How You’re Limiting Yourself

Are you setting boundaries for yourself?
Learn how to reach your goals step by step

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  1. There should be a price tag attached to this video. SERIOUSLY.

    This piece of the puzzle, in regard to goal setting, is what many miss in the process of creating. Once an athlete, musician, actor, painter, entrepreneur, dancer feels that the dance is part of their soul, that it has been mastered or when one has experienced the surreal feeling of being "in the zone" during a performance, there is the risk of stopping right there.
    No more growth – mission accomplished.
    The creator may have a false sense of satisfaction resulting from what seems to be the ultimate peak performance; this is illusion and a mistake.
    I now know this mind set is defeating….there is never a happy ending to the creative process or to the mastery of ones artistic expression/ expression of any kind.
    The happiness or satisfaction is in the creative process itself, at feeling a constant sense of uneasiness and because creativity is derived from our higher source, this energy is infinite and the efforts toward mastery are as well.
    So there is only momentary satisfaction before the next big push. Many have fallen victim to reaching a certain point of mastery, then when satisfied with a result, they quit, stay put….become content. It is in the complacency, the lack of enthusiasm or awareness to keep driving oneself to the next level that many stop growing.
    Lesson? Never stop, never get comfortable and enjoy being on the edge of your next big break through. Great video.

  2. Reading pillar II relational
    Beginning again to love myself and trusting the process. Starts with boundaries. You are a gift.
    Thank you James

  3. "Get going and get growing" I have not stopped one day since the early part of this year. I read voraciously….and not harlequin novels…. I practice my new craft 5 hours every day. However, I have to watch you…. You see, we are the same age. I had HUGE opportunities in my youth. I squandered them on L.O.V.E. – fool that I am….. I still have time, some time and I am starting over. I will not stop growing and going until I Die. So stay well Mr. Ray and keep your eye on that prize…I am the cyber puppy following your work ethic and drive to succeed; in my fashion, I am doing my best to keep up with your momentum……you are indeed my muse. 🙂 ~ God Bless Gabby (I talk a lot)

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