Have We Been Sold a Lie? Alchemy and Utilization: Part 4

We’ve discussed that all things are from One Source, spirituality calls it God, science calls it Energy; and regardless of what you call IT that Source is Life itself. Therefore, IT cannot work contrary to its nature for that would be a contradiction of all that IT is. Life by simple definition must be Life… not it’s opposite. Do you follow?

Consequently we must surmise that everything is here for further expansion, experience and expression of the Life Principle. Furthermore, all things which appear to be contrary to increasing Life are only appearances; and are so only by our own limited definition and perspective. Now there’s one you can ruminate on for a month or three. If all this doesn’t resonate then please re-read Parts 1-3.

So let’s return to the God is “only light and love and goodness” concept that we discussed last week and that we’ve been spoon-fed since inception. For what indeed are light and love and goodness?

We think we know… but do we really? Is it “good” to be consistently kind and supportive to someone who is being abusive either mentally or physically to themselves or others? Or is there a time to step up and say “enough is enough?”

Isn’t “tough love” truly just a more palatable term we’ve chosen for being harsh? You see, extreme kindness becomes weakness and extreme strength becomes abuse. Any virtue taken to an extreme is vice. Now there’s a mind-full you can ponder for days.

Any virtue taken to an extreme is vice.

Let me continue to potentially spin you sideways for a bit by visiting the book of Genesis; and the tenants of the most common creation myth.

And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

 ~ Genesis 1:2-3

Now any thinking individual has to read this most common passage and immediately realize that “all was dark” before it was light, right? Now let me ask you: If God existed before the light was created… where was it that this Universal Intelligence exist? (Boy… that question used to get me the snake eye from the teacher in Church School.)

It’s obvious that dark was first! Light came from dark! (At least according to Judaism, Christianity and Islam), are you thinking? How can darkness be evil and/or bad if that’s where “God lived?” Is your head spinning? Maybe God is actually dark after all? And from ITS essence of darkness and emptiness IT created the light. That means that light is a secondary effect of the darkness. Please read that again and let it spin around in your head. (Or spin your head around as the case may be).

(Actually it wasn’t God… it was “The Spirit of God,” read it again. Ruach in Hebrew, translated as “breathe” or “mind”… but that’s another discussion).

Okay, let’s break this down. We’ve been told that the Creative Source is Infinite and Eternal, right? Which means IT existed before all time and space. Are you with me? We know scientifically that the physical Universe is somewhere around 14-15 billion years old; and we can actually trace it all the way back to the Big Bang (let there be light) with sophisticated astrological equipment. Think about it… 15 billion years isn’t even the equivalent of a subatomic particle when compared to Infinite.

So that means that Universal Intelligence/God existed in the dark way longer than IT ever did in the mesely 15 billion years of so called “let there be light.” Right?

Once again, it appears we’ve been sold another bill of goods. Damn. Is it possible that only in our darkness we find and embrace the light? Because that’s where the Creative Power resides? Contemplate that one deeply please.

Learn more about how to use your creative power and create anything you want in this article.

I’ve met several powerful and quite awakened individuals in my life and without exception these powerhouses don’t hide their darkness, nor do they make excuses for it… they put their darkness to work for them. Alchemy my friend. Creation.  Are you thinking? Are you curious?

Only when you find Heaven in the midst of Hell…

Is Heaven truly found

Keep your questions and comments coming…

Stay awake and Love Life,

james arthur ray



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  1. I stand firm in that all things are Divine and therefore everything in the Universe is essential for us and our expansion. Sometimes I have trouble sorting some of life’s questionable moments…but have faith that, in time, love and the greatest good will reveal itself. Thank you for putting into words things I think about and wonder. You are the best!

    1. Maria… I too have trouble in my limited understanding of things sorting out the “most questionable moments” of Life. For which one of us can even begin to scratch the surface of what IS? No matter how desperately we attempt to “figure it out” Life is a magnificent puzzle that can NEVER be fully figured out. Maybe when we accept this the whole Universe shifts. ~ JAR

    2. Amazing summation Maria, thank you. You just helped me sort my head out!

  2. Whatever happened to you in “there” my friend, it brought you to enlightenment. And…it also gave you the guts to talk about it.
    Why not? After all…we are living on the times of the Revelations.
    Many people are not ready to accept the truth though. The truth that they have been living “a lie” since the very first day that they were born.
    I salute your courage James.

    1. Fabiana… what happened to me “in there” was the most life shattering experiences that one could imagine. The hardest thing I’ve ever done; and yet in this Darkness I was able to grasp a whole new level of Light. Truth is relative and contingent upon perspective and our own personal place in the Journey of Life. New understanding does not negated the old… rather it validates and takes it deeper and makes it even more profound. Thanks for being here and thanks for being open to explore ~ JAR

  3. Ouch, that’s a bit of a shocker unless of course it’s not! I love the logic and agree wholeheartedly with you James on everything you said. We are brought up (call that conditioned) to believe in so much fluffy propaganda that is so far from the truth., It makes you laugh or at least breathe a sigh of relief when you begin to understand (even if only in part) what is really going on here. Your insights are thought provoking and life changing. Keep shattering those old paradigms…it will help so many people benefit from your experiences and wake up. xx

  4. James, I understand this. It’s almost another “label” that has been taught since the beginning of recorded time. Darkness. At least, to me, it makes sense. But then again, it’s all about perspective? Right?

  5. In that ‘black’ place before there was any light, I have wondered how many times ‘He’ did the ‘Big Bang’ before including the ‘time’ function. Time added only ONE THING to the equation of knowing everything. The experience of it and we are collecting all the experiences in time. No reason to concern now with yesterday or tomorrow. Experience only happens now. Every puzzle I ponder turns on now. My power, or access to it, is available only now. Even “HOW do I remain longer in now?” Thank you James for making now such an enjoyable place.

  6. Dear Mr. Ray,

    I found your blog both original and fascinating! I see the major point (and this is just so that you can trace the ripples in the pond that your stone generated) as all is one and to there is a symbiotic relationship between our Good and Evil, Right and Wrong. Of course I have experienced the dangerous territory that is created by opening up this topic, when I read a justification that the holocaust was a necessary and ultimately positive point in our history ( difficult to keep an open mind when confronted with that concept ).

    2 side notes about the thought process:
    1) When you called light a secondary process to the dark, it implies a lesser relationship exists. Would it be possible, with out contradiction, to view light as the natural evolutionary step that darkness under goes?

    2) While we can trace time/space back to the Big Bang, there is no reason I can think of to say that this Universe is the only one that has ever been or ever will be. It seems that we must consider that all expressions of IT, might have a life cycle, even one that is billions of years old and encompasses all that is.

    Minor points certainly, but I am following Mark Twains adage that “as a young man, I wanted to write very badly! And very often did!

    Best Regards,

    1. hey Gene! Very thought provoking and nice points. Of course all “truth” is but partial truth and I by no means intend to imply that mine thoughts or perspectives are absolute. How can any finite mind perceive that which is Infinite? My experience is that sometimes, due to heavy conditioning in only one direction, you must need to explore deeply in the opposite direction to even get someone to open to other possibilities. Make sense? If you’ve following the series you’ll note time and time again that I’ve stated that there is “only one” and so by that same logic would it not be true that Dark and Light BOTH must be co-existent and equal? Thanks for your deep thoughts ~ JAR

  7. Thanks James for thsi and many otehr of your blogs.
    Another way of looking at this is which does not nesaccasrily refut teh above, is- that darkness does not exist. What if before light there was nothing (nothing = everything =god= source)?
    What if when light was created, lack of light was also created and we gave it a name.
    The philosphy of some other awakened beings have taught me that there is not good and bad, but only good and lack of good. And only we decide to let good in our lives or not.
    We give the lack of good a name, as if it exists, but it is only lack of love.
    Much love

    1. Antoinette, Now you’re getting all esoteric and Kabalistic on my aren’t you? =) In Kabala the Supreme is Ain which translates as “nothing.” or no-thing. Maybe IT’s never lacking but again what we perceive as lack is actually only by comparison and degree. Keep thinking (so few do) ~ JAR

  8. Hi James, now that one is a thought provoker. I’ve long thought that the whole Devil (darkness) was a bit of a red herring. After all, wasn’t it God that created Satan? Did he not create him with all his failings. In fact Lucifer means barer of light. So in fact is it not God that resides in the darkness. If we read the Bible and look for all the heinous terrible acts, are they not all carried out by God. The Devil doesn’t actually do anything bad. Maybe, the 3 main religions have got it all the wrong way around. As an atheist it’s irrelevant to me, but I am fascinated by the psychology of it all. Thanks for getting my brainbox going – again! 🙂

    1. Yes Stuart… Lucifer does indeed translate “bearer of Light” something to ponder indeed. As stated in the blog… “Maybe the Devil is just God in disguise for those who don’t understand. ~ JAR

  9. The universe is based on opposites .
    Top/ Bottom

    Cannot have one with out the other.

    Never thought of it in the form of todays blog , but it absolutely makes sense.

    Here’s to finding heaven. Whatever that may be for anyone pursuing their ultimate pursuit of transcendence.

  10. God is definitely good and evil, because the Law of Attraction brings you exactly the equivalent of what you think about, whether bad or good. So, ultimately, God is good when you think good and God is evil if you think evil.


    1. Evode… I agree with some of what you’ve said and respectfully agree with the second part. When have you (or anyone) EVER gotten EVERYTHING you think about? I know this is popular in many circles but if everyone got everything they thought about the world would be in constant chaos. is it possible instead that you get EXACTLY what you need (not what you want) for fuller expression, experience and expansion. For such is the essence of Life. Something to ponder ~ JAR

  11. It seems to me that the self-help industry has become a stick to beat ourselves with. After several weeks of Super Soul Sunday I went from feeling uplifted and inspired to feeling not good enough. You are definitely on the right track and breaking ground again here. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Jacqueline… THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! Totally agree. My experience is that the entire industry both in personal and spiritual issues is contributing to the neurosis it so passionately seeks to eradicate. Nice observation ~ JAR

  12. I think after reading the above thought provoking blog that, us humans are responding to what is thrown at us in the moment. Our actions and reactions could be the manifestation of our thoughts , I believe that however we cannot forget that we are also dealing with the actions and reactions generated by other people. It could get quite complicated I guess!!

  13. Great point! Science says in the universe that dark matter actually pushes light. I agree that only in the darkness can you discover different aspects of yourself that can’t be experienced in the same way. It then can be brought unto the light. (awareness) If one is courageous enough to look inward that is.

    1. Nice Allison… actually we now believe that Dark Energy/Matter is what holds the whole model together. Nice point. Is there a metaphor here? Yes, I think there is ~ JAR

  14. Nice discussion. I’ll throw in my two cents–
    I see that darkness is just darkness and light is just light. If we take all the charge and value and judgements and outside info off of it–if we can drain that out for an instance or two–we just have darkness. It doesn’t offer anything other than what it is–nor does light. Both are neutral and beautiful energies to draw from for our movement or evolution. Wherever we are “stuck” on the side of dark or light, good or bad, evil or redemption etc. gives us the confusion and less of the dark or light to choose from. If it can become a neutral pool of energy to draw from, now we are closer to free and conscious. Easy to say I know… but still true for me.
    A good nights sleep when I awaken from the dark fully charged and alive is just as “giving” as a good day in the sunshine. Bad can hide in the dark and “bad” can hide right out there in front of God and everyone–right in my blindspot. My ability to negotiate the dark and light and my ability to use the “neutral” aspects of both is for me the goal, the game, the truth and the alchemy.
    Just saying…

  15. Good read James. Always been a fan and couldn’t wait for you to start feeding and challenging our minds. Just wondering how I can lay hands on your ” ask james anything” teleconference calls with Alex. There are some specific Infos that I wanna relisten on some of those calls. By the way, I love your book Harmonic wealth.

    1. Thanks Warren and that’s a good question. Everything was taken by the state of Arizona when things crumbled. Much was lost. You might ask that question from Alex. I’ve not heard from him. Thanks for being here. ~ JAR

  16. I love this chapter of this series James! It resonates at every level. A thought came to my mind as I read it, one of my aha’s with “you cannot measure darkness, you can only measure an absence of light” – which means, for me anyway, that darkness is ALL. Love love love it. What you have written brings so much clarity and freedom. Now, to go and file it somewhere so that that freedom shows up on those tricky days where I’ll only want to measure the absence of light. Thanks!

    1. Amanda, be assured that those days will show up and by your own logic how can “freedom show up” without the ability to contrast it against those days when it doesn’t? Stay awake and Love Life… Real Life ~ JAR

  17. One became two. Any-thing requires duality in order for it to be experienced. How would you know there’s light, without some-thing to compare it to?

    And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. ~ Genesis 1:2-3

    I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord God do all these things. ~ Isaiah 45:7

    God, It, Energy, Source, whatever… Is beyond duality.

    Thank you James for giving me something to drown out the distractions of my flight home today! Great trip!

  18. I’ve been on vacation came back and read all 4 of these blogs at once and all I can say is wow! I’ve so thought of this before in different terms I guess but I have contemplated that if god is everything then doesn’t that mean everything? The good the bad, the dark the light. But it confuses me sometimes. I guess we are all part of the dark as well as the light the good as well as the evil. If we don’t hide the darkness or evil I guess I mean that is inside of us how is it used in a positive form. How do you put it to work for you?

    1. I have a hard time replying to Anonymous but “how to put it to work” is part of this series. Did you read the edition where I told you to be patient? Principles before practice. Thanks for thinking and being here and maybe one day you’ll have the courage to be yourself. Much love ~ JAR

  19. James,
    Interesting – the more I have learned – the more I saw how little I know. The way it is going for me always full of doubt, always balance things, and when i did something that went wrong always questioning me what have I done wrong, what have I missed. Sometimes the results were unpredictable for me, I was thinking I’m doing good but it seem that my best intentions affected the people I care for, and I got to be misunderstood or judged like I had some secret agenda. I was clear about my intentions and did what I said, but the judgment is still that I was not thinking, or didn’t care for other people, or that I didn’t understood – but when I asked for explanation all I got was silence and that stupid answer if you can’t see it than I’m not gonna explain… Why not explain something?
    So when enough is enough? I let go of hope of being the way I wanted, I let go of hope for all that I care sometime – but the strange thing happened to me – hope keep on growing from nothing, from small things. Sometime I even stop intentionally the hope from growing as the fall is always painful. So when is enough?
    I accepted me the way I am with dark parts as well, but it is always painful when my best intentions are seen as suspicious to say the least.
    I believe that love is the answer so I try to give my love to anyone who wants it. Also I have patience in the hard times, but it is easier said than done. Still this is what I believe – love have light and dark all in one. Love can heal and can hurt, and sometime both at the same time. Strange how love can be. But somehow I think love is the answer – not sure yet how to apply it sometime.
    So how you put the darkness work for you?

    1. B, I fully resonate with all that you’re saying. Did you happen to see the press coverage of me and the interpretation of all my intentions? It hurts, really hurts. This I know. But what I also know for sure is that there is a grand plan in it all. Keep the faith, I”m right there with you ~ JAR

      1. James, I saw some of the press coverage and I understand your pain. Plus most press is out for blood, sensational, scandal, and so on just because it is easy to sell such news. It is way harder to educate people, to sell reliable information, to teach people how to think, instead of telling them what to think. Information must be selected wisely, looking at different sources, and be very careful not to judge or jump the conclusions. I’m telling you this because for me this was the one hardest thing I have done in my personal development (still trying to do it) – so the hardest thing is not to judge a person. It could take a long time to really understand and know a person. And sometime you need to see beyond the masks, or or what a person say or do it just might be a form of protection. we all have our own cross to carry. I’ll keep the faith, and one of my purpose is to help anyone who needs and wants the help I can provide.

        1. B, you make a good point and it is an endless journey for all of us. Regarding the media… if we didn’t buy it they wouldn’t sell it. Interestingly there was a “good news” newspaper years ago in LA that only lasted a couple months before lack of sales caused them to go out of business. Something to ponder ~ JAR

  20. Thank you once more James for this new chapter.
    I think things are getting very interesting since we now understand more about the true nature of this Universe. So if Life is all there is, then there is no death or it is just the same thing viewed from a different perspective, same thing with good/evil and all apparent opposites in this universe.
    And then falling on either side of the scale is bad for us then our real job here is keep ourselves in the “middle”, our job is keep our balance, right?
    So you had your darkness and that helped you to understand Light. I am in the middle of my darkness right now and I hope I´ll be able to understand more from here. So Do we all need to get into darkness in order to understand/produce Light?

    1. Hector, All good questions and thoughts. I prefer the word “Harmony” to balance because balance is static. In perfect balance nothing happens. Life is NOT about being in perfect balance it’s about moving into the dark to find the light and in the light to embrace the dark. I understand being in the dark Hector… my heart goes out to you. It’s a scary time often but there will come a day when you’ll realize it was not only needed it was necessary. I don’t mean to minimize your situation in the least only to tell you that I understand… and it’s only through my own darkness that I can say this. Stay awake and Love Light ~ JAR

  21. It’s interesting when you put forth the suggestion that the goal is to fully “descend” so that we can know “heaven” fully. Would you say you have fully descended now James?

    1. Joe, Who can say for sure? I think life happens in waves and cycles and each “descent” is exactly proportionate to the “ascent” I have certainly experienced my own personal hell but there’s always more than we can ever understand in an Infinite Universe. ~ JAR

  22. To me the dark is not evil, the dark is just a state of reflection. One shuts out all other external stimuli so they can perceive clearer … like when I have gone to sweat lodge … and really learned how to pray. The womb of all mothers is dark. Its creation. The perception of dark being evil is like calling the two black lambs I helped mama deliver this morning(Bonnie and Clyde) evil. They are what they are and black is what it is. All the rest is just a thought about it. Much Love and Respect to all those who choose to think deeper than “flat screen”. Barbara

  23. Thank you for these blogs. I can hardly wait for each new part to appear in my email. And thanks to everyone for the comments.

  24. Yes… Thank you James. This is a tough one I just can’t figure out.

    Why? Why do we have to have the pain? Why do we need pain to grow? That is the hard question for me. I know in my studies I’ve seen it again and again – Kali, the triple goddess of preservation, creation, and destruction, both the creator and the destroyer (as Shiva personified). Unstoppable and uncontrollable, like life. Humans fear Kali, as she is the Tsunami in every form. Then there is Hecate (Hekate), another triple goddess – of crossroads this time – overseeing birth and death, alchemy, and other challenges and choices. And so the cycle continues. “Hekate , Hekate, help me be reborn today.” So many fear her, but without her, there would be no change. And there are so many other metaphorical figures to look at as examples of this.
    I know, as you’ve said before James, the Universe always seeks to expand. Stagnation is, perhaps, the real devil. But.. I also know, after having been though immense pain, and loss (Hell) myself – though on a personal level and small I am sure, compared to what you’ve been through, and what you continue to go through – I still can’t figure out why? Why does it have to be so painful? For you, and for me, and for all of us. I know we need the pain (like Captain Kurk), but why do we have to suffer so at the hands of growth? I don’t know if I’ll ever understand that..

    1. Lori, pain and suffering are two different things (although close cousins) pain is part of life, suffering comes from resisting pain and change. Something to ponder ~ JAR

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