Insane or Wise

Insane or Wise

The pure will be thought insane;
and the impure will be honored and wise.
~ Hermetics

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To me, this quote seems to align perfectly with where we are in the world right now.

Potential election fraud…

A hugely polarized world debating differing “pandemic” opinion …

Lockdowns and shutdowns…

Information waffling back and forth weekly…

A failing banking system continuing to print out funny money…

Censorship and control…

Insane, right?

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

If someone would have told you that these things would be your world just 2 years ago you would have thought them insane.

If someone would have told you that this would be your
world just 2 years ago you would have thought them insane.
Expect nothing. Be prepared for anything.

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Those in power are the “honored and wise” in today’s world and those who dare question are thought to be insane. More frequently called “Conspiracy Theorists.”

Conspiracy Theory is a term coined by the CIA post the Kennedy assignation.

The CIA instructed that anyone who disagreed with the one shooter story and Lee Harvey Oswald was to be labeled a conspiracy theorist.

“Conspiracy Theory” is a label created by the CIA after
the Kennedy assassination. They instructed it be applied to
anyone who questioned the mainstream media story.
Some things never change. Whatever you do, don’t question the party line.

 John F. Kennedy

So, in other words, we’re not supposed to question?

We’re just expected to eat what we’re fed?

While this might be good behavior for sheep, it’s extremely poor for a human being.

The unexamined life is not worth living
~ Socrates

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If there’s no truth to any of these “theories” then what’s the concern and diatribe from the mainstream media?

Why is social media blocking and censoring?

If you know something isn’t true, then there’s no need to waste your energy attempting to argue against it or debunk it.

The only thing that needs no defense is the truth.
If there’s no truth in an opinion or statement,
why does it need to be censored?

love truth again

I was attacked repeatedly by the MSM during my trial and Tsunami. Both pre and post-trial.

It was then that I started to question, and deeply reconsider, what I’d been told were “my rights” since I was born.

I started to question what I was told about the objective of the government and legal system.

To question what I was led to believe about the media; and their responsibility to report the facts and truth.

Maybe just maybe I’d been sold a myth.

How about you?

And the myths continue.

We were “given a voice” in the social media arena yet maybe we weren’t after all.


I can’t begin to count how many of my posts have been flagged or outright deleted because they’re contrary to the mainstream storyline.

Where are we going with all this?

Evidently, we’re not adult enough to read or listen to contrary opinions and decide and think for ourselves.

If I have a different opinion than yours isn’t the “liberal” position to appreciate
and value differences?  Then why is there so much hate, attack, name-calling,
and censoring going on? Duplicitous maybe?

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Or maybe the truth… is that we’re not wanted to think for ourselves.

If “being honored and wise” is instantly agreeing with the socialized norm, then let me be thought insane.

How about you?

It’s time for a new leader.

You’re going to have to make reinvention, adaptation and redemption fundamental principles in both your business and your life.

It’s time for “we the people” to take our power back.

Stop looking for leaders and choose to become one.

James Arthur Ray

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!


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