How to Deal With That Which You Fear the Most: James on Alchemy Part 8

“Contrary to popular belief… the so-called demons are our friends

when properly understood and utilized.

 Until you can dance with your devils, you’ll never walk in the Light.”


So now we are down to the nitty-gritty of true alchemy and utilization.

Of all ancient Western traditions, there are probably no more frequent myths and stories regarding anyone, than those of King Solomon; and Solomon was the greatest alchemist of all.

According to the traditions, God wished to reward Solomon for his faithful service; and upon being asked what blessing God should bestow, Solomon asked only for a compassionate and understanding heart. As a result he was extremely blessed in all arenas of life; and beyond measure. Solomon didn’t ask for mansions and mounds of money—yet he got them. Maybe a lesson to consider deeply.

I’ve encouraged people for years to “forget about money and focus on meaning.” In fact, the secret to making money in my experience… is to forget about money. Focus on meaning, service, and providing tremendous value. Money if and when it comes is a by-product of a meaningful life that provides tremendous service and value.

It’s better to make meager money doing something meaningful

than to make mega-money doing something miserable.

Please read that again… for if you’re truly honest with yourself, you’ll know this to be true. If you think it’s not… please think again. Solomon knew about meaning, service and value.

Furthermore, in the magical traditions of King Solomon, this wise king of mythology, built the temple of God by employing the demons and denizens of hell to work for him. Interesting.

What is this ancient myth attempting to tell us?

To understand we must visit the ancient traditions once again and the mysteries of alchemy and Tarot. This topic is so deep and complex that I must tell you in advance that I can do nothing but a very cursory overview here. But I think it’ll still be quite enlightening as you keep an open mind.

Who knows, maybe Universe Intelligence will allow me to teach an entire in depth course on these topics someday. Time will tell.

First, without going into a deep explanation, properly understood, the Tarot is not a deck of cards. It’s a book. Actually a map of the movement and expansion of conscious Life energy. In Tarot “The Magician” card (which roots come from “Magi,” the highest initiate in the mystery schools of Persia and Zoroastrianism), is associated to the Hebrew letter “Beth” (pronounced Bayt). This is the second letter in the Hebrew alphabet similar to the English letter “B.” Hang with me.

One of the myriad of interesting facts about the Hebrew alphabet, is that each letter has a numerological equivalent as well as a word translation. Beth, besides being a letter, translates as “house” in Hebrew. Its number is 1, indicating the first movement:

“And the breath/mind (Ruach) of the Gods (Elohim) said Let there be Light; and there was Light.” (Genesis 1:3). (Reference Alchemy 4).

In this second letter of the Hebrew alphabet the house (or we could say the temple of God/a.k.a. the human body prototype) is built. Are you following? And in alchemical magic Solomon built this temple with demons! Please don’t take this at face value, contemplate the deeper and metaphorical meaning.

The scientific fact is that your body is made up of a hundred trillion bacteria. In fact, bacteria outnumbers human cells 10 to 1 in the normal human. Many scientist now believe that bacterial DNA is converted into human DNA (the latter is still somewhat controversial). But what is not controversial is that bacterial DNA and human DNA are very close in their makeup.

Truth be told, you and I are both nothing more physically than organized bacteria. Please ponder that one; and these lower level entities organize to build the house which we call our bodies. Evolution anyone?

Isn’t it interesting that some people are scared to death of bacteria, literally becoming OCD in their futile attempts to avoid it (washing their hands incessantly, sanitizing, etc.), when the thing they’re attempting to destroy is the substance of their makeup? But then again, that’s another topic.

You may think your body is solid—it’s not. Think again. Your body is moving and vibrating non-stop at the quantum level; as well as creeping and crawling at the bacterial level; even when you think you’re sitting perfectly still. You’re not.

And that’s just the physical demons (translate demon as lower level of consciousness)—even more important possibly are the mental/emotional demons that we discussed last week as the archetypes of Carl Jung.

Just to define an archetype, it’s also known as a universal prototype: it may be a character, a theme, a symbol or even a setting.

So let’s take one of the most common and unpopular archetypal demons… the archetype of fear.

I recently read a post on Facebook where a supposed teacher was stating “F*** fear.” She actually spelled it out. I know of another that wrote a book titled “Being Fearless.” I’m sure you’ve heard plenty examples. We love to disrespect the archetype of fear with little clichés like “False Evidence Appearing Real” and so forth don’t we?

The more you fight it, the more it fights back

Truth be told, the individuals who fight fear the hardest are riddled with fear! They’re scared to death of fear itself. As a results they’re wearing their pain and suffering like a billboard. This, by the way, is true of every single archetype.

True courage is not the absence of fear… it’s the ability to allow fear to exist

Are you fearful and struggling? Learn the tips to moving past fear and struggle in this article.

Let’s personify the emotion of fear as an awesome and amazing demon for a moment. Literally a fearsome one. It is by the way—one of the most powerful and energy filled demons of all. In fact, I met this demon personified plenty of times while in prison. What is the demon of fears prime objective? The obvious answer must be “to cause fear.” Right?

Now consider from your experience what a bully does when you cower. It runs and rankles all over you right? The more you cower to a bully the more it bullies. Are you with me?

What happens when you push back on a bully? The true bully most often pushes back even harder, right?

Now imagine this archetype of fear as this big hairy bully that loves to push you around. You can’t push back—it’s bigger and stronger than you; it has tremendous power; and if you attempt to push back it’ll prove it prowess. I can guarantee, it’s going to win. But if you learn how to tame it, utilize it, you can actually put it to work for you… versus running all over you.

Man, I hope you’re thinking for this realization alone will change your life forever!

Much like the tiger we talked about last week. If you speak its language, give it what it wants and needs, you actually transmute its energy in a new direction. It does your bidding. Just possibly helping you to move mountains. Fear becomes fuel.

Conversely if you attempt to stuff it in a box, disrespect it “say F you” or “You don’t exist” (i.e. fearless) or “You’re a joke” (i.e. “false evidence appearing real”) it will tear the living crap out of you; and prove you absolutely wrong. Are you with me?

When you give any living entity what it wants, you’ll get what you need.

Lessons from prison. The biggest baddest guys on the yard (as well as the guards which for the most part were just as insecure, immature, and primal) all wanted “respect.” This was a major driving value in the prison system, as well as for all of us, at our most primal level. When you give someone want they want you’ll get what you need.

I gave them ALL immense respect—all of them—an abundance of it. They were shocked. They knew who I was, and expected me to be arrogant and to laud and lord everything I had experienced and accomplished (things they had not and were afraid they never would) over them. I wasn’t and I didn’t.

Some of this was the wisdom of understanding human behavior—some probably self-preservation (a.k.a. wisdom); and as a result they gave me back exactly the respect I gave to them. Do you follow?

Likewise, I promise you… when you give fear it’s respect and due it will serve you; and there are a myriad of ways it will serve. When you stuff and deny it, it will ravage the living daylights out of you to get the attention and respect it deserves.

That which is suppressed, will be expressed, in later days and uglier ways.

Next week we’ll address the transmutation of another most dreaded archetype, possibly the most dreaded of all… the archetype of suffering. When you get this I suggest then you’ll really get it. More to come…


Stay awake and Love Life,