Harmony Brings Wealth

Harmony Brings Wealth

To truly lead in today’s world means you must find a place of harmony and
wellbeing even amid chaos.

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Let’s look at some current facts in the world right now:

  • Forbes projects that 50% of the jobs will be gone in 10 years or less…
  • Millennials are earning less than their GenX and Boomer counterparts were earning at the same age…
  • While the unemployment rate appears to be good, it’s a false number. It only includes those that are actively looking but it doesn’t count the 10’s of thousands of individuals who have given up, which severely distorts the number…
  • 16.2 people in America admit to depression and are on some type of psychological prescription medication…
  • Suicide rates are at an all-time high with 123 people dying per day. This creates more deaths than terror, crime and war combined…
  • At least 36% of jobs are at “medium risk” to being lost to AI.

Ignoring, suppressing or denying issues never solves issues.
It’s not “being positive” to be in denial.

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I think we can agree that the world is a bit chaotic right now. Yet chaos theory tells us that all new life is birthed from chaos. The light always comes from the darkness.

If we’re going to lead our lives and business in productive and fulfilling ways, we must change the conversation. We must redefine old terms like “leadership” and “wealth”; and understand what they truly mean in their essence.

Your true wealth is not what you have. Your true wealth is what
you’re left with when all you have is gone.

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In 2006 my book “Harmonic Wealth” was published with the bold objective to redefine wealth.

While most will instantly define wealth as money, when you research the origins of the word it has nothing to do with money. The etymology of the world wealth translates as “wellbeing.”

I coach individuals frequently who have a lot of money but very little wellbeing.

Wealth is not defined as money. True wealth is wellbeing.
Many are monetarily rich but not very wealthy.

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Did you know that true wealth is at your finger tips right now?

True wealth comes from living a comprehensive and fulfilling life; and wealth is something that money can’t buy.

The only people who are more worried about money than the poor are the rich.
The more you have, the more you have to lose.

James Arthur Ray

Leaders understand that they must lead their lives in a harmonious way. This is very different from the concept of balance that we hear so frequently touted; and not the topic of discussion for today.

I submit that 5 areas of your life must be consistently harmonized: Financial, Relational, Mental, Physical and Spiritual.

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When these 5 pillars are in harmony (not balance), you begin to experience more true wealth and fulfillment.

The way you do anything is how you do everything. If you don’t focus your attention on a fulfilling and comprehensive personal life, you won’t do that for your business either. Or for those on your team.

Obviously, this is a much deeper topic than what we’ll cover here today for sake of time. But please ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is true wealth and wellbeing the objective in my life and business right now?
  2. Is it my objective to create this type of life for my team members if I have a business?
  3. Which area of the 5 pillars needs more focus right now?

Now it’s time to act.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!


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