The Greatness of a Man

The Greatness of a Man

The greatness of a man is determined
by the greatness of his task.

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There’s a lot of talk regarding “being heroic” and “great” in today’s world.

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But the fact, is that many of the strongest advocates are not telling you what it means to truly be heroic.

With all due respect, they probably don’t know.

Many fantasize about “heroic effort” and greatness or “living a heroic life” and “accessing your greatness.” These fantasies appeal to the dreamer in most.

But fantasy is not reality. It’s just fantasy.

Many fantasize about being heroic and great in today’s world.
These fantasies appeal to the dreamer in most.
But the reality is that most have no idea what it takes
to move beyond fantasy to reality.

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Even a cursory study of history will quickly show that those we tend to deem heroic are only classified as heroic and great because they’ve faced and overcome incredible, often seemingly impossible, odds.

A hero is only a hero because he’s faced and overcome impossible odds.

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When you look at the great myths like Hercules, Prometheus, Perseus, and others, they put their very lives on the line for what they believed to be truth and a grand purpose. In many cases they descended into hell itself, sacrificed greatly, and often lost their lives.

When you look at the lives of Leonidas (The Spartan Warrior King), Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Mother Teresa, Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela they, like the great mythological heroes, were killed, imprisoned and often sacrificed their very lives for a cause far beyond their own personal needs and desires.

“Heroic effort” is not just giving your all. It’s giving your all against
a force of which it appears you’re destined to be beaten and defeated.

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Heroism and greatness require sacrifice.

While sacrifice is not a popular thought today, when you study the etymology of the word “sacrifice” it means “to make sacred.”

A true sacrifice is laying something of a lesser value on the altar of life for something of a greater value.

Countless individuals are unwilling to pay the price for their own Redemption. And yet, what most neglect to realize is that there’s always a sacrifice. No exception.

The origin of the word sacrifice means “to make sacred.”
To sacrifice is to lay on the altar of life, something of
a lesser value for something of a much greater value.

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To be married successfully you must sacrifice single life.

To be self-employed you must sacrifice the false security of a paycheck and lean on your own production.

To be a parent you must sacrifice your own wants and needs and choose to put your children first.

There’s always a sacrifice for whatever you do or don’t do; and if your unwilling to sacrifice for your dreams and intentions, your dreams and intentions will be the sacrifice.

There’s always a sacrifice.
If you’re unwilling to sacrifice for your dreams and intentions,
your dreams and intentions will be your sacrifice.

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Maybe it’s time to ensure that you’re sacrificing your life for something worth sacrificing for.

It’s time to deal with your own personal demons and dragons, descend into your own personal hell, and emerge with your own Holy Grail.

Maybe it’s time to truly become heroic and great in your life.

Your move.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!


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