How to Get Results!

If you continue to think, feel and make decisions from where you currently are,
you’ll continue to get the results you’re currently getting.image-courage-james-arthur-ray

In my last New York Times bestseller Harmonic Wealth, I went into great detail regarding the concept coined as “Living From the Outcome.”

I can’t begin to tell you the countless hugely successful entrepreneurs I’ve spoken with and coached, that invariably tell me, “James, this concept just articulated the strategy I used to get to the top better than I could have ever done.”

Courage is not the absence of fear.
Courage is moving forward and using fear as fuel.

Please pay strict attention to the difference between “living toward” an outcome and “living from” an outcome.

The nuances here are vitally important.

Living toward sends a meta-message to your unconscious mind of “I’m not there yet.”

While living from tells your unconscious it’s already completed.

“Living From” takes a tremendous amount of courage. Yet, I’ll submit that if you’re unwilling to step up, and into it, you’ll never begin to even scratch the surface of your God-given potential.

Let’s look at science for a moment.

The Princeton professor of theoretical physics, John Wheeler, suggested that we don’t create anything. In fact, all things are already created.

According to Wheeler and Hugh Everett, there are multiple universes where multiple realities are happening simultaneously in quantum superposition; and we choose which one we are to “participate” in.

No one accomplishes anything of himself, it is foolishness to think otherwise.
~ Esoteric Axiomc47ee446a904aed50d40653033ceb03c

So we don’t create our business or our bank account, we choose to participate in a certain business or bank account that already exist.

Stick with me.

Heady and mystical I know, but please remember this is physics not metaphysics.

So how do we bring our desired reality up from the subatomic realm, and into our daily life and business?

First you must go out and step into your desired end state and see it clearly. This is what I call your “future pull.”

Your future pull is one of the already existing multiverses postulated by Multiple Worlds Theory.

Once you have your future pull clear and concise, the most difficult part begins.

Now you must come back to the present; and in all situations and decisions ask yourself, “What would the person in my desired end state do in this situation?”

When you get your answer, then you must act.

If you won’t act, you not only don’t believe it’s going to happen; and you’ll never step into that particular aspect of reality (universe); but you’ll also continue to get the outcome (universe) from which you currently reside.

Most are pretty good at telling me what they think they want,
but few are willing and courageous enough to do
what it takes today to make that a reality.

Please remember, if you continue to act from the point where you currently reside—physically, financially, relationally, mentally and spiritually—you’ll continue to get the outcome of your current residence.

Judge not by appearances.
Appearances only inform you
of who you were yesterday; james-arthur-ray
and have nothing to do
with your potential tomorrow.
Unless you allow them that power.

To Live From the Outcome ask yourself these questions in the moment of decision;

  1. Is this decision/action in alignment with my future pull outcome?
  2. Will making this decision accelerate my outcome?
  3. Will delaying this decision hinder my outcome?
  4. What decision would the person I’m becoming make in this moment?
  5. If money were no issue would I make this decision?

Once you have your answers then you must act!

Know more about how leaders really think and how they act upon it!

And act boldly in faith and confidence. Knowing that you’re aligning yourself mentally and spiritually to participate in the future you have chosen.

If you won’t act, you won’t achieve.

Act now.

Stay Awake, Love Life, and Be Epic!