I’m grateful to be healthy. I’m grateful for all the opportunities, experiences and learning that life has afforded me; and I’m grateful to be back.

I’ve left Arizona after two long years, and returned to my home state of California. The sight and smell of the ocean that I’ve missed so very much; and the ability to spend time with my family and loved ones are experiences beyond compare.

It’s easy to be grateful for the things that are obviously good and beautiful in life… but it takes a broader perspective and deeper awareness to be grateful for those things that are painful, and ugly.

The last four years of my life have been the most painful and difficult of my entire existence; and yet they’ve also been an incredible and amazing adventure. Sometimes you must experience something completely ugly to find the beautiful.

At the beginning and end of each day, I’m grateful to be alive; to have the gift of life; and to have the opportunity to take all the lessons and experiences and move forward. I believe we should all be grateful for each and every single day of life… regardless of whether we perceive them as positive or negative, up or down.

I was speaking to a group recently, and I reminded them that every coin has two sides—both a heads and a tails. You absolutely cannot have one without the other. This principle in the world of physics is called the Law of Polarity; and even a cursory study of quantum physics will tell you that annihilation and creation are in a continuous and never-ending dance in our universe.

One of the biggest fallacies for the students of the Law of Attraction (that became so popular all over the world a few years ago), is the belief that “If I understand the LOA, and execute it perfectly… then nothing bad, ugly or challenging will ever happen again in my life.” This is a lack of understanding; an illusion of the grandest proportions.

Truly it’s the adversities, struggles,

and austerities of life that are the fuel of growth;

And like it or not… Pain is the mother of all growth.

Learn more about the characteristics of a Growth mindset in this article.

There will never be an up without a down; a right without a left; a high without a low; or a head without a tails. A majestic mountain peak is only perceived to be majestic by the contrast between its peak and the valley. The fullness of its existence is only appreciated by contrast to the emptiness of the sky that it boldly stands against. Do you follow?

Any physical trainer will tell you that your muscles only grow through exercise and pain. Both the building and the tearing down are vital parts of growing bigger and stronger in body; and you can’t have one without the other.

Likewise, any teacher of expanding life and experience (that’s worth his or her salt), will tell you exactly the same about the human spirit and soul.

It is transmutation, not denial that is the tool of mastery.

Please read that again. Contemplate it. Play with it; and roll it around in your mind. Think about what it truly means. Apply it to all areas of your life.

In simple terms transmutation means that first we must honestly recognize and embrace situations and circumstances for what they are. Attempting to cover a nail in chocolate will never turn it into candy. However, nails do have their own unique purpose in the perfect order of the Universe.

 It’s often hard to comprehend God’s Will or the Universal Plan. The nails in life seem so cold, hard, and sharp. Don’t they?

 Believe me, I’ve often wished and prayed for things to be different; and if I had anything to do with it in the moment, I would have changed situations in a heartbeat. But we can’t control the unexpected or uncontrollable. We can only control our experience of those circumstances. We can only choose what we’re going to do with them, and how we’re going to either move forward, or fold.

If we choose to grow bigger and stronger both mentally and spiritually we must accept the painful situations of growth and learning. That’s called life. And then through self-discipline, we must utilize them all to our advantage.

My experience tells me that this principle of “utilization” is a fundamental quality and characteristic of all who attain true success, harmony and wellbeing in any area of life.

Is it really possible to maintain a state (and ultimate trait), of harmony and wellbeing in all areas of life? Even while in the midst of external chaos?

Is it possible to stand strong while in the midst of a spiritual, mental, and physical tsunami? To keep the faith and hold your vision even when everything in your life is falling apart? Yes.

Please understand, in no way am I suggesting this is easy. It’s not. In fact, it’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do.

I’ve been through the darkest night of my entire life in the last four years (often feels like forty). Yet in that darkness I have realized more things than you can imagine; and continued realization is the real secret to being truly awake and alive. Isn’t it?

It’ll probably take the rest of my days to even begin to understand and describe all that I’ve been gifted to see and experience. What better opportunity could I be given to really practice the principles that I know to be true than the one I received?

In the depth of darkness I made a conscious choice to “utilize” everything to my advantage—to facilitate my own development, advancement, and growth. For isn’t that what you and I both really want? The entirety of life and the whole of the Universe are about fuller expression, experience and expansion. Aren’t they?

Like it or not, you can’t more fully express, experience and expand life unless you shove off bravely into dark and unchartered waters.

Over the next weeks, months, and years I’ll be continuing to work, as always, on myself first and foremost. As stated before, it will probably take me the rest of this physical existence to digest and integrate the new clarity and understanding that I’ve received over the last four years (again, often feels like forty).

My website will be operable and under ongoing renovation. There’s a lot of work to do; and I remain open to Universal Intelligence to guide me in the ways that I can continue to serve and provide value in the world.

I don’t know exactly how it will all unfold, but what I do know is that it will continue to be a wonderful and grand adventure. I hope that you’ll join me. It’s good to be back. We all have so much to be grateful for.

Much love and respect


james arthur ray

James Arthur Ray
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  1. Your work has changed my life.. Thank you James. Im grateful your back!

  2. Welcome back, Mr. Ray! I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors. I will be supporting you and look forward to your continued wisdom/guidance! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  3. So excited that you are back!!! beautiful piece

  4. I’ve missed you my friend. Glad to have you back. The entire world has completely changed in the last few years, like you said two sides of coin.

    Love the new design! We’ll have to catch up soon.

    “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field.
    I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass
    the world is too full to talk about.” ~Rumi

  5. Hi James,
    I am so happy that you are holding your Light and continue to be an incredible polarity for humanity.
    We all learn lessons in life, some good, some bad, it all depends on karma and what we qualify in energy.
    When ready i would like to invite you to Toronto and hold a seminar about your experiences and the new lessons learned!
    With heartfelt wishes and Infinite Blessings your friend in Toronto,

    1. Hi there what seminar will this be and how can I be notified so that I can attend ?


      James Perry

  6. What a beautiful blog on gratitute James! I appreciate your sincerity about yourself and most importantly, your sincerity towards God and us. Cheers to your continued success.

  7. Hello Mr. Ray, glad to hear you are back to teaching. Still to these day I hear your audio course to refocus and get back in track to my real goals. I just wanted to say thank you for your wisdom, for it has broaden my perspective in life. I love your work because of your teaching style. Would love to know if you still consider all your old courses equally valuable or if is one (in your opinion) better than the other? I by no means consider them obsolete, just asking because in this post you talked of a lot of new knowledge learned in the pas 4 years. Will you then consider that you could teach some new insights or perhaps even simplify yet more your old model and approach?

    Thank you Mr.Ray, I’m always so excited to learn from you.
    Jose Hernandez, 22 years old from Puerto Rico

  8. It would be nice to hear what you’ve truly learned. What you are accountable for, and what you think the truth was behind the mistakes you say gave you the most clarity in your darkest of hours. I have listened to you for years and have always been curious to see how you would bounce back from the tragic events that took place. Like any other leader who has dealt with adversity, true integrity comes from being transparent. I do wish you well on your next adventures, but hope as well you share truth in your guidance moving forward.

    1. Same wondering. Would love to read what you have learned from this experience. This could be potentially very inspiring.
      welcome back anyway.

  9. Through your teachings since I first met you thru The Secret in 2007, you have helped me so much. I had a bad marriage, husband on drugs & alcohol, stress killing me, weight ballooning to a all time high, constant pain, development of fibromyalgia in my body, and worst of all such a small income to live on. Because of you, I am alive, I have lost 57 lbs, I have a new house that I paid for with cash money that came out of nothing and no way, an income stream that keeps increasing….etc. Some people may not have had the benefits of what you do, but I am one of the people that has done better. (And I’m not done yet). Much love for you from me. Please keep doing what you do. Its really good.

  10. It warms my heart to read your words. You have been an inspiration to so many and will continue to be. I have missed your words and look forward to reading more and following your success! Love, Light, Hugs LeeP

  11. Thank you for your post. I look forward to your insight.

  12. Dear James,

    Your blog was beautiful and so much like what I expected from you. You have taught me through your workshops and books everything you have just shared and now you are teaching me by example. I too have been a dark night of the soul and know that things are happening for reason, even if I can not see the reason from my current perspective. Only hindsight shows us why we were given the trials we go through. Thank you for letting me see that even in such horrific situations like you have gone through, you can see that the Universe makes no mistakes and something good must come from something bad. You have always been and continue to be an inspiration to me and so many others, not in your perfection but in your honest imperfection and how you continue to get up.
    I truly wish you all the best and look forward to hearing the wisdom you have gained from the last 4 years.
    Big hugs, Welcome back. You have truly been missed and never forgotten.

  13. I’ve been waiting 4 long years for this moment.
    Thank you, Universe!

    Welcome back, James!!!

  14. I appreciate what you do. You truly changed my life years ago….you started me on the path i am on right now. I am forever indebted to you. I would love to work with you again very soon. I had a blast working some of the events i worked with your team. I would love to help you on a web/social media level. Please let’s talk. Thank you, Christen M. Branca

  15. It’s awesome to see you come back with a bang!!! I’ve been excited for you James. I often remember our talk during our lunch about how the beautiful lotus flower grows from the muck and mud. Welcome lotus flower.

  16. Dear James,
    Welcome back! I am ever grateful for your teachings and the impact they have had on my life. It is my intention to have you teach me more…..and today’s blog is a good start. I am grateful you are back on the horse. You’ve got my support to deepen your learning and please feel welcome to always share it! I’m on board.

  17. Yay! you’re back! It is so nice to hear from you…. we have all missed you! xo

  18. So glad you are back and strong. I can hardly wait to hear you share your insights of the last four years.

    Thank you for continuing your work.

  19. Welcome back. …light from within, right? Yes, of course!!
    Courage be with/&/of you.

    Happy to hear you are getting back at it with more clarity & insight.

  20. Welcome Back James Arthur Ray – My favorite person with 3 first names – I was pleased to still be on your list!

  21. Hello Mr. Ray,

    Wonderful that your back! I’m sure that things for you have changed enormously, and that because of everything you’ve experienced in the last four years you’ve so much more to give. Looking forward to hearing about your journey(s) and insights. Much luck to you in everything and many blessings, Monique

  22. Mr James Ray!!!!
    I am SOO thrilled you are back!!! I hope you remember me! I studied all your teachings and had sent you testimonials of my gratitude of the results I got from following your system. I am Silvina, the latin singer from Argetina, who lives in New York.
    Happy come back and welcome!! Great blog as usual! I am glad to feel your light shine thru so bright!!
    MUCH LOVE!!!

  23. Welcome back James,
    Seeing your email to me has brightened my day, how special that once again I can read your wonderful words.
    Cannot wait to see what you have to teach us next.
    Blessing Penni

  24. The same love that nudges out of the nest to experience who we truly are is the same love that welcomes us home. James, know that for me, you never left. You have been a guiding light from the day we met.
    With immeasurable love and gratitude,
    Jill Borsos

  25. Hi James, it is so thrilling to read your blog on Gratitude. I have been a long time admirer and follower of your teachings and journey. I have always felt a profound connection and empathy with you due to your candid disclosure of your life experiences. I have kept you in my thoughts and prayers during this tumultuous time yet knew you are being forged once more in the refiner’s fire and becoming… Transmuted. A process that is not for the faint of heart but one that takes courage and dignity to go forth and shine like a multi faceted diamond after enduring all the chiseled cuts. With much live and deep admiration and gratitude -sandi

  26. James.
    Nice to hear you are back.
    Looking forward to your insights
    Godspeed my friend

  27. I´ve missed you. I feel happy you´re back! Good luck and hoping to hear from you soon!

  28. James,
    my name is Tom Taylor. I wrote you many times while you were on your “federally sponsored vacation” If you could contact me again so we could touch base that would be great. I still have every single of the many letters that you wrote me. Its good to see youre doing well brother.

    1. I didn’t realize I could have done that and contacted James when he was away. I often thought about him and what he must be going through. Glad he is on this side of the barbed wire fence.

  29. James,
    I am so happy you are back and survived that horrible ordeal. I really hope you bring back your radio show. I loved it and continue to listen to my saved recording. You were missed!

  30. James. The principles you have always taught are still true. Now you have additional experiences that will help you and other. Look forward to hearing from you more.

  31. Life is a drama and we are all actors. We play a role that is unique for our soul to grow. Those souls that have gone through the hardest trials are the ones that at the end will evolve to their highest good & guide humanity to become more soul conscious and truly value those things that are most meaningful for the soul. You are a good man, with good intentions … you will grow now more than ever. I know you know why God made you go through this trial. You have my support.

  32. Welcome back.. Gratitude and appreciation are my top two insights that everyone needs.. Like you said if there’s a heaven, then there’s hell. If there is white then there must be black. And if we fall, we should accept the fall and pick ourselves right back up.. But be happy to be alive, and grateful for your family to still be there for you.

  33. James , you changed my life years Ago When I Listened To The Science Of success. I then went to see you in Dallas, and that experience doubled my business income. Thank you for being vulnerable through your process of discovery. I know that your latest experience will only add to the value that you offer in your service of others. Thank you for your bravery.

  34. Welcome back……

    Your courage is uplifting, to say the least! I for one know that it would have been so tough for me to step back on the plate like you have. Because of that, I know you are destined to impact on this world in a greater way.

    Your blog on gratitude in a few minutes has shifted my morning!! I have a lot to be grateful for! The words are deep and prophetic.

    We look forward to seeing you in Kenya some day soon.


  35. Dear James, I just watched you on the Piers Morgan interview and it was the most powerful interview I have ever seen in my life. First, the extraordinary courage necessary for you to open your heart and reveal the truth of your soul was deeply moving. When you correlated the bowels of humanity with those perceived as at the pinnacle of success, describing the things done, the people, as having THE SAME PAIN, I wept from the profound truth. THIS is what I believe you now own, the profound truth of it all. And as you pointed out, that likely would not have happened without the horrific experience endured.

    Yes, I was a fan before, more distant than many, I suppose, but I believed in you and in the good you were providing millions of us who also own the same pain you described, and who need help analyzing ourselves, our circumstances, and our choices that we, too, might find the things we should be truly grateful for in this life. I believe in you still. Now TRUE greatness can be attained. Does that not always follow any of us forced to endure our own crucifixion?

    Already you have given us much to contemplate. And this Thursday, on Thanksgiving, I hope others here will join me in offering you a word of forgiveness for human mistakes made, and gratitude for all the good things, both in your past and in your future. We ARE grateful to you, and we’re ALL happy to have you home.

    God bless, With Love.

  36. I wish you balance. I am wondering you consideration/thoughts – LOA – is the truth possibly the Law of Awareness? Only through awareness do we begin to see “it” – what is around us – “it” was always there – we just did not see it before “awareness” – thanks!

  37. As a long time follower it’s nice to see you back and look forward to your work, I sure wish I could tap into all that experience you kept hinting to on piers Morgan live tonight…if only you kept a journal through it all and would publish those findings, maybe put all those lessons in a book

    Thanks I look forward to hearing from you


    P.s. any chance of a live event east coast?

    P.s.s where did you get the blue shirt you wore in the secret?

  38. Missed you James. Welcome back. I wish you everything that you wish for yourself and I look forward to hearing from you in the future. Cheers.

  39. Dearest James, Thank you. I Am grateful for you. You came into my life 6 years ago and were instrumental in assisting me into Awakening. With that in turn has changed my sons lives, my family’s life and anyone else who has known me. I can’t even possibly imagine what the last 4 years has been like for you. I do desire you to know, that you have always been in my thoughts and prayers. You are a beacon of light. Thank you for being your authentic self and for being visible again. You have so many gifts to share with the Universe. Welcome back! I look forward to staying connected and to being part of this journey with you. Much love and light from Paris. Leona

    1. You got me through the darkest time of my life and I am forever grateful. Mahalo Nui Loa

  40. Happy your back home. You will always be my #1 guru

  41. Amazing , you have been on my mind for the past 48hours, asking where are you and what are you up to. Here comes your note today. I am very happy to hear from you and I know the last four years have been very difficult beyond perception as you said we need to face darkness and see the light and the spark of god there , then we can emerge in beings of light and start a new journey with better awareness and consciousness. Looking forward to hearing form you. Sending you healing light from Paris.

  42. Hello James !!!

    I received your email some minutes ago, and I was so happy to read you and see your face ! It’s great that you come back. Beautiful post !

    I send you a lot of Love and Light !

  43. Today as I was walking my dog, your name popped up into my head. I realized that I hadn’t heard anything from you in a while. I told myself that when I had a moment I would go online. Before I had the chance, I received this email from you. I am very grateful that the Universe answers my questions when I ask. Welcome back James.

  44. Dear James,
    I have kept you in my thoughts and have prayed for your strength and well being. So glad to know you’re back.
    This article on gratitude brings tears to my eyes and an overwhelming sense of gratitude for my own life. Thank you.
    I look forward to connecting with you again.
    Blessings, Amy Flores

  45. Dear James, Thank you for what you do and how you share your feelings with the world. We all have challenges and when I read your post today it changed my whole attitude for the day! We have so much to be thankful for and YES you are right the situations may not change but I can always change how I allow the situation to affect my attitude.
    Thank you again and WELCOME BACK!

  46. James! I was so happy to see your email! Welcome home! Big love! Rosemary

  47. Hi James,
    Your courage is uplifting, to say the least! I want you to know, that you have always been in my thoughts and prayers. You are a beacon of light. Thank you for being you and I wish you a Happy Birthday!! You have so many gifts to share, Welcome back! I look forward to staying connected and to being part of this journey with you.
    All the Best!!

  48. Welcome back Mr. Ray. You will always be a great example for me. To be grateful after what you have gone through? That takes a lot of courage! Thank you for your book “The Science of Success”… that book changed the course of my life ….. 🙂 Love to you!

  49. So happy to see that you survived the physical prison experience. What a life changing opportunity for growth in a way you never expected. I continue to support you as a like-minded soul who is still evolving! Sending lots of healing light and energy to surround your growth!

  50. As the Universal would have it, Your physical return is timely in my life. I wish you well and give thanks for the same.

  51. Welcome back, James Arthur Ray. It was great to see your email. I have watched for you for the last few years. I have a number of your programs and every once in awhile I’ll relisten or reread and wonder how you are doing. Now I know. I loved this blog on Gratitude. Thank You

  52. James ,
    Thank you for your growth and realizations.
    Thank you for your strength and high hopes for humanity.
    I have a profound respect for your work and for your challenging experience.
    May your continuous growth and love help us all.

  53. Have followed you since “The Secret” came out and since having my own dark night (years) of the soul, I appreciate what it takes to bounce back and to grow from such adversity. Wonderful post and am expecting more good things to come from you!
    As the19th century critic John Ruskin says- “The highest reward for a person’s toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it.”

  54. I’ve sent this message to you before and I’ll send it again because it keeps popping into my mind and I know that you need to hear it.
    The very first time I saw you speak I was struck by the emphasis you put on the falls you’ve taken. You talked about how you built up your career and then you lost it all and came back again and again. I remember thinking that this was definitely calling the LOA into play because you seemed to be setting a pattern for your life.
    I was so sad to hear about the sweat lodge tragedy but I sort of expected something catastrophic to happen because you’d have to fall far because you’d risen so high. I can’t be the only one that was thinking that way. You put that thought into my head. You were putting it out to the Universe. Could ya stop doing that? No more polarity. It doesn’t have to be that way.
    My best wishes for a lifetime of continued happiness.

  55. Welcome back, James! Saw you on Piers last night – I can see and feel your regret and humility this really unfortunate event has brought you. My hope is peace for you and the families of the lost ones.

    Please keep teaching – especially through this – you have much to share.


  56. Ray, very well written! Good to see you back. It is interesting that KT and you are going through similar experiences at this time. 2 people who have only the best intentions and do a big service in offering everybody who cares to join in elevating consciousness on this planet to a new level. Thank you for all you do and will be doing.
    And – HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!

    Peter Geier

  57. I first caught a glimpse of you on Oprah with Michel Beckwith , I knew I would meet you, two days later while attending a realty seminar in LA, I heard you speak (had to really up my intention to get in and stood against the wall), I introduced myself to you at the end, you stopped the line for me, I took your seminar in August, I have watched, read, and witnessed your heart. I cried for your pain, I accepted your growth to come, here you are……..Welcome Home……….Thank you for your courage to continue life in the spot light, I wish only the absolute best for you. Meeting you kick started my spiritual growth, Pain pushes us forward, while vision pulls us forward. Can’t wait till you catch your next vision, move from the pain and are healed. We are all one my love, Cheri

    I now attend Agape Internationalfellowhip with Rev Michael B. Beckwith (I knew I would meet him a little alter, which I did unexpectedly)
    Life is good………….

  58. Glad to hear you are out and free. Your teachings came to me in 2006 during the worst time in my life. Like you said, you have to go through pain to grow, and grow I did with your help. I have followed your work and teaching since. Be strong, get stronger and climb to that peak again.
    Greatest gratitude

  59. Hello James, Gosh I was so happy to receive your email this morning, Im glad your back, All I can say is this, God will take you to the edge, but will never let you fall, everything happens for a reason, to make you the person you are now… May his light shine on you and your family, and its awesome to have you come back into our lives… Bea

  60. James,

    You are truly an inspiration.

    I can’t wait to hear more about your experience and how it has furthered your perspective.

    I first saw you in Dallas in 2009. I made most of your events that year and in 2010. Your life lessons changed my perspective in many areas of my life and made lemonade out of my lemons.

    I look forward to continuing the journey.


  61. Dear James,

    I’m scared at the speed time is passing by! FOUR years?!

    Well, I’m glad you are back online. Think I was one of many that liked a lot your ancient messages. Hope you overcome the undesirable registers of the hard time. Hope also to be among your readers for years.

    My pray is that God help you in all manners!

    From your Brazilian fan.

  62. We all go through turmoils in life that teaches us nothing ever stays the same. I too believe on ” The Law of Physics” and since energy is neither created, not destroyed only TRANSFORMED you are back! and with that I know you will continue with a bigger sence of awareness.

    As a Spiritual Counselor I was always told by all those angels that surround us. The past is the past, learn from it! Live in the present, the present is whats important, as this present is what makes and determines your future. That being said John, welcome back with a higher sense of awareness that will expand you, like I hope for all of us to become a bigger and better version of ourselves. The planet depends on a higher dimentional vibration, that is my commitment to continue raising peoples vibration so it will create a domino effect.

    Welcome back Kotter, welcome back!


  63. Good to see you on the journey toward healing. My late husband and I attended a seminar you presented as a gift from a good friend. My late husband was the Native American Spiritual adviser for the State of Indian D.O.C. I know he would be glad that although what he warned of happened, you are again moving forward. There is so much you have yet to do. Blessings to you. I look forward to hearing all the good, forward thinking things you are willing to share.
    Gena Young

  64. From our family to yours may you have a bless Thanksgiving. This will be the most special Thanksgiving for sure for you and your love ones. I learned a lot from when I had the pleasure to meet you in one of your seminars in Tampa, FL. years back.

    All I can say is stay strong, stay in faith, we may fail you as humans but he wont and your faith is what gotten you and your mom through it. A very special special thanksgiving.

    So gratedul for you and as a mom grateful to God and the universe for bringing you back that was her incentive. You got your strenght from her. Thank you Mrs. Ray!

    hoponopo prayer always went to him

  65. Good to see you, I have felt bad for losing touch. I hope you enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday.


  66. Aloha James,

    I believe in your work and know that your greatest accomplishment was accepting the things you cannot change. I would like to personally reach to you as a Native person and discuss with you other ways to make things right and pono – in order to assist you in moving forward.

    I don’t know where this comment will go or if you will ever read this, however my connections and work I do with tribal leadership understanding how to make things right and ask for forgiveness starts with Creator, then yourself, your family and then the people of the land. I believe that this correct order will help you move forward and continue to touch lives.

    All of the recent things that you have been dealt was certainly for a reason…you could be moving mountains and you don’t even know it yet. I would like to help you in these ways.

    My good thoughts and prayers are with you…and while others may condemn you, place blame or never want to hear from you or see you succeed, I want bless you with a gift that no one will probably ever give you.

    My deepest aloha to you and yours on your journey.


  67. If there is anyone who can manage a turnaround from tragedy into a successful outcome, it is the one who knows how to take control of his mindset.

    I knew you would be back.

  68. Oh no, Mr. Ray is out of prison and already he’s trying to brainwash us again into his cult thinking again. Folks – don’t be deceive by his smooth talk. He was in the dark position due to abusing something that was “holy” and “sacred” – a tradition for thousands of years that Mr. Ray bastardized.

  69. Welcome back! You have been a major step on my spiritual path.Thank you for the growth I learned from your videos and books. Lets continue the work of the Most High. More Warriors have to be educated to achieve world peace. Te

  70. Hi James,

    Welcome back! Thank you for your past inspiration and good to read your so very meaningful post on gratitude. I like the analogy of the chocolate coated nail…true indeed! Here is a quote for you >
    ” Just when one thinks one can fly the wind changes, and that free falling feeling arrives. The law of gravity shows no mercy and hitting the ground is an impact unforgettable. Good thing after recovery we can walk first before we fly again.” SS

  71. I was just speaking of you last night as I often do. I was thrilled to find your message in my email tonight. Perfect timing. I have deeply missed you James. Welcome back!

  72. I commend you on the interview you did with Pierce. You handled it with respect, dignity and humility. I greatly appreciated your ongoing sincere apologies. I extend heartfelt blessings to you and your family on the continuing journey ahead. Welcome Home!

  73. Welcome back after your “dark night of the soul”
    You were in my thoughts recently. Your words
    are filled with wisdom

  74. Thank-you James…My life has been changed in many ways because of you. I missed you horribly! I wish you peace.

  75. Welcome back good sir,

    I knew you would pull through.

    You have been in my thoughts.

    I can only image the lessons you felt you needed to learn, for the universe to have put you through the experiences you went through..

    Not that I need to remind you, but pen, paper and mindful contemplation would seem to be the answer to deciphering those experiences.

    Love and hope,
    Mark Seveland

  76. Hi James, good to hear from you again. You have been in my prayers over these four years. Anna-Marie, New Zealand

  77. You’ve been on an incredible journey James. I’m sure you did learn a lot and I agree that it’s life’s turmoil that provides us with the most powerful reasons to grow. Our learning seems to be less about avoiding life’s hardships than how to experience them. I wish you well my friend. 🙂

  78. Wow James!
    Four years of intense experiential learning, IMMENSE gratitude for the suffering and sacrifice, you certainly fast tracked a whole bunch it! when the dust settles and all becomes clear, I can only imagine what phenomenal wisdom you will be impacting our worlds with!
    BIG welcome back to the next stage play called life, I’ll be tuning in x

  79. Hey James,

    Welcome back. I appreciate your transparency in what has transpired the past four years.

    Agree totally that the “hard” things in life are not only our best teacher, but are always exactly what we needed. Growth can be a strange experience, and thanks for sharing yours. What you have been through serves us all, and I’m grateful you chose not to hide from it.

    You have changed many lives…you’ve changed your own…now go change many more. I look forward to witnessing your continued journey.

    “Where your talents and the needs of the world cross lies your calling.” – Aristotle

    With much Gratitude and Self-Forgiveness,


  80. So glad that your ‘time in the desert’ has come to an end! I’m sorry that you had to endure such a horrible accident, but am glad that you are progressing through it. Your work and writing has helped me tremendously and I’m looking forward to more progress together. You have my continued prayers as you get back to your life! All my best, Trish
    And Happy Birthday!!! What a great one, i’m sure.

  81. Hi James,
    Good to see you back.

    Your quote ““If I understand the LOA, and execute it perfectly… then nothing bad, ugly or challenging will ever happen again in my life.” This is a lack of understanding; an illusion of the grandest proportions.”

    I am sure you are aware of the teachings of Abraham (Esther Hicks – the integrity behind The Secret!). It’s not you will always have bad, ugly or challenging; we will always have ‘contrast’ and we get to control how to deal with this. You ONLY experience great contrast like you did (me also most of my life til now) until you notice your gap between your vibration and the vibration of your inner being (or whatever label you want to use, it doesn’t matter). There must have been something going on for you that you didn’t pay attention to (not wrong and we all do it), so it got louder (very loud!). This doesn’t have to happen at all, as long as we are taking care of the most important thing moment to moment, which is how we feel. We do get to control the level of contrast absolutely and LOA doesn’t mess about. We do create our own reality. Like Abraham said what was left out of The Secret was the discussion of vibration and when people don’t get this important part then, well…. like you said above. I caught an interview on Youtube with Wayne Dyer talking to Abraham through Esther and I would love to hear you do the same. I watched The Secret and always admired your passion for this material and way of life; I am sure you would have so many interesting questions for ‘infinite intelligence’ to answer for all of us. Co-creating at its best. Hope to see you in the UK sometime. Good vibrations. Sarah 😉

    1. Sarah, Thanks for sharing; and in my experience we all have a direct potential communication with Universal Intelligence and have no need for a “go-between.” I talk with it every day; and I appreciate your spirit and the vibration from which you ask.

      I appreciate what Esther is doing and know that all good is good even when it’s not complete. That being said, one of my former students was in the hot seat asking “Abraham” about my situation and “Abraham” was stating things as occurring about the situation that even the court records show are not fact. Interesting. Everything that comes through a physical messenger is tainted through the understanding and limitations of the vehicle (this includes me by the way). We’re all human and flawed–even though that’s perfect.

      One of the main problems (and causes of confusion) in my experience is the lack of differentiation between Absolute Truth and Relative Truth or we could say Quantum and Newtonian. This is WAY more complex than I’ll get into here but let me ask you to at least consider this: JFK was killed, MLK was killed, Ghandi was killed, St. Paul was killed, Copernicus was damned to hell, Giordono Bruno was burned at the stake, Persius went to hell, Prometheus was crucified, Buddha fasted until he could count his spine from the front of his body, Oden was crucified, Osiris was dismembered and went to the underworld, Mandela was imprisoned, Jesus was crucified… I could go on but I just ask you and everyone to ponder why this is? And why do we so often brush over or ignore it?

      I’m glad you’re here. Stay awake and Love Life ~ JAR

  82. Dear Mr. Ray,

    Thank you for stepping forward and speaking about painful circumstances.

    While I believe it is true great desire is born from great pain, it is often difficult to let go of the pain in order to continue to expand. I am finding that self-forgiveness is one of the hardest concepts to practice.

    I would love to hear more about your process of self-forgiveness as I am just learning how to do this myself. The Universe is always ready to begin again, but some times we are our toughest critics.

    Peace to you as you heal.

    1. Katie, deep questions; and I agree that sometimes self-forgiveness is difficult. The simple answer is that you must come to a point that you realize that there’s really nothing to forgive. It’s through our mistakes that we learn and grow; and all true forgiving ALWAYS ends in gratitude. Thank you for-giving me that experience. Something to ponder–thanks for asking the deep questions ~ JAR

  83. Olá, James, sou brasileira, li o livro o segredo, estou lendo Wattles tenho 36anos e desde os meus 17 sinto que serei muito rica é uma vontade ou melhor é uma certeza plena que serei, mas não sei como vai acontecer ou quando, acho que ainda estou fazendo algo errado, porque eu não sei de onde virá, como fazer,não tenho idéias. Você pode me dizer algo que esteja faltando? Por favor. Obrigada.

    1. Ivone, I don’t speak Portuegese but I ran it through a translator on line and if it’s correct you’re wanting to make a lot of money. My suggestion for making a lot of money is to forget about making money and focus on providing value and service. As you do this more and more and become the best in your field the money will take care of itself. Hope this helps ~ JAR

  84. Olá, James, brasileira de novo. Além de sentir que vou ser milionária, há uns 12 anos venho sonhando quase todas as noites com muito dinheiro, eu coloco uma nota de baixo valor no bolso quando eu a retiro não dá pra contar de tantas notas de maior valor . E morando em mansões. Fico impressionada com isso. ABRAÇOS.

  85. An attitude of gratitude is important. I think it adds to your harmony, which can add to your prosperity. You have found the good in the smallest things with your attitude of gratitude. If you are not careful, people will think that you have a positive mental attitude. Will writing this, a positive mental attitude seem contradictory to your teachings. Please comment about your feelings on the differences.
    After having a near death experience, I have an attitude of gratitude for each day. I can relate to some of your writing. Going to Heaven was such an awesome experience. Based on my Heaven experience being so positive and happy, I have different feeling about death, than most people. This means those three people’s families should be happy were their family members are located. The families should temporarily miss their family members. If you hold grudges, it stops prosperity; so I would not hold grudges. To forgive is divine.
    I am happy that you have satisfied the requirements of the great state of Arizona. I think your requirements for yourself and the mental requirements of forgiveness of others are much higher. This should get you to the next level.

    1. Thanks John, my experience is that a true “positive attitude” is positively accepting whatever life brings to us as an opportunity for our own development, advancement, and growth. And here once again we come back to gratitude. Stay awake, love life, be epic ~ JAR

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