My Christmas Wish For You...

My Christmas Wish For You…

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  1. Dear James,
    Thank you for the really good wishes!
    May you be surrounded by family and friends too. Once I heard that each Christmas we get a chance to wake up on Christmas day like a newborn baby with all the purity and innocence of the baby and that we get a chance again to make a whole new life again with all our mistakes erased. That is my wish for you and all of our fellowmen.
    Happy holidays, James!

  2. Dear James,

    Thank you very much for your good wishes and for reminding me.
    I hope the New Year brings you a lot of positive changes and
    happiness, which you deserve.
    All the best to you…

  3. Hi James,

    Thank you for being the beautiful person you are. Have always loved and appreciate your work and attitude towards life and very much appreciate your blogpost and insights you are sharing here. Wishing you all the best and à wonderful Christmas.


  4. Dear James,

    Looking forward to the New Year where everything is possible

  5. Thank you for the Christmas Greeting Mr. Ray …. and….”May God Bless Us – Everyone”.

  6. Great teachings”…First you must forgive yourself, f or your own ignorance, self-importance and false illusions. I had a lot to forgive.

    Secondly, you must love yourself… including all your shortcomings, self-importance, insecurities and bad habits. I have a lot of those things to love and accept….
    Thank you!!!

  7. Dear Mr. Ray,
    What do you think of my poem?
    Denise Noe

    Why Christmas Comes In The Cold
    By Denise Noe

    In almost any context, cold
    represents lack of feeling;
    winter, the heart without love–
    as dead as the branches of
    a fruit, flower, and leaf-denuded tree.
    Yet in the time of bitter cold,
    Christmas comes a-caroling
    when its message of generosity
    could not possibly be more bold,
    insisting we find the love
    held within December’s frigidity.

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