Hire Me To Speak

Hire Me To Speak

James Has Spoken for Over 100 Companies Globally Including:

Keynote and Event Topics

The Business of Redemption

The Price of Leadership in Both Life and Business

Learn about:

  • Leadership results from the ability to weather both the rises and falls of the ever-changing market as well as life itself…
  • The battles a leader must fight, and the risks he must take; and how they are not his bane but his benefit…
  • How absolute responsibility, purpose, self-awareness, and resilience are the foundation upon which true leadership is built…
  • True leaders get knocked down but they continually get back up; and they come back strong!

The Leaders Edge

Strategies to Thrive in a Disruptive World

Learn about:

  • Why health—physical, emotional and mental is vital to success in an uncertain world. If you’re going to make the impact you’re here to make on the world, you must have a lot of energy and time to do so…
  • Why true leadership is a way of life. Not a title, position, paycheck or following…
  • The 3 Principles that true leaders understand and put into action every day…
  • Why a compelling purpose is imperative to thrive when all things known are seeming to crumble …
  • The power and effect of the “Shared Consciousness” of the Army Rangers, Marines, Navy Seals, and other elite forces…
  • And much more.

The 5 Dimensions of Ultimate Leadership

Businesses don’t perform, people perform

Learn about:

  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Physiology
  • Community 
  • Strategy

The Art of Warrior Leadership

Learn about:

  • The importance of Self-Command
  • The focus on Selflessness
  • Leading by example

Bulletproof Resilience

Learn about:

  • Self-awareness
  • Identifying your Unique Gifts and Purpose
  • The power of Community

Grit to Greatness

Learn about:

  • The importance of developing an Autotelic Personality
  • Managing realistic expectations
  • The powers of energy, stamina, and endurance 

Coming Back Strong

Learn about:

  • A Powerful Transforming Purpose
  • Self-Awareness and Self-Mastery
  • Commitment to a Cause far beyond your own personal needs
  • How to massively increase productivity
  • Strategic quitting

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“You really helped give us hope and determination to move forward in our lives and in our businesses. As a result, I’ve seen renewed focus and passion from our members and my teammates”.

Judy Wander
International Council of Shopping Centers

“All said and done, I observe my team is more committed and passionate to do “whatever it takes” to produce results in their business”.

Rori Ferensic
Association of Financial Professionals

“If you’re ready to have your organization produce revenues, profits and performance that literally put you in a class all your own, then contact James’ office immediately.”

Bruce Dickinson
First Franklin


James Arthur Ray has inspired and educated over a million people, from 145 different countries and across a variety of industries.

  • Coca Cola
  • Nestle
  • IBM
  • DOW Chemical
  • Pioneer
  • AT&T
  • Sprint
  • Nextira One
  • Intellimark
  • Verizon
  • Association of Financial Professionals
  • First Franklin
  • The Investment Center
  • Mass Mutual 
  • Merrill Lynch
  • SunAmerica
  • Thompson Financial
  • Western Regional Mortgage Brokers
  • Michigan Association of Realtors
  • Century 21
  • ReMax
  • Bernardo Moving (Wheaton)
  • Carl’s Jr. (Carl Karcher)
  • Sonic
  • Der Wienerschnitzer (Galardi Group)
  • Life Touch
  • Port Of Subs
  • Pinch A Penny
  • Denny’s
  • El Pollo Loco
  • Four Season Sunrooms
  • Service Experts
  • Bodywise
  • OkTire Stores
  • Professional Hospital Supply
  • Aussie Pet Mobile
  • CA Assoc of Racing Fairs (CARF)
  • Conseco
  • Nash Institute
  • Neil Corporation (Aveda Institute)
  • Unicco
  • Xocai
  • Amway
  • Global Information Network (GIN)
  • Organo Gold
  • Nationwide Insurance Co.
  • State Farm Insurance
  • Blue Cross / Blue Shield

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“The Rockstar of Personal Transformation”

~ The Today Show

“The King of Self-Help”

~ Piers Morgan