How to Decrease Stress and Be Happy Engaged and Fulfilled

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  1. Many of us will not be considered "qualified" customers in regard to this mentorship program. I am not eligible or a qualified customer for sure but I can merely watch Mr. Ray and listen carefully to the key points from all his videos and blogs and learn a great deal.
    I follow his progress and ensure I add this determination to my mission daily…Mr. Ray is my Muse LOL!! If he can do what he is doing, after what he has been through….I HAVE NO EXCUSE not to pursue my ambitions.
    If James can do it, so can we.
    We have no excuse but to excel.

  2. James, I completely agree with what you said about being hurried through life as children and not being given the time to develop real interests. Ironically, I had to give myself permission to be ok with doing what I love to do even when I am not always making the kind of cash flow I really want. I just love transforming peoples lives so much with interior design that I really can't imagine doing anything else. I think I am unique because my purpose has become my passion and when it is not going good as far as cash flow I remind myself at least I still am doing what I love.

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