How To Be Happy, Engaged And Totally Fulfilled In Your Life...
Have you been conditioned into a lie?
Do you have clear set goals?

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  1. Clear goals:
    James, you have done such a good job in motivating many of us to strive and develop. So much so, that I am willing to submit, that there are many here that are "dreaming of being more" for the first time since being in high school or college! ( for many, that was years ago)

    With this new lease on life and this whirlwind of learning and commitment to fulfillment, a vision appears and one needs goals to reach it.
    As you so wisely instructed in this video, incremental goals are vital to building momentum and progression toward that dream.

    When we throw out our TV and place more importance on learning and developing vs. squandering precious time; Out of the ethers the vision appears!
    Then, the incremental goals are put into place but is it not the quality of those goals( that road map) that will, in the end result, define success?
    Is there a way to drill down into those goals, a formula to analyze their quality before acting on them?

    This may sound like a silly question but when one is creating from scratch and tHe project is ( in your words"epic" – has many elements) how do we insure that we are prioritizing our goals effectively or is this all trial and error?
    It seems to me that the quality of ones steps and the organization of the progression of those steps is paramount?

    When one is charting undiscovered waters, how do you save time in plotting the course?

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