Things Have To Get Messy

Now I know this isn’t sexy or exciting to consider… but it’s true nonetheless. Things have to get messy on the way to new creation. And the bigger the new creation… the bigger the mess. Quantum Leaps are never clean and tidy, in fact Max Planck (the father of modern quantum physics) stated, “Changes in nature are explosive, never continuous and smooth.”

Let me first reiterate that I’m extremely grateful. As I stated on Piers Morgan Live, “I have no complaints, I’m grateful.” And I meant it.

That being said… my life is messy. But then again, yours probably is too. Because life is messy; and it’s only a matter of degree. We never get more than we can handle (even though it often feels that way).

Now you might say, “James how can you say my life is messy? My life is pretty good.” Okay… I didn’t say it couldn’t be good, for goodness and messiness are not necessarily antagonistic. In fact, when you begin to see clearly you realize that you can be truly grateful for the messes of life (and the opportunities to organize them) because they signal change, expansion and growth.

The only time life is not messy is when you’re sitting still. But then again… sitting still is an illusion. Energy is always in a state of motion, and since everything is energy, you’re either moving forward or moving backward—there is no sitting still. So I’m moving through my mess… how about you?

Learn more about it in my second blog about Things Have To Get Messy: Reloaded.Click here.

I’ll keep you posted and how it’s going, and please keep me up to date on you as well at

To your continued chaos to new order,


james arthur ray



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  1. Yes my life is very messy I am trying to keep moving but it is very hard sometimes I just want to quit

  2. I’m happy to read your two posts and know that you’ve come out of this as a stronger person. Life indeed can get very messy, yet somehow we make it through and can come out changed, wiser, and more focused. There is joy to be found, every day.

  3. Thanks for your thoughts, I was just commenting to my friend Mary-Jane about you last weekend. Wondering how you were doing. It sounds like you have had a taste of Dante’s 9 Circles of Hell in prison.

    I always say that everything happens for a reason, and I hope that you can use what you have been through to help others, because isn’t that why we are here on this planet, to help others.


  4. Hi James, yes life is messy and I for one know first hand of the tragedies and traumas my whole life has endured. I continue to grow each and everyday. it sucks feeling stuck and not having the right direction! I meditate and pray daily and I believe there is a better place in store! James I’ve been wanting to say something to you, my sister and I went to one of your seminars in Chicago in 2008 and it was great, I ran into you in the lobby as you were checking out and you were self absorbed and acted as if you were better than me but I thought no worries he’s arrogant and a Scorpio lol, I watched you or Piers Morgan and I have a high level of respect for you now I did see a man that is sorry and vulnerable and you really have changed I’m sorry you had to go through such a hard 4 years but I’m grateful that you have realized you are no better than me. Thank you for sharing and I enjoy each of your comments and posts. maybe some day I can share my story to you and you can see how grateful I am for the little things in life today! oh ps I also do like that you now take the time to comment on people’s posts it makes us feel like we too are important! Namaste

  5. Hi James,
    Just read your message about life getting messy and that is so true, but I know there is light at the end of the tunnel for everyone if they just believed in themselves like I do. Since I started reading books like, The Secret. The Four Agreements and The Law of Attraction, I have found that if you live your life with love and appreciation you attract all good things, people and opportunities. But first the messy bits in your life show their ugly heads and try to turn your thinking back to negative. When that happens to me I go for a walk and thank the Universe for all the things in my life and smile with appreciation.

    Have a PPJ DAY TODAY JAMES. ( Productive Positive and Joyous Day )

  6. I don’t think that a mess is necessarily a bad thing. Embrace the chaos!

  7. I am so happy and grateful that you are back James!!! It’s funny how I was thinking about you and I received your email. I still have your old emails you sent out years ago and l still go back to them and read them. THANK YOU 🙂

  8. Life is eternally messy, even good things get messy from time to time. What better way to inspire or to be inspired than to have gone through a mess and out the other side, bigger, better and more whole?

  9. Yes! Life is messy….one big continuous ball of messy change and growth. AND….like you said even in the middle of all that, it’s still great and beautiful. Especially when you can find the strength to be grateful for the worst of it. One always wonders what will happen when a teacher of the light is faced with darkness and I am so happy to see that you are bringing back to the light. Thank you for continuing to share your journey and helping others seethat tthereis always a light in the darkness.

    1. I have looked forward to this moment to celebrate James again! Thank you!

  10. I like the way you look at messiness in life. I feel the same way too. I’m in the middle of moving and hubby has to work on an emergency at work, so it’s messy and confusing and I’m going to reorganize my day. And that’s OK because I’m grateful to have somewhere that is warm, cozy and beautiful to live in and it’s just another day….. There will be another “messy” day tomorrow and I’ll hand that over to God!

    1. I really LOVE YOU…how can you know the way Im feeling!
      It make me cry!!…Waoooo…what a Amazing a Beautiful way to e CONECCTED…My Infinjt GRATITUD to You!
      Beatriz Pirez

  11. Hi, life really has been messy.. And I am with you on the blessing part too.. When you navigate trough it you will have more clear vision on the how’s and why’s..

    But the moving part is tricky.. From what point are you moving to something.. And I am not saying that not doing anything is a good thing, it can paralyz to the point that one can’t decide on anything cos are fearing making bad choises.. But the point that I was making was that, should it be firt find the aligment with your’s truly and then navigate life from that point of view?

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the messy, the sad and horrible parts were blessing, they really did not felt like those when it was inmotion.. But then again, I am here.. Life still happens.. It really does.. But it does not have that much of definet power.. There is hope, this too shall pass.. And then it does..

    Thank you James Ray for writing your blog, it means a lot..
    Shine on!

  12. James,

    I can honestly say I’m glad you’re back. You have always been somewhat of a mystery to me and yet I am compelled to be interested in your dance with life. Mystery, to me, is neither good nor “messy” and who doesn’t love a mystery?

    I’m glad you are well and healthy and back out among us. I have missed your “awareness” and am glad that you are in a situation that allows more to be connected with you. I am truly looking forward to the grace with which you parlay your “mess.” I won’t be judging nor will I be rooting. Just enjoying one mess from behind the eyes of my own mess and loving every second of it! Welcome back!!

    Carl Bozeman

  13. Life is messy! You can either get into the mess or be bored and lonely! When you feel pain it’s time to grow! (A wise person taught me that). If you avoid the pain, you also avoid the growth. My life couldn’t be much more messy but it’s a lot more fun than most people are having!

  14. There are many things you could call life, even when you are going through a challenge, or growth or change; but if you name it messy that’s what you will get.It will be what you name it. you could name it opportunity. It all depends on how you look at your life. I know you have heard life and death are in the power of your tongue, and whatever you name it that is what it will become. we are powerful creative Beings; I refuse to name my life a mess. “This is the day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it, and look for the (God) good in it. There is a lesson and a blessing in every situation. May God bless you as you move through this healing time.

  15. James,
    I realize that you have been challenged in several ways and sometime life can do that to you. Just keep on trucking and you will motor through it.

    I do believe that you will find that there will be a lot of ground support.

    All the best to you.

    Geoff Sim

  16. All creation is formed from a mess, a messy desk, a messy life. Well organized is atrophy. The ability to respond and grow into one bigger mess after another is where the ‘juice’ is found. Thank you for being so gracious about your!

  17. Mr. Ray
    Yep! Life is messy 🙂 I’m taking care of my 80 year old Mama, just quit smoking (over 3 weeks now and going strong), working on getting my body stronger (I have M.S.), increasing my income to handle when she’s no longer with me, and finishing up my first book (hopefully available before Christmas). I raised 8 children so realized life is messy over 30 years ago, lol. I am always amazed at the wonderful things found inside the mess.

    Your Friend
    (although we’ve never met)
    Sandy Marie

  18. I keep a note on my desk – Messy Can Be Awesome. Truth is there are a LOT of messy things in life – some are BIG and some are small, we all live in that grey area 🙂

    Just gotta keep moving toward the awesome sauce!


  19. Understood. I remember a very wise man telling me that my past is not my present, and that I need to live in the now. As difficult as this is to do, realizing it is the first step to a much better future. Messy, yes indeed. But then again if you realize that you might need to go through hell to get to heaven, it will make the ride much easier. Learning, and re-learning from our past is what we do as humans. I do, as many others do, hold on to bad past experiences way too long. I have moved on from my past, and attribute your wisdom as a huge help with that, and to creating a much more positive future outlook. You rock James. Keep up your best work. I hope our paths cross again someday, as it would be cool to speak with you again.

  20. I attended one of your seminars years ago and have always followed your journey. You’ve helped me on mine and I have learned a few valuable lessons during my messy times: Take it a day at a time and keep moving forward, every decision, every emotion, every action. Gratitude is key for balance. There is always something to be grateful for, even if it’s the fact you have a cat or dog and it snuggles with you and looks to you for care. Life is ultimately good. Sending energy and payers.

  21. “If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered life, then what is an empty desk the sign of?” . . .
    Glad to see you are getting back on the horse.
    Regarding messiness, I am learning that I always get what I think about, and I prefer to think that my life can be “complex” at times. It’s also pretty awesome, and that’s way better than boring. I’ve learned from your material that life is a sine wave, and that the lower the lows, the higher the highs. A flat-line is a sign of stagnation and death (and typically provides fodder for some other form of life). We chose to come this world for the adventure of discovery; a roller-coaster ride. Seeking comfort, security, and a predictable future is a dangerous endeavor.
    Like others, I’m looking forward to your come-back, and how that will look!

  22. Dear James,
    Your videos helped me a lot at some point in my life and I’m truly grateful to you. I don’t want to make too many comments here but I’m v interested how you doing and what’s more what did you learn from your “mess” -it’s a deep and important question. I would truly appreciate if you can take a time to get in touch.

    Many thanks

    Dominik Janus

  23. Thank you for letting me see that through tragedy can come strength. My son was hit by a car last year while he was skating, in a school zone. The girl was speeding… anyway every facial bone was broken and had to be reconstructed. He flat lined twice in the helicopter on the way to the hospital. He was 15. You can imagine all that we have had to go thru but I refused to let it kill me even tho I thought it could. He is alive. He is my hero , and he did not get anything out if this. He still needs more surgery but I know somehow we will get thru this. Your words give me hope where sometimes I feel nothing but complete rage. I am grateful too.

  24. I’m very impressed! Four years ago, when I read all that was happening to you, my first thought was OMG! You don’t have your head buried in the sand ….you persevered! You have my highest respect and admiration!

  25. Dear James,
    Several years ago your books and your mailings were like sunshine in my life. Well, my life was also better at that time. I was really sad to hear what happened to you and I often remembered you in my prayers and wished you all the best. Now I am glad you have returned. And… your first two posts coincide with what I am going through right now. I thank God every day for all the good things but to thank him for the tribulations is not so easy although I am trying hard. I lost my beloved mom a year ago and in the meantime also have been abandoned by someone I thought would be here for me, who I loved so much. The light has subsided from my life and I have started to turn into a desperate being with dark thoughts and… I am coping with this darkness within every day trying to bring the light back. I was so happy to find the message from you in my inbox, I have started to read this blog and for the first time in my life decided to post a comment. What I have remembered just now is that no matter how sad and desperate we are if we share even the little light we carry inside we ourselves feel better and that light helps to bring order into the chaos. I am sending light, love and tenderness your way wishing you a real happy return and successful continuation of the journey called life (which definitely is not easy).
    Sunny fresh December greetings from Zagreb, Croatia

    1. Please don’t let despair get to you. I lost my parents at 18 and the man I adored (he chose a richer woman). I wwas alone in a country I didn’t really know, but I got stronger and stronger and now I know that I am who I am because of it. I grieve with you on the loss of your mother. I like to think mine is with me always, I can talk to her anytime. It will get better! Ali

  26. “The key to all that you can become lies in your willingness to let go, and to allow the metamorphosis, in which you are deeply enmeshed, to proceed.”

  27. Your comments remind me of the hero of the Upanishads: experiencing pain and pleasure with equanimity……the cross of Christ is the same story

    Love you James

  28. James I met you at one of your talks and was so impressed from the first meeting. I learned so much from you and have incorporated so much of it into my life. I was particularly struck by your airport shoe shiners story, I’ve passed it on many times. Definitely is not what you do but how you do it. The last 4 yrs of my life has been a total mess as well but so many things have shown themselves for the blessings they are. I’ve used what you taught about the Law of Opposites and the Law of Polarity along with LOA, It has made my transition much more enlightening. So glad you’re back. I have done many sweat lodges and can’t imagine what was real for you about that. Welcome back, so happy to have your extensive resource available!

  29. James,

    I am thankful to see that you are back , I trust that you time was productive for you . Note. I was the person from San Mateo when entered you rconsciousness while you where on stage.

  30. I find stillness within me when I am connected in awareness with ‘the unmanifest’, out of which my messy manifest appears.

  31. I am glad you’re back too and saw you on Larry King. I can’t forget though that people died. Everyone is saying they’re glad you’re back and moving on and that’s great, but what about the families of the people who won’t spend another holiday together…ever? Maybe I’m out of line and I’m supposed to just be focused on you, but I don’t think what you went through was anything compared to the people who trusted you and are no longer here. I just can’t wrap my head around it. Can anyone help me? Namaste.

  32. You still have life! All else is a cake walk 😉

  33. Hi James,

    I have been following you since the Secret. I love the way you combine spirituality with science. I was sad to hear what had happened to you and sent you many prayers. I was hoping you would come back and continue your passion. It has gotten me through some rough times. Right now I am not where I want to be in my life, and am making changes daily to create a new one. Your material on success and three for three is seeing me through. Thank you so much for your work.

  34. Some may call it “messy” while others may call it chaos. Some may say it is out of control and it may very well be all of that. It is all by design and each mess creates new opportunities and new challenges that allow us to achieve the next level in our lives. I was introduced to you when a co-worker / friend handed me a copy of “The Secret” the movie and small things you said really clicked. That particular time in my life was a bit of a “mess”. In the mists of a divorce and family and health problems something clicked. Today I am grateful for every moment of it as it has brought me to an amazing stage in my life filled with love and happiness. I’m glad to see your back and with this strong spirit. I hope to meet you one day so I may personally thank you for helping me on my journey. – Abbas

  35. I was thinking, James, that maybe you taught me this but I cannot remember exactly. It is to count blessings first then face the challenge.
    So I find myself counting constantly. I can breathe, I can see, I can hear and taste and touch and feel! I may be challenged but I am in a very good position to see it through but I have so many blessings. Every time I get challenged, which is a lot, I am reminded of other peoples challenges and how blessed I am to have my own instead.

  36. I’m with you on that one james. I often say that our lives are full of ups and downs, and if we look back on it so far we can see that every up lead to a down and every down lead to an up. Life is like that, there’s no getting away from it. But how we react to those ups and downs is totally under our control. Wishing you a great upward journey my friend. 🙂

  37. WOW! aren’t you amazed about all this love? As, James, up above , I am also Happy that we can be more connected now than we were before. Happiness to you Mentor!

  38. The times in my life I thought I could control things are the times in my life I missed the path and all it has to offer. Things in the universe unfold without control, life is not homogenized and bumpered. It’s organic, moving and dynamic. Messy is a part of it. Embracing the whole, with acceptance, grants one the key to experience, wisdom and depth. The human adventure takes place during the night and day, in storms and calm, as well as alone or with others. It’s all part of the whole. I know the “break down” of life. Yes James, Transmutation indeed. The material of the challenging is made up of the same stuff that is amazing and easy. All that we need is here, it just take the wiliness to be with it. James, messy is the build, I know you know that. 🙂 Namaste!

  39. Dear James,

    Life is not always easy, all the ups and down we have in life is only a way of keeping us on our toes, and to make sure we are not sleeping at the wheel. Sometimes we do not like what life is throwing at us, but what it doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

    I have been dealing with issues for a long time and there is a lots of things I cannot control, so I always have to remember that the only thing I can control is myself, and cannot worry about things I cannot do anything about it.

    Welcome back,


  40. Everywhere it’s messy indeed!
    Life is like a washing machine. It spins twirls, twines, contorts, wrings and twists you, but in the end we’re bright, shiny, clean and just better than before 😉
    I love you James Ray! You Rock!

  41. Welcome home, James!

    And yep, I’m in the middle of a fantastic mess here as we eagerly await the wonders headed our way.

    There is a huge shift underway and I’m excited to see what’s on the other side of it!



  42. Chin up James, it takes time to adjust but the hardest part will be self forgiveness. You have a rare unique perspective, because of the things you’ve gone through and can help people in ways you’ve never done before because you experienced the things you do. Embrace the contrast, it all serves a higher purpose.

  43. well i think messy is a lot more interesting than boring. My life is messy too.but iam grateful for the ability to work through things ?.

  44. Dear James,

    Welcome back to the rest of your life. I am so glad you are back in the swing of things. I just wanted to share my ultimate gratitude for your impact in the major change the Secret and you have provided to me. Just over three years ago I walked out of my toxic job and have just completed my last semester of my undergraduate degree and ready to commence my Masters next year, at 46 years of age.

    I took the challenge to see if the Secret worked and chased my dream of being an Egyptologist. And it did.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.


  45. Life is messy, but look how wonderful it feels and looks when we clean it up… at least for a little while, till it gets messy again…. LOL

    Glad to have you Back James Love always <3

  46. I always enjoyed your podcast.. Keep it up .

  47. I am glad to have your emails again, and hoping your message and help this time can be available not to just people with high incomes, and make your message and teachings available to as many people as possible.
    My deepest respect.

  48. James,

    I was so happy to see an email from you. I’m sorry this has happen to you. I do beleive everything happens for a reason. I seen you in Madison WI in 2006 maybe. I love your work. I was so inspired by your energy. Can wait to find out what you have learned of your Journey. Looking forward to being inspired again by you.

  49. James, Glad you are on the way back. I have been a fan and customer for years. Life dealt you a bad hand. Welcome to the real world! Bad things happen to all of us. Go ahead and and have your self pity party. But get it over with soon. You have a lot to share with the world. Now more than ever. Get out of your own way and get to work. There was a time when you were starting from scratch and succeeded. This time you get to start with a wealth of experience and hard earned wisdom. It is a walk in the park. Birds sing after a storm. We too must be grateful for what remains…

  50. At the “RIPE TIME”, everyone sooner or later faces the messiness, the pain , the crying and the peace, the pleasure, the transformative power of laughter. Based on 40 years of work in this field, to those who claim that they are in a no problem state, no one can predict that he or she will not find himself or herself in a messy situation soon!!! The Law of Yin and Yang teaches us indeed how to embrace the opposites that come sooner or later, whether it be an unexpected illness, a relative having a sudden car accident, a breakup of relationship, being fired from your job suddenly (!!), a little fall when you tripped on the steps going out…..infinite number of possible lessons coming our way, dance the Yin and Yang into Tai Chi, this life or the next!!

  51. Life does get messy and sometimes the lesson is how to “be” in that messiness and find beauty there not try to overcome or conquer it. I was supposed to be at your last Spiritual Warrior and cancelled because it didn’t feel right at the time. At first, I was angry at you for no refund and then at myself for wasting such a sum of money. But, I trusted my intuition. Then my life totally fell apart. I lost everything, my business, my home, my pride, my ambition…and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. It forced me to look for the beauty that is the chaos of being alive. I don’t have to be rich or “successful” to have the right to live and love on this planet. Most times, because of our conditioned egos, it takes a “collapse” to see this truth and live that truth (not always easy in this culture). I see greatness in our homeless and their resilience, I see beauty in a drug addict who keeps trying to get sober and doesn’t give up. Having my life fall apart has presented me with the humble opportunity to help guide others through their own messiness and find the beauty and healing that is unique to them in the experience. And, for that, I am grateful for my collapse and the gift of eventually being able to find the beauty in it..

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