Grit Is Not Grind, It’s Purpose

Many believe grit and perseverance to be the same thing. They’re not.
You can persevere through pain because you must.
Grit is persistence through choice. A choice founded in purpose.

In this series we’re discussing the Ground Rules of Grit; and up to this point we’ve explored two ground rules:

  1. Love; and 
  2. Mastery

If you need to catch up, please go here.

The third Ground Rule is Purpose.

Better stated, a Powerful Transforming Purpose (PTP).

We must colonize Mars to save our species.
I’m doing what I do to save humanity.
~ Elon Musk

As you begin putting together the factors of Grit, you realize that unless you love what you’re doing fully and completely, you’ll never do what it takes.

You will get tired.

You will feel like quitting.

There will be days when you think, “What’s the use?”

Days when you feel like you’re completely insane for doing what you’re doing.

Times when you think there’s no way in holy hell you can accomplish what you’ve set out to accomplish. (lots of times)

But when you clearly know your PTP, you’ll continue.

Purpose, Leadership and Life

Because you must.

The choice has already been made.

Free will is for amateurs.
When you know your Powerful Transforming Purpose,
the choice has already been made.

Goals are a good thing; and there’s a time and a place for them. But goals are often centered in self, while a purpose is always centered in others.

A purpose is always more compelling than a goal.

Whether you’re consciously aware of it or not, you’re hardwired to contribute and provide value to the world.

You’re hardwired to greatness; and to do great work.

You’re hardwired to leave a legacy and thereby enter the realms of the immortals like: Jobs, DaVinci, Michelangelo, MLK, Lao Tzu, Ghandi and the Christ.

Success is hard. Find something you love.
For if you don’t love it you’ll quit.
Like any sane person would.
When you love it you won’t quit.
~ Steve Jobs

Very few ever find their PTP; and therefore, most have very little grit and endurance.

Likewise, most have very little leadership of their own life.

You’ve never been encouraged to find your purpose. It’s not your fault.
But it is your responsibility. Find your purpose.

Most are living the lives of socialized mind. Chasing the money, the material goods and the market.

None of these “tools” are bad or wrong. But please understand they’re just tools.

Money, marketing and material goods are just tools. Useful tools.
The problem is that through ignorance, many become tools of the tool.
Don’t be a tool.

You see, when you find your own gifts and genius; and you align them with your clearly defined PTP, then you become an unstoppable harbinger.

Nothing and no one can stand in the path of your dominion and contribution.

So, this Ground Rule to Grit is founded in clarity.

Clarity of Purpose.

Are you clear?

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I know who I really am and exactly why I’m here?
  2. How often do I wake up each morning with a burning fire in my belly to contribute and give more?
  3. How often do I go to bed each night after long hours (12-16) worn out and tired yet fully inspired?
  4. Do I waffle when it comes to making decisions for my life? Or is it super clear because the choice has already been made?
  5. Do I jump from one shiny idea and opportunity to the next or do I dig deep and endure?
  6. What do these answers tell me?
  7. What specifically must I do more? Less? Differently?

It’s purpose that creates us.
Purpose the compels us.
Purpose that binds us and pulls us.

Your purpose is calling you. Will you find it and fulfill it?

Everyone has a unique purpose in this world.
If you don’t fulfill yours it’s disrespectful to God;
and it leaves a void in the universal plan.

Your move.

Be a Leader. Live your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!