How to Deal With That Which You Fear the Most: James on Alchemy Part 8

“Contrary to popular belief… the so-called demons are our friends

when properly understood and utilized.

 Until you can dance with your devils, you’ll never walk in the Light.”


So now we are down to the nitty-gritty of true alchemy and utilization.

Of all ancient Western traditions, there are probably no more frequent myths and stories regarding anyone, than those of King Solomon; and Solomon was the greatest alchemist of all.

According to the traditions, God wished to reward Solomon for his faithful service; and upon being asked what blessing God should bestow, Solomon asked only for a compassionate and understanding heart. As a result he was extremely blessed in all arenas of life; and beyond measure. Solomon didn’t ask for mansions and mounds of money—yet he got them. Maybe a lesson to consider deeply.

I’ve encouraged people for years to “forget about money and focus on meaning.” In fact, the secret to making money in my experience… is to forget about money. Focus on meaning, service, and providing tremendous value. Money if and when it comes is a by-product of a meaningful life that provides tremendous service and value.

It’s better to make meager money doing something meaningful

than to make mega-money doing something miserable.

Please read that again… for if you’re truly honest with yourself, you’ll know this to be true. If you think it’s not… please think again. Solomon knew about meaning, service and value.

Furthermore, in the magical traditions of King Solomon, this wise king of mythology, built the temple of God by employing the demons and denizens of hell to work for him. Interesting.

What is this ancient myth attempting to tell us?

To understand we must visit the ancient traditions once again and the mysteries of alchemy and Tarot. This topic is so deep and complex that I must tell you in advance that I can do nothing but a very cursory overview here. But I think it’ll still be quite enlightening as you keep an open mind.

Who knows, maybe Universe Intelligence will allow me to teach an entire in depth course on these topics someday. Time will tell.

First, without going into a deep explanation, properly understood, the Tarot is not a deck of cards. It’s a book. Actually a map of the movement and expansion of conscious Life energy. In Tarot “The Magician” card (which roots come from “Magi,” the highest initiate in the mystery schools of Persia and Zoroastrianism), is associated to the Hebrew letter “Beth” (pronounced Bayt). This is the second letter in the Hebrew alphabet similar to the English letter “B.” Hang with me.

One of the myriad of interesting facts about the Hebrew alphabet, is that each letter has a numerological equivalent as well as a word translation. Beth, besides being a letter, translates as “house” in Hebrew. Its number is 1, indicating the first movement:

“And the breath/mind (Ruach) of the Gods (Elohim) said Let there be Light; and there was Light.” (Genesis 1:3). (Reference Alchemy 4).

In this second letter of the Hebrew alphabet the house (or we could say the temple of God/a.k.a. the human body prototype) is built. Are you following? And in alchemical magic Solomon built this temple with demons! Please don’t take this at face value, contemplate the deeper and metaphorical meaning.

The scientific fact is that your body is made up of a hundred trillion bacteria. In fact, bacteria outnumbers human cells 10 to 1 in the normal human. Many scientist now believe that bacterial DNA is converted into human DNA (the latter is still somewhat controversial). But what is not controversial is that bacterial DNA and human DNA are very close in their makeup.

Truth be told, you and I are both nothing more physically than organized bacteria. Please ponder that one; and these lower level entities organize to build the house which we call our bodies. Evolution anyone?

Isn’t it interesting that some people are scared to death of bacteria, literally becoming OCD in their futile attempts to avoid it (washing their hands incessantly, sanitizing, etc.), when the thing they’re attempting to destroy is the substance of their makeup? But then again, that’s another topic.

You may think your body is solid—it’s not. Think again. Your body is moving and vibrating non-stop at the quantum level; as well as creeping and crawling at the bacterial level; even when you think you’re sitting perfectly still. You’re not.

And that’s just the physical demons (translate demon as lower level of consciousness)—even more important possibly are the mental/emotional demons that we discussed last week as the archetypes of Carl Jung.

Just to define an archetype, it’s also known as a universal prototype: it may be a character, a theme, a symbol or even a setting.

So let’s take one of the most common and unpopular archetypal demons… the archetype of fear.

I recently read a post on Facebook where a supposed teacher was stating “F*** fear.” She actually spelled it out. I know of another that wrote a book titled “Being Fearless.” I’m sure you’ve heard plenty examples. We love to disrespect the archetype of fear with little clichés like “False Evidence Appearing Real” and so forth don’t we?

The more you fight it, the more it fights back

Truth be told, the individuals who fight fear the hardest are riddled with fear! They’re scared to death of fear itself. As a results they’re wearing their pain and suffering like a billboard. This, by the way, is true of every single archetype.

True courage is not the absence of fear… it’s the ability to allow fear to exist

Are you fearful and struggling? Learn the tips to moving past fear and struggle in this article.

Let’s personify the emotion of fear as an awesome and amazing demon for a moment. Literally a fearsome one. It is by the way—one of the most powerful and energy filled demons of all. In fact, I met this demon personified plenty of times while in prison. What is the demon of fears prime objective? The obvious answer must be “to cause fear.” Right?

Now consider from your experience what a bully does when you cower. It runs and rankles all over you right? The more you cower to a bully the more it bullies. Are you with me?

What happens when you push back on a bully? The true bully most often pushes back even harder, right?

Now imagine this archetype of fear as this big hairy bully that loves to push you around. You can’t push back—it’s bigger and stronger than you; it has tremendous power; and if you attempt to push back it’ll prove it prowess. I can guarantee, it’s going to win. But if you learn how to tame it, utilize it, you can actually put it to work for you… versus running all over you.

Man, I hope you’re thinking for this realization alone will change your life forever!

Much like the tiger we talked about last week. If you speak its language, give it what it wants and needs, you actually transmute its energy in a new direction. It does your bidding. Just possibly helping you to move mountains. Fear becomes fuel.

Conversely if you attempt to stuff it in a box, disrespect it “say F you” or “You don’t exist” (i.e. fearless) or “You’re a joke” (i.e. “false evidence appearing real”) it will tear the living crap out of you; and prove you absolutely wrong. Are you with me?

When you give any living entity what it wants, you’ll get what you need.

Lessons from prison. The biggest baddest guys on the yard (as well as the guards which for the most part were just as insecure, immature, and primal) all wanted “respect.” This was a major driving value in the prison system, as well as for all of us, at our most primal level. When you give someone want they want you’ll get what you need.

I gave them ALL immense respect—all of them—an abundance of it. They were shocked. They knew who I was, and expected me to be arrogant and to laud and lord everything I had experienced and accomplished (things they had not and were afraid they never would) over them. I wasn’t and I didn’t.

Some of this was the wisdom of understanding human behavior—some probably self-preservation (a.k.a. wisdom); and as a result they gave me back exactly the respect I gave to them. Do you follow?

Likewise, I promise you… when you give fear it’s respect and due it will serve you; and there are a myriad of ways it will serve. When you stuff and deny it, it will ravage the living daylights out of you to get the attention and respect it deserves.

That which is suppressed, will be expressed, in later days and uglier ways.

Next week we’ll address the transmutation of another most dreaded archetype, possibly the most dreaded of all… the archetype of suffering. When you get this I suggest then you’ll really get it. More to come…


Stay awake and Love Life,



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  1. James, Damn……This blog post is a good one! Still trying to make sense out of it. From what I currently understand, is this another form and manner to just allow things to be what they are and not resist them?

    1. Jim, that’s one level… but when you move higher you actually become grateful and find value in ALL things. Everything in the Universe has a purpose. Anything that no longer brings value becomes extinct. Appreciation and Gratitude are higher than acceptance–but acceptance is a start. A few things to ponder. ~ JAR

  2. I don’t know the definition of ALCHEMY??? Consequently I can’t really understand your story.

    1. Dave, if you’ve been reading the entire series I believe I told you in the first installment. Moreover, a quick Google search can probably answer your question. Do what needs to be done my friend. You’ll be glad you did. ~ JAR

  3. This conversation is worthy of multiple posts. It has always seemed to me that blaming or crediting fear for what ‘stops’ people gives them permission to stop. I cannot do this because my fear of whatever stops me is a good excuse. We are fortunate that most of us learned many lessons our first fourteen years when we didn’t know enough to be afraid much of the time. There is no fear in the moment, in ‘now’. It is a thought or an opinion around a mistake or bumped toe afterwards or looking with those same lenses into a murky future. The training to survive fires and flooding on board a submarine is intense, daily and the ‘drills’ often make the real thing seem easy. However, flooding in another compartment than yours, believed to be the real deal, your mind pushes you to panic, pushes you out of doing what needs to be done now, in your compartment there is only waiting and wondering. When it is all over, the panic and fear are laughable, the adrenaline keeps you awake for a day or two followed by a sleep you cannot shake. Exhilaration at her finest! The money conversation may be no different either. The harder you pursue her, the less likely you are to find her. The ‘goal’ as money may be unworkable. ‘Goal’ is an object or an event towards which play is directed in order to score. Paying attention to the score keeps you from attaining goals or at least gets in the way. Collapsing goal and score eliminates the play. No play, few goals reached and the score never seems to move. Thank you James! I like the new look! Congratulations on six years too!

  4. Intriguing James. Give to life what life is asking for. Acceptance is definitely the route I try and take when confronting fear. I must admit my own personal acronym is Feeling Excited And Ready. This little saying validates the feeling without it paralysing me. Food for thought. 🙂

  5. I’ve always liked your work and this post was my favourite since your comeback. Keep up the good work, the tone of it feels like the best version of you. By the way I run a facebook site called the transformation station. There’s a recent post on their about Easter and how we all have the power of resurrection for ourselves and others, check it out. I’m looking forward to your next blog. Lester (Life coach & hypnotherapy) : )

    1. Thanks Lester, Glad you’re enjoying the posts! I posted a very subtle reference to the true meaning of Easter yesterday on my FB page as well. Keep up the good work ~ JAR

  6. Awesome stuff James! I’ve been a huge fan of all of your work except the selling of the Law of Attraction in ways I can understand how you got caught up in. Although I never read one of your books I did purchase your very old training packages Harmonic Wealth and the dvd presentation Quantum Creations. I can relate so much to you being an insecure nerdy type growing type, finding a false security in body building, raised Christian while studying many other mystic teachings and religions. I also probably have watched every single you tube video on your teachings. You just have an amazing gift of delivering this information and helping it make sense to an average everyday seeker! I’ve been studying and reading alchemy and am just loving what it presents, along with your blog posts it is helping me along this journey immensely so thank you brother! Been dealing with all kinds of fear and going through hell no doubt but it’s becoming clear why I am going through this as I continue to search for the “The pearl of great price” or what have you. Is it really about alchemy and utilization or alchemy and allowing? Like in the sense of just allowing things to happen as planned or organized by divine will instead of always having the mindset of utilizing, I just feel the word utilizing to be like the initial law of attraction teachings where its for our own personal gain?? Thoughts?? Oh and welcome back, your work is undeniably admirable in many ways. Your truly are a modern day prophet and I’m sure as you go or went through hell in prison it was the best thing that could have happened to you…..always hindsight of course. I always think of that country song when I’m going through my own personal struggles and hell…….If your going through hell, keep on going, don’t look back, if your scared don’t show it….. Not even sure who sings it but I always sing that verse to myself to remind myself that’s it part of the process and you gotta through it from time to time on this journey.

    1. Justin, thanks my friend. A couple of comments. If you ever really studied my teachings I NEVER sold the LOA like the masses bought. People often have selective hearing. Second, in my experience it IS about utilization and using something for your own expansion, experience and further expression is much more powerful in my book than “allowing.” Maybe it’s semantics but to me allowing is passive while utilizing is active. We MUST be active my friend. Something to ponder; and if you become a true student of alchemy you’ll find this to be the truth.

      Finally, I appreciate your song and in my book the most courageous, powerful and awakened individuals don’t “not show their fear” they show it fully and embrace it full-on. Another thing worth pondering and maybe you might consider reading this part (8) again. Stay awake and Love Life ~ JAR

  7. James,
    I have been an eager student since your return. I look forward to each and everything you have been writing and sharing. But, I have only made one comment on your blog- so far. I suppose I am just trying to be a sponge and soak all of this up…

    But this morning you brought me to tears. I have said since losing my son, my only child, Brad, that I have no fear. That in no way can anything or anyone ever hurt me again. For the past 5 1/2 years I have just been trying to pick up the pieces of what was left after what felt like a stick of C-4 was thrown into my life, and my home. When that impact came and went I didn’t recognize myself or my life. It clearly was not the one I planned on.

    It’s always funny to me when you say things like “hang with me”… I know there is an ‘AHA’ moment coming. When I finished reading this I realized how afraid I really am. I am so afraid of never having anything meaningful in my life again that it paralyzes me. I could go on and on about how I just don’t live fully any more. But that is not the point.

    The point is I thought I had washed my hands of fear. Thumbing my nose at it and mocking it.

    I am a hiker. The only time I can connect fully with this life and planet is when I am hiking. Once about a year ago I just stopped on the trail and turned around. I literally said out loud — to my grief — “I know you are there. I know you are following me. Let’s make a deal. I will not try to push you away if you won’t push me so hard that I fall and feel like I cannot get up.” I am quite sure if anyone had seen me they would have thought me crazy. But I just couldn’t take that feeling any longer. I needed peace.

    It was an agreement moment. Kind of like- a hand shake. But, you see I have never done this with my fear. What I learned with my grief was that if I did not respect it I didn’t stand a chance. It is way bigger than me (just like the bullies you describe).

    I have been wondering why I cannot rejoin the human race. Why can’t I return to the work I love? I am so well trained in what I do, but have no heart to do it anymore… It has felt like such a waste. Why can’t I just return to some type of work? These are of course rhetorical questions. But I think I am starting to see the answer…

    I just didn’t see this fear thing coming. I thought I washed my hands of it.
    I can see now that without having the same conversation with fear as I did my grief that I will remain paralyzed. And I am just so tired of feeling paralyzed.

    I am finally willing to at least have a conversation with my fear. No telling what I may turn it into…

    Thank you so much for the wisdom and insight. I am very grateful.
    Much love and light to you.

    1. Suzan I literally feel every single word you write. Welcome back to the human race. Welcome back from sleepwalking so long. It’s great to be alive versus some zombie in denial. Maybe you WONT “go back” to your career or your old view of the human race. Life is for fuller expression, experience and expansion… it’s time to move forward now that you’re awake. You can never go back. Much love and respect, seriously. ~ JAR

  8. Great article, James. I agree that you have to respect, or at least not resist. your fear. I’m not sure if the bully analogy holds 100% as true. I have a black belt in martial arts. I am not a “fighter” and never have been. I just love the art of it. As a martial artist there is one thing I have learned and know to be true, and it is this: The best way to handle a bully is to out bully him. All martial artists know this to be true. Bullies are the most fearful people in the world. They bully others in order to protect themselves because they are scared little creatures under that false veneer. They are very insecure people. You punch a bully in the mouth fast and hard and you keep punching and he’ll never bother you again. You have to overwhelm him. Of course, you must have the ability in order to pull that off.
    If it was only a matter of respecting bullies we probably wouldn’t need any laws to put them in their place when they got out of hand. I say try to respect them as a number one action. If that doesn’t work then out bully them. 🙂
    Regarding fear, however, I believe you are spot on. As I said, the analogy tends to break down a bit for me. Keep up the great work.

  9. awesome as always… this should be turned into a new book!

  10. James, I loved this post. Having experienced gripping anxiety and fear for a good portion of my life, I can fully appreciate the tug-of-war between panic and peace. “Use deep breathing…a cue word…tighten your muscles…replace your thinking with more rational thoughts”…all strategies to “stop” fear, and taught by us professionals! I love that a recent study ENCOURAGED us to embrace this cascade of chemical excitement within our bacterial bodies versus struggling to “calm it down”. A futile effort, in my experience.

    Learning to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight is certainly not for the faint of heart. I still struggle, even though I understand the paradox…but understanding isn’t enough now, is it?

    Thanks for your work-provoking as always-

  11. James, when discussing fear there were 2 options, as in the past fear was a defense mechanism for our bodies – imagine yourself in front of a bear hundreds of years ago. So the 2 options are flee or fight, and in some cases these are the only options. However there is a third option, which is the way harder than the first 2. If anyone had some sort of anxiety or some moment of panic surely know what I’m saying, all that adrenaline, all those sensations, all those thoughts could be overwhelming. But you also know one thing for sure it always passes. ALWAYS. So this bring me to the third option, embrace the fear (and other emotions), dive in, allow all the sensations, all the thoughts and just observe them – I know it is way way harder to do this than to say this, but for some reason this embracing, this diving into the whatever it is scares you, may get you to one unexpected gift – the way to tame it, the way to work for you, get you a deeper understanding, and accepting it this fear will protect you, will work for you and most of all will help you evolve. Pretty amazing, to turn fear from your enemy to your friend, and we all need sometimes a friend on our side 🙂

  12. Dear James,
    I didn’t read previous levels yet. Is that better that I read them the first?

    1. Roya, Yes I would definitely suggest that you read them in order, they build upon each other. Thanks for being here. Much love ~ JAR

  13. Great post, James!
    Right now I am in a virtual book club with 70-something people and we are reading Og Mandino’s book, The Greatest Salesman in the World.
    Are you familiar with it?
    We are on the Second Scroll (all about having love in your heart) and when I read the story you told about King Solomon I thought that was amazing! Maybe we are on to something here….!
    Thanks for everything you do! And I really like the new picture with the longer hair!

  14. Hi James, I was wondering how to “respect” fear when it comes to my fear of drowning. How can I use this concept in a practical way? Would love your input on this. Thanks

  15. Welcome back! I like your post and understand the concept. However, how can I give the fear of not being able to pay my bills it’s respect and due to be able to serve me? Thank you!

    1. Claudia this is a question much better served in a live environment. But for here I suggest you quiet your mind and ask the part of you which is fear how it serves you in this situation. Listen! You may be surprised at what you hear. ~ JAR

  16. Thank you James!
    The more I read this series, the more I understand the importance of letting go of stress in our lives. If we don’t need to fear fear itself, then we are really free and then faith has a new meaning as well.

    I hope I learn to dance with my demons and finally can say someday that I was able to apply Alchemy in my own life!

    Once again Thank you James, this is getting really interesting!

  17. Dear James, thank you so much for this amazing post.
    I am from Iran.
    As far as I can remember, I have always been fearful of something (different thing in different stages of my life) from my childhood. To find a reason for that, I have been telling myself that there is something wrong with my biology. Even this fear has put me into periods of mild to severe anxiety.
    Reading your post I suddenly realized that I have been seeing my fears as demons that I have to avoid and so never tried to accept them, work with them, appreciate them and …… This was the reason why they were stressful for me.
    I am recently awarded a PhD scholarship from UK but my fears have not let me to enjoy that amazing news. To my amazement, my friends are even happier than me about that award. But I am not that much happy because of my fears (demons). I have been trying to kill my fears not knowing that they get stronger doing that. Your post was a deep revelation to me. Thank you

    1. Esmaeil, this is a VERY common misconception. Everything has a purpose in the Universe–everything! That which has no purpose becomes extinct. Ask your fear demon what it’s purpose is and how it can (and does) serve you… and then listen intently. You may be amazed at the insight. Congrats on your accomplishment— you rock! And I bet you ANYTHING that you’re fear has helped you get there (even though you’ve fought it all the way). Just imagine what you’ll accomplish now that you respect, acknowledge and embrace it. ~ JAR

  18. I’ve read the sentence below a few minutes age. What do you think?!
    “Sometimes you don’t need to be brave in difficult situations. Sometimes you just need to have patience”


  19. I am a brand new fan of yours. Can you tell me why you were in prisonn?

    1. Hey Terrell, I was involved in a terrible accident in 2009 that took the life of 3 of my friends. We all participated willingly and all participants were warned in advance that it was dangerous. Prior to participation all participants signed waivers stated they understood the risk and agreed to participate of their own free will.

      Post the accident the state of Arizona convicted me of negligence. Unfortunately I didn’t know that anyone was in harms way. I truly wish I would have for as stated earlier I lost 3 people I truly care about. The facts from the trial show that actually none of us knew that anything was life threatening until it was too late (there were 52 of us).

      I can’t express how much anguish and sorrow I’ve experienced, and continue to experience, over this tragedy. It’s something I’ll have to live with for the rest of my life. I hope this answer your question and I appreciate you being here. ~ JAR

  20. dear James,
    I do love your way of thinking, I do admire your wisdom.
    i like this article although i would like to make a Point:

    – King Solomon was the greatest alchemist of all.
    – king Solomon didn’t ask for mansions and mounds of money—yet he got them.
    – And king Solomon did built a temple.
    but allow me to say
    this Phrase is Entirely WRONG and decieving and NOT TRUE.
    “and in the magical traditions of King Solomon, this wise king of mythology, built the temple of God by employing the demons and denizens of hell to work for him. Interesting.
    And in alchemical magic Solomon built this temple with demons! Please don’t take this at face value, contemplate the deeper and metaphorical meaning.”

    The demons and deniziens of hell your talking about are US, yes us the Lebanese our ancestor the Phoenicians did built the Temple of Solomon, Ahiram Abih was the ARCHITECT and the mension of king solomon was a gift given From Ahiram King of TYR as a sign of Love and friendship between solomon and Ahiram, between the hebrew people and the Phoenicians people.

    if you knew the history you would have said the truth,
    or else i am telling part of it to you, please do your research next time,
    at last or else which i doubt it that you meant to decieve people.
    Thank you James for considering my comment and considering ReEditing this Post.

    1. Bechara, thanks for sharing this and I think if you will study the esoteric traditions (many not just Islam or Hebrew exoteric traditions) you will find as I stated that they are all replete with mythology of Solomon; and very few of them agree. In fact, there’s as much variety of his life as there is of Jesus in the New Testament.

      Many scholars believe that there’s no definitive evidence to say that he even was a real person. I’m not going to take a position on that. My personal beliefs are that ALL the stories in the Bible (Old and New) are allegories and metaphors… not actual historical evidence. For science cannot prove that there was ever a great flood for instance (in fact says there absolutely was not) as many other things that are told there. this does not minimize the stories to me… in fact it gives me the ability to make it more powerful and relevant for today in my own life.

      The Bible in my experience is NOT a history book of literal events, it’s a profound history book of the journey of the soul. I could be wrong. But when I interpret the profound lessons therein in the this way it gives relevance to the stories for my life today and I think it may for all who read it this way. Thanks for sharing I respect your opinion and honor your journey. Much love and thanks for being here ~ JAR

  21. James,
    Again I do love your way of thinking, I do admire your wisdom, and I follow ur teaching,
    i like this article BUT- i would like to reformulate my Point:
    – King Solomon was the greatest alchemist of all. (yes maybe)
    – king Solomon didn’t ask for mansions and mounds of money—yet he got them. (Yes maybe)
    – And king Solomon did built a temple. (yes maybe)
    but allow me to say
    this Phrase is Entirely WRONG and decieving and NOT TRUE:
    “and in the magical traditions of King Solomon, this wise king of mythology, built the temple of God by employing the demons and denizens of hell to work for him. Interesting. And in alchemical magic Solomon built this temple with demons! Please don’t take this at face value, contemplate the deeper and metaphorical meaning.” (NO, NOT AT ALL)
    The demons and deniziens of hell your talking about are US, yes US the LEBANESE people, our ancestor the Phoenicians did built the Temple of Solomon, Ahiram Abih was the ARCHITECT and the mension of king solomon was a gift given From Ahiram King of TYR as a sign of Love and friendship between solomon and Ahiram, between the hebrew people and the Phoenicians people.
    I m just making a definite point That Ahiram loved Solomon and he sent his Architect the Phoenician architect and his laborer to build the temple. Not the DEMONS.
    Btw I didn’t even mentioned Jesus nor the bible, as for what u said about Jesus will be another debate…
    BGS 🙂

    1. Bechara, thanks for the clarification. I would NEVER call your people demons and denizens and NEVER implied that. Please accept my apology if it seemed that way at all. All I know of the Solomic fables are what I’ve been taught in the mystery schools and as I stated they are not meant to be literal happenings, rather allegories that bring us great life lessons. If there is an actual temple that is called the temple of Solomon then of course it was built by men. I am not aware of this temple but I will certainly take your word for it. I’ve never visited your country but I would definitely like to see this temple. Thanks for the clarification and for your persistence as well as your kind remarks. Much love ~ JAR

  22. James,
    Whenever you consider visiting Lebanon 🙂 I hope you will someday…
    tell me ahead of time and consider
    “my home is your house”
    “Me casa es tu casa”
    “بيتي أنا بيتك”
    Your much welcome.
    Peace be with you ~ BGS 🙂

  23. James,
    “me casa es tu casa” is Spanish and means same as above
    I really wish that you visit Lebanon some day, maybe you can do a conference here, and definitely it will be my honor to guide you to see the beauty of the “demons” 😉 and their country.
    Salam == peace
    BGS 🙂

    1. Bechara. LOL! I already have a few demons of my own =) but if you’re one of those then I’ll look forward to meeting another. Would love to visit Lebanon. How cool would that be? Let’s hold the vision. Much love ~ JAR

  24. ;Several days ago, I asked you if you think you manifested the prison sentence. I don’t see the question or the answer. I’m reading your book.

    1. Hey Terrell… I do my best to keep up with all the questions and comments, there are many. The answer is yes. I see the perfection in it all. There are things I had to learn there that I could not have, and would not have, learned anywhere else. Don’t get me wrong… I really don’t want to do it again. But now I”m grateful. Are you reading my blogs? I’ve answered this already in my blogs. Check them out. Thanks ~ JAR

  25. This is by far the most interesting and difficult blog I have read thus far. You are certainly starting to speak my language (Tarot), James, and are also hitting on my deepest, oldest, and most tenacious enemy – Fear. But see, as you imply, one needs to master fear in order to utilize it – to turn it into the very fuel of the driving force of existence. And THAT, thanks to you (JAR), I now understand. It seems the Zombie Apocalypse is real after all…just not in the way we thought. So many people “sleeping’ through their lives. It makes me shudder. I was one of them!

    Having said that, we come to the difficult part of the blog – the comments. My heart ACHES for (you) Suzan. I am SO sorry. 🙁 Please know that Brad is with you still, albeit not in his physical body, which is difficult (UNDERSTATEMENT) for you. He is a beautiful, perfect soul – just like us…still. And he can communicate with you. So please listen and please know that he is still there, if that gives you any comfort at all.

    Having lost my nephew three years ago, my sister’s 16 year old child, I know well the grief that accompanies it. It is a big, empty hole that is left behind, one that no one knows how to fill. “The great sadness” as it is called in The Shack. And having been there when my nephew passed, I have known the complete and utter powerlessness to DO ANYTHING to stop it, or change it, or make it go away. I know well the Hell, and also the Peace. I feel your anguish, Susan, and also your’s’ James. Time does not heal all wounds. There are some things in life that we just have to bear. If a shark attacks you and tears your leg off, time may heal the initial injury, but it won’t make your leg grow back.! You have to learn to live, and learn to walk again in life, without it. And sometimes we are lucky enough in life to have people love us enough to help us with that. But it is still our burden to bear, still OUR injury.
    We all bear some sort of responsibility, some sort of burden, don’t we? Some burdens are larger than others. Only if we experience them for what they are, and then utilize them, can we truly move forward in life. That’s where true character is built.. Ah… but isn’t that another Tarot card? ;}

    Thank you, as always James, for making me think and grow – and feel…although feeling can be painful. It is, after all, life.
    Rosa spoke of patience. And you, JAR, added, “Patience and Faith.” Yes… patience and faith. I have both. With much love always ` Lori

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