Habituate High Leverage Activities

Psychologist tell us that “decision fatigue” is rampant. We live in a society that’s addicted to complexity and socializing. These activities do not afford the ability to truly know yourself or to focus on mastering your life and craft. When you habituate your high value activities you save your willpower for the major decisions in life. You get much more accomplished; and you develop your mastery.

3 Responses

  1. I now believe the mind is NOT the place to make decisions… It only operates 'well' in generalities and will always limit you to its idea of safe. Discovering.. rediscovering using the solar plexus [gut] and your heart is simple but needs 'quiet' to be heard.. When these two agree, there are moments of 'glee' every day. The mind argues for a smaller and smaller comfort zone unless you can get it to implement the habits that makes a difference. IF trained with habits that move you forward in the direction of your purpose and dreams the mind is a friend. Untrained it works for something or someone else.

  2. Thanks James!! Great to see you back. I have used you "success Certain Coaching" for 7 years and have changed my mindset about money. That it is a by product of your hard work doing what you love. I was at you Harmonic Wealth seminar in Vegas and have been a fan ever since. Can't wait to hear your other videos.

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