Hurry Is Fear in Disguise (Part 2)

The person in a hurry has no patience or true knowledge
of who they truly are and what they’re really capable of creating.
You don’t have to slow down, you just must calm down.

We continued our discussion of the Axioms of the Leader Master-Mind in our last installment in this series; and we began the topic of how hurry is just fear in disguise. It’s also a mindset of limitation and lack.

If you want to live a powerful life,
you must make finer distinctions.
If you want to know more, notice more.

green eyes of a woman

If you’re behind on the Axioms go here to catch up.

Now let’s make some additional distinctions on exploring this next Axiom.

The true winner and Leader does not compete. He creates.

Please pay attention and think.

  1. To compete is to compare.
  2. To compete is to believe there are limited resources.

Energy flows where attention goes.

Really think.

If you’re constantly comparing, you’re focused on your so-called “competitions” actions and creations. Therefore, because you move toward what you focus on, you’re dooming yourself to create no more than their best effort.

You move toward what you focus on.
What you give attention to must grow.

feet walking with pinnk shoes

This is true of plants, it’s true of people, it’s true of your purpose.

Meaning and Purpose Are Everything

You may want to read that again and let it sink in deep.

Really deep.

The only competition you’ll ever have is the competition between
your disciplined and your undisciplined mind.

Secondly, to compete is to believe there are limited resources for you to access and utilize. 

This is very small thinking.

Super small.

There are no limited resources in Nature.

For example: The Sun delivers more energy to the Earth in one hour than the entire world uses in a year.

One wind turbine can power 1500 households for a year.

Fossil fuels? Please.

Scarcity only exists in lack of creativity in our minds;
and the unwillingness to let go of the old and embrace the new.

head of a man losing a puzzle piece

Currently there are approximately $80 Trillion Dollars in circulation on the planet ($80,000,000,000,000.00). There’s no lack of money. There’s only your lack of thinking and the ability to access and attract from the endless supply that exists all around you!

Think about this: there’s more than enough money to go around; and the amount that you attract is directly correlated to the value and service you provide. If you’re not getting enough of the 80 Trillion, you’re not YET providing enough service and value. Period.

DAMN! Are you thinking?

Focus on the cause versus the effect.

There’s no shortage of food. If we were only to reallocate and redistribute the grain we feed beef cattle alone, we would completely eradicate world hunger! 

Not to mention Climate Change. Beef cattle are the #1 cause of this phenomenon as we mow down approximately 150 acres every single minute per day to allow for more beef cattle grazing.

There is no competition or limitation except within yourself.
Resources, ideas, innovations, inspirations are unlimited.
What’s lacking is your own willingness to boldly act upon them.

brain being chained up

So here is the next Axiom of the True Leader Master-Mind:

The true Leader and Master Mind knows that he need not hurry, he need not compete. For hurry is worry; and a mindset of limitation and lack in action. Competition is scarcity and there is no scarcity.

So, are you a Leader or an amateur?

There’s no value in lying to yourself.

Recognition is the first law of learning and transformation.
Once you recognize it, you’re empowered to change it. Not until.

Choose wisely.

Don’t slow down, speed up! 

Just calm down.

Create versus compete.

Your future and all your results depend upon it.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!