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It’s amazing to me (but then again not), the variety of responses to my last blog,“Things have to get messy.”

Some were compassionate; some were violently opposed, and some attacked. I also received claims that I “was not practicing what I used to teach.” Others vehemently proclaimed that life “was not messy!” Those who follow Eastern thought commented that pain and mess were “all an illusion.”

Many attacked me saying that I should have come out of my hiatus stronger than ever… more aware, “what had I been doing to be so weak.” Some called me silly. Some passionately attempted to convince me that their life was completely “tidy and mess free;” and it was me alone that was unique in my mess.

It’s interesting to see the dance of polarity playing out in front of our eyes daily. When Buddha was asked, “Are you enlightened?” He answered, “No.” He was then asked,“What are you then?” To which he responded, “Awake.”

Do I claim to be awake? Not fully, no. But I feel more awake and alive than ever before.

As I observe all (and I mean everyone), attempting to escape their particular pain, I observe how so many pursue personal and spiritual development as a high to avoid, versus addressing the heart of the matter; and fully loving and embracing all of life.

It’s no different than the heroin addicts that surrounded me daily for the last two years. Shooting up to escape their prison… but not really escaping. Their temporary high brought them crashing back to the harsh reality of the environment we all co-existed within. How different is that from the person who reads book after book—chases seminar after seminar to get “high,” and then comes crashing back to the valley of life a few weeks if not days later?

While the effects of “being positive” are definitely much more healthy than mainlining chemicals… the driving motivation, and the outcome is the same.

As stated previously, transmutation not denial is the tool of mastery. Please contemplate this, it’s vital.

Mastery and greatness are not born, they are made. Learn the Mastery Hack here.

You see, to deny the messes, pain, and difficulties of life, is to create more pain. Pain is a part of life; and it’s an incredible signal and catalyst for growth. Pain is not a signal to suffer, it’s a signal to grow. Attempting to run from or deny pain is extremely painful. Please contemplate that one as well.

The truth is that unless you’re willing to explore the depths of despair, you’ll never know the heights of joy—for each co-exist in every single moment. It’s difficult to describe and put into words… words fall short.

A pig experiences but little pain. Corn equals pleasure, no corn equals pain. Mud, pleasure, no mud pain. The pig has little capacity for the diverse nuances of emotional highs and lows; and therefore it can never experience them.

Part of the human experience… the experience of truly living, is the fullness and diversity of human feelings and emotions; and that includes all of our human nature. Like it or not… the person who is “positive” all the time is scary, and in extreme denial. Positivity is not the answer… positive utilization and transmutation is the answer. Symantics? Maybe… but I think it’s much more than that.

More on this to come.

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  1. now thats some truth… we all must see our lows in order to know our highs

    1. I agree there is a lot of pain, it is when we open our consciousness and see what is in there for me to learn then we grow and we surrender and comes the awakening the joy and peace. We have pain but it does not affect or hurt us , it is a journey and as we travel through the shift occurs beyond our imagination. God bless.

      1. ..what the hell has god got to do with one”s journey with our human subconscious at the helm…? the god concept ,as JR implies, is just a ‘pain’ relief for the gutless pathetic human conscious mind…..you had better read the above 10 tens…..it might make sense to you….maybe not……..” sub..” is the clue….

      2. Pain is not existing as a thing. Pain is a man made illusion and can be switched on by the ego, and switched off by a strong will.
        I take pain as a sign that I am off track with my thought and not in the present moment, where no pain at all can exist. That is the state of being awake. It cannot get any better. Being in pain is living in the past, being enlightened is living in the future. Being awake with no pain is being in the present, where life unfolds. If you really manage to stay in that state of mind, you indeed can be happy all the time. I have not mastered that yet.

  2. “A pig experiences but little pain. Corn equals pleasure, no corn equals pain. Mud, pleasure, no mud pain. The pig has little capacity for the diverse nuances of emotional highs and lows; and therefore it can never experience them.”

    I don’t understand why this is part of your blog post. Humans are closest to pigs in genetic make up. What about dogs? Do they have emotions or memories? In my experience, they certainly do, and they certainly have emotional scars when having experienced abuse or trauma. Pigs don’t have that capacity in your opinion?

    I don’t understand why people think they can speak for other life forms so definitely without at least giving the benefit of the doubt.

    Regardless, pain is pain, whether it be emotional or physical, so all life forms deserve compassion and respect whatever their situation may be.

  3. Well said. It is learning to see life and ourselves as we are that allows us to transcend..otherwise we are simply running away from reality

  4. James,

    You just don’t get it, you’re the student right now but your ego won’t let go of being the teacher.

  5. I agree there is a lot of pain, it is when we open our consciousness and see what is in there for me to learn then we grow and we surrender and comes the awakening the joy and peace. We have pain but it does not affect or hurt us , it is a journey and as we travel through the shift occurs beyond our imagination. God bless.

  6. James my brother! I felt the superlative power and wisdom emerging from you in your first blog. This type of “wakefulness” is only realised through overcoming the greatest of challenges. You are 100 percent more inspirational and full of soul, you have so much more to teach and offer. I feel (know) this whole ordeal has happened for a reason, and you are showing it in every blog!

    I am so happy and inspired that you have come back to share yourself with the world. Especially now since I am taking the next big step on my journey. I am grateful to walk with you on this “jouney of heroes”.

    Much love,
    your bro Pete

  7. I think all people experience pain during a life time. Deep pain. Wee also experience pain daily to see people sitting begging on the street, get answer back from job searhcing “Tanks for your applicatiopn but…”

    As human beings we also have a choice to get deeper into it and just sitting and do nothing because “It is pointless” or use the knowledge:
    I get more of what i think of, whatever it is good or bad…

    I think a positive lifestyle is the way to move forward! That does not mean to deny everything bad in life.

    It is good to have you back, I assume you have had a hard time this years. Feel sorry for you. I have reed you book over and over again, and that book has always get energy to me when I get stuck.
    Even if I am not agree with everything, like the food 🙂
    (I am a vegan, and think I will be rest of my life. )

    Thank you James!

  8. James, I have read your blogs and books for many years, and feel that you have such a great understanding of alchemy and quantum physics. As a Sagittarius you hold a lot of ancient higher knowledge. The issue with the dark side of Sag is the narcissism… Sag by the way is known to be the most optimistic. The narcissism is difficult to tame when you are somewhat all knowing! I met you once and felt your intense narcissism radiating from your morphic field and I was bummed.. If you are ever in Denver/Boulder I would love to grab a cup of coffee and see how your energy field feels now, as we need knowledge like yours as we move to the next human level. I recently have been wiped out of my own millions and it is a strange ride.. We might even become friends.

  9. There is pain out there. I may or may not always think I understand it or can really empathize. The pain I am most familiar is that of my own making. The pain created by disagreeing with the way it is now, demanding this isn’t it, or this isn’t fair or some other expectation I have for how it should be. It is amazing to me how fast the ‘pain’ disappears when I change me expectation to align with my current experience of now. That doesn’t mean I have to stay mired in it, nor do I have to agree with it but until I am sufficiently accepting of it I will not find a way, a path to where I have to go. Being miserable is a free choice to stay stuck in what shouldn’t be according to those unwilling to be or who truly see.

    1. Great post. I have many friends who revel in their misery and that’s their choice, but not the choice I make.

    2. Love that! We create the pain truly. It’s the serenity of acceptance of others as they are, and situations that we have no control over. The wisdom to think differently or change our environment is something so many struggle with. Love your post, I’ll read it over again.

  10. I absolutely agree that we need the pain and the messes in our lives in order to grow. I have been going through the hardest year of my life this past year. So many things that I have had to deal with to the point that I was feeling that life was unfair and at times I wanted to give up. But what I see now is that I had to make some changes in myself in order to have the life that I want. It has been a struggle and I am still going through it but now I see that it has been necessary to get me out of my rut and moving forward again.

    Thanks for sharing, James. You always seem to post exactly what I need to hear at that point in time.

  11. I’m glad to see you’re coming back from the most unfortunate problems you encountered. Perhaps you should read the story of Job, in the old testament. I’m not really a religious person, but the story is very good, and perhaps upon reading the story, you can relate. It’s good to see you still realize the importance of remaining grateful. One last thought. The world does not belong to the fastest, the smartest, or the strongest. The world belongs to the one that can adapt the quickest.

    1. Rick, Thanks so much… read the book of Job three times over the last four years. Once while in jail and the other two while in prison. Most of us tend to ignore the fact that ALL the hero’s of the Old and New Testament had tremendous trials in their life. Who am I, who are we, to think we are any different? Much love

  12. James,
    Life is messy, and there is pain.
    You can not appreciate the good without the bad.
    You can not know success without failure.
    Change is all there is.
    And if you are not growing – you are….dying.
    A wise teacher once taught me all of that 🙂
    I am glad that you – my friend – are back here with all of us.
    Life’s lessons are not always what we want, they are what we need.
    Whether we know it or not at the time.
    Much love to you always,
    Theresa Strong

  13. We can skip across the peaks but it isn’t until we go into the valleys that we have to crawl out to grow!

  14. Thank you Jim for being human! My last 5 years have been anything but desirable and it was difficult for me to believe that I brought it on myself. I am sure you did not consciously ask for your trials either. I just recently picked up (again) your books Practical Spirituality and Harmonic Wealth. When I read them the first time, I totally did not understand being of God nor the importance of vibration. Other readings since have added to the educational experience and path. Thank you so much for all you do.

  15. I am one of those people who am naturally positive and joyful (some friends would say annoyingly so, especially first thing in the morning) – and yet, I’ve had my moments of pain. I don’t choose to live in the pain though, I learn from it and let it go. I do not believe we can have one without the other, but if you are lucky and pay attention, you can move on from pain and find more and more joy in every day.

    I can certainly never understand the pain you, James, have experienced in the last 2 years, but I am so happy to see you are moving on from it. It is a great example that we all can go on, no matter what pain life throws at us. We can still be joyful.

  16. Eastern philosophy and DBT will teach you that it is merely your perception of life that it is messy and not the actual circumstances. But it sounds like denial to me. I guess that I am not that enlightened yet as my life is certainly has messiness in it both circumstantially and perceptively. It took me years to understand the concept of enjoying the contrast instead of fighting it. Now I when it is messy I think it is a good thing because I know the polar opposite of that will be coming next.

  17. I think we all create a lot of pain for ourselves and it takes me back to the story of the clinging crabs(for those of you who heard this). We need to learn to let go and live in the flow of life and embrace the beautiful experience of life and all that it brings!

  18. You don’t sound weak to me, infact you seem very “together” and coherent , and good at saying it like it is without offending anyone.
    Your comments on life whilst going through change are honest and my feelings are so similar, as someone who also thought I’d lost it all, when what I had lost was really nothing atall, but what has replaced my neat little life is scary and new and exciting and now I do feel alive, warts and all!
    Isn’t life amazing? Just when we think we’ve got it nailed , it blows up in our face and laughs, no point in clinging on to our ego, it’s just transient, we all age and soon realise that We Know Nothing!!!! Love Prue

  19. Welcome back, James! I applaud who you are and what you are doing with your life. I wish you the best as you re-align your life to catch up with who you’ve become (as we each must do every day but perhaps not in such a dramatic way). Blessings always.

  20. Thank you. I am probably one of the ones who might have attacked you a little, ok maybe a lot. Just know that some of us felt let down by you, but now I feel differently. You are after all just another soul experiencing a human life. Without a valley, we wouldn’t know what a mountain was. I am by no means perfect and I am working on not judging others because they don’t think like I do. Keep going James. Namaste.

  21. The key to pain is not to use it as an excuse to stay in pain. But rather, as motivation to become more than we were moments before.

  22. “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”

    Haruki Murakami

    Thus the cost of being “awake.” Sweet!!

    1. I have learned more from todays message then I have in all of the other books and video’s you have created.
      My journey to Awaken is not your job. It’s up to me to find what rings true for me.
      You have shared wonderful ideas and I look forward to reading and understanding for myself how it fits in my life.
      Welcome back James, I missed you

  23. Dear James,
    Transcendence is the enlightened position, a person who is transcendental to this material world is equipoised and sees Happiness and Distress, Fame and Dishonor a Rock or Gold with equal vision. His only business here is to serve the Supreme Lord and help as many people possible find their way out of this material realm, fully conscious that the real intrinsic problem in this world is birth death old age and disease. Death is an illusion we have imposed upon ourselves due to our desire to enjoy in the material world, separate from the Supreme. THIS is the real problem !
    We are eternal beings in a temporary body, it is, and will always be an incompatible situation, perfectly designed to have us long for our true home in the Spiritual World where once we return to our true constitutional position in the loving service of the Lord we will never again return here, where as long as we have material consciousness this material world will be full of Pain and Loss. Eventually we all surrender, it is just a matter of time.
    Hare Krishna !
    Bhakta John

  24. Your experiences – the highs, the crash and burns are your own to learn from. Others watch from their own perspectives, neither right, wrong or true. Hopefully, they gain from it.

    You cannot help but grow from whatever life has cast before you. I’m pleased to see you come out on the other side of it all intact and whole… and I presume a whole lot smarter.

    We have nowhere to grow but up. Enjoy the journey!


    Terri J. Garofalo

  25. My life has been always a very hard one.
    Because of my thoughts? …. maybe.
    Because of the thoughts of all the people around me? Also…maybe
    One thing I always observed about people who is constantly on a “positive mode” is that they live in a dream world that does not exist. They do not understand what positive thinking really is. They go through the days skipping on one leg with big smiles on their faces like throwing orgasms to the wind. And yes, they are scary.
    “That” it is “not” positive thinking… very far from being it.
    They do not understand that everything is in balance. The Universe wont let you experience a “great Joy” without having you to experience a “great pain”. You cannot escape to that one.
    Does this means that you have to be expecting the bad days? No. It means that you must be prepared in case they come.
    How can you be skipping on one leg and smiling all the time when an unexpected accident happens? Or… when a big problem occurs? Or a love one dies unexpectedly?
    To Remain positive means, to remain calm, to keep a clear thinking. Think of what could have brought that situation to you. What lesson you must learn form it and…think if you can change the situation. If you can’t …let go. If you think you can….think the many things you can do to change the situation. And always rest assured… there is a reason for everything. That is positive thinking.
    And people need to understand that “denial” is worst that negativism.
    My life is hard. I do not deny it but I remain clam and I try to learn my lessons.
    I apologize for my English. It is not my primary language :D.

  26. Everyone who has lived life has had pain – the question is what do we do with it – become bitter and angry or look for the blessing and lessons?

    Pain can transform ones life if they let it.

  27. A message that has served me well is understanding the message our feelings are telling us. When it comes to feeling pain, I hear that as a message that some form of healing is needed. I had a mysterious pain show up on the left side of my body a couple weeks before and more intense a couple days before traveling to see my 19 year old son who was soon to become a gunner on the top of a Humvee on the streets of Baghdad for a year. The lesson I learned was there was emotions hiding behind my desire to be strong for him. Once I visited him with a military support family for a couple of days, the physical pain was gone. I also reached out to others that loved and cared for him to be prayer warriors and when a serious incident occurred, I reached out to share the news and I was not alone. The physical pain didn’t ever return because I identified I had emotions that needed to be embraced (fear, sadness, questions that didn’t have answers, etc) and I believe the love for my son and many, many others standing with me embraced the situation and brought him home unharmed physically. So, the gift of pain is to identify the healing that is needed and grow as a whole being (mind, body, and spirit) as a result to move on to the next lesson. It may not be easy but it can be enlightening to your awaken self.

  28. All these questions are so important for our evolution… We come to this beautiful planet to experiment different types of emotions…or even …maybe unfished business what so ever….it is so true that everything is changing …we are part of this great nature…no competition…. simply souls experimenting and enjoying …. including yin and yang energy as a bonus !!

    Thinking you Arthur for your presence!

  29. Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.

    – Helen Keller

  30. All these questions are so important for our evolution… We come to this beautiful planet to experiment different types of emotions…or even …maybe unfished business what so ever….it is so true that everything is changing …we are part of this great nature…no competition…. simply souls experimenting and enjoying …. including yin and yang energy as a bonus !!
    Thank you James for your presence !

  31. Where are the negative posts James? You must have taken a page from the Obama play book.

  32. True, things do get messy, but how do we face it? Do we delete the comments that we don’t want to see? Do we ignore the truth of the matter in front of us?

    What is interesting is that I sent you a book while you were in jail and I wrote to you a few times. It seems that you haven’t read the book because you’re doing exactly the opposite of what would be necessary to regain your community in truth and as a real human; not this fake facade of fans where no one says anything bad.

    I see that you “say” some people are commenting harshly towards you, though, when I read all of the comments in all posts…ZERO are negative. Everything is warm and fuzzy and rah-rah. That’s not real and you know it. Remember the law of polarity?

    Where is the real human? Where is the real teacher who faces each and every comment with compassion and love and truth? Only showing the positive side of commenting is FAKE, it’s egocentric and useless. It doesn’t show anyone that you’re back and you’ve learned anything.

    While you were in jail, I wrote some letters to you and I asked a very VERY specific question to you on three different occasions. The first two were ignored and I didn’t get a response to, the third finally you just told me to “let it go.” That was about the extent of the letter and I decided not to write to you again.

    Because the question I was asking was in regards to a single ideal that you taught and literally sold me on, got me to invest thousands of dollars into an event to master this one particular action. It was the only reason I was gong to attend and though it never happened and I never got my money returned, I still wanted to know the answer. You shunned my request, never cared to give that insight and now you’re hiding again.

    I actually never doubted your innocence in the ordeal, I actually met with you for lunch and spoke with you a bit before you were sentenced and yet, now that I see your path after the mess… it makes me sad for you.

    Life is messy, but faking your way through it isn’t human, it’s a joke. Face the music, let people show their feelings in the matter and respond to each and every comment with compassion and love and TRUTH. If someone comments negatively, leave it on here to show the polarity, not just the fans rah-rah-ing behind you.

    Be REAL.

    1. J,

      I apologize but I don’t have any idea what you’re referring to nor the conversations you reference. The “negative” comments that I mentioned have mostly come in on FB and Twitter, and I think if you read all the comments you would find some of the one’s referenced in the blog here as well. Sorry you assumed otherwise; and I’m also sorry that I haven’t met your expectations. Your feelings have been listened to and expressed and responded to. I’m doing the best I can and I can assure you that I will never be able to meet everyone’s expectations. Much love

  33. Hi James,
    While you were going through your trials that were broadcasted publicly I found myself subconsciously being very judgmental. I allowed myself to buy into what the media was saying about what happened without knowing both sides of the story. I can’t tell you that I know what you went through because I was not in your shoes but as I read your blogs it gives me insight as to your journey over the last few years. You have an incredible gift as a guide and I know that the difficult times that you have gone through will be used for good in the near future.

    Best regards,


  34. “transmutation not denial is the tool of mastery”…YES! Embrace and include, and the only way out is through. Thanks for the reminder…I need it hour after hour, especially while I’m dealing with BIG messes. Strange, when I started embracing this ideas, I actually discovered freedom and a passion for life returning! Love you lots, Marta

  35. Do you know what scares me lately? So many people especially my teenagers age, are afraid of messy and hard. They hide from hard and only want easy. When we are afraid of the hard and messy, it is a recipe for addictions. Addictions are the escape from the mess and hard of life. But hard and messy have such an important role on our growth and becoming who were meant to be.

    Sometimes we will never know the reason we endured the hardships of life. Sometimes I believe they are for us and other times they are for others outside of us.

    I know James that your last few years have had a huge impact on me and my life and my thoughts. I am sure that you have grown from your “mess” but I personally have grown from your “mess” as well.

    I wish we could all be assured that messy and hard were good and that easy was only a time for rest. Our world would be so much better if we did not hide from the mess and the hard.

    Thank you for returning to us. You remain a leader that inspires us to think and grow in our own lives.


    1. Kathy, I just now read this and it’s masterful. Thanks so much for sharing and for your wisdom. Keep being willing to face the hard and messy. ~ JAR

  36. How could I apreciate light if there was no darkness? Thank you for being a light in my path.

  37. A very powerful native teacher told me if I wanted to be spiritual do my dishes. I wrote about the experience in my blog,
    The idea is everything highs, lows, dishes, all of it we call our life is our spiritual journey Messes too. Yes, we are all of us one, interconnected, the expression of the universe, it’s many faces, all of us having our experience, and expanding the universe by our response to all that is.
    All different and yet all the same. I did not go to a literal jail but I have experienced imprisonment. I have not stolen million of dollars from the value of peoples homes or retirement incomes, but I have stolen, time, attention, and even on occasion someone’s joy.
    I have not fed the masses, but I have filled a belly or two in my time.
    I have not embraced the world, but I have embraced a child, and for that moment we were all there was in the world.
    Opening a heart, your own heart, (mind), is of so much value.
    I commend you James for bravery to share your experience.
    Gena Young
    There is much love for you always.

  38. James,

    We each have our lessons to learn in this lifetime. When we don’t learn them the first time, they come again and again, often harsher and more paintful than the first time around, until we finally succomb, release our ego and ask the Divnine for help and guidance and take the lessons to heart.. Those lessons are born out of pain and the contrast with what we preceive as “good, “happy, “joyful.” Why? Because nothing gets our attention like pain and suffering.

    Many have not been able to separae you, the Man, from your message, the way you presented information that others have also taught.

    Thank you for being honest and human, and suffering and learning in the spotlight.. We’re all here to learn and experience life and be the best we can be, using our gifts and talents. Part of that learning too often involves painful experiences that affect ourselves and those we care about.

    Today, of all days, we should take a lesson from Nelson Mandela and other Divine messangers: Forgive ! Forgive others. Forgive yourself! Given what I see around me and across the world, that is the hardest thing to do. Forgive and Love! The result is Love and Peace! Just do it for yourself and those you care about!

  39. James, you’ve grown wiser in your short time away. Thanks for coming back and sharing. May we never stop growing and expanding.

  40. In order to understand the oneness of yourself, you must experience both aspects of yourself light and dark energy. This opens the door to learn unconditional love. Then you can truly love others.

  41. Thank you so much for getting back to what you do best, help others. Sometimes we have to go through some nasty times to grow and understand more about life. I look forward to your communications. Best of luck James!

    1. Thanks Joy… I’ve come to learn that you really can’t help anyone unless you’ve actually been there. From that perspective life difficulties can be viewed (although hard at times) as a gift. Much love and gratitude

  42. How can you presume to know what a pig feels or doesn’t feel? 😉

    Most people mistake beliefs for facts. Most people mistake facts for facts. Nobody knows anything, including me. Realize this and move along…

  43. Sure glade to see you writing again cant wait for more.

  44. I feel that I have learned the most from pain and hard times. It has also made me truly appreciate the good even more. Problems in are life can turn out to be great teachers and I agree that things have to get messy for one to become the best that they can be. I also think that you have gotten stronger from your experience. Most weak people would go through what you did and come back hiding from everyone, but you have come back trying to inspire again. I think you are stronger than ever. Everyone makes mistakes or makes the wrong choices, but the strong take the bad, learn from it and try to be better than ever. I see that within you.

  45. Yes sometimes life is messy, LOL, but since I moved from “head” to “heart” (Drunvalo Melchizedek course) it’s much easier in some way. I love my life as it is now even if it is tougher because I have moved back to the North of Sweden, more than 1000 km from where I used to live before. Here it is much “tougher” to live a life (much colder during winter, and more snow, (not always) LOL) What I have discovered is that people here are helping each other more than I am used to. I love to live close to nature and the wild animals I sometimes are watching from my kitchen window. So good that you are back teaching us to grow. Keep on!

  46. Hi James, I just started reading your book Harmonic Wealth, what an irony but you type in start it goes up and down, the book starts very well and I know that it appeals to me, ocvh you will be rich and happy again Sincerely Tonie

  47. I remember you saying in a video, that you’ve built up your company/business/yourself from nothing. Only to loose it and do it again, jut to make sure you got it right… Now you can try and see if you really got it right…
    On the other hand just how messy can it get? when the moment for things to turn right would come? I am dealing with mess for a long time now, and would so love to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  48. Hi Ray! I’m one of them who’s life was unpacked by you in the movie “The Secret” As new immigrant in Canada in 2008 seeing you and listening to you was a TRANSFORMING experience for me. And may be even saved my life. However I KNOW, YOU’LL BE RELEASED SOON! And back to business! We need you here!

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  50. I for one understand every single word you speak. No one is fully awake, no one always practices what they teach/preach, there is no such thing as perfection. Life is what it is, we make choices, we do what we believe to be right for us at the time of doing them. Most things we experience are disguised as a problem, they are however a blessing if we look at them from a different angle.
    Pain, sadness, sorrow and more has been a constant companion in my life…
    But I am so glad, it has made me determined, healthy, strong, filled me with love for just about everything, has taught me compassion, joy, happiness and so much more…. It’s also taught me a colourful language LMFAO….
    THANK YOU James for just being you…. 🙂

  51. James,
    I hear you and completely agree. I do not trust the person who says they have no mess in life / life isn’t messy / or it is all an illusion. I appreciate what you convey and I your message resonates with me.
    I have been shut-down, severing the connection of my head to my heart, and lived in my intellectual self. A great number of people live this way, pretending their emotional feelings and the feelings within their bodies don’t count. That is a destructive path.
    I’ve learned that the only way out for me is through, so the sooner I jump into the sadness or anger or fear the quicker I am through to the other side. It is amazing how quickly that can happen when I trust the Universe that the present moment is “OK”. I accept the present moment and I accept the abundant blessings and messages and love from the Universe.
    I look forward to reading more of your blog posts.

    I send to you energies of peace and strength and joyously abundant success.


    1. Steven, well said. I think one of the MAJOR problems for us men in today’s society is what you describe. Certainly it’s universal but seems very evident that men tend to suppress their emotions. I like you have come to realize that what you resist just persists and actually amplifies. What is looked at clearly disappears. Thanks for sharing. Keep the faith ~ JAR

  52. I agree with your post. ( Not that it really matters lol) . People will hold onto, and sometimes violently, which makes them feel safe. In the responses to your post many are clinging to the fact it is bad to experience “bad”. This is directly from the old roots in dualism. And here it is prevalent, again, in their replies.

    From working with my clients and observing the “spiritual” people I know,(and not all of them, but many) that if one is experiencing pain or a situation they do not like, it means “bad karma” or they are being punished. When things go well, it is good karma and they are being rewarded. Many have transferred the ingrained and subconscious beliefs from orthodox religion of good/bad, reward/punishment and using “karma” to keep the duality strong. If you have good, or bad, karma, it was given to you from a higher power which gives one the reward or punishment. Karma is the outcome of our choices and actions and can be changed through our power.
    Yet, at the same time we are only co-creators and others make choices and take actions which affect us. At every moment we are given the opportunity to use our power to create what we want. It is an opportunity for us to grow and become aware of who we truly are. The Universe/Intent, or whatever the choice of name, does not care and does not judge, it simply wants to expand and it does so through each us.

    1. Jillian, Thanks so much for sharing and I think people like you and I have an uphill battle because it goes against hundreds of years of programming. We tend to forget that the true translation of “karma” is action as well as reaction, not punishment and/or reward. Universal Intelligence wants one thing further expansion, experience and expression and it DOESN’T CARE how we get there. IT will often take the most expeditious route available. Now that will rattle some cages! Often the fact is that we get there most expeditiously through different ways than our small personal understanding desires or can comprehend. Thanks so much for being here. You’re doing great work. Keep the faith ~ JAR

  53. James,

    You said in Harmonic Wealth that you were over the age-old belief that life is a struggle. That the the idea life is hard and then you die is BS. Now you say to deny the difficulties, pain and messes of life is to create more pain. Seems to be a contradiction.

    On Rhonda Byrne, who you mentioned stood by you. Some quotes attributed to her are that you receive everything in life based on what you’ve given, and that the cause of everything you experience is your thoughts. Agree?

    You wrote Harmonic Wealth, and stated there was a way to become “recession proof” and create absolute wealth. Yet, on CNN your attorney, Brad Brian stated you were not a wealthy guy. If so, why the claims?

    1. Tom, I can’t speak for Rhonda only for myself (just because we’re friends doesn’t mean we agree on everything). I do agree that your thoughts ABOUT circumstances creates your experience of them.

      Life IS a contradiction. In the ABSOLUTE sense it doesn’t have to be a struggle, but it takes a lot of struggle to get there (herein lies the paradox or as you say contradiction). The differentiation between the Absolute and Relative is one of the (if not the) major causes of confusion in personal and spiritual development in my opinion.

      To a large degree I was living in denial of my own pain in the past. BTW, I don’t claim that I still don’t have some level of denial. My personal experience is that we all do at some level. Otherwise we’d all be fully awake. When we suffer enough we finally break free from a certain level of suffering through surrender. This is NOT surrender to a higher force… but rather surrender to a higher power (big difference).

      Funny you mention Brad Brian, he never read my book and we actually had a conversation around “wealth” post his appearance. He’s a good man. A very principled man. You may recall that wealth as I define it is “well being” not an external possession but an internal realization. I still maintain that even with difficulties and struggles one can reach a place of well being regardless. I’ve touched that place a time or two but have also fallen out. It’s an endless work in progress. Thanks for your intelligent questions I hope this answers in some way Tom. ~ JAR

  54. Heya i am for the first time here. I came across this board and I
    find It truly useful & it helped me out much. I hope
    to give something back and help others like you helped me.

  55. James,

    I have a belief: it is what it is. The belief always me not to place judgment and helps me not to complain and has a few other benefits. It seems like a lot of people are attacking you or enough, that I have paid attention to it. You can spin the story or you can have enough time go by that something else replaces the story or people just forget the past or you can be totally accountable or something else. It seems like a combination is happening to you and with you.

    In the months and years to come, you are going to be hit a lot over errors or an error in judgment in you past and so will others. People get less mad if you are accountable and more forward. You seem to be doing this approach. Keep living your purpose.

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