Is Junk Ruining Your Life?

Is Junk Ruining Your Life?

Junk food has made us sick, weak and unhealthy.
Junk values have destroyed our lives.

man smoking and drinking beer

You and I live in a world of junk.

Yes, of course there’s beauty and love and opportunity and goodness.

But those things, unfortunately, are not the continuous experience of the masses.

The masses are consuming junk foods; and junk foods have made us sick and weak.

Maybe even more importantly, junk values have ruined our lives.

Every year my wife Bersabeh and I take the week between Christmas and New Years to clarify our values—both individually, for our relationship, as well as our business.

It’s a fact that you make every decision every moment of every day based upon your values; and most people I coach have no idea what their values are.

So, let’s get this straight: you make every single decision every day based upon something of which you’re not even consciously aware!

Yes, that’s right.

Pretty crazy isn’t it?

Socialize Mind has programmed us all very well.

Conditioning us to chase money versus meaning.

To value profit over purpose…

Read here: The purpose of life is to find your purpose; and then to give your entire heart and soul to it.

Economy over ecology.

If these things are so valuable, then why is it that 16.2 million people in the US alone tell us they’re depressed?

If our current model of chasing money over meaning,
profit over purpose, economy over ecology is working…
why are over 16.2 million people depressed in the US alone?

man holding his head and eyeglasses sitting beside a table

Why is it that 43% of people surveyed state they’re too exhausted to perform in their daily work?

Why is it that currently 800,000 people per year are committing suicide? That’s one suicide every 40 seconds—more deaths than terror, war and crime combined.

Why is it that 70% of America is obese and eating themselves to death? 2.8 million deaths per year—obesity is the second highest preventable disease running a close second to tobacco.

Corona? What about 800,000 people per year committing suicide?
What about 70% of Americans alone being obese and literally eating
themselves to death—2.8M per year! Obesity is the second highest
preventable disease running a close second to tobacco. Maybe we should change our focus.

woman holding a coronavirus sign

Something is amiss here isn’t it?

It’s not just programming and Socialized Mind, it’s deep seated emotional trauma and unresolved emotional issues.

It’s not just socialized mind that’s stealing our life-force and taking our very lives,
it’s deep seated emotional trauma and unresolved emotional issues as well.

James Arthur Ray

You say, “James, these are not my issues.”


But whatever issues you have (and we all have them) are based upon your values, your unhealed trauma, and your unresolved unconscious emotions.

Redeem your life.

Redeem your business.

It’s time to Take Your Power Back.

2020 is your year,


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