How to create what you desire and deserve: Alchemy 10

Don’t wish for an easier Life, that’s illusion. Wish for greater capacity and capability to get through the challenges Life brings

Growth, expansion and prosperity don’t come from a seminar, a church service or a book. These things can be helpful in pointing the way, but ultimately growth, expansion and true prosperity come only (when and if they do) through Life and experience itself.

Pain is not a signal to suffer, it’s a signal to grow.

Pain is the mother of all growth.

Last week we began discussing the archetype of suffering. By your responses many of you are ready. For others it pushed some long indoctrinated buttons. Let’s continue…

The archetype of suffering most often comes out to play with our desire to control our environment and our circumstances. We can’t. We have influence, but no control. Once again, I’m sorry to burst your romantic bubble if you’re living in one, but the fact is that the only thing we can control is our experience of our environment and circumstances. Please make sure that sinks in.

All great entrepreneurial, business, and life achievers develop the ability to utilize everything to their advantage in this way. Please realize that often this strategy gives the appearance of controlling circumstances… when in fact you’re having an influence primarily on yourself; and subsequently an influence on your circumstances. Do you follow?

The desire to literally control circumstances is traditional personal development and pop-spirituality delusion 101.

Please understand… I’ve never said that we must suffer—only that we do and will suffer. And the harder we attempt not to, the more we do. What you resist, persists.

All current as well as ancient wisdom (when properly understood), tells us that the only control we have is the control of our will; and the will properly controlled gives the faith to not fold under pressure.

If you’re an entrepreneur, a business person, or you want to be, and you think that ancient wisdom has nothing to do with these things—think again. I love all things practical and everything I share with you will be to this end. No matter how it may appear. (reference Alchemy 9)

Please don’t assume that to control the will we must put a “positive spin” on what’s going on around us (as is so frequently propagated). Sometimes what’s going on is miserable! And no amount of spin is going to change that truth.

When I was sitting in a 12X10 shit-hole that smelled like piss and excrement, I dare you or anyone to tell me that it was a palace. Believe me… my own denial and illusion died slowly. I’ve always been persistent. It didn’t work. If you think you can do better, by all means, knock yourself out. Maybe you can. But I’ll tell you straight up that I wouldn’t wish that experience on my worst enemy. Never. Ever. I kid you not.

My only salvation was to finally accept my fate and the suffering that came with it. To see the situation clearly—exactly as it was. A nail is a nail; and no amount of chocolate and smiley faces will turn it into candy. (reference Life or Fantasy series).

No amount of “everything happens for a reason,” (man I hated that one). No amount of “God never gives you more than you can handle,” (that one pissed me off); would do the trick. Do I believe those things? Yes, yes I do. Did I want to hear them in the moment? Do you want to get smacked?

In the moment I despised those clichés! A shit-hole is not a garden.

Isn’t it always easier to quip these and other clichés off to someone else, when we’re not in their situation?

Oddly enough, when I finally accepted the glaringly obvious, it somehow was different. Transmutation began. My surroundings didn’t change, I changed. My need to control them and my perception changed. That which you resist persists. Think about it.

True positive thinking is not expecting the best…

True positive thinking is accepting that what is happening IS the best

For your future development, advancement and growth.

I could teach an entire seminar, or write an entire book on that one statement alone (maybe I will). But I submit to you that in those three lines are the proverbial keys to the kingdom. For the highest use of the will is to continually utilize your own consciousness such that you surrender all plans of the small personal will to the grander plan of Universal Will. To know beyond appearances that you’ll be okay, and that you’re on track, no matter what’s happening.

Please be very clear… this use of the will is not about changing what is in your consciousness (such as natural human emotions like anger, fear, doubt, suffering and all the other demons we do our best to avoid) that’s the illusion we’ve been spoon fed for far too long. It’s time to spit that stuff out like a baby does when you give him pureed liver! Maybe all over the pressed and starched shirt of the one who’s feeding it to you!

Proper use of the will is about acknowledging these feelings as they arise and allowing them their existence as perfect tools to help you fulfill a grander plan. Did you get that? Man this is heavy. It’s awakening. Are you tracking with me?

“Father if you’re willing please take this away from me;

yet not my will but thine be done.” ~ Luke 22:42 (emphasis mine)

Unfortunately for many, we’ve turned the powerful myths of the past into literal news reports about actual happenings… versus powerful messages and roadmaps to living a fulfilling and expansive life.

Mythology properly understood is not a literal history book.

It’s a history book of the journey of the soul.

In this story the prophet anguished in the garden of Gethsemane prior to his arrest and crucifixion. According to mythology he cried and perspired great drops of blood. You want to tell me that’s not suffering? He did not want to do what he was about to do. He desperately wanted to be saved from it all.

I know those feelings all too well… do you?

But in the end he surrendered his small personal will (not by the way without passionately voicing his request—with much tears, anguish and pleading) to Universal Will. He had to “suffer” to get there. Could he have submitted sooner without so much suffering? Yes. Did he? No. Will you? Probably not. Are you getting this?

We must suffer until we finally give in and suffer no more; and the more stubborn we are, the longer we prolong our own pain.

Please be clear that surrendering to Universal Will is not passive withdrawal or apathy. It’s not laziness and pop-spirituality lack of responsibility and action. It’s not trusting some external God or savior to “save us” from life circumstances and challenges. It’s not magical visualizing and thinking. Quite the contrary.

Surrendering to Universal Will is an active intention while simultaneously surrendering the “how” to the grander plan. In more common terms its letting go of how; and focusing your intention and faith on what and why. Are you getting this?

It’s “thinking like God thinks;” and it takes the greatest courage and strength of all.

This is the focus and realization that no matter how badly something may suck in the moment, you’re going to find purpose; you’re going to utilize it to get where you intend to go. Whether in business, finances, spiritual awakening, or Life itself.

It’s beginning to “think like God thinks” which please be reminded is only and always toward further expression, experience and expansion. (reference Alchemy 3)

The purpose of life is not accumulation of material goods or comfort. The purpose of life is not to be comfortable. Please read those last two sentences again. If you’re one of my Western readers… please read those lines three times.

The sole purpose of Life is to learn, grow and live; and to live fully! Unlimited life energy and possibility is pulsating through you; and nothing can work contrary to its nature. Nothing. (reference Alchemy 3).

Truth be told, the individual who espouse that there “is no suffering” is actually a neon sign for suffering. And they’re either pretending, living in denial and positive spin, or currently just too asleep to see clearly. Their futile attempt to avoid suffering is only stoking the fire of suffering. Again, that which you resist persists.

As we discussed previously, attempting to avoid, suppress, deny, and disrespect any energy or entity within us is the most suffering of all… do you get this? Any aspect of God that is suppressed, disrespected and denied becomes a demon. You could ponder that one for days, weeks, possibly a lifetime.

This behavior of suppression and denial is a loud call to the Universe to reset and awaken us in ways that absolutely will not, and cannot, be denied. Oh, and please believe me—it will reset and awaken us!

When I finally accepted my fate and all its suffering… it somehow began to change. When I let go of my hopes and dreams and desire to be “saved” from my misery… somehow in some strange way I was. Suddenly I became more sober and resourceful. It was time to get down to the business of living.

No, my environment didn’t change at all. I was still in a disease infested shit-hole that smelled of excrement and piss… but I changed in relation to it. It still sucked… but it was okay; it was my life; and I slowly began to find meaning and purpose. I began to understand why I was there and how I had to be there! I began to learn things I’d never learned before; and probably wouldn’t have in any other way.

True mastery is to be awake;

and to be awake is to resist nothing and to utilize everything.

Mastery brings harmony not balance. Learn more about mastery here.

Emblazon that on the screen of your mind. Etch it deeply. You want to grow your finances? Memorize and live this. You want to grow your business? Memorize and live this. You want to grow spiritually and awaken? Memorize and live this!

The greater the resistance, the greater the sleepwalker; and the greater the suffering. Remember as we’ve discussed many times, that the sole objective of Universal Intelligence is further expansion, experience and expression; and it will most often take the most effective and expeditious way possible to get where it’s going.

IT is way more intelligent that we are. IT is all that is… and we are only tapped into a fraction of all that is. But we have access to more as we awaken and become more aware; and that’s the really exciting part.

Please be aware that more often than not, the most expeditious way to where we’re ultimately going is the most physically and emotionally painful and apparently destructive. (reference Alchemy 3). Because it’s typically only through great pain and suffering that we are finally forced to let go of our own BS about life. Please read that again.

But believe it or not… it’s in this apparent destruction that we actually find new birth and new creation. Quantum theory tells us that creation and annihilation are two equal and opposite poles of the same Universal dance. These are the laws of nature. These are the laws of Life. Both are endless and eternal.

Often when things appear to be falling apart… they’re actually falling into place on a much grander scale. More to come…

Stay awake and Love Life,



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