James on Alchemy and Utilization Part 1

I’d like to begin a conversation this week that definitely builds upon and relates to Life versus Fantasy. It’s the concept of Utilization or what the ancients referred to as Alchemy. And I’ll assure you in advance that I may be shattering some long held collective paradigms.

First, I’m going to presuppose that you’ve been following over the last seven weeks; and that you’re up to speed on the difference between Loving Real Life versus being in love with fantasy. This distinction is vital to understanding and applying what we’re going to explore in the next few weeks.

If not, I highly encourage you to go back and read that seven part series.

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This will probably be a multiple blog series also, we’ll see how it unfolds. But I think it’ll be valuable for you if you’ll stick with me. I know that this concept has been, and continues to be, extremely valuable in my experience.

Alchemy, while apparently ancient and mystical, when stripped away of all its metaphoric teachings and misunderstandings is really nothing more than the process of what I call utilization. And utilization is a practice that the most successful use nearly every single day whether in business or in Life. I’ll probably use the terms alchemy and utilization interchangeably throughout the series.

So let’s start with a little background and debunking. It’s believed by many that alchemy was the study of how to turn literal base metal into literal gold. Now, while there might have been some crazy chemists that attempted this, (and who knows what’s possible when chemists and physicists get together), I’m neither qualified, nor really interested, in messing with actual metals.

The principles of true alchemy are metaphoric not literal. Sorry to burst your romantic bubble if you had one. Alchemical practices in the highest forms are the processes of turning the “base metal” of the human spirit (thoughts, feelings, actions) into the “gold” of an awakened mind. Please read that carefully and let it sink in.

To understand alchemy we must first agree that the Universe has one objective: fuller expression, experience and expansion. Period.

This can be backed up by all sciences from quantum theory to astronomy, as well as all spiritual traditions. Astronomers tell us that the Universe is currently expanding (growing) at a faster pace than ever before in our world history. This is an important point; and this expanding Universe is the literal “kingdom of heaven” in my experience.

Let me explain that last statement…

If you trace the root of the word “heaven” back to its Greek origins Ouranos it literally translates as “the sky.” NOT mansions in the sky… just sky.

Furthermore, in Hebrew there are at least two words used for heaven, Shamayim translated as “heights” or “elevation;” and Marom translated as “wheel.”

Now let’s dissect this for a moment.

In both languages the ancients were obviously talking about vast expanse of the sky which is high, elevated, and unlimited. They also must have intuitively known this it spins like a wheel (marom).

Astronomers and quantum theorists alike now know that the Universe and everything in it spins from the micro to the macro—from the electron to the galaxy and beyond. Are you with me?

Is it possible that when the ancients talked about what we’ve translated as “heaven” they were talking about the Universe itself?

If you can get your mind around this then we must ask, “What do we know about the Universe?” Well, modern science tells us that not only is it spinning… its forever expanding. In fact as mentioned previously, expanding more rapidly now than ever previously in our world history.

What’s that have to do with alchemy and utilization?

Just suppose for a moment that the true kingdom of heaven is NOT some condo on a cloud… it’s the kingdom of expansion of which we’re all an integral part; and that alchemy, utilization, and transmutation are the keys to awakening to this truth.

“In the entire Universe there is only one mind.”

– Erwin Schroedinger (quantum theorist)

Please ponder that quote long and hard. The implications are vast.

So if everything in this Universe is expansion… expansion of what? According to our latest and most cutting edge science, it’s expansion of consciousness and awareness. Please let that sink in for a moment.

Wasn’t it in fact the Christian prophet who stated, “The kingdom of heaven is within you?” (Luke 17:21)

Now, I may be wrong… but I don’t think he ever said it was “mansions in the sky.” Check for yourself.

Again I can imagine some bubbles bursting, as well as some gears grinding but that’s my job.

“The truth will set you free, but first it’ll piss you off.”

~ Gloria Steinem

So, as we discuss alchemy, we’re going to discuss a principle and practice that facilitates our own development, advancement and growth; our own awakening and awareness. A way to more fully access this kingdom of expansion within you. Because that’s what the Universe (and everything therein) is about. Nothing more, nothing less.

I think that’s enough to digest for now (maybe for a lifetime)—I look forward to your comments and questions. Stay awake and Love Life…




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