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  1. I really want to acknowledge you for bringing up this sensitive subject and I would like to share a different perspective.
    We each CAN BE RESPONSE- ABLE when it comes to our planet and world affairs –
    We can bring peace to our world.

    WE CAN LOOK AT OUR SURROUNDINGS, OUR CIRCUMSTANCES; we can ANTICIPATE what various actions will create .

    This ability to be discerning sets us apart from all other animals.

    Studies prove that 80% of our daily thoughts are negative.
    Most of us see the bottle as half empty.
    When It is half full as well.

    So there is a CHOICE as to how we perceive our experience and the circumstances that we Witness.

    It has also been proven by science ( info provided upon request) that when large groups of people come together and mindfully focus on peace, the dynamics in a given local can be dramatically effected I.e. crime rates go down…..and so on.

    Peace and harmony starts with each of us:
    by making a deliberate choice to be more altruistic, a little less selfish, and A LOT more aware.

    If the population, just AMERICA, shifted its consciousness to one of altruism, the global state of affairs would improve dramatically.

    People on our planet have suffered enough, especially in the third world countries.
    We have a choice….We don't need to wait for a nuclear catastrophe to bring change.

    As individuals we have so much power. We must UNITE with awareness and we must accept that peace begins within the heart of each of us.

    More Suffering is not the answer….it is time to become aware of our individual actions and ensure that each of us are contributing to a peaceful world.
    Peace begins within you and me.

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