It's All Part Of The Plan

So, as I mentioned on Piers Morgan, I lost everything tangible, and ended up millions of dollars in debt. I never thought I would be in this position. In the blink of an eye I lost my life savings, my business that took 20 years to build, my home, and my reputation. All gone in one fatal swoop.

Four banks dropped me like a bad habit—they wouldn’t even allow me to have a checking account with them post the accident. My book publishers wouldn’t return my calls. Those who swore that they loved me and that I had “changed their life” suddenly hated and attacked. So called “friends” of twenty years, who had said things like, “I love you like a brother,” would do nothing to help me when I asked for their help. Some of them said, “If you need to talk give me a call” or “I’ll pray for you.”

Have you ever had people tell you these things and it feels like a convenient cop out? Only to realize that when you ask them to actually do something besides “pray or talk” that there’s always some good reason why it can’t be done? Prayer and talk are vastly different from action and walk.

I was speaking with a friend yesterday and he said, “We always hope that our friends will be there for us… they won’t.” But true friends will. Granted true friends are few and far between.

There were many in the “personal transformation industry” who espoused friendship and support only to immediately remove me from their club like a plague . Out of the hundreds of people I had known and done business with in the industry… not one stood in the storm with me except two: Rhonda Byrne and Bob Proctor. These two are champions in my eyes. Endless gratitude, love, and appreciation to you both.

Outside of the “personal transformation crowd” there were a few who didn’t necessarily espouse to high ideals… but they live them: Dr. Tony Alessandra, Tony Parienello, Jason Tebeau, Dr. Art Mowery, David McCall, Jennifer Kwasny, Aviva Eagle, Wayne and Donnita Parker, Amy Groethe, Caren Wendt, Dr. Matt Bynum, Mike Sheilds, John Watkin, John Ferriter and a few others are true friends for whom I’m forever grateful. I trust each of you knows how much you mean to me.

However, I’m very grateful to all of them, on both sides of the polarity. For those who stood with me… and for those who taught me much about human nature (including my own).

When life goes sideways, if you’ll allow it, you learn to have compassion. You learn to understand. Please realize that we can never speak from another person’s shoes, and we never really know what another is dealing with. We all do the best we can with the resources we have available. This realization has helped to ease the pain and disappointment for me.

Which one of us can throw stones? Certainly not me.

Finally, and most importantly, you learn to be there for yourself; and when it feels like even God has forsaken you (believe me I anguished and angered over this one many, many days), you come to realize that God never leaves you; and in fact, what you are experiencing is all part of a grander plan… much grander than you or I can ever imagine.

Do you love yourself enough to have the courage to live your own life?

And this is the greatest gift of all.

Keep the faith my friend,

james arthur ray



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  1. I’ve stood by you even through the bad times. What you have is a rare gift that I respect. Things happen everyday that can’t be explained. For all those people that said that you changed their lives then spit on you, shame on them. But this is their burden to bare, not yours.

    I still carry your cards around with me and my favorite goes like this:

    Take care and know that there are a lot of us that still believe in you.


  2. You know, my own father would not pick up the phone to help me… I am unemployed, single, with one kid… I was applying of a job we both knew would be perfect for me, and I would be really good at, and he knew the managers there… I haven’t asked him for anything for a long time now, only this once just plese give up “I am the big boy, and everyone should bow to m, I am not asking for a favor for anybody, not even my daughter”, and just please give them a call. You know what I got back??? A letter that listed a bunch of links about how and what kind of government aid I can apply for. Nice.

    Anyway, its good to have you back.

  3. Please, I want to share my story with you privately. I want to tell of my experience in a sweat lodge privately.

  4. Waooooooooooooo!! Thanks ..My Infinit Love and Aprreciation for who you really AMAZING HUMAN BEING! …and any way if there something where I can help..I am more than happy to do it for you with all my Love. Beatriz Pirez…Thanks James..I Love you!!

  5. Hey James,
    That what it is, people talks well when everything is good. It’s the real friends you have when it´s going down in life. Real down, when you need help.
    We do not need many friends, we need real friends in life.
    I thougt about it yeaterday and feel blessed that I allways have had real friends in my life. Not the hottest, the richest or the most educated.
    My grandma told me as a child, It does not matter what people do for a living, the important is kindness. I am blessed to grown ou with this woman. Of course she wanted me to educate, but that was not the MOST important. She is right. I am angineer and meet a lot people in my work who not have the heart in right place….They have lot of money, but have to buy the cheapest bananas can not giva som extra for fair trade.

    It´s sad to hear that everything went so bad for you, I thought a lot what happened with you theese years…
    I´m so happy you are back, share your life and still go strong!


  6. James, you are a wise man. i’m sure you had an inkling that human beings would turn on you when you hit a rough patch. Sometimes when things are going well and people are yes’ing you to death, you can begin to believe that they are really your friends. You are so right. There are no good or bad experiences, only learning experiences, if you can look at it that way.

  7. So good to hear from you again. Things have been messy for me this year as well, although certainly nothing compared to what you’ve been through. I kept telling myself that I must make it through the test to get to the testimony. I finally feel like I am coming through the other side. My prayer is that you will as well, my friend.
    Much love,

  8. Keep going James!! You are doing great!! Better than before! More humane more in touch with compassion! Thank you for pouring your heart out and expressing your deep feelings like this! Like you said: There are people out there who will be there for you. I appreciate your sharing.
    All my respect.

  9. James, I have known you for a long time, back when we worked together in Tulsa, Ok at AT&T. I knew the caring person you were inside, and I believe that never leaves an individual. Watching you over the last few years as your world went into a tailspin I often thought of you and your family and the families of others who lost loved ones. I read your blogs and take away many inspriational thoughts from time to time. Thanks for being you. To this day no one inspired and motivated me like you did when we worked together. You helped me realize that I can achieve many things in my job and in life. I lost my husband about 1 1/2 years ago. It was sudden and peaceful, but left me suspended not knowing what to do next. You weekly thoughts give me inspiration. Continue to do good things my friend. Kris Middleton

  10. That makes me think, not of who would stand by me (cause I have had many), but who would I stand by and how long would I stand.

  11. I know that feeling, losing my career was nothing compared to the deep hurt I felt from the betrayal from friends, but as it turns out those people had their own struggles too, so I wasn’t so special! The narcissist in me had some hard lessons to learn! Yes none of us is special, but again we are all special and many people would love to find the courage to stand by us and be brave but actually are too fragile to come up with the goods.
    These painful experiences are about growing up, learning to be the bigger person, I bet Nelson Mandela felt pretty hurt at times too and look at what a truly incredible human being he was, so be brave and keep the faith.

  12. Mr. Ray,

    I never stopped believing in your message of hope. I believe that everything happens for a reason. You stood strong in the face of unbelievable hardship. I have been and always will believe that you are meant to help others like myself. You are an inspiration.

  13. James, you are truly and inspiration! I have learned that even family may not come to your aid if you’re having a hard time. Sometimes that’s just the way life is and once the storm passes you come out stronger. Throughout my storms I have come to realize that I have one true friend and he’s stood by my side regardless of what’s happened. I am forever grateful to have the husband that I have. Keep doing you and things will always be fine. Thank you for sharing and teaching me all that you have.

  14. I like where you are going with this. I too have experienced betrayal on a grand scale. I keep reading that we are all operating from a place of our own awareness and we are doing the best we can with the level that we are at — but there ARE circumstances, where people ignore their ‘level’ of awareness. Sometimes it feels we are making excuses for them and at times for ourselves as well.

    Its all very humbling and there are obviously lessons to learn for having gone through this life experience. I would love to see another book by you — demonstrating how ‘The Secret’ has played itself out in your life.

  15. Shit happens mate – and it certainly happened to you. Just know… some of out here who you do not even know (yet) are ready to help you in any way we can. Who knows how? Who knows when? That’s all part of the grander plan. Peace and Love. Stu

  16. Reading this touched deeply my heart and I felt for you.

    To think that a child of God can be abandoned and forsaken is a feeling that many of us can relate to, but it isn’t God who is abandoning or forsaking us, it is our own humankind with their self centered ambitions, their selfishness, their hypocrisy, etc, after all, our long list of imperfections.

    It always hits me, when I encounter these kind of situations in which we, who are all part of ONE and should only love each other and grow together, can act against ourselves in such a miserable way.

    I am sorry you experienced what you experienced, but one day, it will make sense, because you are moving to a level of growth and understanding that very few can. I always say, Thank you God for my bad experiences, because one day it will all make sense, and despite the bitter moments, and the humankind-poverty I witnessed, I am still a child of love.

    We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty. ~Mother Theresa

    1. When this all came down on you, I wanted so bad for you to hear my voice say, “I believe in You”
      I too lost a company, and it reached the big city news….being chased down…and no one to help. I’m still climbing out of the rubble of the past. I am using everything you taught me and look forward to new adventures with you…. Mahalo Nui Loa

  17. James:

    I have “written” so many letters to you since the incident; well, in my head. I never did commit them to paper, but I am writing today to tell you how appreciative I am that you are sharing your journey.

    I, too, believe that there is something much grander at stake here: a learning so profound and so life-changing that your power as a transformational teacher will be elevated exponentially. How can it not when you have been through such a dark night and lived to tell the tale?

    I have been waiting with great anticipation for you to share your lessons, your learnings. I applaud you for having the courage to blog – knowing there would be many throwing stones and coming after you with firebrands and pitchforks.

    Because this life polarity for you has been so severe, I can’t help but believe that the converse side of this will be dramatic, intense and powerful; that the transmutation of your journey through hell will be a catalyst that will change the lives of so many.

    For those who cry foul – “what about the victims?!” I believe there are no victims. I believe that even in death we are at choice.

    For those who dropped you like a hot rock, they will show back up . . . . when you’re back on top. No thanks.

    For those who say that you should be teaching your same, old message, how could you? If you didn’t grow; if you didn’t change from what you have experienced, I wouldn’t trust anything you said. I believe that you will reach a much different audience now – an audience who really needs the wisdom you have to share.

    I look forward to the golden nuggets culled from your own personal fiery furnace. I realize that you have a long road of recovery still, and life will likely never look the same again as it was. But I still believe that you are a spiritual warrior, and a warrior’s journey is not an easy one.

    I am encouraged and emboldened that you have the courage to speak your truth – even now. Even when the world has decried and turned its back on you. You will have something magnificent to share that will help many – when the timing is right.

    Stay in service to your purpose and to those you are called to serve.

    I look forward to what you will share and teach.

    To your best,
    Karen Irene

  18. I have thought of you often during all your ordeals and have kept up with all the developments since the accident. I have not forgotten all that I had learned from going to your seminars and from listening to your books and blogs. I still believe in you despite all and wish you the best and you will always have a place to stay and I will always hear a kind word if you come by my area. What happened to you, could have happened to any of us. I hope one day people will stop having a vengeful spirit when they experience loss. If anyone can get back on top, you can, and will be better for it.

    1. You put my feelings and heart into words exactly. Love you, James and I’m very happy to see you back. Debbie

  19. James, all you had to learn was humility and vulnerability; the only places where true love and human compassion comes from. It just happened in the most forceful of ways… Best of luck to you.

  20. So great to see you back in the ring, James!! You have impacted so many people’s lives in profound ways. This can never be denied. Although I bet some have tried;) You have been put through the fire and are coming out the other side. Stay laser focused and you will be an amazing example for others to follow once again!!!

    Oh and SOOO glad to hear Bob Proctor stepped up within your storm…no surprise as he seems as genuine as it gets. Thank you for sharing your experience!!!

  21. Hi James,

    I understand your situation very clearly since I had similar (although not so bad) experience as described by you. I have finally realized that I am a powerful spirit – real me and all external things are temporary and transitional. This has given me a tremendous peaceful state.
    You will pass your present situation too and will get in to a new situation according to your Karma or as per divine plan as rightly stated by you.
    All the best wishes.


  22. James…. I welcome you with open arms. I’m here for you. I have music for your reincarnation – your rebirth.
    I have never wavered in my belief in you.
    Please keep returning to your core beliefs – the things you’ve taught so many of us.
    I write this with much gratitude – and expectation/knowing… Here’s to knowing that your healing is already within you and reveals itself as you let it.
    We all know how it is to give and do and give and do… and as much as we can give and do without expectation – but when you do so much for so many, it shouldn’t be unreasonable for us to believe that those we’ve lifted would be there to help hold us up when we need some support… Time heals all wounds… here’s to knowing that not all of those who have left you left you because of you, but because of what is or isn’t within themselves.
    Thank you for having the fortitude to bring yourself back into the light – where your light can again shine on those who need to know that they should be shining their own lights even brighter.
    Peace – and many Thanks.

  23. You are unstoppable James ! The most important thing you have now is super maturity & absolutely great experience. I will pray for you and I know person like you will not only come up but also become the best of the best. I am your one of the best students even if I have not met you…. God bless you and all the people who love and support you !!!!

  24. Hi James,

    This was truly Heartfelt for me.

    I was getting strongly into you and your philosophies just before your accident. You are actually the 1st Personal Development Expert that I had the privilege of going to a live Seminar ! In Michigan..not only that my wife came with me. She is somewhere quite a bit behind me and what I have challenged myself to accomplish. To be trying to reach Heights you have accomplished is almost seems impossible to me. I consider to be in the masses but want out ..its so hard when you deal day in and day out with negetive people who cannot or will not get out of the everyday humdrum. ordinary everyday same thought ego type thinking and the worst part is you love them they are a BIG part of your life in so many ways.. I spend all the time and energy I can getting to the truth and trying to get into the correct mindset ..its so hard …anyway sorry for the long dragged out approach ! Hope to stay friends with you thats another thing it s hard to reach folks on a one on one nature with it costing you ! I am not at a point to invest in my future the way I would like . but the 1st thing I will do is take the Bob Proctor Yearly Training program…I love that man and he dosn’t even kknow I exist ! LOL Like much of my material and mentors they are all just Virtual….I need more of the one on one mix I think …deeper conversations etc…Well This last post of yours hit home for me…. Its onward and upward for you and me ! Peace, Namaste, Love and Light…I can’t wait and I am on board with you brother….its all part of the plan !!! : )

  25. And the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness. For example, we don’t know what God wants us to ray for. But the Holy Spirit prays for us with groanings that cannot be expressed in words. And the Father who knows all hearts knows what the Spirit is saying, for the Spirit pleads for us believers in harmony with God’s own will. And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. For God knew his people in advance, and he chose them to become like his Son, so that his Son would be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters. And having chosen t hem, he called them to come to him. And having called them, he gave them right standing with himself. And having given them right standing, he gave them his glory.

    What shall we say about such wonderful things as these? If God is for us, who can ever be against us? Since he did not spare even his own Son (Jesus Christ) but gave him up for us all, won’t he also give us everything else?

    And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow – not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love. No power in the sky above or in the earth below – indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.

    Romans 8:26-32, 8:38-39

  26. Thank you for your vulnerability, authenticity and your insights about your struggles. I’m so glad you have chosen to share yourself with us, you could have easily opted for the other route and simply vanished into a cave (proverbial or real).

    There are and always will be people who love you no matter what and those who don’t. Regardless you are always guided, protected and loved.

    I’m glad to be a part of this journey with you.

  27. There is so much I wanted to say but decided to just say this instead;
    I’d love the opportunity to meet you, to speak with you in person, to know and understand the real you. My opinion or thoughts would mean very little without those things occurring. I’m not interested in meeting you via a seminar of sorts…I’m interested in knowing you. That being said, if you’re ever in Virginia, let me know.

  28. I’ve been praying for you since your accident James. I am glad you have made it through as a much better person. I am sure that when the grand plan is revealed that we will know the why of your situation. Until then we can rejoice that you have returned stronger and more in-touch than before.

    I can understand Bob’s and Rhonda’s standing by you. They are amazing people. I am a student of Bob Proctor and know he is one of the best. I appreciate your teachings as well and look forward to hearing more from you. I’ve missed you while you were away. I just wish there was something I could have done to help.


  29. Just wanted to let you know that I used some of the great content in your book “Harmonic Wealth” as Foundation for the talk I
    gave to my daughter at her weeding 5 years ago. I lot of the weeding guest told me afterwards that that was the best weeding talk they have ever listened to. Wishing you all the best. Harmonic Greetings Mogens (DK)

  30. Hi James. What you may not know completely, is that there are many of us — and I am one of them — who have followed and appreciated your work, who stayed with you in spirit over these past difficult years. I never forsook you!

    I am having a similar experience, except for medical reasons (two brain tumor surgeries and a pulmonary emboli shower — more than 20 blood clots flying into my lungs all at once, 90% fatality rate). I lost, all in a few years, my professional identity, which was pretty much my whole identity, ALL my money, my ability to walk more than 50′ with a walker and oxygen tank, many of my so-called “friends.” The final and worst blow was last spring, when I lost my Dad. We really understood each other, and I loved him so, so much.

    It is natural to feel that Universal Wisdom / God / Life Love Force has abandoned us. I feel that sometimes. It is natural to feel disappointed by the sudden disappearance of “friends,” who really don’t have time or energy for anyone with “problems.” And often, who just don’t understand what it can be like to go through these unusual and unusually unpleasant life experiences.

    But you know what James? I think these times are like giant cosmic enemas!!! We get rid of the careers, concerns, and people in life who aren’t serving us. What is left are a few glittering diamonds, scattered right before us, that maybe we couldn’t see so well when we were “on top”. It clears the air, cleans the space, wipes everything clean.

    Even Nelson Mandela, may he rest in eternal peace, had to go through this passage, when he realized that his revolutionary group, the ANC, was torturing and killing people in the opposition. He had to change strategies, and he also had to forgive himself. FOR EVERYTHING. He wrote and talked about this a lot. That’s what gave him the foundation for understanding the need for reconciliation later.

    I’m certainly not comparing myself to Mandela or you, but there are similarities — to find myself now in this passage of forgiveness. I couldn’t pay the mortgage this month. I feel ashamed and embarrassed. But what is there to do? Contact my debtors, and one day at a time clean up this mess.

    So I ask you James — Please forgive yourself. Completely. 100%. Move on to wherever your soul calls you. You have changed thousands of lives for the better. And you are a wiser, better man for what you have lived through. I am with you.

    1. “But you know what James? I think these times are like giant cosmic enemas!!! We get rid of the careers, concerns, and people in life who aren’t serving us. What is left are a few glittering diamonds, scattered right before us, that maybe we couldn’t see so well when we were “on top”. It clears the air, cleans the space, wipes everything clean. ”

      So beautifully said… thank you.

  31. Hello Ray,

    I write with ambivalence, but I know you would prefer honesty to fluff. I watched this whole sorry saga unfold…… hmmm…….. sometimes things happen that are so earthshattering, unforgiveable (?), unforgettable, that life can neither be turned back nor can you move forward as before.

    You know there is nothing more precious than human life, and I cannot put this very real tragedy away – so undone in my mind. However I am sincerely glad that true friends did stand by you, as being an outcast is also an exceptionally painful experience.

    I too have had harsh things happen to me, and I have given five years to care for a parent with Alzheimers so they could stay at home. As someone above said, shit happens. No doubt about it, lots of us harvest lots of shit. How we cope with the shit determines our calibre.

    With this tragedy on your CV, Ray, in honesty, I think it is time to reinvent yourself. No more being advisor, counsellor, guru……. it just doesn’t sit well. The enormity of what happened cannot be wiped away.

    I lost a job that was enormously important to me. It took me years to get over it. I spent some years in a personal wilderness. But the time comes, when one finds the next bend in the road, and there you can begin again.

    Sorry to be forthright, but why write at all if not to express my sentiments.
    Here is to you finding the next bend in the road soon…….. be well, Claire

  32. I am not surpirsed. Many, if not most of these transformation-gurus promise their students richnes, fast and effortless, if they only transform into something spiritual. Therefore most of the so enlightened people are just fakes. Those who study the principles that Bob Proctor teaches and embody the laws of forgiveness more than those that promise a return, will never give up on you. They cannot, because they are real.

    1. Looks like Rhonda Byrne and Bob Proctor will getting even more support from me!
      James: any other support from the teachers of the secret? Ie Bill Harris, Wayne Dyer, joe vitali etc….?

  33. I’m glad you’re back on your game, the greatness of your very special skills that led you to write your book Harmonic Wealth was an eye opener for me. I have read that book a few times already and I’m still learning from it.

    I learned from you that serious obstacles are beneficial to us, I see that you are having issues, but when all is said and done, you’ll see that you’ll rise the occasion and become a better person. Understandably it is with great sorrow about the critical outcome for what happened to those people that perished.

    I know that your main objective was not for anyone to get hurt, and your sincere approach is the only true action as you have to bounce back, life goes on.

    Continue to keep up your great work James!

  34. James, James…James. You may have lost almost everything, but you didn’t lose your life. You were in a position of leadership, and you let people down who trusted you.

    In a different way, you are experiencing this exact same thing. Where have the people gone in your life who you trusted?

    Life comes full circle. What do you need to do in order to move forward?

  35. I’m deeply touched by your recent words in your blog.

    In watching/feeling the man in the “before photo” and the man in the “after photo” I can say the honesty and grounded compassion that flows from your heart is, in my opinion a courageous total transformation and a very good one at that.

    You may have lost everything – however you DO have yourself, your values, your wisdom which no one can match. You are now an authentic expert, as you say, on compassion now and forever. You’re ability to touch lives authentically has just leap-frogged over lifetimes.

    Your talk about the “messiness” of life, well – I can relate. I’ve noticed the messiness in my own life & path lately as times are changing rapidly. This is due to my own convictions, commitments and then LOUD declarations. I didn’t realize when I entered this phase of “stripping away” the courage required as I walked head-on through the process. The path I’m on, that of the wounded healer – is a brave one indeed… not for the faint of heart. I so feel you! It requires steadfast courage, embodied to the core (plus a good dose of faith) to keep walking the talk. And then some. It takes looking into the mirror, facing that courage head-on and saying “Yes, I mean it – I’m doing this – I’m totally and completely committed”

    Part of my walking the talk is about remaining true to self. Firstly having to peal away armors to recognizing there is a little Self that’s been hiding out in there somewhere, and it’s time to come out and play – in authentic and sacred wholeness. This meant revamping my entire system it seems, just when I thought “I was all good”. As an analogy, I’m an artist. Both on canvas and as a house artist for the very wealthy. As a shamanic practitioner, I see my clients processes in many dimensions/layers. For instance, when a client wants to build a new house in place of the old, first they have to tear all the old walls down. Energetically, there is a crumbling, unraveling & dismantling process as the physical walls go down throughout the entire personal & family system as well. It tends to freak people out entirely when they begin to come unraveled, especially if they don’t know what’s happening or where to reach/who to talk to. It’s well known there is a high divorce rate among those couples who build a house together. This is because their emotional bodies come undone, literally in order to make room for the new.

    When we as conscious people/healers choose to tear down those walls – well – look out, the process becomes even greater when performed consciously. Be careful what you ask for.

    I’m so curious, James, what DID you ask for, what did you declare some time ago that Spirit delivered for you in the form of such a massive initiation?

    Congratulations, James. You must be exhausted. And strong, all at once. To strip away so much out of your known life – wow. I can say to you at least your relationship you kept a tight hold to was with Spirit, even in the moments of suffering when you were certain God let you down – you returned to faith. The truth that I know is: Above all else, this is the pot of gold…faith truly embodied.

    I’m here to say the value of the man you are now – I’d be honored to call you my friend any day. From what I can see, you are a richly cool and amazing guy. I’m here, if you need anything. (And don’t listen to any of those mean people – {spoken like a Mom} ) They have nothing to offer you other than the golden opportunity of more awareness of people’s pains & projections which cause certain trigger points to show their cute heads…. they haven’t walked in your shoes.

    Keep going, James!

  36. I speak ONLY for myself when I say this… I have always been a pretty shitty friend. Ever since I was a kid. Countless friendships, intimate relationships, and two marriages, have all ended in betrayal, or disappointment of some kind or another. I would bail, jump ship, disappear or dismiss those closest to me in their most crucial hour of need. I have always been a classic Fair weather friend.

    I have gotten better recognizing my lack of integrity. But I continue to struggle as I work to restore the value of my word, thus the power of my intention that makes manifest my true desire… LOVE, INSPIRATION AND CONTRIBUTION.

    Thank you James,
    for creating the opportunity to reflect and share.
    I DO strive to be a better friend.

    1. Thanks for your honesty George. Recognition is the first law of learning and transformation. Each of us would like to “think” we would take the most noble and high road in these circumstances but we can never truly know until we’re there. I too see myself reflected in the behaviors of others and wish nothing more than to grow and improve as a result of this awareness. There are so many thing in retrospect that I would do differently–in so many areas of life. But this reflection is the great opportunity to find the best within ourselves if we’ll only take advantage of it. Where we stumble is where we most often find our greatest treasure. I admire your courage George. Thanks for sharing

  37. James, I’ve just read your blog, and my tears flow. I too lost everything many years ago… marriage, home, custody of my children and on the list oges. This was may years ago, I have learned that there is always a lesson to be learned from our tough times.
    I love your blogs James. and I so admire your strength and compassion. God resides within you and you are letting his Light shine. Thank You.

  38. Dear. James,

    It hurts me to hear of your pain and I wish you speedy healing. It seems this blog is part of your way; writing is I’m certain. You’ve made the decision to forgive and of course, this is the only way. Please be reassured that complete healing of the emotional pain is possible and keep working until that is achieved. When that happens, the events that required the healing simply no longer matter. It’s truly miraculous.
    I know some who’ve thought of you in the past years and sent their prayers, myself included. You were never alone, although I understand the feeling. The thought of writing to you occurred to me. I had no idea how to do so. I wish I had put more effort into that now, upon hearing how you felt.
    Thank you for what I’ve learned form you. I am grateful.

    PS I love your dog. They’re master healers I think. 🙂

  39. I am one of those who was still learning from your book “The science of Success” even while you were away from us, or I better say while you were away from me.
    That book took me in a journey that I am still walking on. For that book took me to another book and then to another book and to another book.
    A chain reaction of learning.
    I always wanted to have a close contact with you… but you were unreachable to me.
    After what you went through, I feel I can have that contact with you now. Maybe I am the one to be blamed for what happened to you. Maybe I attracted this to your life. Who knows? …The Universe works in mysterious ways. If so, I apologize to you about that.
    True friends aren’t those who will drink a glass of Martini with you during a luxurious trip. True friends stand by you 100% regardless of your situation. Many of us here…believe it or not. are true friends. We stood by you, we defended you, we supported you, and we are here now.
    I am personally looking forward to your next book: After this experience, I am sure you may have a lot to teach us!

  40. Wow, this is just grand, and very entertaining. What’s the next “secret”? Since the last didn’t work out so well for Mr. Ray? Or is it that you did “secret” losing everything, you manifested all this because you became so arrogant and greedy that the universe decided to knock you down a few levels with this beyond tragic, horrific, sad, heart breaking and disturbing series of events.

    If indeed you did manifest all this with the techniques you have taught for all these years…whoa, that means you are an evil man. I’m not sure I believe that, which means your program that you pulled millions of dollars from those seeking an effortless means to success, those seeking refuge from tragedy, those who need true guidance, giving them an expensive program with the promise that is you continue to spend your money on the next, more expensive program, you’ll finally be close to be at a level that you need to be at, I don’t want to say this, but reality is reality, someone can get to the level of exclusivity that those in Arizona experienced. My heart breaks for those families! It was a needless tragedy that I get sickened seeing that you want to continue the attempts at profiting from all this.

    I have to assume you have a new ploy and series of “go to the back of the room and buy my new series of trainings…” to take people’s hard earned money in the name of learning how to harness the power of the universe in a way that only you can provide because, unlike before when you were the shining example of how your “program” worked to abundance, you have to have a new angle now that it didn’t work out so well…oh wait, I guess it did work out because now you know the REAL way to “secret” your life around and you can’t wait for people to empty their savings into yours in their attempts to learn this magical formula.

    I believe in mentors, coaches, I believe in the power of being positive. I’ve never had to pay a dime to some “guru” to tell me how to be successful, positive and grateful with my life. I grew up very poor, knowing I couldn’t afford college and my parent couldn’t help me, I joined the USMC. I didn’t look for an expensive “program”. Today I am a professor of business, have been for 15 years, I own four stores, 35 employees and it’s taken me many years of hard labor to earn this. I read books, I learned from watching others, I could have never accomplished my successes had I wasted $1000’s if not 10’s of 1000’s as some of your people do and sadly will in the future if you are indeed gearing up for another run at your secret ways. I found the drive, the courage, the integrity, the discipline, the desire and passion to find my way with out paying you or anyone a penny. I have a great marriage of 18 years, I love life and all those I am graced to have involved in my life on a daily basis all I needed was faith in myself. When I didn’t have it, and that happens often I’ll not lie, I find it. I stop, I reflect and I carry on. It’s that simple, it truly is. Oh, I’ve had my share of tragedy and lose. I’ve lost it all twice and have come back bigger, better and stronger. As I hope for anyone who suffers tragedy, but not at the expense of others in the guide of “self help”.

    What makes me sad are people like Mr. Ray who, though the message is good, uses their charlatan ways to convince you that you need to pay a ton of money for a program that has a solid and staggering failure rate for 99% with a very lucrative result for those sell the programs.

    What I did not intend was this rant, I’m not even sure how I got this blog sent to my email. The universe works in mysterious ways. Find the passion in yourself, you do not need to pay anyone to train you in the “secrets of the universe” in order for you to find true joy and happiness. That is a fact, period…end of story.

    1. I applaud your accomplishments….maybe it is time to take a look on the inside and develop a deeper understanding of compassion and loving kindness…How will you know? You will stop ranting.

    2. It is interesting to me how we all perceive things differently.

      I was fortunate to have attended a few of Mr. Ray’s events and I do not ever remember him claiming to have all the answers. I do remember him saying that the information he was sharing was not new, he was just trying to explain it in a slightly different way to help some people understand it. He always gave credit to his teachers and mentors.

      Many of Mr. Ray’s events were offered for free.

      Many people are looking for insight and ways to deal with whatever is going on in their lives. Most people do not see value in things unless they pay for them so I do not fault Mr. Ray for offering his version of this information in product form and setting a price that is comparable for the industry.

      Church is free but Bibles are not. A good study bible will set you back a pretty penny these days.

      Mr. Ray is not a preacher, prophet or a guru. He is/was a teacher, mentor and motivational speaker.

      When I go to church, I do not “follow” the preacher or the facilitator. I go to receive a message, learn and be in community with like-minded people. I went to Mr. Ray’s events for the same reasons.

      One of my dear friends participated in the Spiritual Warrior event the year before the tragedy. The sweat lodge was a big challenge and when she felt she couldn’t handle any more, she left the tent and skipped some of the rounds. Nobody told her she could not leave the tent. Even if they had, she would have done what was best for herself anyway.

      I believe it is disrespectful to infer that the people who attended the Spiritual Warrior retreat (or any other James Ray event) were unintelligent sheep following a shepherd. Most of them were in Mr. Ray’s inner circle and knew him well enough to look past his personal imperfections/arrogance to the message he was trying to deliver. They were there by choice. Mr. Ray has a history of not sugar-coating things so I am confident that they knew the physical risk they were taking.

      Three weeks before my 50th birthday, I chose to jump out of an airplane. There were a thousand things that could have gone wrong. I could have died. It was a huge risk. It was a risk I was willing to take. It was my choice. My husband did not want to jump. He didn’t understand why I did. He didn’t really want me to jump but he knew it was important to me so he respected and supported my choice.

      You could argue that jumping out of an airplane is not the same health risk as going into a sweat lodge but that jump was one of the most physically stressful things I have ever done. Falling at a fast rate of speed is brutal. There is a huge jerk when the chute deploys. Landing was no picnic either. It was very physical.

      What if the people in the sweat lodge had a pre-existing health condition they were unaware of that contributed to their passing?

      9 months after my jump, I found out that I had a tumor on my spinal cord and could have been paralyzed if anything had gone wrong. It had been growing there for about 10 years. I didn’t know that when I jumped. I had no history of any major health problems. It never occurred to me to go to a Dr. and get checked out before jumping. I doubt the participants in the sweat lodge considered it either.

      I honestly don’t know what my husband would have done if I had been killed or injured by the jump. I hope he would have realized that I am a grown woman making my own choices and he would not have tried to blame everyone else.

      Accidents happen. That is why they are called accidents. They are not planned. People try to avoid them by taking the necessary precautions but they still happen.

      I did not know the three people who passed as a result of the sweat lodge. I know people who knew them. I got the impression that they were not the kind of people who would blame others for the choices they made.

      I did know someone who was there and became ill for a short time as a result of the sweat lodge. This person spent money they didn’t have to go and did not have medical insurance. This person made a poor decision to be there, became resentful and sought monetary damages for the event. I do not know how it turned out because this person relocated and I am not in touch anymore.

      Part of what is wrong with our society today is people not taking responsibility for their own choices. People sometimes forget they have choices and options. A very smart man told me once that we ALWAYS have options. Even when we think we don’t. We may not always like them, but we have them.

      I believe Mr. Ray has taken more than his share of the responsibility for his and other peoples’ choices in this matter.

      I also did not intend for this to be a rant but I get so tired of hearing people bash others for their personal choices because they disagree.

      Agree to disagree and move on.


  41. As I’ve already said before, James, you always seem to be timely with things that are on my mind or with things that I need to hear. I have really been struggling lately and feel that I have gone through a sh*t storm. I, too, have gotten angry with God lately. I kept saying things like “Really?” and “What next?” But your recent posts have helped me with that. For the last couple of weeks, when the sh*t has continued to pile on me, I have starting saying “I trust you, God! I know you are there for me!” Even though things are bad, after a few minutes I get a sense of peace. I listen to you when you say that struggle brings growth so I know that there were some things I have had to (and continue to have to) learn and some changes I need to make. But I do trust that God has a plan for me and he’s taking me through the process to get there. I feel like I already am a better person and I look forward to what is ahead, even if it’s so hard to get there. Thanks again, James.

  42. You trusted someone to build a proper sweat lodge? Or was that already there? Those plastic tarps did not look authentic. But here’s the point: I do not think I like the people to promote, push,, force an otherwise talk up accountability except as it applies to themselves. Spiritual warrior wannabes.

  43. Believe me, your friends are not “few and far between”. It may seem so with the people you know, but there are lots of us, around the world, that you don’t know but you somehow changed their lives for the better.

    Now is time to really see your ‘friends’ for who they are. It is better that they showed their real face. I don’t judge you. Life will or has made you pay for your acts.

    But your “Science Of Success” did something to me. At my core level. And I will always be in gratitude to you for that. Funny thing, when I listened to the tape, there was a moment when you said that you were sure that life will play games on you and you will probably lose all that you have again. Could this be a premonition for what will came to be?…

    Anyway, if all your ‘real’ friends have turned their back to you, and you really are in trouble and need a little help, there are lots of us that will be happy to contribute in some way.

    You can even place a donation button on this site if you are in that much trouble financially. Little by little you will be back again, I know it.

    God bless you.

  44. Love your gratitudes, they are what will pull you through. Your words helped me then (and my clients), and I know will help me again (and my clients) so I look forward to seeing more from you. Thank you for coming back to us! There are many supporters of names you will never know! Remember that!

  45. Hi James,

    You make some excellent points in your article about human nature, and bouncing back from adversity. I commend you for having the courage to step back into the human development arena after all of the adversity. I believe you have a divine purpose yet to come, which will make the world a better place. I imagine you practice some form of meditation. If you haven’t learned TM, I would highly recommend it, as a tool to assist you in your next journey.

    Love & Light,


  46. Yes, REAL friends are rare. I just recently had similar occurrences with people who called me their closest friend, but once of a sudden they turned evil and completely forgot what they said for months as I was not “useful” to their agenda anymore… So just to make a statement: I always stood by you and will do so for this lifetime – no matter what you do. Also we just briefly talked in Dallas and even that talk was what I expected. But I see the good intentions in what you do and that is what counts.

    Peter from Dallas

  47. James,

    Everyone in life has ‘their’ humbling experience, sometimes more then one. Many spiritual leaders would say that its in that moment of shame and humility and anger that we must remind ourselves that everyone around us that was effected by our actions, made those contracts with us in spirit long before our human experience to participate. They chose to help us in order to bring us closer to God, our own soul and our destiny out of pure love and light. Its very difficult to remember that when in the midst of such judgment, not only from others but mostly from ourselves. Sometimes in life, when we become good at something, REALLY good at it… on the surface we begin to forget why we began to practice in order to be so good in the first place. Our intentions become clouded and convoluted for whatever reasons and the original spark/ contract seems to get lost under it all. Then… the humbling arrives. With it , it brings pain, suffering, regret and a millions ‘if only’s’ but bottom line…. it has to happen to bring us back to our center of why we genuinely began our ‘purpose’ and reminds us why and where we forgot. You had become such a success and although it certainly was not overnight as you spent many long years getting your teachings out there…. you were seen by many as a phenomenon. You gained such immense popularity and admiration by so many, how could you not begin to take on the expectations of the masses versus the expectations of what you originally set out to do? All that energy, all those thoughts… from all those around you…. you know how that works and something that strong will effect even the strongest of people.

    I am glad your back and I am grateful that you are seeing to it that you rediscover the original intention of who and what you are and what you intend on bringing to everyone. You did not allow this experience to break you and you have reconnected with your gift.

  48. James, I have been watching for you to resurface and have thought of you often. You are validating here for me what I said to you and in the blog I wrote and shared with you that you are truly here as a Spiritual Teacher. I knew that you would never orchestrate such a life event, but that in going through it you would emerge with a message to share. Spiritual Teachers live their lives in such a way that they share their lives and their journeys with others and all they learn along the way. I got swept up all of this to some degree because I had just been with you in September at Harmonic Wealth and was supposed to be with you in November for Quantum Leap. I found myself getting very charged by all the polarity going on and then realized, wow, this is fascinating. Because we know, it wasn’t even about you at that point; your life and circumstances were triggering so many people. No one was neutral, really. And it was always about them. How they felt about you and what was going on, whatever was triggering them, both positive and passionate or negative and passionate was always about them. They had the opportunity right in front of them to learn so much about themselves, if they chose to take it. I did! And, wow. I am grateful. There are no accidents, and so I was blessed by crossing paths with you at that time in my life. Thank you for that.

  49. yes, there is space for everything, this is a space for you to share with us those experiences and that’s deeply appreciated. You are only human just like most of us. Please continue to share these as we can most relate to these situations. We will always stand by your side even if you don’t know me personally. Thanks James! Keep going forward.

  50. This is all part of the “heroes journey”. I’ve struggked with the friend and family issue after my “breakdown”. It was a big hit at first to see that only a few stuck around. But in the long run I am grateful to know who is real and who are the phonies. But most importantly realizing who my best really is… ME.
    I’ve also come to the realization that everything that happens to us is for are best but it’s hard to see this through all the superficial beliefs. So question everything and go with the flow and trust in the infinite and you will SEE.

    All the best,

  51. Thank you James for sharing with us your personnal story. Since I saw you on Oprah and in the movie The Secret, you’ve been an inspiration for me, despite the events. I was happy to read your side of the story, when you were able to tell it.
    You are a soul with high purpose in this life, and I am gratefull that you share it with us.

  52. Share with us how you did it! We need that kind of wisdom. I’m afraid I might have just wallowed in my self-pity. Thanks for sharing.

  53. Dear James,

    Thank you for your honesty and emotional presence/presents. I too can relate to your experience in many ways and have also learned a lot along my own life journey. As I’ve personally learned, the only way is through it.

    Please know, as others have written, I too support you. I too can see and hear the more present human being who has learned many valuable life lessons through adversity writing to us. Continue to write, I do read your posts and find it helps me to ponder more on my own life journey.

    With Gratitude,

  54. We are all one, each plays a part of the whole, while we might not like to look at certain aspects of others lives, or our own lives , it is still necessary for a full life……no matter how we “feel” we are all one. Thank you for your part of my life, we can only move ahead as fast as the slowest, when you have settled in to 100% again, that very energy will create a huge shift in global consciousnesses, its already begun, smile as you can, you are loved.

    Christ was fully man & God so that we could find our spirit though our humanity, why would we think we could be any less

    Blessing, Cheri Pedemonte

  55. Dear James,

    Thank you for reaching out to all of us on your new blog. I have been following along recently and am grateful you are out there among us…

    You don’t know me– but I know you. I sent you a letter when my son Brad passed away in 2008. He was 24. He and I had attended a seminar of yours in San Diego together the year before he passed. It is a memory that I cherish. He then went on to the Quantum Leap seminar in the fall of 2007.

    He was a talented aspiring musician, and after your seminar he was dedicated to making a go of it as his career choice…no matter the consequences. I smiled at his enthusiasm and determination, and I told him to reach for the moon and the stars and then some… What he learned at Quantum Leap had made a difference in him…

    Seven months later he was gone. I wrote you a letter and wanted to express my sincere gratitude as a broken hearted mother for the inspiration you were to him. I wrote that letter at a time when getting out of bed was difficult.

    You then invited me to attend Quantum Leap and I did. It was almost one year to the day of when Brad attended.

    The event was a lifesaver for me in more ways than I can ever express to you. Not only did I walk Brad’s path from the year before, but I met people there that were so helpful to me with my grief that it is hard to describe even now.

    That experience was a lifesaver in a way that not even you could have imagined. Remember our workbooks? Well, it dawned on me when I was traveling home reading my comments in my workbook that Brad must have a workbook too.

    When I got home I went in search of that workbook and low and behold I found it in his closet. I sat on the floor of his closet with my workbook and his workbook comparing our thoughts for more than two hours just reading and letting the tears spill like a waterfall from within me.

    It is a treasure in my life to have that workbook, but more importantly to know how beautiful the experience was for him. He obviously loved the things you taught and believed in them wholeheartedly.

    It was an experience we both had at different times, and we both attended for different reasons, but somehow we both managed to come away with some of the same feelings. It was magic. Or not…

    If it is all part of the plan, and I believe it is…then I will share what he wrote in his workbook with you…

    I hope this will remind you of some of the good you have passed on to others…

    In the workbook the part where it says– I Feel Angry About…
    Brad wrote:

    “People who do not do what they say they will do. When someone promises to do something and does not follow through, and then makes excuses for not doing it. People who live in denial about their situations. Also, if someone does not give me the respect I deserve. People who do not take responsibility for their actions, those who blame externals for the way they act. People who do not take things that I think are important seriously. People who point out the faults in others, but are unwilling to look at themselves.”

    While this could all be cliche’ I don’t think so…My 24 year old son set the bar pretty high, and everyday that I don’t think I can do this anymore– I remember what makes him angry then I try again, and a little harder.

    There are many things in his workbook that I read and remind myself of daily to keep myself moving forward.

    I will close with the closing line you wrote to me when you sent me the letter and invitation to come to Quantum Leap–

    “Much love and gratitude as we move onward together”…

    Thank you for your kindness and I am with you all the way in this –messy life!


    1. Suzan, so nice to hear from you… I remember you and Brad and it’s nice to be reminded. I’m so very glad that I could help in some small way. Sometimes when life gets tough and things go sideways it’s easy to forget. We’re all in this together Suzan and much love and gratitude to you as we move onward together once again. James

  56. As you can see, there are a lot of people who care. The thing I’ve learned about Mr. James Arthur Ray is that he learns what he’s supposed to, and then shares the lessons beyond his heart. {{{hugs}}}

  57. I’m so glad you are back James. Sincerely.

    You have changed my life in ways you’ll never be able to fully appreciate same as I could never fully appreciate what you have gone through. The fall from grace is a very life ending experience. But it is really not what we thought at all. At first it’s all about how you think other people think about it, about you. With time and mediation you realize that the fall from grace was imaginary and all it took to be in grace again was Self-Forgiveness and Self-Acceptance.

    You have always inspired me that has never changed not for a second. Life is mysterious, strange things happen and when they happen we may not know why but some of us stay strong, humble and surrender and the answer is revealed. Some people are not that strong. For them the fall from grace is the end. These last several years have just been a whirlwind of WTF is going on around here.

    One of the greatest “gems” that I carry with me daily(well sometimes i forget and I laugh like hell when I remember) is your quote:

    “There is no need to slow down, only to calm down”
    (surrender to the moment)

    Even though we’ve only talked a few times those have been some of my fondest memories and wisdom. I’m not sure about anyone else but I sure as hell know these last few years have been totally upside down, and one hell of a ride. Not all bad not all good but very enlightening.

    Missed you Brother!!!


    P.S Would love to catch up sometime if/when you have the time.

  58. James! Just curious.. I expect you have food and shelter? If not, you’re always welcome here with my Family. Do me a favor and read some of your own material. I promise, you will be inspired. Get busy my Friend. Remember, it’s the start that stops most people. (Perhaps you can help me finish my children’s book…)
    Be well,

    1. Well said, Marco!

      Work with the Laws James! The way I see it:

      1. The Law Of Polarity:

      I am sure you already asked yourself this question: “What good can come out from this situation, if I really want it to be good?” (sounds familiar?)

      And you will come up with a thing or two.

      2. The Law Of Rhythm

      You were there: on TOP, teaching, speaking, changing lives, motivating, giving… of course you were receiving money, fame, celebrity, world recognition – but maybe all that wasn’t what your soul / subconscious / inner being was looking for.

      Since what happened was all of it your own doing… I guess your SOUL had to drop you into ABYSS… to receive what you are receiving now (as I read through these comments) :

      – heart spoken words, tears of compassion, love, support, gratitude, deepest connection, real appreciation…

      It’s our turn to help you rise above these hard times for you. And you will rise. Because is LAW.

      Open your hart and receive our love James!

      Do you feel it?

      1. Wow, what an inspiring message. You should go into the ‘uplifting’ business!

        1. Actually, I am from Europe and have been inspired from James (whom I consider my first mentor) and Bob’ s and other master’s teachings to finally share with others what I have learned through a website that I try to put together.

          I have been inspired from them, and I try to inspire others as little as I can…

          When the opportunity to encourage James with my words and feelings of gratitude arose, I jumped right in. I will always stand by him.

          I can’t understand the attitude of those so called ‘friends’ of him. If they really read some of his teachings, how it is possible to turn their back to him?..

          When you supposedly are a master and above all others, how can you pass judgement?… It means that you never really learned anything about life’s lessons and only care about losing your business.

          But that again will come down to hunt them. Cause and effect, right? I really learned what James was teaching me.

  59. James

    Thanks so much for everything you have personally done for me, I am truly grateful for everything you have taught me. You have lead me down a path of my dreams and everyday is getting better and better. Looking forward to attending another exhilarating weekend

  60. To me, you were inspiring before the tragedy, and now you’ve been through it, I’m very curious to witness what you’ve learned and how your energy, your heart’s expression and decisions have evolved.
    Thanks for sharing about your journey.
    With peace,

  61. I’ve felt badly for what has happened to you and your life, but I appreciate you coming forward and sharing your personal hell!! You’re still a wonderful man in my book!! And even though you don’t know me, if you called me on the phone or sent me an EEE, I would help you any way I could. Friends can be made in an instant. Almost as fast as they can drop you!!
    Keep your head up!! You’re doing just fine !!!

  62. I also prayed for you. Maybe someday you will become a voice for those who are incarcerated and should not be.

  63. As always, your words reflect my thoughts. In your defense,I’d tell anyone who’d listen that everything that happened was way bigger then what any of us could phathom. Way bigger… I’m so grateful for you, your blog that undoubtedly reflects the lessons and the golden nuggets that you have acquired from deep he artful reflection that can only come from ones trials and tribulations. Thank you James for your experiences, your life and for you… I’m looking forward to reading, listening and seeing you in your light. In the orbit of love with you always.

  64. Thanks for writing.

    Keep your eyes on your path. Keep your ears heavenward. Keep your feet moving forward.

  65. Although the deaths of the 3 participants is tragic in the world of man and my heart is out to the families, I understand that the event in Arizona was a tool/vehicle of their destiny as it was to all those present. In Truth, there is nothing to forgive, only to accept. It is my desire to grow has you grow, so I will continue to follow you.

  66. Wow! Why are people being like this to you? It’s sad to hear they are just so mean. People are just soooo superficial. I truly believe that since they are so superficial, it causes them to be selfish and act accordingly. And I think that’s why people turn their backs on their friends in times of need. If they’re only thinking about themselves, they leave you high and dry. And that really sucks, pardon the expression! You seem like such a wonderful and warm man from your blog post.

  67. James! You don’t know me, but I’ve been on your list for a long time. I live in Prescott, so was able to follow your trials and tribulations closely! Your new level of understanding and compassion is Awesome! Your grace, humility and gratitude makes you a man among men! Sure, some will never forgive you, but if you forgive them and continue with your desire to know LOVE, TRUTH and LIFE, the suffering will be on them, not you.
    I get the feeling you live nearby! I would love to meet with you and discuss an idea that will truly serve all of mankind! At least those that are willing to give a little effort (say an hour or two a day) to pay it forward!
    My best wishes for 2014 and may you have a great Christmas!

  68. Isn’t it amazing how we sometimes have to lose everything to realise what we’ve got already inside us. I send my love and blessings and am so glad I am still on your mailing list. You are an inspiration, much love x

  69. Sometimes, we feel all alone because we do not recognize those that have chosen to stand by our side and weather our Dark Night with us. You shared your book, Harmonic Wealth, with me as a gift several years ago. While you were incarcerated, I attempted to return the favor by sharing my book with you but I received no reply. iContractor 2.0 – The “Zero’s Journey” – A Modern-day Survival to Weathering Accidental Enlightenment is still offered to you as you rise from the ashes of what used to be your life. No strings attached. Just offered in loving compassion.


  70. James, I believe that your recent experience has allowed you to really expand your range of emotions. Not only are you able to feel and experience deep deep pain but now you also have access to more and more joy and gratitude. I feel that you can now share your message in a much more profound way because you have been there and there is that much more fire and aliveness behind it. You are dancing with the universe beautifully!

  71. Keep moving forward, Brother! You already know this, it’s not the outside events and circumstances that define you, its your reactions to them.

    I look forward to your next blog post!


  72. Thank you James for being real. I have learned so much from your works. No, I haven’t spent lots of money to learn these things. I find ways to get the information I need. I cherish Harmonic Wealth and love to share the video. Coming out on top of the rubble is part of the journey (if that was originally intended). By reading all these comments, including the gentleman who sounded rather judgmental, there are many who appreciate what you have shared. I believe that what you have taught us is for our higher good. I am in a much better place now, than before but, I know I had to experience all that I have to understand life. Life is good! It’s not about material things. I do my best to be a positive person as much as possible and it feels really good! Much better than who I used to be. I have friends who look to me to help direct them to a happier self. I can only pass on what I have learned and found to be true for myself. What I have learned from you and others has made a profound difference in my life. Thank you for sharing what you have learned with those that are ready to hear.
    They say people are in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Expecting anyone to stay in your life beyond their/your needs is silly. Let them go and wish them well and move forward, richer for the experience.
    Thank you, James. Welcome back!

  73. Thanks for telling us this James and I know what you mean to a degree. I left my job of 22 years and opened my dream shop of quilting and knitting, fabrics, classes, yarns etc. We had a 5 bedroom, six bathroom house at the time on two acres. My husband and I lost everything, the store, the house and the banks wouldn’t open up checking accounts for us either! My husband was my one true friend. He never blamed me and found us a little one bedroom garage apartemnt to live in. We had a giant garage sale and somehow I found a job with Hospice. I fell in lve with nursing and now at mid life I’m in RN school and will be done this time next year. (Just made an A and 2 B’s last semester.) I would NEVER have gone down this path if things worked out the way I thought I wanted them too and after much depression and embarrassment, I am BACK and on a new exciting path. Hang in there James. I may have given you a hard time in the past, but that’s because I am a TRUE friend and I have found the meaning of that.

  74. James,
    Wow, what a path you are on. We have met many times as I attended many of your life changing events, the last one was in Lake Tahoe. The fire walk still adds to my life on a regular basis.
    We actually share a birthday.
    When Sedona happened I talked with a number of people who were in the tent with you and I personally knew Liz. I don’t begin to claim I know what happened there and what ever did you and I both know ” it is what it is”.
    Life is a serious of lessons, repeated until learned, and each time repeated it gets harder.
    Dude, this is a really hard one for you.
    I still use many of the meditative CDs I got from you and have moved on with a number of different energy coaches who know you from TLC.
    I have to say I agree with you they don’t really speak about you with warm fuzzies.
    Who cares? You taught me a ton of really cool stuff. When ever I tell about my path towards enlightenment I always include you in the story. You rock.
    When they cancelled the event in Vegas back after Sedona, I was really bummed for you and selfishly for me because I was going to be on the dream team and was looking forward to getting to know you better and helping others on their path.

    One last thing and you of course know this. All conflicts originate from a unforgiven thought. Releasing the negative energy with any of the methods you taught me or I have learned since, only serve as a stop gap until they arise again. Only forgiveness will clean up the mess for good.

    Looking forward to what you will create next.
    Feel free to contact me.


  75. We are all connected. My heart has been with you following all this time and forever will be grateful for your teachings. You are prove there is nothing impossible….!

  76. James,
    I know you will soar like an eagle into your new journey stronger than ever. In the spirit of the law of attraction, you will attract back all that you have lost and then some… in the words of Bold Eagle…. “There’s Always More”.
    Thanks for your inspiration and welcome back!

  77. When the SHTF for you James a lot people I knew who watched the secret said you were bogus. I defended you, not because you were my favorite teacher from the secret (you were and still are) but because I knew it was only a process in your life that would inevitably help you grow and make you a better person and teacher.

    I had the worst Friday the 13th ever, but then I clicked this link and realized my minor tribulations are nothing compared to what you must have went through. I know that to make steel you have to temper it and break it down in a hot fire, and I know that you are stronger and see more clearly then you ever have, because of what you have endured.

    It is because of you and your teachings that 2 years ago I decided to put the law of attraction into use by traveling coast to coast in Canada on a budget of $1000. It was my one grand adventure, and after 10 weeks and an unending stream of abundance and luck I completed my 10000 miles of travel (I was driving a car) and knew that all dreams are possible.

    I often found it was those I least expected helped me the most on that journey and that when I felt doubt and didn’t know where the next tank of gas would come from, I would just be grateful for the distance already traveled, and voila, some small miracle would take place to prolong the adventure.

    I eagerly await your new insights and messages, because I know that what separates you from the rest of the pack is that you have lived through hell fire to see the other side.

    Your friend always,

  78. Hi James, Will you explain in more detail the difference between pain, and suffering. Thanks.

    1. Charles this is a really deep question and one that will take much time and energy to explain… I don’t claim to have all the answers by any means and that being said let me give it a quick shot to be expanded upon later. My experience is that pain is inevitable–part of life. But suffering is a choice. Simply put, suffering is resisting what is. When I went from the “top of the mountain” to a 12X10 cell it was painful, shocking; and if I just accepted the impermanence of all of Life and settled into it, it finally subsided (this took quite a while). But suffering ensued when I refused to accept it, denied it, hated and questioned Life and God, played victim, etc. Pain is a part of Life but suffering is self created. I hope this helps. Much love and thanks for thinking deeply.

  79. Welcome Back James!
    I’m so happy to be receiving your communications once again. I was quite upset when I knew we would not be hearing your words of wisdom but things do happen for a reason. I believe that we control our destiny and sometimes we create things that will teach us lessons. I will continue to follow you as I believe you have wisdom and knowledge to help us and teach us lessons. One does find out who ones true friends are when one is down and out. Then we have to regroup and find truer friends while still having compassion for the other friends. Life is a journey and there will be ups and downs and how we handle these will determine if we survive or not. You are a very strong person and I have no doubt you will move past this and continue to do great things!
    Happy Holidays my friend and may you flourish and prosper in 2014!

  80. I agree with with claire above.

    I Agree wholeheartedly. Absolutely a perfect time to reinvent himself. Time away was like the caterpillar liquefying and the return to society was the butterfly emerging. Not that it would be wrong to continue the identity of guru/teacher/preacher image but the one who holds on to any identity forgets their true nature.

    James, you are an amazing teacher and one that forever has made a mark in this world. But don’t forget it’s a world of illusion and impermanence. My greatest day was when I stepped off the stage and began finding and nurturing the next great teachers who were authentic and stood in integrity and supported them to make a difference so that they held true to their vision of humility, service and integrity. James, i offer you to use this amazing opportunity and growth to become the quiet and humble teacher of teachers. The true Master plays the game of life and transformation as if the world depends on the saviors and teachers to make a difference, and knows that on the level of Source, it makes no difference at all. Its a game already done and never finished. The paradox. Know who you are and know what you are not. Then play big and be detached to your results. Peace be unto you James. I am always here to support you and would love to sit and speak with you or Skype. Im going to make up that you would welcome all the support you could receive. Both from within and what appears to be without.

    Joe T. (West Palm Beach)

  81. Hopefully people learn from the consequences of their choices. Let No one cast the next stone, because the next one thrown may bean them in the head! Speak with love, with the mind and heart of god.

  82. I have the up most respect for you and still applaud you frequently as i watch you in your “Harmonic Wealth” dvd. Material things come and go but no one can take away your “Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding”.
    Spiritual energy shared is the best time spent.
    Cheers to your success.

  83. Hi Ray,
    I totally understand how left out to dry you must have felt. I too underwent the rug being pulled from under me when I had a business and the state board of nursing had a billing issue that dragged out for two years when I was unable to work. I am now in the UK and planning on getting back to the US and develop the group that I have been blogging for called Nurses Transition Network. My blog has reached out to nurses as far as China now and I know that the difficulties they encounter are beyond description with budget cuts in hospitals and short staffing etc. making their work more vulnerable. I hope that you will also pray for me as I feel like a phoenix rising up out of the ashes and need resources to get to the next level with some IT projects and actually starting to set up a house in KC to be a resource place for nurses and a place where they will be able to keep a roof over their heads if needed. God Bless You. Rita.

  84. It is done and over with and time to move on.

  85. You visited my neighboring city Austin shortly after the “Secret” came out. You gave me hope that has rekindled my once downward spiraling life. Even though when I met you and asked for your autograph and picture with me, you seemed uncomfortable around me… I still have regard for your ability toffinally help me see how negativity was stealing my life. I hope things work out for you James. Onward and upward.

  86. I can absolutely relate to this. My little family has had so many people claim us as their own, but when we really needed them all we had was each other. But we learn with every step we take, and we gain strength from each day we press through while expecting the absolute best.

    Love and hugs to you and yours, James,


  87. WOW James I fully agree and thank you for sharing all these powerful insights. It is very true how after certain situations we always find out who are real friends truly are. I am excited to learn what is next for you and help you anyway that I can help. Looking forward to connecting again soon. Cheers in joy to you and yours especially during this wonderful holiday season! I want to wish you the Merriest Christmas and a truly happY 2014!!! I know I am excited about what’s to come in the new year too. In love and in joy, Christen

  88. In this NOW moment, I see the perfection in you sir. Your personal power is still there within you. Your journey to more wisdom and acclaim has transmutated into a journey of Grace it is true, but that is another type of journey in itself and it can be much more that it appears at the start of it.
    I am sure it seems to be a different track than before, as I have had the experience of being a loving witness to a man who lost his whole life, wealth and family as he knew if from one mistake in his business of this world.

    James, please know that your own personal Truth is a very beautiful thing and continues to inspire. I cannot help but wonder as you stand in your own personal Truth if there is a even a need to have anyone else stand with you. It is obvious to me that you are at the beginning of another great chapter in your life that you will embrace at the perfect time. After we lose all points of reference from our past, we get to see the vivid NOW and the richness of it. Your greatest wealth has always been your own Truth and the power of that Truth to transform.

    It is easy to Love and Appreciate you as you are, and where you are, as the perfect starting point to where this event is meant to take you. I Appreciate you every bit as much as I appreciated your work in the past, I can’t be alone in this, there must be others who feel the same.

    Knowing how the world works as you do, you must realize that you are on your way already to an amazingly GOOD place that looks nothing like your past life, or your past world would not have disappeared so fast and dramatically to make room for more of who you are meant to be NOW. I for one am interested in who you are NOW and hopefully seeing you in a very satisfying state of being all you desire yourself to Be.

    James, you are and were a good teacher for many and that was enough. Even if we can’t see it through our fearful ego vantage points at times, it still all has to be enough within each of our own hearts. Let them have their opinions to grow from and remember the essence of who you are. The value of what you taught me is not diminished by what I have seen in the media. I understand the media and how it works, as well as how it seeks to destroy. I am letting it be enough that a great man, YOU, taught me universal principles that made a difference in the quality of my life. There is no need for me to go back and rewrite the Truth of what you taught me as anything but the beautiful miracle it was.

    Truth stands alone many times i’ve found James, and maybe you were so intent on teaching the highest Truth, that when you directed yourself to a higher vibration of existence, your past exploited. Wonderful man, continue reaching for the Love Within Yourself for your answers and Know that the principles you teach WORK, I am certain.

    Much Love and Peace,

  89. Mr. Ray…welcome home. There have been many difficult steps to your recent journey. I have meditated, prayed and sent love and healing to you as you have faced the recent trials and tests to your commitment to serve. I know you will come out of this better and stronger. You will not know many of those that you have helped in your journey, but they are all there, stronger and more centered and they have not and will not forget your service. We know who you are and we thank you. All teachers pass through difficult trials. Remember, this life is “just a ride” and our true purpose is much greater than our little glimpse into our daily events. Your path has been diverted from the direction you would have taken, but your path is still there and you can now walk where the Universe intended. You will walk that new path in truer grace and greater dignity. Always hold your head up as there are thousands of tiny lights you will never meet that willingly light your path and send you the energy you need to continue as your journey leads you to the next stage of your life. Keep God, your students and your willingness to serve as your pole stars and your new adventures will soon outshine the recent shadows you have faced. Namaste and thank you for being my mentor.

    1. Lyndy, I can not say much of anything to add value to this statement as it’s so well stated; and I’m truly finding God’s perfect plan in the entirety of the entire journey. I agree with you that all teachers pass through many trials and suffering… for how can we touch the whole of humanity if we have no reference for the human experience. Thanks so much for your love and support it’s appreciated more than you’ll ever know. Much love ~JAR

  90. Hello,
    Great to know you’re back! I did send a letter of support to you via snail mail, but I gather you were probably inundated with words of encouragement – though reading above, looks like you had a raw deal. Sorry to hear that. Glad to hear you’re going again, much love and good thoughts for your journey ahead.

    1. Thanks Kaye… I truly appreciate your support now. The past is the past and we must learn from it but not live in it. Much love ~ JAR

  91. Friends come in many forms and when people show you who they are we need to “just believe them” Think of this as cleaning out your closet. In with the new out with the least effective. But as far as talking the talk and walking the walk, few do. But you now have a clear picture of what that really looks like. Our own authenticity is what make us who we are and when we surround ourselves with master minds that have that authenticity we soar to new heights. That is where I believe you are headed now
    Warm Regards,

    1. Thanks Debra and let me just say that in my experience NONE of us walk the walk all the time. This is the grand illusion, we’re all human and doing the best we can. Maybe authenticity is being really honest about your own shortcomings as well as your strengths. In our imperfection we find our humanity and uniqueness. In our perfection we find our Divinity. Thanks for your support. Keep the Faith ~ JAR

  92. James, my personal experience with this was enlightening. When I heard what happened, a flood emotion unfolded on all levels. Because I had received so many messages and synchronicities, some of them began to make sense. I sent love to everyone involved and was confused at how such a thing could happen and why. My business in service to people was just starting to grow and although everyone knew I had gone to some of your events, I felt sure that if I left a photo of you and I on my website it would hinder my ability to get up and running. I took the photo down and felt uncomfortable doing it for all of the reasons that you spoke of above. I realize I wasn’t a friend you knew of, however my experiences with you and JRI were very unique and I knew there was a large connection somehow. As time went by, I felt more and more uncomfortable about feeling like I couldn’t share with people that I had experienced amazing growth with your programs. I discovered that by not sharing I was actually denying a part of my life and some very important parts of it at that. So I began to write about it and talk about it with people again whenever the opportunity arose. I found that there were so many ways for all of us to use what happened as a reflection. The dynamic was that people stayed where they felt uncomfortable because someone told them too or possibly because of what someone would think. I mentor clients all the time who are learning to expand from that place and I have watched my own expansion as well. I was quick to be sure my business wouldn’t have that association when it happened. I don’t care who anyone is or isn’t, we all have done things and had experiences that we would do differently now. I would imagine that everyone you were “friends” with truly did and do have compassion and love for you but were not equipped with the emotional clarity to interact at the time in a way that showed support. Yet another reflection of how many people are externally fed. It also reflects how many people still exist in victim mode where there is a victim and a victimizer, a good guy and a bad guy. From that role you have to support the good guy or you become a bad guy I believe we are all being provided opportunities to transcend that duality of good and bad and one by one it’s happening. Thank you for being your part of the big picture. Love, light and appreciation Susan Newton

    1. Susan, thank you so much for sharing this, and your clarity. I truly understand. And as I attempted to convey, we all THINK we would do differently when not faced with the situation but NONE of us (including me) can truly know until we’re there. As I admitted on Piers Morgan, there are many things in retrospect that I know I could have done differently and better. But that’s how we learn if we’re open to it, isn’t it? In a very real sense I believe this entire situation to be one of the greatest lessons, and potentially the greatest gifts, that I ever gave to those who studied with me and even knew me. LIFE teaches us more in real situations than we can ever learn in a seminar or book… but we must be open (like you) to look at ourselves clearly and find the lesson and gift. Much love to you, reading your comment warms my heart. Let’s keep growing together. ~ JAR

  93. Mahalo, my dearest. We will remain friends, connected,for all of time. Thank you for the recognition, but also know it is an unspoken loyalty. I am blessed and honored to call you my friend.

  94. Dear James,

    It is absolutely unimaginable what you must have gone through. I cannot even imagine, far from it.

    I totally respect you and your courage.

    Love Life King size!


  95. Although we have never met, when this unfortunate event took place I was confused and sad. For "The Secret" sparked something deep inside. The first time I watched it was April of 2007. I was ecstatic about the possibilities. You and the other contributors were so inspiring. I thank you all for that spark. I don't know what you went thru, however, you are bold enough to stand out again. I admire that. Blessings to you, Charmaine

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