Heart and Mind Fully Activated

The will of God is harmony and integration

So let’s take a moment and regroup on what we’ve explored thus far before moving forward.

We started out with a mindset just post 10,000 B.C.E. where the hero-king was valued only as a consort and protector to the creative female. Often being sacrificed and eaten after the hunt. The Great Goddess was worshiped and all things of Nature were sacred and in full swing. (reference IAD4)

Then from 6664 to 4498 B.C.E. we shifted slightly in our view of the Goddess. During this time the Great Goddess was still primary but she developed a three-fold nature and was depicted as the maiden, mother and crone. The three-fold nature of all creation (along with possibly the first trinity) was awakened in consciousness. (reference IAD5)

166 B.C.E., as we began to leave another great Era, Goddess worship had waned and the worship of the Sun had reached its zenith in Egypt, the entire Western world was ruled by the iron-clad laws of Rome which possessed the greatest military power the world had ever seen to that date.

During this time as well… the mind began to develop and the love for great philosophy and thinking for ourselves sprang forth. With the coming of the patriarchal dominance, the intellect was taking priority over the physical/emotional in many ways. (IAD6)

Eventually the pendulum fully swung. Matriarchal dominance was gone, and patriarchal dominance was in full operation.

Everything in the Universe moves in cycles and rhythms.

Finally in a fatal swoop the worship of the physical Sun ran its course and in a religious-political move in 325 C.E. Christianity and its supreme Sun God became “the Son of God.” Sole emissary to God and savior of all mankind.  (IAD7)

Whatever power or personal responsibility we once had for our own awakening was largely gone and we became indoctrinated for the next two-thousand years in external saviors. This mindset pervaded every single arena from personal to business to political to economic to spiritual.

So here we are. The much heralded and acclaimed Age of Aquarius. We entered in approximately 2000 C.E. After a nearly two thousand year period of enforced spiritual slumber where direct spiritual experience, and personal spiritual exploration, were at best frowned upon; and at worst punishable by death; we come to a critical fulcrum once again.

Remember every grand shift and new era is heralded by extreme polarization and strife. (reference IAD6) Do you feel it?

The doomsayers want to state that it’s the “end of the world.” Really?

I’m curious… what are all those authors of the 2012 books and predictions of fear and destruction doing now? I’d be willing to bet that they’re saying something like “we changed our ways” and therefore we were mercifully saved. Uh… okay.

Let me assure you with absolute certainty… there is no end of the world. Ever. You’ll never see it. Relax and breathe easy. In fact, nothing ever truly ends (more on that to come).

We are on the edge of one of the five or six 

major transformations of the human species 

~ Ken Wilber

The end of an Era and the world as we know it? Yes. We’ve been here before. You and I will not see the next Era… so this is it baby. Make the most of it.

From Goddess worship; to God worship; to its derivation of Son of God worship as emissary; where do we go next? And what are the implications?

Well that’s the billion dollar question isn’t it?

Let’s look at the Archetypes embedded in our collective psyche for our answers. Simply put Goddess worship is Gaia, Nature, Archetypical feminine qualities of receptivity and compassion, and all things emotional and physical. At the extreme pole… more heart with less intellect.

God worship is activity, achievement, intellectualism, scholarly pursuits, and acquisition (i.e. taking over and ruling kingdoms metaphorically). At the extreme pole… more head and less heart.

Now some romantics might say we need to go back to the “old ways” or that we need more “feminine energy.” I strongly disagree. You may not like my opinion but those who are attempting to propagate all things “Goddess” attempt to go backwards in time. Not to mention that they’re most often using primarily masculine energy in a futile attempt to forward the polar opposite. How can that work? Something to ponder deeply.

Sorry ladies I love you dearly and respect you immensely. Sincerely I do. You have a unique and special part in the new paradigm… and I submit that when you truly understand it’ll be perfectly clear.

Likewise it should be self-evident that we don’t need more masculine energy. It’s the masculine energy of the last Era that has brought us to the precipice of where we currently are; and while there’s value (just like there is in feminine energy); and we had to get where we are to go further; in-and-of-itself it’s incomplete.

In today’s world technology and politics and money and power and war have become God. Or at minimum all used in the “name of God.” The masculine energy has run its course unbridled for nearly two-thousand years.

We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking 

that created them.”

~ Albert Einstein

So where are we going? Only time will tell. But it seems fairly self-evident… at least to me.

Buddha once stated, “Enlightenment is meditation plus compassion.” It’s consistently evident that he was way ahead of his time.

Now if we break that statement down into the current vernacular we could say that “Being awake and truly alive is the result of both the head and the heart fully harmonize and integrated.”

So what does it take to truly live and fulfill your unique purpose? Read more about it here.

I know that’s a mouthful but please make sure you grasp the implications.

The will of God is harmony and integration

I submit that this integrated being is what I’ll call the Child. We were part way there in Christianity… but we ended up worshipping the advertisement versus the product. Please read that again.

The truth of the mythology got lost in dogma and the search for external saviors. Jesus’ teachings were propagated by the patriarchal dominant mindset. We’re not here to worship old prophets… rather to become the prophet. Please ponder that long and hard.

Truth be told… every single great teacher told us this very thing. Read. Listen. Think.

Now follow this. The merging of the masculine energy and feminine energy in nature always creates a product. The Law of Correspondence tells us that what we observe in the Universe around us can be observed in the Universe within us.

Let’s call that child or product or result of this integration “The Fully Alive and Integrated Human Being.” Head and heart fully awake and alive. Resisting nothing… experiencing and utilizing everything.

Is it just me or is it very intriguing that in astrology Aquarius (our current age), is first and foremost an Air sign? Air meaning intellectual and thinking. But it’s also the “water bearer.” Water being emotion and heart.

If you’ve been following the series you’ll be hard pressed to say that there is no credence whatsoever to the position of the Cosmos and the position and mindset of mankind. All is interconnected.

Aquarius. Meditation plus compassion maybe? Merging, harmonizing, and integrating both Male and Female energy? Head and Heart? Total and complete coherence between these two most vital organisms in the body? Something to ponder; and the journey continues…

Stay Awake, Love Life, and Be Epic,

james arthur ray


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  1. Bravo James!! Your Innate Ability Development blog series has been my favorite thus far (says the girl who never really liked history class…until now that is). Integration of heart and mind plus compassion…and so it is. 🙂

  2. What I keep saying is, “We are meeting; toe to toe.” 🙂 Love U James…
    (We meaning masculine and feminine energy.) It is all Balance~

  3. This is the most inspiring blog yet. I am painting a series of canvas called “Origin”, “Incarnation”, and “Redemption”…. (which I might rename “Integration”). Just to validate information, I was given these visions in 2005 and have been writing a book and now painting a series of rather large canvases that describes the evolution of humans on this planet since the star nation people arrived a billion years ago. I find your blogs confirming my own thoughts and visions, and for this I am truly grateful. How inspiring!

  4. Keep them coming JAR. This is great stuff.


  5. Awesome post James and ‘The will of God is harmony and integration’ is worth spending hours pondering. The “will of God” is worth knowing. History, the actually what has happened not the story about it, could be called the ‘will of God’.

    Rome was a republic for 500 years before she turned into an ‘empire’. She grew and took over her portion of the world. A couple generations before Christ entry the Roman Empire began with its autocratic rule. By 395 when ‘Christianity’ became the official religion of the Empire, Rome broke in half. The west lasted about 80 years more officially while the East remained in place until 1453 when the Ottoman Turks took Constantinople.

    World population seems to have reset at a billion people more than once. When the Roman Republic ended the republics population was around 100 million, [some say less, some say more]. Today the same land mass supports 700 million people. Human consciousness, weather and the ability to feed people with existing technology has always been the limit for thousands of years. Rome existed with a world of a billion. Her end appears with maybe half that. The period from 800-1200 was warmer than now and the population of Asia and Europe may have reached a billion again. The bubonic plague introduction cut world population in half again over the next 100 or so years by 1400.

    Something changed in the middle 1400’s and around 1500 the world reset again. The Reformation redistributed Europe’s wealth and changed the way the world operated with money. The new world, North America was ‘discovered’ by Europe. Interesting that Mexico City in 1500 was larger than any population center in Europe or even Asia. By 1600, the Americas lost millions because the indigenous people did not have the European immune system.

    Something happened again in the late 1700’s. The reintroduction of ‘republican’ group thinking, liberty and freedom ‘in the air’ changed the world’s landscape. However, when the world bumped up against a billion again around 1800 there was no reset. By 1920, even with WWI accomplished, the end of the US Republic ended, world population hit 2 billion. The introduction of a new level of consciousness seems to have found numerous ways to maximize the known. Even the ability to destroy more did not slow world population down. By 1950, with another World War, population hit 3 billion and the ‘Baby Boom Generation’ kicked in. 4 billion marked the early 70’s and the Carter administration produced the Global 2000 report. We passed 5 Billion in the mid 80’s, 6 Billion around 2000, 7 Billion and rising around now and 8 billion likely by 2020.

    What’s coming? Imagine the loss of the current ‘victim’ consciousness. The myth we are separate and alone will occur first as superstition and then be forgotten. Imagine a world that works for everyone, with no one left out and no one left behind. The theory of the 100 monkeys suggests as the number of people who are aware of their own self-awareness increase in use and ability the shift will happen for everyone. The current ‘command and control’ of the vast majority by a very small number will end. A 100 years ago, world tensions were not much different than today. Besides 5 billion extra people, we can really make a mess now. Nuclear weapons are small potatoes compared to what a major EMP wave would do the electrical grid. A rearrangement of the current financial system appears only a matter of how soon. There are always winners and losers at every phase change. Every breakthrough follows a breakdown. The bigger the one is the bigger the other. Riding the horse in the direction it is headed is a smart choice.

    James, I apologize for the length. Edit as you see fit.

    1. Michael… you mention “100th Monkey” I also am fond of “phase transition” in physics and the “Mahareeshi effect” as other examples of the critical mass needed for a fundamental shift. In fact, I’ve focused and committed my entire life to them. We may not see them in our lifetime but we must think, think and act as if we will. Onward ~ JAR

  6. Indeed, next step needs to be balanced, not pushing the balance to either side, but the middle way is the harder to get, to keep the balance in everything is one of the most difficult thing to achieve.

    Thank you James, the homework is every time harder but more intense and interesting.

  7. These are important and fascinating concepts, dominance of the feminine, then masculine, then integration of the two, and you articulate them so well. It is the humanity development path, humanity’s evolution. It mirrors individual development in which the individual feminine and masculine must fully integrate, sync in harmony, before individual destiny can be most fully expressed. When enough individuals achieve this, the 100th monkey phenomenon kicks in and this integration starts expressing in global ways. We may not live to see that in its full expression. Still our personal development is crucial to its realization. An interesting aspect of this integration on a personal level is it is very healing, spontaneous healing happens and wellness becomes dominant. Fully integrated individuals then live extra long and productive lives. It’s pretty tricky to achieve this integration though, as I understand it at least. Many illusions must be given up, including religion(s). That’s still a very hard sell for the masses. Yet imagine the days of no religion, fewer reasons to fight wars gives way to more widespread peace. Thanks for advancing the times to come so eloquently James.

    1. Well stated Kerri… the 100th Monkey, phase transition of science, and the Mahareshi affect are all outcomes that I live for. Let’s make it happen. It may not in our lifetimes… but we must work as if it will. Much love ~ JAR

  8. Glad your back James…. Keep spreading your words & great energy, as we all should…And eventually the ones who dont get it will ~ ” Energy is Limitless, Optimum Health is Timeless ” ~ Karen M. Shaw

  9. This is very interesting. I came in late to the series or discussion and I will go back and start at the beginning and move forward to catch up with the rest of you. But are you talking about the great living yin-yang of the Universe, the constant flux that is forever seeking balance and yet forever seeking change? The great Is, which is both thinking and feeling?

  10. I was in the Navy Reserve for a time in a medical unit that was predominately male (like most armed services) but the few females there were very strong. The females for the most part were all about downing the guys and really discounting them as far as anything useful. Time and again I found myself defending my male colleagues and pressed for a more integrated way of thinking for our unit. I had to explain my stance many times telling these ladies that I was not going to make an enemy of the people that were most likely going to watch my back as I watched theirs. I think I was looked upon as a “traitor” to my kind but am hopeful that some were listening.
    I have felt for quite a while now that integration was a far better outcome for us as a species due to the fact that we each have what the other needs to make us all come out better.
    Thanks for validation of what I felt 25 yrs ago and still do today.

  11. You’re funny James! 🙂 I will go catch up a little bit each night before I sleep. So it sinks in. ;} LADR

  12. I think God’s will as harmony and integration has a specific Heavenly break down: no fear, no stress, no pain, happiness, joy, peace, love, communication and energy. It also includes no conflict and God guides us. An absence of war, conflict and arguments are aspects of the harmony. Teaching flow is very important. Great post.

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