guided along the way and truly, miracles happen every day as do healings. Many times, they do not appear the way we envisioned them and I am sure that led to the saying “Be careful what you wish for” yet they are still an answer for where we are on our journey. I have had moments where I asked for comfort and it has always been delivered. Mom and Dad once again provided the comforts of home for you and now you venture out to the next phase where it may not be as comfortable. There is a gift in the space of dis-comfort.

    I have always been inspired by you and it grows with every blog. Obviously, I keep you in my prayers and offer my own words of inspiration and support to you however, that does not find you a place to call home. If I had a rental, I would rent to you. Howerver, I don’t have a rental but I do have a guest room and I offer it to you.

    I know everything will Be as it is meant to Be. Enjoy the ride my friend.

    1. Elizabeth you are so correct. The Universe has one objective: fuller expansion, experience and expression and it takes the most efficient way possible. For me it was through prison and the apparent loss of everything (but in the process I gained so much). Be careful what you wish for indeed. Keep the faith ~JAR

  31. James, thank you for sharing, teaching, and inspiring me. I am sincerely grateful. All is truly well in love and light.

  32. I’m so very grateful to be reading your blog. I met you once in a seminar in Tampa, FL a few years back. Also, I read your book Harmonic Wealth.

    I must say I was blown away on how people reacted towards your situation and how quick we are to judge. I weap many tears during what I will call ” your reborn time.” I rather give it a positive phrase because I knew that you will be back bigger and stronger. I relate to this last blog and included my website as it was a labor of love divinely guided. It was a big leap for me as I am ” technology impaired” jajajja and was not granted permision to ask for help.

    Writing that website took 7 days of pain and fights with my inner guidance. An internal fight was going on inside of me as it was way out of my comfort zone, but I did it because that inner voice told me too and I dont tend to quit after I start something. Im not a multi media guru and as human I was concern of critisism or perceptions but at the end I over came that fear and went for it. It felt great and it is all me! simple and uncomplicated. I hope if you find time that you’ll read it and give me your feedback.

    It know it may not be much, but If you ever consider relocating to Florida. We will welcome you into our home. We are all childs of the same energy source and the good thing about being of spirit is forgiveness, and if your are very very bless as a human, we leave JUDGEMENT out the door.

    So please, continue with your mission, with your guidance, with your purpose. We are all doing our share to elevate peoples vibration so judgement could be irradicated.

    I believe and declare you will once again raise, but this time with a much higher power in charge. I also had the honor and pleasure of meeting a great man, the late Mr. Ziglar. I believe that as he said it in one of his seminar and lectures I will once again celebrate
    ” To your view from the top.”

    Many blessing and enlightments for you on 2014 and beyond.


    1. Thanks so much for your generous offer Tanya… as far as Florida goes, I’m waiting guidance from that Higher Power you reference (but my small self does like California =) Thanks so much ~JAR

  33. Dear James,
    While this is not a very comfortable or pleasant time in your life, I believe it will be the most defining in your life. This may be an unfair comparison but here goes: when Jesus died and rose again, it was the beginning of the Church as we know it. Major accomplishments can only be come after one lays down bear and follows the Supreme Intellingence and thus major accomplishments are coming your way.
    I am glad to have you back. The world is much richer with people like you around.

    Michael, writing you from Nairobi, Kenya.

    1. Michael, we’re all defined by our struggles and challenges… not our victories. History proves that all great souls experience a great amount of suffering… for its in our suffering that we find true salvation. Keep the faith ~JAR

  34. James, it’s the core that counts. Your core you came in with, and the core you have now is the only thing you’ll ever have. That is something we are all solely responsible for, regardless of any faith, or physicality state. Stuff, comfortable, uncomfortable, etc. doesn’t really matter does it? as you see. Now can you imagine how it must feel to be a president or some other major leader and the burdens they carry for the rest of their life. If the country were populated by only people that had to regroup, restart (even under unfavorable conditions), and then grow and adjust their path, then the countryside would still be full of people, both happy and struggling. The only thing that matters, as always, are the choices you make for right now and tomorrow. That is the test. It’s always been the test. The test never ended, you are still in it. The test gets harder when you move to the next level. It’s when there is no ground under your feet to stand on with no crutches and no support, that it becomes a real test. This test never had pre-set correct answers or a direction. It’s not only what you can do if guided, but how you handle the rest of the test on your own, regardless of what else you think is surrounding things.

    1. Well said Tom… here’s to finding our core! Keep the faith ~ JAR

  35. Hello James,
    I’ve come to know about you’re inspirational work when THE SECRET-Movie first came out. A friend of mine shared “Harmonic Wealth” with me and I truly took this as an inspiration for my own life, which was really in a very detrimental state back then.
    I came out of it, and I came through, although it took another few years, but I’ve made it. 🙂

    There are times in life that can be very, very frightening and we are grateful to survive them. I’ve learned that this brings me into a higher form of self-awareness and to appreciate the ‘small things’ which are not so small at all. 🙂

    To tell you the truth, I have stopped to let the ever chit-chatting mind making any decisions for me but to listen to my heart-intelligence, my intuition and that what my feelings, my gut communicate to me at every given moment.

    Most of all, having had a seemingly harsh lesson in life opens up a new realm of asking this question from a different perspective “What Have I Learned From It?”

    I’m glad for you that a tremendous struggle has finally passed for you and I am certain that you are on your way to build anew.
    Most of all finding comfort in the unknown, in uncertainty is a major achievement.
    Staying true to oneself is key, so no regrets no matter what happens.
    This can be truly empowering! 🙂

    We aren’t in control of what happens in life, because we are here to respond to life that which is brought before us. After coming out of it all, James, I wish you all the best in staring new and with even sharper insights.
    Maybe it’s time now to take care of the Self that what a busy life-style may restrict often.

    Wishing you Health, Abundance, Love and Joy! ~ ♥ ~
    Thank you for being You.


    1. Yvonne, the struggle has not passed (and really never does does it?) All we can do is learn to love the journey–even the hard parts. You’re so right that we can’t control what happens (boy we hate that one don’t we?) but we can control our experience of what happens. Much love ~JAR

      1. Yep,
        the struggle just changes its theme, a new back-ground frequency so to speak. It’s always about HOW we see WHAT we see 😉
        In essence, that’s where our choices are.
        It’s binary.

        Love, joy, satisfaction, feeling peaceful and seeing success in any achievement (large, or small – it’s all just by measurement anyway) isn’t the end-result but the journey itself.
        I agree.

        Happy Unpacking to You! 🙂
        May this bring about one, or more sign-posts for pointing you into the brand-new direction of your life.

        Thanks for your reply, James.

        Yvonne ♥

        1. Yvonne, you speak from a wisdom that is only developed from experience. So many people who have not yet experienced what I call “salvation through suffering” want to deny, ignore or suppress the fact that growing is hard. But as you so aptly mention it can also be easy when we accept it’s hard (chew on that paradox for a while =) Love ya ~ JAR

          1. Yes, James, experience for sure 🙂 … and those? …. lots of them, often more that I thought I could handle. My constant thought of guidance in those times was “Life doesn’t give you anything that you can’t handle.” 🙂 and that ‘What’ which isn’t to handle at any given moment to simply keep aside as life often has the uncanny ability to solve whatever there is to solve without our Doing! 😉
            I had to learn to relax into Uncertainty and to feel safe despite of it all. It has its good sides too for there would be not any surprises, if we knew everything before hand. Besides how boring would that be? I mean nothing in life ever is ‘For Sure’, and all we ever truly have is THIS Present Moment.
            Awwww ….. Thaks for the ‘Chewing Gum’, James 😉

          2. Yes Yvonne, there’s a certain awakening and power in uncertainty and insecurity. Something to ponder ~ JAR

  36. Hi James,
    You have faith and you have everything within you. Whatever happened can only make you a greater teacher. Like you said it is all part of a grander plan. You are being a powerful example of being faithful. You are here to create your legend.

    Love and support,

    1. Thanks Christina, I plan to be writing on personal legend some time soon. Stay tuned. Much love ~JAR

  37. Hang in there, dude! Better times are a’coming! 🙂

  38. Hi James, Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings on this blog. You are an inspiration and I wish you all the best with your future.

    Blessings & Support,

    1. Lorna, my thoughts feelings and experience are all that each of us has. I’m glad mine resonates with you in some way. Much love to you and thanks for your support ~ JAR

  39. James I am very Glad your ordeal is for the most part behind you. If anyone on the planet was able to learn something from all that has happened it would be you. I have e few of your programs and books. Especially like collapse the world. You have a great voice for induction and I like that music. We will see how your peers show their true colors. All these speakers whom were your friends or at the very least in the same field that constantly preach about forgivness and second chances. I believe we all need a second chance and hope when we get one we take full advantage to do the right thing. I am pulling for you and I am sure there are many, many others. Glad to see you writing again. I wish you the best. Whenever I am asked Or when I have the chance at these webinars I listen to I ask for you to be interviewed. One day (I hope soon) you will be. Someone will step up and be true and then the gate will open. God is love but in that must be forgiveness. Best whishes and Gods speed to a future with no E dge G od O ut. Bill

    1. Bill, we all do the best we can with what we currently have. When you understand this you begin to have compassion and understanding. Who of us can truly walk in another’s shoes. I appreciate and thanks for your support. – JAR

  40. Hi James,
    Following you for the last 6 years I have faith in your strength. You know that your energy will never be broken, harmed nor vanish. It moves in you and through you. You are the source. You did help me at times, even when you did not know me. You are my teacher, as I am a teacher to others. You even help me to get the name of my small company in Holland -Europe-: Energy Training ! If you need help or support, I am more then willing to help out where I can. Gods speed, Michiel Everts.

    1. hey Michiel! Thanks so much and all the best with Energy Training. I really appreciate you – JAR

  41. James,
    Being a fan, i have compassion for you. The giant of a man you are will once again rise to the top and even better! keep believing !

    1. Thanks so much Allison for your vote of confidence. I truly appreciate it. Keep your prayers coming and keep the faith! ~JAR

  42. Dear Mr. Ray,
    I deeply sympathize with what you’ve been through. One of the most grievous things that can happen to any decent, caring human being is to accidentally kill another human being. Can you empathize with the feelings expressed in this poem I wrote?
    Best wishes,
    Denise Noe

    Denise Noe

    A second
    no, less

    All the way
    the right way

    Too late

    I was
    too late
    A second
    no, less
    One gasp
    Two lives
    Too late

    Skin and bone
    Cannot resist

    Humans don’t scream
    like wheels
    A forever Once

    I braked and I turned
    A second
    no, less
    I braked and
    Turned the wheel
    I was supposed to
    but not
    Right on Time

    Because I braked and
    Too late

    A gasp too late
    A tear too late
    A second
    no, less
    but too late
    Too late
    To avoid the

    1. Denise, yes. It’s profound and I can only assume you have written it from a place of personal experience. Much love. Keep the faith ~ JAR

      1. Thank you for the feedback on my poem. I hope you like this one as well. It is on a much less upsetting subject — indeed, a very joyful subject.
        Best wishes,
        Denise Noe

        Why Christmas Comes In The Cold
        By Denise Noe

        In almost any context, cold
        represents lack of feeling;
        winter, the heart without love–
        as dead as the branches of
        a fruit, flower, and leaf-denuded tree.
        Yet in the time of bitter cold,
        Christmas comes a-caroling
        when its message of generosity
        could not possibly be more bold,
        insisting we find the love
        held within December’s frigidity.

        1. Nice Denise… Law of Polarity. Hot and cold are just two different manifestations of the same thing and only exist by comparison/contrast. ~JAR

  43. Mr Ray in 2008 at the height of the GFC when I could not stop the lose of my money I bought your Harmonic Wealth DVD it saved me mentally…not brave enough to do anything stupid and between you and Mr Jim Rohn I have now been able to verbalize and understand things that before I didn’t even though I had written them down because they were important. Now I am looking forward to listening to what you have learnt and sharing it with all of us, I knew this day would come even though things did look bad. But what we have been able to do before we can do again but with better knowledge and awareness we can get a better result for all of us.
    Ready and waiting and thanks for coming back.

    Kind Regards


    1. Liam, so many people don’t realize what you did… at the depth of our difficulty, when all things look most bleak, is an opportunity to grow and expand beyond measure if we’ll only be wise enough to take the opportunity. Yes, the “resets” in life are a time to reassess and begin again more wisely. But again, it’s not guaranteed… we have to be willing to utilize it to our advantage–even through the pain. Thanks for writing and thanks for your support. Keep the faith ~JAR

  44. Hey James,

    I still kept the faith in you over the years, despite what has happened and most turning against you. I know that you have the belief you will over come this too.

    In so many ways our lives were in parallel. I wasn’t “forced” to live back with my parents, I chose to….

    Back in 2007 my father became ill and my mother could not cope with looking after him, so I chose to leave my thriving career, a loving relationship and my wonderful life in Canada to move thousands of miles back to the UK to take care my father. With zero income and most of my savings spent on attending your seminars in the US and because it was better all round for me to be close by, we thought it better for me to live with my parents. I must say although sometimes sad, it was one of the most rewarding and enriching times of my life and no amount of money can ever make up for this wonderful experience. I got to know my parents, I was in a position where I was able to look after thme.

    Before I thought I was on the “right path”, and no matter how much I steered in that direction, the Universe had other bigger, better, plans for me…. Sadly my father passed away in 2012, but you’d be amazed at how much more meaningful my life is and how richly rewarded I feel! Towards the end of his life and by chance, I met a very special man and we are very happily married. For the very first time after so many years: I am where there is so much love, so many good things in my life and I feel SO blessed and happy. My husband is a beautiful, warm, gentle, loving, giving, fun person, I live and work in one of the best cultural cities in the world, live in the sun and near the sea. Although I am working for a company, it allows me the flexibility to work from home or from anywhere I choose to. It’s simple, no nonsense life but we are very happy and content.

    After all this, I guess what I am trying to say is this:. You came into my life just at the right time. You taught me so much and you inspired me no end….everything I wished for during those seminars – has happened and is still happening 🙂

    Hang in there and keep faith that what you need is right here.

    I love you James.


    1. Sangeeta! I’m so very happy for you! What appears to be a complete melt-down to our small personalities is really our Higher Selves causing us to let go of a lesser good for a greater good. Congratulations on your new marriage and life situation. I am keeping the faith sweetie and I’ve learned NOW more than ever what the prophet meant when he said “Judge not by appearances.” Thanks so much for writing-all blessings to you (regardless of how they temporarily appear) Keep the faith and much love! ~JAR

  45. Very good point. Out of chaos becomes the tranquility, serene things of life. My life is chaotic (nursing school in middle age) but out of it will come a job that I believe I will love as I am going into Hospice.

    Oh and by the way, half way through nursing school I have found out that nurses don’t get paid even close, to what they deserve,

    I love your blogs, keep them up, Maybe tell us what you are imagining for your life in the next year or two, and don’t forget to write that book about your experience I mentioned before! (I’ll just take a small commission….kidding…)

    1. Ali, big props for going to nursing school in “middle age'” (what age is that anyway? is that really something or just a social construct?) Yes, unfortunately nurses don’t get paid nearly what they’re worth (I think teachers are worse) it kinda sheds light on our social values for human life and education doesn’t it? I’ll keep writing as long as the Universe keep guiding and inspiring but we’ll have to have a long talk about that commission =) I appreciate you being here and I appreciate that you’ve dedicated your life to healing people. Me too, just in a different way. Much love ~ JAR

  46. Beautiful and touching post, James. Thank you for being so honest and sharing all these with us. It saddens me to think, that there are people walking in this life, being rejected and being practically abandoned by others. The feeling of loneliness is probably one of the worst feelings one can have, and it is a betrayal to humanity to do so onto another. You doing great, you are humble and thankful and good things will come your way. Anyone can pilot a ship when the sea is calm, and you my friend, you know how to sail through rough seas at night in storm. 🙂

    1. Wow Piccola! You continue to amaze me! Pilot a ship in rough seas… what a great metaphor! Thanks for that one. I am thankful and completely grateful for Life and every single aspect of it. Likewise for you. Keep the faith ~ JAR

  47. James, Why do “Things Have to Get Messy? Aren’t we completely responsible for what we create in our lives? I am familiar with two basic philosophies. One says, we are just victims of circumstances and just react to the situations we encounter. The other says, we are the masters of reality and create everything we have in our live (this is the Law of Attraction). The new empty apartment can be clean and uncluttered. As we move in, each box can be carefully unpacked and put neatly away. James, you should know, “Things Do not Have to Get Messy”. Any messes in your life were created by you. You are not a victim of circumstances. And now you have an opportunity for growth and an un-messy life. Bless you – Phil

    1. Phil, I appreciate your response I never said, nor implied, that I was a “victim of circumstances.” Maybe you should read again. I’m utilizing my circumstances and messes to my advantage. (That’s a big one. Please consider)

      Try baking a cake without getting chocolate, flour and a bunch of other stuff on the counter and dirtying dishes and pans. Is your oven and stove always perfectly clean? If they are you’re not doing anything with them. Try building a skyscraper without completely destroying the earth upon which it will be built. Can you learn anything without making mistakes (also could be called messes)? Or are you just arguing Semantics?

      Mistakes and “messes” are how we learn and grow; I of all people “should” understand the LOA and there are many aspects of it that are totally and completely misunderstood in my experience and opinion. This causes many to feel it doesn’t work or that their doing something “wrong” and then they become prophets. Most often the most expeditious way to “attract” and create what you choose is through dark forests and what the small personality calls a complete mess. Positive thinking is believing that you are positively in the right place at the right time all the time regardless of appearances. It’s not about putting chocolate on a nail and calling it candy. I encourage you to check in with your life and see if this rings true. Again I appreciate your correspondence and hope that you will at least consider. ~ JAR

  48. Hi James
    I would like to say that I really admire your determination and courage during this difficult time of your life 🙂 I am sure that without a doubt that u will be fully back on your feet in no time. You have clearly shown that you practice what you preach; most people when they encounter difficult situations in their life often just gives up and looses hope and they become very depressed but you have shown that no matter what situations or circumstances you are in life you can manage to pick yourself up, get up on your horse and keep going towards your goals and directions. You are an inspiration mr Ray 🙂 Just remind yourself that whenever you are having a low moment; that YOU have influenced and helped thousands people over the years and changed their lives 🙂


    1. Thanks so much Ramz… and let me remind you that you just helped me (and anyone reading) We’re in this together Ramz and we can’t control circumstance (no matter how strongly you know the Law of Attraction or anything else) all we can control is our EXPERIENCE of circumstances. Do you follow? And interestingly enough when we control our focus and experience we APPEAR to have more influence on circumstances. Ponder that one. Keep the faith ~ JAR

  49. James: I have never been to one of your seminars, nor read any of your books. (Don’t feel hurt, I’ve never been to anyone’s seminar. 😉 ) We do, however, own a copy of The Secret, and your words therein have always resonated with me. I’m sure in the past few years you’ve had plenty of time to think about where you didn’t have a clear understanding of the Law of Attraction and are now ready to move ahead in your new life. You now have a tremendous opportunity, rather than to rebuild a replica of what you had, to use the lessons you learned in the past few years. From the comments people have left, it looks like you already have plenty of friends. I wish you well, and hope you find abundance in all areas of your life.

    1. Deborah, Thanks so much and my feelings aren’t hurt at all. There are plenty of people in the world who have never been to my events or read my books =) I’m just happy that you’re here and I appreciate your comments. I can assure you that I see all of my life and circumstances as a “tremendous opportunity” that the Universe has gifted me with and intend to do my very best to utilize it all. For this I’m truly grateful and feel to be tremendously blessed. Thanks so much for your kind words and for taking the time to write. Keep the faith ~ JAR

      1. James…something has been whirling around my mind about you, the past few days! Thus, I began viewing where you are and I viewed items concerning your trial etc. I dwelt little on this aspect, since that was past. One can only grow from our experiences. As a mother of 4, now wonderful adults, I’m just pleased to have traveled this far and to have been blessed so much. Yes, I lost my husband when I was but 36, 4 children and no life insurance. I guess, I was in a prison of a sort. What to do? What to do? I’ve always worked and have been healthy and positive, thus working for my babies was the catapult that has spawned these last 25-years since my husbands passing. I’ve ridden the waves hi and low. During this time I became free of the religion of my youth, which opened the endless possibilities of my higher-inner self. Almost magically within this freedom, my inner voice spoke to me, telling me I’d write a book in my early 40’s. What? I asked self, how? By age 43, I’d been gifted with a dream, that took me to 1904 and Henry Ford. Upon waking I wrote and drew all I was given. All in the dream, after reading of Mr. Ford 1 1/2 weeks later, turned out to actually be true! Yes, the house I saw, his plant, the actual street and 2 1/2 acres that came to me….ALL…were in fact true! I began to study dreams, the mind, metaphysics – attending the School of Metaphysics in Missouri. Because of me changing my thoughts, my children changed too! All are positive thinkers. This dream caused me to write and finish my first book, Victoria Zane. I actually finished and self published a book and now many since. It seems with my husbands death, the doors of mental freedom opened, much to my delight. All things are possible. My eldest son, Caleb Lambert has been in L.A since June 2011. singing/writing songs and movie scripts, soon to be sold (positive vibes here). (Is an extra in Saving Mr. Banks and endless TV shows). Without this freedom of thought and old religious programmed thoughts released, I would have never done what I’ve done and never encouraged this son and all my children onward with these vast possibilities. I guess I just wanted to say….with persons like you in my life via books and seminars….possibilities would never unearthed in this life. Thank you, for who you are and all you’ve been through to help more reach mind-freedom in this life. Victoria Gray St. Louis, MO.

        1. Wow, thanks so much for sharing. So many things. First, yes we’re all in prison… a prison of our own minds. The walls and wire that held my body can not hold a candle to the walls and bars we often put on our minds. Second, pain is the mother of all growth. I know that’s a hard pill to swallow but breakthroughs are almost always preceded by breakdowns. We have to be willing to let go of what is to allow what is becoming; and the letting go is often very painful. I’m very happy for you and your family. Congratulations on all that you have become and are becoming. Keep the faith and much love ~ JAR

    2. I love you James! I’ve been following you for a long time for guidance through my own awakening … it’s those times we lose our contact it feels like everything falls apart … yet thinking back it was what I was asking for!

      I’ve felt like a prisoner myself the last 2 1/2 years … being poor most of my life and than suddenly discovering there is a power much greater than I am to assist me … It made it’s presence to me and instead of fear I followed. Everything was handed to me on a stick … the job … the house … the body I always wanted … the status! I think I experienced a quantum leap … it happened quite quickly like a big red carpet and an escort to the beginning of the life I always dreamed of!

      It prompted me to explore avenues I never knew about for nothing else but to tell other people and to prove to my family I wasn’t crazy! Even my children lost respect for me … I didn’t know what was happening but I knew that it was real! Even the results in the physical weren’t enough to convince them … I was treated selfish and self centered when what became was what I wanted for them our whole life!

      My worthiness became an issue for me … I knew as long as I held that vibration and could keep “fooling” the world the good life would continue to manifest … but I got tired! I was afraid to be out around the normal people knowing how sensitive I am to energy I didn’t want to contaminate my energy! I felt alone in it and life began to grow empty … “If I have no love I am nothing!”

      After 7 years I was driving to work one day and I wrecked my new car and was injured … not seriously but enough I resigned from a job I grew to hate … I lost my 3,000 square foot home I always dreamed of owning … my bills have grown out of control …for awhile there I was so pinched off from everything at times even recently the only food I’ve had for days is an onion that I made soup with … I live in a small box apartment and know inside there’s this plan “they” have … I’ve been involved in Internet Marketing since …

      I am so deep in the “fantasy” of becoming who “I know I am” that it gets difficult dealing with the living and life going on outside in the world … You hit it on the head though … the Universe is all about expansion … if we aren’t out there in the energy of it and feeling it’s life force very little will evolve into your life … this is in a sense confusing to me because the result of what you were thinking and feeling is what you see as most perceive as reality! It’s the effect! The Manifestation!

      What people don’t realize is we have crossed over into new territory … it’s actually ancient but as we know there are many faucets of our society still trying to keep us under control!

      I honor you for coming into your power and stepping up! Very few can even attempt to fathom what “REALITY” is in their mind because they are either living through their ego or live in fear of not doing what everyone else thinks they should be doing! There are few of with the guts and courage to step up and bring to the awareness of others knowledge that will guide them through life regardless of where they came from or what level of education they have! This is what “they”/ God wants us to do! We will fall!!! We will resurrect ourselves! This isn’t rocket science yet! 🙂 Trying to make my way out of my own little hell I created! So glad to see you back on the circuit!

      I personally believe sensitives were taken out of the eye of the storm for awhile to keep us protected from the fall!

      As my “twin” always says “Sh*t happens and life goes on!

      So much love to you!!! <3

      ~ Linda Pyle

  50. I am such a believer in group energy to heal and change.

    An exercise we do in my classes is a heart synergy meditation where we imagine the person needing help as having their heart’s desires. I see you being happy, successful, accepted, fulfilled, living in your perfect home and doing your perfect work.

    I urge others who would like to support you to hold this vision for you as well.

    1. Thanks Anne, I appreciate that and we are all connect and there’s ultimately is only one of us here. When you realize that your whole world shifts. Much love and gratitude ~ JAR

  51. Hello James, my name is Eric Rodriguez. In 2008, I was at one of your 3 day events and on the third day, following a money exchange exercise, I was behind the mic and in direct Q/A with you. I was confused about the exercise since somehow between the lady next to me and myself – – $300.00 were gone. I remember you and I going back and forth for a little while until I ‘got it’. You then stated, “Eric, I dont know you beyond the conversation you and I are having now, but I see you’re fit, you take care of yourself, you’re articulate – you got a lot going for you my friend. I can help you with that. Well, from then on your cd’s played in my car and books were read. Because of the business I ran and the recession, I had to declare chapter 7 and live in small room behind my office and shower at the gym or sponge bath myself in the customer bathroom. Being a former wilderness skills instructor, I knew I could handle it, but having gone through a recent divorce with a 5 year old girl – – it was rough explaining why her and dad had to sleep on a futon on the floor of an office for 8 months. Well, at the time I felt that things couldn’t get worse but I began to work at it. In 5 years, I was able to buy a large home with a new family, own 3 vehicles and becoming a motivational speaker on natural health and direct-intent mindset. Although I was very let down by what happened to you – from all sides – I still held true to what I learned and was learning. My point is that although things may be rough for now, the tide always recedes and new life appears where once seemed drowned in water. Your lessons work, as I’ve lived with them ever since then. But there was one small element that I felt was missing from your teachings – – that something greater than us is also at work with us instead of JUST our own thoughts and intentions. I realized that I had to meet this force half way, before it works its intelligence on the rest. I’m happy to read your post on the matter, as I felt it was the missing link. I could go on and on but want to leave you with the inspiration of your own teachings. Truth is timeless and as you helped me with the tools to meet ‘it’ half-way, it will soon find you as well; the seed is there. If there’s anything I can do to assist you, please feel free to ask…. Warm Regards – – Eric Rodriguez

    1. Eric, well stated and congratulations. You are absolutely correct… we don’t do anything by ourselves but only little by little realize there’s something greater working in and through us. To realize this is the definition of true faith ~ JAR

      1. Wow, I am amazed by all the comments. I have recently discovered too about the divine utilizing us, vs the other way around. Whoosh! –S. L #faithtrust101

    2. I commend James Arthur Ray for going these trials and coming out of it stronger.
      While the death of his clients in 2009 was most unfortunate, I believe deeply in my heart
      it was never ever his intention to bring harm to any of them, And I am sure he has done a lot of soul searching since then,
      Human nature dictates that most people will LOVE to be around you when you have much to offer them in terms of money fame and fortune by association, but when things go sour, they all flock off like scared geese!
      Even in the Universe of Law of Attraction, things can and will go wrong against our best wishes! And anyone who thinks that it goes right all the time is an air head and unrealistic dreamer!

      Look at JESUS CHRIST! The Son of GOD! The most wise most powerful God Man in history got crucified! And while it may seem like an aweful thing, his death brought life to us all by his resurrection 3 days later! GOD uses our PAINS and makes us grow stronger!
      Whether we did it to ourselves by stupidy or bad choices or someone else did it to us.
      THERE IS A LESSON at every turn in life’s journey!

      I believe this experience has humbled you James, but I also believe that this experience will make you MORE VALUABLE to ALL of us than before!

      Jesus was great when he was alive, but he was ALMIGHTY after he died and came back to life from god man to his true form of GOD ALMIGHTY! Now JESUS is the most powerful understanding Son of GOD who can truly empathize with our sufferings since he was down in the manure here on earth with us! Amen!

      Markus Klinger
      Your fan and friend
      In CANDA

      1. Markus, well spoken. When things seem to fall apart they’re actually coming together at a greater level. Much love ~ JAR

  52. I think that it is very important, to be honest and authentic, to use our gifts to do good. It is equally important to be connected consistently to our motives. The truth is we can see each other and when we are not sure about what we see, if we stop we can be certain about what we feel.

  53. Hello James!!!

    I am so happy to read that you have struggled and now are emerging. I have attended many of your seminars and am grateful for the knowledge that you shared with me. I was praying for you to “keep your faith!”

    As it turns out you continue to be my teacher…there are thins happening right now in my life that mirror what happened to you and it is just beginning.

    Any chance that we can have an email exchange off the public forum? I would really value your advice right now.

    In gratitude

  54. James,
    Thank you for not giving up and thank you for coming right back and inspiring me again!
    You inspired me in The Secret originally, and to this day, I think of you (please don’t take this the wrong way) but every morning when I get up and my feet hit the floor, I think of how you said, “I say thank you…”and that is my daily reminder and off I go saying thank you for my feet, my toes…etc. It is amazing how certain people, even though you have never met them face to face, have such an impact on your life. Thank you for your impact on mine.

    I know that you will attract everything you need and want back in your life. I am not sure if you have read it yet, but if not, I recommend Rhonda Byrne’s new book, “Hero”. I have a feeling that if she writes a second edition to that book, your story is going to be in there.

    You are magnificent James Arthur Ray! Keep your light shining bright.
    Sending you so much happiness!

  55. Everyone deserves another chance! It is so funny how self righteous people can come down hard on another person when its not them in the fire burning until the tables are turned, and then they expect everyone to have pity and mercy on them.

    Jesus said, practice MERCY so MERCY is shown to you!

    The judge who sentenced James, gave James what he really believed James deserved at the time, but not longer because I am sure the judge saw it was NOT James intention to kill, just a very horrible tragedy that could have been avoided by better safety processes in place. BIG SAD lesson learned. And the lessons have been learned.

    So James by the state of Arizona has been deemed paying the penalty for his gross mistakes. But I do NOT BELIEVE for one minute that James is a monster! No he is NOT!
    In fact we have sooooooooooo much to learn from James for going through this very bad unfortunate circumstances he endured by ERRing wrong choice. But NO DOUBT James has learned some extreme valuable lessons. BUT HE IS NOT A MONSTER! He did NOT premeditate a murder, he did no other crime deserving a long sentence.

    And while I feel for the families of the 4 deaths that happened, And I am sure some will never forgive James for their loss. I hope they can realize James really really did not want to harm their precious family members. I believe James honors life in every way possible, and I really hope PEOPLE will give James another chance of showing his wonderful caring people skills.

    James is No King David! King David got off on longing for Bathsheeba on the roof top till he ordered Bathsheeba to come to his palace and he had an adulterous affair with her, arranged to have her husband Uriah killed by secretly telling the general to place him in the front lines for his more likelihood to get killed, so David can try to cover his guilt!

    David’s punishments? His first born to Bathsheeba died at child birth, and David loss PEACE to his Kingdom and his family! But after that David never wronged his fellow man or God ever again, and it was still told of him by GOD that David was a Man after HIS own Heart! Imagine that! GOD forgave David! Most of us would want to have David executed for that! And yet GOD gave David a second chance after repenting of his crime and gross sin!

    There are so many other Bible characters who did really stupid things, yet GOD showed them MERCY when they sincerely REPENTED and changed their lives around for the better!

    We all screw up at some point in our lives, and if you say you don’t, then you are full of crap and bologna! FORGIVE and PARDON so YOU can be pardoned and forgiven too on Judgement Day! Because we will ALL face the grand judge one day!

    Give your life to JESUS, because JESUS can bring true peace to your life!

    Give James Arthur Ray another chance! I am totally convinced James will have much to offer us by ways of his harsh lessons. He has more substance now since he has been through the fire of life. A sword is stronger when it has been reheated in the fire, and submerged in water and reheated and beaten over and over again. Tempered to withstand breaks. If not, its weak!

    GOD BLESS YOU JAMES ARTHUR RAY! May the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY Shine Favor Upon You! May you remember Jesus as your grand Master who will bless you richly as you remember HIM in your walk of life!

    Your friend and fan in Canada

    Markus Klinger

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