James Ray Talks: Real Life

It’s amazing to me (but then again not), the variety of responses to my last blog,“Things have to get messy.”

Some were compassionate; some were violently opposed, and some attacked. I also received claims that I “was not practicing what I used to teach.” Others vehemently proclaimed that life “was not messy!” Those who follow Eastern thought commented that pain and mess were “all an illusion.”

Many attacked me saying that I should have come out of my hiatus stronger than ever… more aware, “what had I been doing to be so weak.” Some called me silly. Some passionately attempted to convince me that their life was completely “tidy and mess free;” and it was me alone that was unique in my mess.

It’s interesting to see the dance of polarity playing out in front of our eyes daily. When Buddha was asked, “Are you enlightened?” He answered, “No.” He was then asked,“What are you then?” To which he responded, “Awake.”

Do I claim to be awake? Not fully, no. But I feel more awake and alive than ever before.

As I observe all (and I mean everyone), attempting to escape their particular pain, I observe how so many pursue personal and spiritual development as a high to avoid, versus addressing the heart of the matter; and fully loving and embracing all of life.

It’s no different than the heroin addicts that surrounded me daily for the last two years. Shooting up to escape their prison… but not really escaping. Their temporary high brought them crashing back to the harsh reality of the environment we all co-existed within. How different is that from the person who reads book after book—chases seminar after seminar to get “high,” and then comes crashing back to the valley of life a few weeks if not days later?

While the effects of “being positive” are definitely much more healthy than mainlining chemicals… the driving motivation, and the outcome is the same.

As stated previously, transmutation not denial is the tool of mastery. Please contemplate this, it’s vital.

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You see, to deny the messes, pain, and difficulties of life, is to create more pain. Pain is a part of life; and it’s an incredible signal and catalyst for growth. Pain is not a signal to suffer, it’s a signal to grow. Attempting to run from or deny pain is extremely painful. Please contemplate that one as well.

The truth is that unless you’re willing to explore the depths of despair, you’ll never know the heights of joy—for each co-exist in every single moment. It’s difficult to describe and put into words… words fall short.

A pig experiences but little pain. Corn equals pleasure, no corn equals pain. Mud, pleasure, no mud pain. The pig has little capacity for the diverse nuances of emotional highs and lows; and therefore it can never experience them.

Part of the human experience… the experience of truly living, is the fullness and diversity of human feelings and emotions; and that includes all of our human nature. Like it or not… the person who is “positive” all the time is scary, and in extreme denial. Positivity is not the answer… positive utilization and transmutation is the answer. Symantics? Maybe… but I think it’s much more than that.

More on this to come.

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