Keep The Faith

Upon release from Arizona in October, I returned to my parents’ small two bedroom condo in Oceanside, California. I love my parents, and I’m so very grateful to have a place to go post destruction. That being said… no grown adult wants to be forced to live with his parents (and by the way, their parents probably don’t want them either)—it’s humbling. I’m sure you can relate or at least imagine.

But I must say it’s all relative… in contrast to a 12X10 closet (cell) with two beds, a sink, a toilet, a concrete desk, and another full grown man you don’t even know,  to live with Mom and Dad’s was a major upgrade!

So, the last several weeks, I’ve been looking for a place to reside. This is a big leap of faith, after not working in four years. But Life has taught me over the years to make decision based upon where you’re going versus where you are. Please contemplate the meaning of that last statement and all its implications.

In my last book Harmonic Wealth I called that, “living from the outcome.”

Living from the Outcome is rooted in a faith that something greater is working through you and guiding you. The impulses and aspirations you get come from Intelligence far beyond your own small awareness. All we must do is learn to listen—and then act.

My first challenge was actually finding a place that would take me. This was not easy. My once “perfect” credit score (that I used to be so proud of), means nothing when it’s currently in the tank. Things we work for years to build can be gone in an instant. The past is history; and you don’t get much slack or recognition for who you used to be. Numerous places wouldn’t touch me with a ten foot pole (and believe me, there were many), no matter how hard I worked at it; no matter how hard I attempted to convince.

Secondly, this difficulty was only amplified by having to check the “felon” box on the rental agreement while filling in a big fat zero on the bank balance line. Apartment managers want to be assured they’re going to get paid.

Bankers and investors once clamored and begged to be a client or partner. Now apartment managers looked at me with disdain. But a couple things I’ve learned throughout the last four years are:

1. You’re not the labels (either good or bad) that people or society places upon you (more on labels to come); and

2. You must continue in faith, holding you’re intention, even when the current situation looks bleak at best or impossible at worst.

When things often look the worst, it’s time to get more creative and resourceful; and it’s time to trust in a power much greater than your own. It’s time to humble yourself and find a person willing to look at you, and listen to your story as a human being, versus just a guaranteed dollar sign. They do exist by the way… you just have to have the faith and fortitude to continue looking.

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At the end of the day, I’ve always been helped and guided to find a way, regardless of the odds; and by the way… so have you. Haven’t you?

I used to think that it was me doing the work; and this was my own ignorance and lack of understanding. Now I know it’s something bigger than me… something working through me… versus coming from me. Do you get the difference?

Think about it. Things show up, people appear, a lifeline is thrown your way… maybe in what appears to be the final hour. Haven’t you experienced this?

Things may not always be as “perfect” or as ideal as we think we want them to be, but we always find a way as long as we’re willing to move forward in faith versus fold.

Keep the faith my friend, I’ll keep you posted

james arthur ray