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Personal and Business Alchemy

James & Bersabeh Have worked with Over 100 Companies Globally Including:

Business Training, Coaching and Consulting

We work with individuals and businesses that want to build a significant business, as well as meaningful relationships, and a fulfilling life.

Presentation Skills Training, Development, and Delivery

One of the most important jobs of a leader is to communicate vision, purpose, inspiration, and direction clearly and regularly. James has been coaching executives on professional presentation design, organization, and delivery for over 20 years. Starting his career as a C Suite consultant with AT&T School of Business, James has shared the stage over the years with such notables as Richard Branson, Donald J. Trump, John Maxwell, Zig Ziglar and others. 

Experience proves that great presenters are great story tellers. Let us help you develop your story and deliver it masterfully. (PPT training, story and presentation structure, staging, voice inflection, breathing, and more).

Executive Coaching

James and his team have been coaching and consulting leaders for decades. Research by Forbes Magazine proves that every dollar invested in executive coaching gives a 6-1 return on investment. 

Are you ready to transmute your life, relationships, and business? James built and led a company inducted into the Inc. 500 from zero to $10 Million annually. Fortune Magazine wrote a full feature article on James heralding him as the new frontrunner in leadership and performance in 2009. Let our team show you how to transmute your life, relationships, and business.

Personal and Professional Intensives

James is available, schedule permitting, for full day intensives up to 3-month intensive work. Experience proves that “Your philosophy is the foundation of your psychology; and your psychology always drives your strategy.” If you want to transmute results both personally and professionally you must deal with the cause of all behavior versus the effects. The cause is internal versus external.

Crisis Intensive Coaching

The Chinese term for Crises means both “danger” and “opportunity.” When you face a personal or business crises you need someone who has been there; and has the personal scars and experience to prove how to get through. This is not achieved through theory. It’s only achieved through the wisdom developed from personal knowledge, understanding and know-how. Let James support and guide you through your personal landmines.

Sales Training

Influence is one of the most powerful skills necessary for both life, relationships, and business. To be a person of influence, you must have a certain degree of self-awareness. Great sustainable sales professionals, have great self-awareness. Only with a high degree of self-awareness can you then become aware of others. Until that time all the greatest and latest sales skills and techniques will not be applied.

The Norwegian word for sales translates as “service.” In today’s world service is so rare that when you provide it foremost, you attract people to you and the products you provide. Know thyself, serve first, build rapport, and influence will follow.

Cultural Assessments and Design

A business culture is comprised of the operating values, beliefs, and assumptions of the collective team members. These are most often unspoken. 

Businesses don’t perform. People perform. There are “5 Dimensions of Leadership and Performance® and our team provides a comprehensive assessments of the core operating culture through observation, one-on-one and group interviews. Once we know the unspoken drivers of behavior, we know exactly what must be done to shift behavior. So will you.

Keynote Speaking, Events and Training

James built his career with AT&T School of Business as a C Suite Consultant focused on leadership development, team performance, communication skills, sales training, time management, diversity, and a host of management and leadership strategies. James has worked with and/or been consulted by over 100 companies in all areas of performance and results. Talk with us to determine the approach that’s right for you both personally and professionally.

Keynotes, half day sessions, full day sessions, and up to 3-day training available.

Functional and Effective Meetings

Countless business leaders have experienced multiple hour meetings in which nothing gets accomplished or implemented. Creating the feeling of a total waste of time and money. Our team calls this “Death by Meeting.” James has been hired by numerous companies and leaders to facilitate meetings to ensure: 

  1. A clearly defined and communicated outcome.
  2. A schedule that is tightly adhered to. This requires the courage and finesse to redirect those who tend to get off on tangential issues; and to do so powerfully and correctly while preserving the relationship. Even if it’s a key leader.
  3. Action items that are assigned to each appropriate team member with a specific due date. We call that “Who’s going to do what by when?”
  4. Follow up and follow through processes to ensure results are accomplished.

We can also train your team in these processes and help you develop an internal functional meeting coordinator through observation, modeling, and coaching.

Intuitive Consultation with Bersabeh

All great businesspeople as well as relationships use their intuition. Intuition is tapping into something beyond mere logic. Top entrepreneurs constantly report they make decisions on intuition or gut feelings versus logic.

Bersabeh has been extremely gifted since very early in life with an intuitive ability that goes far beyond her own logic; and she is very practical.

In these 55-minute consultations Bersabeh taps into what Carl Jung calls the “Collective Consciousness” and tunes into your life, business, and relationships. 

Then, utilizing her extensive gifts and background she helps you decide how to make practical decisions, take action, and achieve all you desire and deserve.

Schedule a consultation with Bersabeh and free yourself from your blind spots, old feelings, and deeply rooted programming that are keeping you tired and stuck.

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James Arthur Ray has inspired and educated over a million people, from 145 different countries and across a variety of industries.


“You really helped give us hope and determination to move forward in our lives and in our businesses. As a result, I’ve seen renewed focus and passion from our members and my teammates”.

Judy Wander
International Council of Shopping Centers

“All said and done, I observe my team is more committed and passionate to do “whatever it takes” to produce results in their business”.

Rori Ferensic
Association of Financial Professionals

“If you’re ready to have your organization produce revenues, profits and performance that literally put you in a class all your own, then contact James’ office immediately.”

Bruce Dickinson
First Franklin

Keynote and Event Topics

The Business of Redemption

The Price of Leadership in Both Life and Business

Learn about:

  • The psychology and strategy to weather both the rises and falls of the ever-changing market as well as life itself…
  • The battles a leader must fight, and the risks he must take; and how to utilize them as a benefit…
  • How absolute responsibility, purpose, self-awareness, and resilience are the foundation upon which true leadership is built and redemption is gained…
  • Why a compelling purpose is imperative to thrive when everything seems to be falling apart …
  • How to master your morning so you master your life and business…
  • True leaders don’t’ get knocked down less, they most often get knocked down more. But they continually get back up; and come back strong!
  • And more.

Redemptive Leadership®

Strategies to Thrive in a Disruptive World

Learn about:

  • The 5 Dimensions of Leadership and how all 5 must be employed to achieve both personal and collective goals…
  • Why health—physical, emotional and mental—is vital for both you and every member of your team, to success in an uncertain world. If you’re going to make the impact you’re here to make on the world, you must have a lot of energy and time to do so…
  • The single most powerful characteristic of a true leader…
  • The price that must be paid to gain something that’s not yet achieved or to regain something that’s been lost…
  • How to learn to embrace challenges and turn them into opportunities…
  • The 3 Principles that true leaders understand and put into action every day…
  • Why true leadership is a way of life. Not a title, position, paycheck or following…
  • The power and effect of the “Shared Consciousness” of the Army Rangers, Marines, Navy Seals, and other elite forces…
  • And more.

Coming Back Strong!

Businesses don’t perform, people perform

Learn about:

  • A Powerful Transforming Purpose…
  • Self-Awareness, Self-Mastery, and Self-Command…
  • Commitment to a Cause far beyond your own personal needs…
  • How to massively increase productivity and accelerate results…
  • Strategic Quitting
  • And more.

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