How to Attract What You Want

Are you setting yourself up failure?
Learn how to set a goal that’s in alignment with you

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  1. What is nice to know, is that there is more than one instinctive talent available to us.

    I believe, in this video, two were mentioned. I personally have three. One very developed and the other two? A work in progress.

    For some, like my old friend Henry (who is a amazing athlete) a career as a baseball player was over when he was 40 something. He never made it to the big leagues…. Now, he runs a very large Macy's store;he does a good job. To me, Henry will always be an athlete. He golfs like a champ, shoots hoops like a champ but at 61 he will never be another Michael Jordan. He was not,when he was young but he was close.
    Henry never made it to the big leagues….he tried…..
    There is no guarantee with any of this.
    Deep down inside we all have a sense of who we are and what talents we possess.
    If we are honest with ourselves; if we care enough to look, we know what our talents are.
    Know one can sway us from this truth and like Mr. Ray we must have the courage to stand up and say "This is ME…BACK OFF"
    However, when one acts upon the quest to pursue a god given gift, there are consequences…
    I have another friend, I will call him Jack.
    He is a tremendous entertainer, he is 65. Does he look his age?
    Hell NO! Maybe 40 but Jack has lived "his love" in poverty for 40 years.
    Is he a master? Yes. Better than Sammy Davis Jr.
    Just never got the break.
    I think when one is wealthy, it is easy to prescribe the idealism of "Jacks dream at 60+"
    It's Jacks life, I'm not judging….just pointing out a person who worked his ass off , has more talent in his little finger than most and has NOTHING to show for all the hard work.

    For Jack, life is a constant struggle, he goes from gig to gig;like a gypsy.
    The big break is always right around the corner.

    I like that James tells us about having MORE than ONE talent. Thank God for that.
    I think we all have to use our wisdom. If one is 60, like Henry or Jack. one is not going to try out for a professional sports league or continue to do gigs with the dream of getting booked into Vegas show.
    I understand passion for ones gift; however it must be pursued with wisdom.

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