James on Alchemy and Utilization Part 1

I’d like to begin a conversation this week that definitely builds upon and relates to Life versus Fantasy. It’s the concept of Utilization or what the ancients referred to as Alchemy. And I’ll assure you in advance that I may be shattering some long held collective paradigms.

First, I’m going to presuppose that you’ve been following over the last seven weeks; and that you’re up to speed on the difference between Loving Real Life versus being in love with fantasy. This distinction is vital to understanding and applying what we’re going to explore in the next few weeks.

If not, I highly encourage you to go back and read that seven part series.

Do You Love Life or Fantasy? Which one do you love the most? Read more about it here.

This will probably be a multiple blog series also, we’ll see how it unfolds. But I think it’ll be valuable for you if you’ll stick with me. I know that this concept has been, and continues to be, extremely valuable in my experience.

Alchemy, while apparently ancient and mystical, when stripped away of all its metaphoric teachings and misunderstandings is really nothing more than the process of what I call utilization. And utilization is a practice that the most successful use nearly every single day whether in business or in Life. I’ll probably use the terms alchemy and utilization interchangeably throughout the series.

So let’s start with a little background and debunking. It’s believed by many that alchemy was the study of how to turn literal base metal into literal gold. Now, while there might have been some crazy chemists that attempted this, (and who knows what’s possible when chemists and physicists get together), I’m neither qualified, nor really interested, in messing with actual metals.

The principles of true alchemy are metaphoric not literal. Sorry to burst your romantic bubble if you had one. Alchemical practices in the highest forms are the processes of turning the “base metal” of the human spirit (thoughts, feelings, actions) into the “gold” of an awakened mind. Please read that carefully and let it sink in.

To understand alchemy we must first agree that the Universe has one objective: fuller expression, experience and expansion. Period.

This can be backed up by all sciences from quantum theory to astronomy, as well as all spiritual traditions. Astronomers tell us that the Universe is currently expanding (growing) at a faster pace than ever before in our world history. This is an important point; and this expanding Universe is the literal “kingdom of heaven” in my experience.

Let me explain that last statement…

If you trace the root of the word “heaven” back to its Greek origins Ouranos it literally translates as “the sky.” NOT mansions in the sky… just sky.

Furthermore, in Hebrew there are at least two words used for heaven, Shamayim translated as “heights” or “elevation;” and Marom translated as “wheel.”

Now let’s dissect this for a moment.

In both languages the ancients were obviously talking about vast expanse of the sky which is high, elevated, and unlimited. They also must have intuitively known this it spins like a wheel (marom).

Astronomers and quantum theorists alike now know that the Universe and everything in it spins from the micro to the macro—from the electron to the galaxy and beyond. Are you with me?

Is it possible that when the ancients talked about what we’ve translated as “heaven” they were talking about the Universe itself?

If you can get your mind around this then we must ask, “What do we know about the Universe?” Well, modern science tells us that not only is it spinning… its forever expanding. In fact as mentioned previously, expanding more rapidly now than ever previously in our world history.

What’s that have to do with alchemy and utilization?

Just suppose for a moment that the true kingdom of heaven is NOT some condo on a cloud… it’s the kingdom of expansion of which we’re all an integral part; and that alchemy, utilization, and transmutation are the keys to awakening to this truth.

“In the entire Universe there is only one mind.”

– Erwin Schroedinger (quantum theorist)

Please ponder that quote long and hard. The implications are vast.

So if everything in this Universe is expansion… expansion of what? According to our latest and most cutting edge science, it’s expansion of consciousness and awareness. Please let that sink in for a moment.

Wasn’t it in fact the Christian prophet who stated, “The kingdom of heaven is within you?” (Luke 17:21)

Now, I may be wrong… but I don’t think he ever said it was “mansions in the sky.” Check for yourself.

Again I can imagine some bubbles bursting, as well as some gears grinding but that’s my job.

“The truth will set you free, but first it’ll piss you off.”

~ Gloria Steinem

So, as we discuss alchemy, we’re going to discuss a principle and practice that facilitates our own development, advancement and growth; our own awakening and awareness. A way to more fully access this kingdom of expansion within you. Because that’s what the Universe (and everything therein) is about. Nothing more, nothing less.

I think that’s enough to digest for now (maybe for a lifetime)—I look forward to your comments and questions. Stay awake and Love Life…




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  1. Good morning, James! Great post! It makes sense to me.
    So, with this ever continuous expansion of the Universe… It also includes Our expansion, people themselves? Since we are all connected?

  2. Interesting. My guess is, that in my country – which is one of the most, if not the most secularized countries in the world – religion does not block the way of understanding. I´ll keep following you on this subject.

  3. Hi James,

    I’m not very comfortable writting in English so I just want to tell you that I really appreciate your blogs.
    Thank you so much, it helps a lot.

    Sending you Light and Positive Energy

  4. For starters you are right about the truth will set you free,
    yet life does not have to be tough,
    yet you should realize Jesus is the Son of God.
    The Kingdom of Heaven is within everyone.
    It is not a fantasy to want to succeed,yet work must be done.
    The seen is the temporal,the Bible tells us so.
    The Lord is who supplies our needs.

  5. I love reading your work! You break it down in a way only JAR can.
    I’m really looking forward to future post.

    Onward and upward,

  6. That is some good stuff there James! The more we all choose to expand our kingdom within and then choose to take that expansion to put value back into the Universe (by our actions, by our words, by our teachings)…the greater the expansion for all humankind. We are all in this together spinning ’round and ’round.

    Keep it coming…

  7. Loved this post and I am looking forward to this series!

    It took me a while to shed my thought of heaven as an exclusive neighborhood behind a pearly gate in the sky. Once I learned about being part of the awesome Universe and about expansion and experience within my life contributing to the Universe as one I was so grateful for that knowledge and the awakening within me. Well, that was after I stared into the nighttime sky for a long long time trying to wrap my head around that notion. 😉

  8. Dear James,
    One of the most memorable moments in my personal history was in 6th grade. We were studying the Universe (in geology), and the cells of the body (in biology). I remember having one of those *OH MY GOD* moments when I realized that a phrase from the bible (we are created in the image of God) suddenly took on a NEW meaning. Planets rotating around a sun looked (to me) much like atoms rotating around a nucleolus. The ‘image of God’ suddenly meant the “PATTERN” that is everything. Not the flesh and bone as I see it with my eyes. What awakened in me, at that moment, was that words were not always ‘literal’. I am forever grateful for that realization, but have never quite been able to voice it. All the things you are saying are making me smile because you are gifted with the skill of VOICING it.
    Sandy Marie

    1. Sandy, thanks for your kind words. Words in spiritual teachings (including the Bible) are very frequently not literal. Herein lies one of the greatest causes of misunderstanding in spiritual and personal performance pursuits.

      In the words of Hermetics (which I’ll discuss more fully in the future) “The superior agrees with the inferior, and the inferior with the superior, to effect that one truly wonderful work.” I believe that’s extremely beautiful and elegant. Stay awake and Love Life ~ JAR

  9. I am enjoying your blog. It is enriching my life. You are a great teacher James, thank you for your honesty and generosity.

  10. I am looking forward to this series! Fits perfectly with what I am beginning this week. Forty years ago I did Outward Bound and the the three day alone portion was incredible. This year for Lent I will begin Wednesday with a three day fast, two days or more of silence [no internet, tv, music, talking, phone] and for the remainder of Lent I will give up using because, why and is. Your blog series will sweeten the mix!

  11. Undoubtedly very thought provoking writing James. It will take some time for me to understand the whole concept of Alchemy, right now it is kind of overloading my capacity, nevertheless, Great!!

    1. My friend Anand… it’s in the moment of confusion and overload that we realize we’re about to learn and experience something never before known or experienced ~ JAR

  12. Thank you so much. Can’t wait for the rest…love and peace

  13. Great blog post makes you think and ponder deeply.
    If the expansion of thought is aligned to universal expansion, and the universe is heaven…. when we learn things, do new things, think new things and act upon them… we are in heaven and we attract its power… By expanding our thinking and by acting upon it… It follows we are utilising the power of the universe … And thus the universal energy flows to support our new actions??

  14. And now we are starting to see glimpses of what your forced two year sabbatical has been for. Thank you James for staying sane through it all. May your strength be fed by the support and community you are creating here. Just love it. Smiles. Susan

  15. I am so glad that you are back. I truly missed you and your teachings. I look forward to hearing and learning more.

  16. James, thank you for articulating this. Just love the way you bring the ethereal into the here and now practical, infused with a sense of wonder for the sheer vastness of our existence. Looking forward to more. Richard

  17. Thank you James!
    As we are part of this Universe, every new discovery out there is a new discovery inside of us as well. Alchemy has always been a very controversial subject and I am sure this journey to explore it will be very profitable for all of us. Thank you for taking the time to share your discoveries and wisdom with us James!
    Looking forward for next article!
    All the best!

  18. Nice – awaiting more in this series to see how you feel we can actually utilize this knowledge. I think this is what people find wanting in a lot of advice out there. We spoke the other day about Acceptance and how it helps relive the stress of unwanted emotions. But people will ask ‘how’. How do they actually accept – what is the mechanism?

    1. Stuart, I get it and with all due respect my experience is that our need for “how” is one of the causes of great mishap and suffering (particularly in Western culture). We must have principles firmly planted before practices. Philosophy before strategy (was just writing on this today =) There’s a time and place for how… but how is the lowest vibratory rate on the continuum (believe it or not) you must start from the macro and move to the micro. I promise we’ll get there but without a firm foundation the building crumbles. Keep the faith ~ JAR

      1. Yes, my practical and rational mind is always searching for the mechanism. I will practice my patience. 😉

  19. Hello James,
    This is so timely – I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the Kingdom of Heaven being within each of us, and our minds all being connected. One result has been a huge shift in feelings about others. At the risk of sounding sappy, I feel much greater appreciation and caring, even for strangers I pass on the street. And that feels amazing.
    This series on alchemy is fascinating so far – can’t wait to hear more! : )

  20. James, I appreciate the inception of this series. I wonder about contraction in relation to expansion. One thing that I have noticed is that people who seem to expand, expand, expand in their energy through thoughts, feelings, actions, etc, seem to result in having various forms of chaos in their life. What are your thoughts on this?

    1. Kerry… nice observation. You CANNOT have one without the other any more than you can have all heads and no tails on a quarter. The Hindu’s call this the in breathe and out breathe of Brahman (God). Chaos and order are always in a Divine dance and when we learn to accept it then we’re not quite so shocked. I could talk so much more on this but this is probably a series in itself. Stay awake and Love Life ~ JAR

  21. Hi how are you? Glad to see you getting back in action. When I was having some hard times and began my process of researching to find answers I ran into you online. You were one of the speakers that stood out the most during The Secret. They left out so much didn’t they? I did find the true secret and your writings and videos helped. Alchemy is so amazing. I can’t wait to read more about it from you. I dove deep into reading different bibles and doctrines and there is one that resonates with me. Most of them are self contradicting and filled with un explainable metaphors. To me that is lol. Dude it crushed me when all that stuff happened to you. I bookmarked this page man I’ll be back.

    1. Red, Yes while The Secret is a great work and has helped many people, in my opinion it’s a beginners study and targeted toward the masses. Unfortunately this allows for much misinterpretation and misunderstanding. My personal opinion is that this is evidenced in the great frustration and pain that is happening in those following and interpreting in the wrong way. I know for me that I was filmed for 3 hours and only a very small part of what I shared made it to the film. In my experience some of my best material ended up on the cutting room floor and I understand why from the perspective of the producer (who by the way is a great friend). Glad to have you here Red, and I hope more than anything that you find something of value for your ongoing life adventure ~ JAR

  22. James,

    Been following you along since the tragedy. Your thoughts and methods of explaining have always reached out to me and truly sent my life on a new course. I was scheduled to help at the following Quantum Leap event (my favorite) when the tragedy occurred. Your methods work and as we wrote our intentions and began to integrate them into our lives things started to change.

    However, as things changed toward our goal it wasn’t apparent from within the trench. Only from a higher perspective could we have noticed we were moving closer to our goals. Our debt was not going away, our relationships were changing but not necessarily strengthening. Not at that moment. But our intentions had changed and so our focus was different. I wrote down at one of your events that I wanted to touch people personally and help them change their lives.. I wanted I thought to be a life coach. But again, the “life coach” wasn’t my intention. My intention was to positively change large numbers of people’s lives.

    I find myself years later teaching an ever expanding essential oil business to those who are growing their business as well and are faced with those same limiting beliefs that held me back when the universe brought me to your trainings. Now my relationships are amazing and finances are repairing rapidly even in an economy that isn’t showing such growth. It’s beautiful when you simply allow those changes to happen without holding to the outcome but rather allowing the change and embracing it.

    This post is a bit in the wrong place as I have been getting your blog for some time but haven’t been reading all of them. I finally got a chance to read the most recent only to find I have to go back and read all of them as they are quite good and all threaded together. You’re doing a great job, keep it up. Humility and gratitude are flowing through your words which is good for all of us to keep in the forefront of our minds.



    1. David, well said my friend. Life has a way of humbling even the most ignorant and arrogant. And this is the gift… now to just hang onto it which is the daily opportunity/challenge/constant reminder. I’m happy for you my friend and you seem to be seeing much more clearly–or maybe it’s just me =) All the best ~ JAR

  23. Hi there James – a massive hug to you from way Down Here Down Under.

    Tis just to let you know that way before The Secret, in fact for the last 4 decades – even as a little fella – I’d always KNOWN that things are not as they appear. Always. But of course I bought into the parental and societal ‘way of things’ and finally succumbed, after many a year of pushing back into what I KNOW, to a deep dark addiction to alcohol. Such was my SPIRITual journey, love and loss, triumph over adversity, ra ra ra – it has been 13 years now since alcohol has crossed into this body – and MAN! What a journey 🙂
    I was in prayer for you whilst you were away and am glad & very grateful you are here.

    We first met via The Secret 🙂 and I REALLY resonated with how you touched upon things and your sense of humour ( I also had a fair idea that what was presented was a ‘surface skim’).
    The last few years have been a deep dive into my Conscious and Unconscious, Spirit and the Universe etc etc, being led by you and suggested readings (among others of course) which have led me to where I’m at right now. Embarking on a journey to bring my message ( a mix of you and me, humour and surprise, ancient spiritual writings and the greatest myth of all (that we’re separate from it all).

    Whilst aware that some will push back, it came as a real surprise, as I embark upon getting my message out to and into the world, of someone very close to me, in essence saying “who the hell do you think you are? Just stick with what you’re doing… Jesus, man, we’ve all got so much to learn and YOU’RE thinking that you can teach this stuff?”
    Someone who I, until very recently, deeply respected and valued his opinion. No more though.
    For someone who has something to say about everything, I was speechless.
    But such is the way of things – as a close friend so eloquently put it, “tell him to get f—–! You’re message is a big one and the world needs to hear it!”

    Pushed and pulled by so called forces beyond my control (yeah, right – I’ve called it ALL in) yet I am glad that persistency, consistency and a never ending seeking of the Truth is for me, the way of things.
    Practice practice practice and never ever give up, give in, give out – except for the old thoughts and beliefs that I need to give up, give in and give out.

    And you’ve been with me, along for the ride, all the way through. For that I am exceedingly grateful.

    Cheers mate, love your work.
    Mucho peace-o from way Down Here Down Under

    1. John, no one who was normal ever made history. Did you happen to observe how I was vilified in the press? One day loved… the next day hated. One day a savior… the next day Satan. Such is the way of the world. Check history, check mythology and you’ll find this to ALWAYS be the case. Be careful what you ask for or accept (as in “this is your mission if you choose to accept it) my friend. Trailblazing is NOT for the faint of heart. Finally, always and only give credit where it’s due… The Universal Intelligence and Will coming THROUGH you not FROM you–big difference. Please let that sink in. I lost sight of that at one point and needed to be smacked around a bit to re-member. Much love. Onward ~ JAR

  24. Sai Ram James,

    Years ago in Weston Fl I had the opportunity to give you a note at the end of your presentation. It simply said: “Thank you”. The note had been infused with my intention to offer you protection and love during the difficult times that were coming your way right around the corner.
    I am writing this at 4:44am from my home in Fl Sept 8th. I Am connects to you as You at this time. The connection we share has no time and space and exists of course in the tiny space of our hearts where All exists as One with Mother Nature and Father Universe as Love.
    I have always been in your heart during your difficult times. This physical body wanted to reach out to you as it did in Weston but the Spirit was strong with you and connected well at a distance.
    You are well on your way to expansion and true unconditional connections. Your thoughts, words and deeds are now well aligned but much work lays ahead and with great wisdom comes great sacrifice of self as ego. An extended hand of light is touching you as you read these words. My love sits with you in the tiny space of your great big heart.

    May we meet again in this world or in the world that connects all brotherhood and sisterhood of light.

    Love all, serve all.
    Help ever, hurt never.

    With my love,
    Angela G

    1. Angela, Thanks so very much and I fully realize that regardless of how things have appeared, I’ve ALWAYS been guided, protected and loved. Much love ~ JAR

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