Things Have To Get Messy

Now I know this isn’t sexy or exciting to consider… but it’s true nonetheless. Things have to get messy on the way to new creation. And the bigger the new creation… the bigger the mess. Quantum Leaps are never clean and tidy, in fact Max Planck (the father of modern quantum physics) stated, “Changes in nature are explosive, never continuous and smooth.”

Let me first reiterate that I’m extremely grateful. As I stated on Piers Morgan Live, “I have no complaints, I’m grateful.” And I meant it.

That being said… my life is messy. But then again, yours probably is too. Because life is messy; and it’s only a matter of degree. We never get more than we can handle (even though it often feels that way).

Now you might say, “James how can you say my life is messy? My life is pretty good.” Okay… I didn’t say it couldn’t be good, for goodness and messiness are not necessarily antagonistic. In fact, when you begin to see clearly you realize that you can be truly grateful for the messes of life (and the opportunities to organize them) because they signal change, expansion and growth.

The only time life is not messy is when you’re sitting still. But then again… sitting still is an illusion. Energy is always in a state of motion, and since everything is energy, you’re either moving forward or moving backward—there is no sitting still. So I’m moving through my mess… how about you?

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To your continued chaos to new order,


james arthur ray