Have We Been Sold a Lie? Alchemy and Utilization: Part 4

We’ve discussed that all things are from One Source, spirituality calls it God, science calls it Energy; and regardless of what you call IT that Source is Life itself. Therefore, IT cannot work contrary to its nature for that would be a contradiction of all that IT is. Life by simple definition must be Life… not it’s opposite. Do you follow?

Consequently we must surmise that everything is here for further expansion, experience and expression of the Life Principle. Furthermore, all things which appear to be contrary to increasing Life are only appearances; and are so only by our own limited definition and perspective. Now there’s one you can ruminate on for a month or three. If all this doesn’t resonate then please re-read Parts 1-3.

So let’s return to the God is “only light and love and goodness” concept that we discussed last week and that we’ve been spoon-fed since inception. For what indeed are light and love and goodness?

We think we know… but do we really? Is it “good” to be consistently kind and supportive to someone who is being abusive either mentally or physically to themselves or others? Or is there a time to step up and say “enough is enough?”

Isn’t “tough love” truly just a more palatable term we’ve chosen for being harsh? You see, extreme kindness becomes weakness and extreme strength becomes abuse. Any virtue taken to an extreme is vice. Now there’s a mind-full you can ponder for days.

Any virtue taken to an extreme is vice.

Let me continue to potentially spin you sideways for a bit by visiting the book of Genesis; and the tenants of the most common creation myth.

And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

 ~ Genesis 1:2-3

Now any thinking individual has to read this most common passage and immediately realize that “all was dark” before it was light, right? Now let me ask you: If God existed before the light was created… where was it that this Universal Intelligence exist? (Boy… that question used to get me the snake eye from the teacher in Church School.)

It’s obvious that dark was first! Light came from dark! (At least according to Judaism, Christianity and Islam), are you thinking? How can darkness be evil and/or bad if that’s where “God lived?” Is your head spinning? Maybe God is actually dark after all? And from ITS essence of darkness and emptiness IT created the light. That means that light is a secondary effect of the darkness. Please read that again and let it spin around in your head. (Or spin your head around as the case may be).

(Actually it wasn’t God… it was “The Spirit of God,” read it again. Ruach in Hebrew, translated as “breathe” or “mind”… but that’s another discussion).

Okay, let’s break this down. We’ve been told that the Creative Source is Infinite and Eternal, right? Which means IT existed before all time and space. Are you with me? We know scientifically that the physical Universe is somewhere around 14-15 billion years old; and we can actually trace it all the way back to the Big Bang (let there be light) with sophisticated astrological equipment. Think about it… 15 billion years isn’t even the equivalent of a subatomic particle when compared to Infinite.

So that means that Universal Intelligence/God existed in the dark way longer than IT ever did in the mesely 15 billion years of so called “let there be light.” Right?

Once again, it appears we’ve been sold another bill of goods. Damn. Is it possible that only in our darkness we find and embrace the light? Because that’s where the Creative Power resides? Contemplate that one deeply please.

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I’ve met several powerful and quite awakened individuals in my life and without exception these powerhouses don’t hide their darkness, nor do they make excuses for it… they put their darkness to work for them. Alchemy my friend. Creation.  Are you thinking? Are you curious?

Only when you find Heaven in the midst of Hell…

Is Heaven truly found

Keep your questions and comments coming…

Stay awake and Love Life,

james arthur ray