It's About The Fall

It’s in our imperfection that we find our humanity; and in our perfect imperfection that we find our divinity. Make no mistake. This is not an excuse to say, “That’s just the way I am” and discontinue working to improve… it’s just a clear assessment of where we are at this particular point of our individual journey. Regardless of appearances, life moves forward, never back.

I feel the exact same things you feel; and I experience the exact same things you experience— how can anyone even begin to help you, or anyone else, if they don’t?  If you want to be mentored or taught by a superhuman—good luck finding one. Even if you could find one, how could you relate to them? How could they ever relate to you?

While I may have appeared unstoppable, infallible, and arrogant in the past—those were only symptoms of my own ignorance and unwillingness and/or fear to embrace my own human frailty and fallibility. Life knocked me to my knees and opened my eyes wider and clearer than ever before.

But please remember… even in the past I shared with you my struggles and the times I stumbled—there were many—did you not hear them? Did you not read them?

Just because I found a way to utilize those stumbles and continue moving forward, and that may have inspired and encouraged you, did you completely forget the mistakes, the ignorant actions, and the fumbles? Did you only focus on the subsequent growth, learning and victory?

One of the greatest thieves of dreams is the fear of failure. Here's why.

Without those falls there would have been no ability to overcome, no victory, no learning, and no growth. Falls and rises are two opposite sides of the same coin.

You see, ultimately it’s really not about the victory… it’s about the fall.

Please contemplate that one long and hard.

Much love and appreciation


james arthur ray


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  1. Of course I knew about them, James. I only wished you didn’t take such a deep fall. It almost hurts me physically.



    1. Yes….I heard you and read you, which is why I could get up and get going after I tried to take my life. During a week of detox, my best friend Jenn put your programs on repete. Those DVD’s played 24/7! That’s right, over and over, while I was awake and while I slept.
      Weeks later….I found some days to be hard to get through, but I knew I would, no matter what.
      Well, I’m here today all better. What can I do for you?

  2. James, how true what you write. How could we ever know and see the Light if we have never experienced or known the Darkness? Many blessings to you my friend, David.

  3. James I agree, and people are quick to condemn and slow to forgive, because it is THEIR thoughts on their own infallibility. EVERYONE HAS THOUGHT THIS WAY AND MADE “MISTAKEN CHOICES” Yet, It has nothing what so ever to do with another, they all agree to participate in this “fall” of yours. Lifes illusions are deep and many are asleep for why else would they have come to you before? Why is it so many are looking to change their perceptions? They, at some level, know that their life is not as complete as it can be, not as harmonious, peaceful and joyful. It is they who are sleep walking, they who are blind. If they cannot see, it is their self perceived, self created limited perceptions. They do not understand life’s contrasting moments is a necessary thing in the universe for all of life to BE. If you want to call them stumbles, falls, imperfections then i disagree, you are looking at these events in a similar manner, cause they are just choices and experiences in life. No one died by your hand, they left their physical form through a joint creation of your and their choices, and if others cannot see the reality of life, then thats on them, nothing you say will change their mind. If they feel badly at your trying to “absolve yourself” that is their ignorance. Hold your chin high in an expression of self love and continue with the same message you had before, and don’t worry about how no one was there when you “fell”, they weren’t supposed to be. You are in the process of cleaning up your vibration and remembering your divinity, let them do theirs too. You are a way shower, it might benefit you to pick that back up and stop with trying to explain things people are not going to understand? I consider myself a “seed planter” and i owe no one nothing in my past choices, it does nothing to change things, the only thing that does is change MY perceptions, through MY effort. I can only live my life, and you, yours. Each to his/her own. Let go and show the way to freedom, love, peace, joy, like you used to and all things will be added onto you…again!

  4. People will forget what you say. People will forget what you do, but people will never forget how you made them FEEL.

  5. You are right James about the fall.
    I had a tough year in 2012 and the early part of 2013.
    I thought I was done.
    My faith in God pulled me through those tough times.

  6. I’ve come to realize that anything in my life is a result of God’s grace. That is a personal reflection and isn’t necessarily applicable to everyone.

    I’ve learned this not by listening to a preacher but by watching from afar how His presence works on a consistent basis through a few people I know.

    I will never pray for good to happen to me. I only pray I never forget that good only happens by God’s grace.

    I can be the smartest and work the hardest but if I don’t surrender to the faith that my results are only His blessings, eventually those results will be limited because I am only man.

    “I am” is only a possibility that is given; not taken.

    All the best on your rise.

  7. People are forgiving however and the “comeback story” is one of society’s favorites. We can always be strengthened by our setbacks. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. I realy hope you are writing a book from the planning of that seminar, to what happened, how you felt, your fears, your time spent in jail, who you met, what it felt like, what it felt like when you felt deserted, coming out, and how you willl continue from here. I would read it avidly.
    The one great thing about most of humankind and especially Americans is that we are a forgiving people and we all forgive you, or I do anyway.
    PS Keep the new look, it suits you!

    1. I would not do that, let the families who do not have a public voice like Ray does, heal. This would not add to their healing.

  9. Our falls and stumbles come and we usualy look to blame someone or something else for them. I’m learning that we need to embrace and be thankful for the falls/stumbles and control what we can control… the moment.
    It’s never about the victory/destination or manifestation…for they are just a mirage. It’s about the journey and every moment within the journey. We get to choose how we feel and act in every moment. Thinking back to every “success” we’ve every had and it’s always the journey we talk about and it’s the journey we remember, the manifestation never ends.

    James your journey is just beginning and I’m grateful for you and the impact you have had on my journey. Namaste!

  10. Good morning James,
    I agree with Dana in the sense that we all have falls and we really don’t need to keep explaining to redeem ourselves. And I agree with you that it is through those falls that we grow. I too, have grown through a fall. It took some time to see who I had become and who I didn’t want to be anymore. I began to read and watch videos of those who inspire me. I watched Harmonic Wealth several times and so much rang true. We teach what we have learned and I believe that you still have so much to share with those of us who still believe in you and those yet to learn of you. Please continue to share your insights with us. Keep moving forward. If I may quote you, “The challenges in your darkest hour can bring the best out of you.” The best is yet to come, my friend!

  11. Thank you, Dana, for being a “seed planter”. Your statement that “no one died by your hand, they left their physical form through a joint creation of your and their choices” is profound. It reminded me that, whenever others are involved, we are never acting alone. EVERYTHING is a co-creation.

  12. When I heard you had to go to prison I thought about the person you are, at least the person I knew you to be from the books you wrote and videos you made, and I had no worries about you. I knew you would come out of all this an even better person than you were. You did share your faults and the willingness to accept them and then go forward, and this grand exam of the highest order, you passed with flying colors. I can’t wait to see the even more incredible wisdom that comes from you now.

  13. Great blog! Yes, it’s about the fall and it’s about the getting back up with wisdom, love and courage!

  14. You always get what you need even though its not always what you want.
    When I heard about your aweful experience on the news it was very shortly after taking back control of my life. I attended most of one of your harmonious wealth seminars in Chicago. I ended up moving down to Arizona and marrying my wife. Our story (my wife and I) is one of legends!
    But back to my point. I thought to myself WHY in the WORLD would something so HORRIFYING happen to someone who is helping so many, including myself, realize their dreams! Then it occurred to me. It was time for YOU to slow down and take stock in what was going on in your life! Unfortunately it ended up happening by realizing a fear. Strong emotions bring forth the big changes in our lives right! Be careful what you focus on and keep your head up James. You are a good man who needed a break and maybe even a little humility. Thank you for teaching me. I needed it badly. Maybe someday I will get a chance to sit down with you and tell you my incredible story! Until then, live, laugh, and love your life!
    Daniel Bengtson

  15. Well this is just what I needed today, so thank you. I have noticed that life gives me answers if I just listen, so thank you for the blog it helped:)

  16. James be careful you don’t repeat a pattern of “preaching to the converted” in the end it won’t be of any use, the greatest confidence will be gained in working with those who have opposing views, isn’t it interesting how easily and unwittingly we get caught up in cyclical behaviours?
    Warmest thoughts and good wishes

  17. Hello James,

    Happy to see you are back home and with your family and friends. I absolutely love your courses and philosophy as it has had a positive impact on my life and i’m very thankful for that.
    As i’m sure you have thought about this before and many have asked, if we attract all the events that happen in our lifes trough the energy waves we transmit.. How could you interpreted what happened? What does this mean?

    I really hope to hear back and hope you put out some more great teachings soon!

  18. As John Maxwell says: “Fail Forward”

    “The not-talked-about, terrible truth is that all roads to achievement lead through the land of failure. Every person you admire has walked this road: the Wright brothers, Arnold Palmer, Truett Cathy, Amelia Earhart, Hank Aaron, George Bernard Shaw and Mother Teresa have all experienced failure and learned how to turn it into a stepping stone for success. Leadership expert Peter Drucker says, “The better a man is, the more mistakes he will make, for the more new things he will try.” Mistakes really do pave the road to achievement.”

    Blessings to you and all who are willing to learn from our failures!


    1. “nothing either good or bad that thinking make it so.” A lovely example of moving through experiences gathering the truth of the messages as we are not pulled away from truth. Interesting to watch this progression. Thank you for sharing and allowing others to learn through you.

  19. Falls can mean skinned knees and scabs, but all ‘ouchies’ heal over time. Thank God! Welcome back, James. You were greatly missed. And if you ever want to discuss publishing ‘stuff’ given your publishers dropped you like a bad cold, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


  20. As you can see James–there are many here to support you, to help
    soften the fall in our own little ways.
    This is real life-real human-raw reality.
    As someone mentioned-
    the people that weren’t there for you -may not have been in a good place in their own lives to truly help you then–or ever. Only people who have fallen before you can be there for you–with no judgement, just a heart of love and compassion -to walk beside you now-
    try to understand your pain, and learn more from your journey- to hopefully help in our life of learning.
    I believe IF you can share what you have learned from this tough lesson (chapter) you’ve been given in your life –it was not a
    waste but a rather gift for you and everyone that you share this lesson with!
    My friend always says we keep getting the lessons over and over again -until we get it! Only you know what lesson you needed to learn.
    We cannot tell others what to do -or say we understand what they are going through–UNLESS you have walked in their shoes—

    May you find your true life’s calling -remember to always listen to your gut-it never leads you astray. Anything you do with a good heart -is good-even though you cannot control how its received -you put it out from a honest clean heart-you can sleep in peace.

    I like that phrase–Fall Forward-I visualize doing push ups–we do them to get stronger! Right! May we all fall forward often:)

    Then the advice I’ve been given CHIN UP! Hey that is another workout we do to get stronger.

    Looking forward to all the insight you have to share –
    helping me to add more real tools to my toolbox of life-
    as I too am going through huge life changes in the next few weeks and months ahead.

    Here’s to 2014

  21. My opinion is that ALL people struggle. With different things, in different part of life.
    What we can do is to choose how to tale it. Some parts is not possible to och take in a positve way. But we can try to find the light in the dark.


  22. Start showing that is not all about the money, and you will be back stronger and better than before.

  23. I saw you in “The Secret” and thought that you sounded more like a salesman than a spiritual teacher. But what you went through and how you faced your challenges made you a spiritual teacher. I am grateful to see that evolution. And I’m sure, whatever you lost on the material plane will return to you. It’s just a matter of time. Thank you, for your blog.

  24. This words touched me in a way you cannot imagine:

    “While I may have appeared unstoppable, infallible, and arrogant in the past—those were only symptoms of my own ignorance and unwillingness and/or fear to embrace my own human frailty and fallibility. Life knocked me to my knees and opened my eyes wider and clearer than ever before:….
    “Without those falls there would have been no ability to overcome, no victory, no learning, and no growth. Falls and rises are two opposite sides of the same coin.
    You see, ultimately it’s really not about the victory… it’s about the fall”.
    How much honest can you be, than this? You said it all!
    Much Love to you! ♥ 🙂

  25. Thank you so much James for being here in 2014. Happy New Year! This world has to have the exceptional James Arthur Ray’s out there to be interesting and inspiring enough to live in.

    Keep being the Truth you are. It is amazing to experience this time with a wise and experienced leader such as yourself. Many have benefited from your life efforts in the past and I pray you will be with us long and continuous in the future.

    All the best,


  26. Thank you for your wonderfully inspiring holiday greetings, James.
    Here’s hoping you and yours had an awesome Christmas season!!

    Ours were busy and lots of fun! We didn’t even get all our gifts wrapped until Christmas Day 🙂 Now our days and nights are all turned around. After a magical December 31st, full of the festivities of meeting new people (you could almost “see” the Law of Attraction at work), we finally crashed in the wee hours of the mornin’.

    May the New Year bring you Hope, Inspiration, Joy, Peace, Abundance, and most of all, Love.

    Your friends,
    Mandy and Grace

  27. James,

    I remember you talking and teaching about your falls and how you grew and moved on. It was very touching with all of the comments. It is nice to see how many people see you in the positive. Keep moving forward. Thank you.

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