It's About The Fall

It’s in our imperfection that we find our humanity; and in our perfect imperfection that we find our divinity. Make no mistake. This is not an excuse to say, “That’s just the way I am” and discontinue working to improve… it’s just a clear assessment of where we are at this particular point of our individual journey. Regardless of appearances, life moves forward, never back.

I feel the exact same things you feel; and I experience the exact same things you experience— how can anyone even begin to help you, or anyone else, if they don’t?  If you want to be mentored or taught by a superhuman—good luck finding one. Even if you could find one, how could you relate to them? How could they ever relate to you?

While I may have appeared unstoppable, infallible, and arrogant in the past—those were only symptoms of my own ignorance and unwillingness and/or fear to embrace my own human frailty and fallibility. Life knocked me to my knees and opened my eyes wider and clearer than ever before.

But please remember… even in the past I shared with you my struggles and the times I stumbled—there were many—did you not hear them? Did you not read them?

Just because I found a way to utilize those stumbles and continue moving forward, and that may have inspired and encouraged you, did you completely forget the mistakes, the ignorant actions, and the fumbles? Did you only focus on the subsequent growth, learning and victory?

One of the greatest thieves of dreams is the fear of failure. Here's why.

Without those falls there would have been no ability to overcome, no victory, no learning, and no growth. Falls and rises are two opposite sides of the same coin.

You see, ultimately it’s really not about the victory… it’s about the fall.

Please contemplate that one long and hard.

Much love and appreciation


james arthur ray