It’s Time for Conditioning

Nothing fails today like the success of yesterday.

Okay, so we’ve invested several weeks in exploring your Purpose (PTP), Vision, and Values.

Now it’s time to bring them all together to reinvent yourself and thrive in this Mach 10 Market in which we live and operate.

Remember in this series we’re exploring the 3 strategies and markets that notables like Yuval Harrari of Hebrew University, Peter Diamandis of Singularity University and many more are telling us are an absolute must to even survive, must less thrive, in this disruptive era of rapid change.

Strategy #1 is how to live longer and more vibrant and vital.

This is strategy #2, how to continually adapt and reinvent.

Your psychology always drives your strategy.
How you think and feel always determine how you act.

One of the biggest problems I observe in those that attempt the difficult task of reinvention, is that they haven’t started on the right foundation before they execute.

Most lose a job, and in a panic immediately begin looking for another job in the same market and same industry.

While this may seem logical, it’s the absolute antithesis of logic.

Your security does not reside
in your job or your bank account.
You true security resides in your power to produce.

Look, let’s face it. Your security, your wealth, your business, your fulfillment, and the totality of your results, are a reflection of you. If you want your results to grow you must grow.

Your results are a reflection of you.
If you want your results to grow you must grow.

If you’re going to adapt, reinvent and thrive in today’s market, you must begin from the right place and right gifts.

I call this “Beginning at the Beginning.” Also, “Level One.”

Beginning at the Beginning is the process of first and foremost doing an honest assessment of your life and; recognizing your unique gifts and genius.

Your unique gifts tell you where you’ve been gifted the ability to become a literal genius. Given that you have enough, clarity, commitment, hard work and effort.

Are You Really Committed? Read here.

If you ever hope to be great, you must find the unique gifts you’ve
been given by your creative source; and then dedicate your
entire life to mastering those gifts to the level of genius.
This is what I call Beginning at the Beginning.

This is the reason we’ve invested time in exploring your purpose, vision and values in this series; and this is the most important work I do with my coaching clients; and that you can do with yourself as well.

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree,
it will live its whole life believing that it’s stupid.”
~ Albert Einstein

From a foundation of clarity, you can begin your process of reinvention and set yourself up for true success and fulfillment, versus the false sense of security of a job.

The Success and Fulfillment Formula:

  1. Begin at the Beginning. Know your unique gifts
  2. Commit to giving your entire life, energy, and effort to mastering your gift.
  3. Clearly define your Powerful Transforming Purpose (PTP). Why you are here.
  4. Clearly define your Vision of actualizing your PTP. What you’re going to do in the world.
  5. Clearly define your Values. Who you’re going to be, and how you’re going to show up in the process.
  6. Get busy with the work.

It’s time.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose. And Take Your Power Back!