It's About The Fall: Reloaded


Consider this: Even in the book of Genesis all was “dark and void” first, before creation began.

Please stop… and think long and hard about that one.

So maybe, just maybe, as we begin to see clearly, we can appreciate the burn, the fall, the ashes and the darkness instead of attempting to reject and ignore them. Maybe part of our problem is that we’re so busy trying to run from, suppress and deny the burn…. that we live in denial and romanticism.

We’re roaring down the highway of life in our car, while the gas gauge is empty and the two back tires are blown out… but we’re smiling, visualizing, and stating everything is fine. Good luck with that one.

Many have asked for my “strategies for making it through,” or “getting beyond” the fall. There will be time—but understand I’m still in it. Here’s an important one for new beginnings:

The first step I’ve already shared is recognizing a “nail as a nail” (versus candy: see my blog on Gratitude). You’ve got two flat tires; and I possibly have four.

Let’s recognize that we’re all sailing on the same ship of humanity; and that we all experience the same hurts, insecurities and fears. Even your teachers, saints, heroes, the guy or gal you see on the big screen, and the family with the big house on the hill—it’s part of the human experience.

Before you begin a journey you must know exactly where you are before you can go anywhere. You’ve got to recognize you have a blow out before you can fix it. Your GPS always clearly accesses your current location before it finds its new destination. Do you follow?

Those who want their teachers and mentors to be “perfect” (what does that mean anyway?) are living in the supreme illusion that they themselves can also escape their own pain and suffering and some day also become a “nonhuman.”

I suggest to you that superhuman is possible… but only by fully embracing the totality of being human. You must see clearly.

You want a couple more steps? Here are two more important ones:

First you must forgive yourself, for your own ignorance, self-importance and false illusions. I had a lot to forgive.

Leaders realize that when they forgive others, they’re actually forgiving themselves. Read more about it here.

Secondly, you must love yourself… including all your shortcomings, self-importance, insecurities and bad habits. I have a lot of those things to love and accept.

Only when you love and accept these parts of yourself can you ever love others—for these are all part of every human being.

Not one of us—no one—is without them. Please don’t fool yourself.

To continuing the adventure,

james arthur ray






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  1. It’s so good to see you doing what you were meant to do. Sharing, teaching and providing insight. Your book “Harmonic Wealth” helped me find my life’s purpose and steered me in the direction I always wanted to go. After reading it (about 5 times) and other great books I learned the most valuable lesson for me, after every tragedy comes triumph. It may be small or it may be big but there is always triumph. You’ve got a lot to look forward to and a lot of life to live today. Keep gong my friend.

  2. For those who consider themselves “blameless” be the first to pick up the stone and hit everyone else, for out of your ignorance, you had thrown stones at all, don’t forget yourself. The only reason people blame another, judge or hold contempt is because they are unhappy with themselves and trying to deflect onto others. Let go of blame onto yourself and others and all will be added onto you.
    Namaste, brother

  3. That so true! We have to love our selves to love others. We have to accept ourselves as we are. We also have to forgive ourselves and others. First when we are able to forgive others can we be free.
    It does not mean that what happened is ok! But first when we can forgive we also get free.

    You know how to live fully, you know the way James. You “just” have to find the path again, pick the pieces together (once a time) and do lot of work.
    As you say we need to know were we are to know were to go!

    Best Ragards/

  4. Reloaded! Just like ‘The Matrix! I love that. 🙂 Well, I like to expect my mentors to be above me, I like to think that they are on the way to becoming more ‘perfect’ than many. When things happen that make me see this isn’t the case, off course can I accept it. But I don’t have to like it.

    Now, I expect to see the growth that will come out of this experience. The connection. The lessons learned. I would love to see you more involved on FB. But that is just me. Maybe I expect too much…

    1. When expecting anyone to be more than a mirror to reflect where we are currently can lead to an unhealthy and dangerous destination. I like to see our mentors, teachers, friends and colleagues as a resource to assist us in connecting to our own inner wisdom. We all really know what we need to grow and evolve we just need to tap into our inner resources and connection to our spirituality. Who can inspire us to be our best and feel safe to face our demons? Now that is a teacher and equal partner in the Universe of immeasurable benefit.

  5. Brother James, if you had gotten out & then gone quietly and worked in a homeless shelter for 5 years and then tried to return, you might have had some credibility. This is just too transparent. I wish you well.

    1. You throw the first stone, you’ve got it all figured out. The time in stir more than compensated for man’s law. Your expectations are judge mental manure. If you’re reading these posts maybe there’s hope for you. Know of what you speak. That was a cheap crack. Illuminating with respect to your view on mankind.

  6. James,
    Amen to that..very well said. Starting with self love is most definitley the first step towards a harmonious life but as you said doing it with open eyes. I was just talking to a friend of mine who stopped going to counseling and I asked why and she said because she does not need someone telling her all her flaws. I thought to myself..well isn’t the only way we improve who we are is if we recognize our flaws so we can address them and make a decision to be better.I realized then that for some people it is very painful to go thru this step but it is so important if you really want to have peace. Deep peace, where you can sit quietly with yourself and truly love who you are and who you want to be. Life is a journey and I know I am constantly learning more and more. It is great to hear you again. You are part of my journey and I thank God for you.
    Love you and glad you are back it is so nice to hear from you again.

  7. James,
    Thank you for sharing your journey and the insight you are gaining along the way. I have to admit that I previously stopped following you as I sensed your ego had gotten in the way. As I read your recent posts it’s like you found yourself again. Welcome back. I admire your strength and wish you peace within.

  8. I would never want my teachers/mentors to be perfect because if they were they wouldn’t have made mistakes to learn from and would only have information and theory to share not wisdom. And they would’nt of experienced the full gumut of life/creation/experience that spawns true masters. Like you said the only way to become superhuman is to rise from the falls.
    Thanks James, way to keep it real!

  9. James, I am impressed with your new direction………Your words are open and honest and speak directly to me. I hope you can find it in your heart to allow the whole world to see the total darkness you fell so deeply into……..We are all with you………. So there is nothing to be ashamed about………Please open your journals and tell the whole story………….Be a inspiration…….. be the leader you are meant to be……….. Ron

  10. You still trying to spin the reality of what you did.

    You may be through with the past, but the past isn’t through with you.

    1. I think he acknowledged that. When reading his words, I clearly saw that he thinks he may have 4 flats as opposed to others with only 2. And that reality certainly haunts him and all involved every day, since there is no going back & changing what happened. Peace to you.

  11. Considering that you are still in the midst of your fall, perhaps you might accept input from someone else still in the depths of their own. Then, together, perhaps we could make our way back to the light together.

    My previous offer of sharing my book with you still stands: iContractor 2.0 – The “Zero’s Journey” – A Modern-day Survival Guide to Weathering Accidental Enlightenment

    Tell me where to send an e-copy and i will share it with you immediately

  12. Understanding is important but accepting the consequences of ones actions is vital. That must be done by facing those people harmed and admitting the wrong and amending where ever possible. Once my side of the street was cleaned up respect for who I was becoming followed. I always loved “me” and that was a big part of the problem.

  13. A fantastic entry, and one that will be re-read many times. It is so good to have you back.

    Merry Christmas, brother.

  14. well I admit I haven’t been following you for very long, but I do wish you well and I hope you find the path that not only you need to be on but that you want to be on. I can only imagine how difficult these last few years for you have been and I know that it must have changed you. One thing I realized in the last few years I would like to share is ‘this too shall pass’, and even though sometimes life seems very bleak you just have to keep going. I agree ignorance is not helping but I also think that looking at the negative side of things is also not helping. It must be very hard to be unable to do the things you love to do, so find something else . you have a very powerful voice please use it, I know a lot of things that could use you voice I hope you find something that brings you joy again. Good luck James , I believe you will be just fine!

  15. James,
    right now you are not much of a teacher, you need a teacher yourself and re-collect before you pass on advise to others. I mean it well, the thoughts you are sharing are true, but for now try to follow them yourself, and get back into the teaching when you have reaped the rewards from holding the right thoughts and doing the right thing. It is a little awkward to see how in these posts people soak up the wisdom from someone who has just fallen into a hole, and tries to tell the people from out of the hole, “it is not that bad down here, just keep following me”.
    All the best to you. Love to get another email from you when you have made it through, but not now.

  16. Brilliant, totally true, when we stop defending ourselves we can accept that we don’t have to be perfect and so we stop judging others and feel compassion instead. It’s really hard to let go of the guilt and accept history is history, when we truly stop defending and justifying our actions , we can actively listen and connect to other people, it doesn’t matter that we got it wrong or that anyone else got it wrong, what matters is that we are authentic, kind and start loving ourselves , then we are healthier parents, lovers and friends.
    These sentiments really resonate with me, I hope I can retain this kind of sanity.

    1. Love is always the reason, the answer, the only goal for anything – it always comes back to that one thing.

  17. I’ll be honest with you James. When you fell my heart sank. My inner rah rah plummeted. I was so upset how the media bad mouthed enlightened people searching for truth, love, wisdom and inner power. They made us out to be kool aid drinking Jim Jones wack jobs. I believe we are all responsible for our behavior. How the hell is someone else responsible for my decisions ? I want to know what you were thinking when hell broke lose in Sedona. I think if you would have stayed and assisted more you would have never ended up in the pokey. It’s so easy to point the finger but when faced with that type of reality, how would we behave? Fear, complete and utter fear. Fight or flight. It’s not my place to judge and I’ve never been faced with those circumstances. But at the end of the day I don’t feel any one of us as adults is responsible for someone else’s decisions. If we were, everyone could be our chosen scapegoat for every action we take. Ludicrous isn’t it? I know your not evil, I saw your huge brilliant pastel aura. We all have specific tailored lessons to learn in this 3rd dimension . We all come into this dimension with a chosen blueprint . We all go to the school of hard knocks. Our paths are different by design. It’s all perfect, it always has been and always will be. The amazing and most wonderful thing about falling is the journey of self discovery. Good times are good, but it’s the bad times that mold us. Good times don’t create resiliency , fortitude, strength , courage, determination , depth or complete appreciation.

    1. Kari, I found out that what happened was not in James’ intentions. Unfortunately, the buck has to stop somewhere, and when the group you’re hosting has your name on it, it ends up being YOU responsible. These situations reveal who we really are – strong & compassionate, afraid and in denial, so many different aspects are revealed when we are tested. So much pain for everyone involved… but he always says, “everything happens for a reason” and that is the truth. Stay on your path, it appears to be a good one.

  18. While life provides no guarantees, the state in which I work requires I provide 1 Year. It’s a paradox for sure and can be humbling.

    Mark Hendricks

    1. I took the time to read each and every one of the comments. They looked to me as if I was at a good old fashioned Stone Throwing. With followers on one side sending love and shouts of shame on the other.

      No one is responsable for my journey or my happiness. I am here because I feel this is right for me.

      James, If we wait till everyone feels you have paid for your “sins” and may “now” speak, or even make this a Rule/Law of, who, when, and how long before one can speak/blog. Then we will be back in the very, very Darkest of ages…. hoping for the Light.

      You mention that I need a destination, plan or goal. For me its like trying to jump off of a very shaky platform. And I don’t know where I’m going. But instead of standing still, I AM moving. Doing things that I never ever dreamed I would ever do and working with people, not in the same way, but still meeting people I would never otherwise ever meet. It’s good to feel safe and secure. Even loved by those who don’t really know who I am, let alone where I’m from or what happened…

      You talk about the Burn aka pain of the past. Mine was so intense that I turned to PSTEC and EFT. What do you think? Is that cheating myself from getting to where I hope to be? I know! I don’t have a goal so how do I know where I hope to be.

      That’s why I’m here. I’m not looking or wanting to be lead. I am here to listen and learn things that will help me on my journey.

      Mahalo for standing up and speaking from your heart.

      1. Such a good post! I too am moving forward and have made many mistakes in the past. At first I was angry with James as he didn’t seem to be taking responsibility, but now I realise he is just a human being trying to make it through like we all are. I admire him for even showing his face. I liked his interview on Piers Morgan and look forward to hearing what he has learned through all this. Thank you for your post, you sound like a gentle forgiving person. Ali

  19. I commend you for your bravery. I have acknowledged your greatness ignoring the down fall because I believe you already hold the key to your successful future once again. Everything happens for a reason. Universal law is never wong. There is only one jugde.
    Cheers once again.
    I wish you a very “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”
    M. P.

  20. Burn ruin is good. This is a road to transformation. And yes, we’re all sailing in the same ship, we’re all connected in one way or another. Merry Christmas, James and everyone! Hugs from Estonia OOO

  21. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We DO tend to forget that everyone, no matter who they are feel just the same way we do with our insecurities, mistakes, guilt, etc. I am glad you are moving ahead and look forward to who you become both as a man and mentor.

  22. Merry Christmas James!

    Out of all of my spiritual teachers, I admire you the most because you are willing to show us that you are walking the same walk as the rest of us. I do not expect you to be perfect. I actually respect you more for not acting perfect and for sharing your challenges. I like to refer to them as “growth spurts”.

    I prefer to not stand above or below you but to walk beside you. This is the mark of a true friend. I am so sorry for the pain that was caused by those who said they were friends and then turned their backs however, perhaps they gave great gifts to you for now you know the value and rarity of true friendship.

    Those who turned away and those who criticize are some of your best teachers. We don’t learn from the good times, only from the challenges we face and someone had to agree to be those people in our lives. How much do they really love us to be the one to give us the experiences we learn and grow from? At the same time, we need to know we are not alone and we seek assurance as we try to take the next step. True friends can call you on your stuff and still show you love. I think they are ‘earth angels”.

    Life is a series of peaks and valleys. There will be more than one fall and more than one resurrection into a new life for as we become ready for more enlightenment. Gives new meaning to “it is not the destination but the journey that matters”. Bless you James.

  23. Hi, James! Thank you for this message. Again! I’m very happy you are going ahead. I and my loved ones desire to you too a lovely Christmas and an excelent 2014.

  24. May the Holidays bring you and your family Health, Peace and Harmony! May 2014 be the beginning of another wonderful leg of your journey!

    1. James I don’t have words to express how grateful I am for you and everything you have taught me in the past and present. No one can fathom what you’ve gone through and what you will continue to go through. Having the courage to open up and share is helping so many people. I’m proud of you. I think most people would have went into seclusion but not you. You continue to fight and help. You are true to your heart. Sending love and blessings your way.

  25. No one is perfect in this world, it is not about right or wrong… But where you stand after the storm has passed. Life is too short because is comes every moment, and we must keep the Faith, cause it is a long journey ahead.
    Stay well
    Be well
    And love
    Francis aka Attah Wallaaii Kilo

  26. Ah yes! Love, kindness and forgiveness… to self and all!… after all, we are Spiritual beings having a human experience, learning together!

    Loving Light!

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