How’s Your Vision?

Where there is no vision the people perish.
~ King Solomon

In our last installment we talked about what we referred to as your PTP. Your Powerful Transformative Purpose; and the power of having laser focus and clarity in this area.

If you missed the last installment go here.

The next step of clarity and Leadership is the Vision you intend to create from and with your PTP.

Sight is a physiological phenomenon. It’s seeing with the eyes.
Vision is a spiritual phenomenon.
It’s seeing through the eyes.

Truth be known, even sight is a spiritual phenomenon. Karl Pribram, professor of neuropsychology at Stanford, proves that everything you see is an external projection of your internal world.

You may want to read that again and think. Really think.

Furthermore, you absolutely cannot observe anything outside of you that is not within you.

The implications here are vast.

When the vision on the inside becomes more compelling and powerful than
what you observe on the outside, the universe is at your command.

Your PTP tells you “why” you’re here and why your impact and legacy are critical. Not only to the current generation, but for many generations to come.

Your Vision tells you “what” specifically you’re going to do in the world to actualize your PTP and bring it into form.

Let’s use one of my heroes as an example.

Elon Musk.

Elon works 100-hour weeks and runs 3 major companies. Tesla is now worth more than Ford and is quickly approaching GM. Musk is personally worth $21B.

Yet is it money that drives Elon?


Not even close.

It’s his PTP.

He certainly could retire very comfortably with his $21B.

But it’s not about that for Musk.

When asked why he works so long and hard, Musk answers: “I’m here to save humanity.”


Saving humanity is Musk’s PTP; and Tesla, SpaceX, and Solar City are all visions of the way he can do that.

You see, there are many ways in which humanity can be saved. Musk’s vision aligns with his unique genius.

In many ways my own personal PTP aligns with Musks’ (even though it’s stated differently), but my personal unique gifts and genius are different as well. Therefore, my vision of exactly what I must do to go about my PTP is different.

Yours will probably be different as well.

You are you. I am me; and Musk is Musk.

No two of us has the same exact gifts.

To envy is ignorance. Imitation is suicide.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is the reason I continually remind you that stage #1 is “Beginning at the Beginning.”

To clearly know your unique gifts and genius so that when your PTP is clear you can easily go about setting it into motion through your own unique vision.

You Were Born Into Greatness

It’s time to get clear.

Maybe past time.

Be a leader. Live Your Purpose. And Take Your Power Back!