James on Alchemy and Utilization: Part 2

“The kingdom of heaven will not come as per expectation.

Rather, the father’s kingdom is spread upon the earth; and men do not see it.”

 ~ Jesus (verse 113 The Gospel of Thomas)

We discussed last week several things worth contemplating. I trust that you did. If we can agree with the Christian prophet, “The kingdom of heaven is within” (Luke 17:21), then by the same logic the pit of hell must be in the same place (versus an eternal barbeque with you as the subject).

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Now I know this probably pushes up against everything you’ve ever been taught and told; and I respect that; and if you think me wrong… maybe I am. But if it’s at least possible, then as true students we must at least consider that we’ve been seeking in the wrong place.

In my experience, one of the primary causes of frustration and failure in the world is the continued propagation, in both personal performance as well as spiritual teachings, that we’re going to “receive some grand reward or protection; or conversely some punishment” either in this lifetime or the next. What a great surprise it might be to come to the end of it all and suddenly realize that that was indeed as heavenly (or as hellacious) as it gets.

When you can find heaven in the midst of hell

 then your heaven is truly found

As you know, we’re exploring the concept of alchemy, utilization and transmutation, which in actuality are all one and the same.

There are two important facets that all truly successful individuals must consider when approaching anything in life. Principles and practices; or philosophy and strategy. I submit to you that for true and lasting success, principles must precede practices.

Now this is contrary to how most approach their life (particularly in the West). So if you’re one of those individuals who wants to rush full forward into the “how-to’s” of alchemy and utilization, you’re going to get the opportunity to practice your patience.  I promise we’ll get to the how-to’s, but a good foundational philosophy will serve you for years to come.

You see, when you have the foundation you are liberated to choose from a multitude of different practices, because understanding the underlying principles gives you great latitude as well as wisdom. Make sense?

I recall doing business consulting with a manufacturing division of AT&T many years ago. Their product quality was in the tank on a particularly important widget they were producing; and they needed help.

We found that at the end of the assembly line the workers were taking shortcuts to doing their job properly. The problem resided in the fact that these workers had no understanding of their how their piece fit into the overall grand scheme—their contribution to the greater whole. We needed to educate them on the purpose of the small part they were responsible for; and how it fit into the bigger picture. In other words, how it contributed to the greater whole. Once the education was given… the behavior was instantly changed. Problem solved.

Principles must precede practices

The human being is an interesting creature, and by his own devices can make a hell of heaven or a heaven of hell. I submit that the true secret to alchemy is the understanding and application of the principles of the Universe and Life itself.

That last sentence is bold so please make sure you understand it.

We discussed last time that the purpose of the Universe is fuller expression, experience and expansion. Period. God’s Intention is ever committed to this Purpose but little concerned with the method (or we could say the how-to).

First, let’s agree on the principle that nothing can work contrary to its nature.

Therefore, the fundamental nature and principle of Life is Life. In other words, life by its very nature can only express more life. It cannot act contrary to its nature; and anything contrary to more life would be in opposition to its nature. Do you follow?

Now while I know this may initially seem like a limited amount of information, I submit to you that it is extremely vast in its implications and deserving of much deep contemplation.

For this reason I’m going to stop here for this week.

Stay awake and Love Life,


james arthur ray