Go All In

Energy is infinite. There is no shortage.
The only time you’re not totally vibrant, vital and alive is when you’ve
done something to unplug from the infinite storehouse.

You’ve most likely been conditioned to hold something back.

Keep something in reserve.

Save up for a rainy day.

This mentality is insidious and it drives mediocrity and steals dreams.

It’s a mentality grounded in scarcity and lack; and it causes us to become a member of the “cult of average.”

This may just well date all the way back to the Greek myth of Icarus.

Icarus and his father Daedalus were imprisoned in a labyrinth of their own making. There are many lessons to be learned from this portion of the metaphor for we most often create our own prisons, but that’s not the purpose of today.

Plotting their escape, they constructed wings made of feathers and wax. Daedalus warned his son not to fly too close to the sun, as the heat would melt the wax and he would fall to his death.

Herein lies the possible beginnings of a social programming that would cost people their greatness, as well as their very spirit and soul.

Icarus dared greatly. Caught up in the flow state of flight, he did indeed fly too close to the sun. The wings melted in his rapture; and he fell.

Go all in. Dare greatly. Hold nothing back.
For life is meant to live, not for mere existence.

What’s often forgotten about the Icarus story is that he was also warned not to fly too low.

Flying too low would cause the humidity of the ocean to pull the wings apart. He was supposed to fly “just right.”

Not too high. Not too low.

Right in the mediocre middle.

And thus we have the mediocrity of the mass mentality. Doing just enough to stay in the middle.

Just enough to get by.

Now you may say, “But James, he dared greatly and he died!”

Look, let’s be frank.

You’re giving your life for something right now.

How you spend your days, is how you’re spending your life!

Life is meant to live and live boldly. Read more about it here.

You can make it mediocre; or you can make it magnificent.

Give everything you have.

Fly too high.

Go all in.

Leave it all on the field.

Your flight is going to be over before you know it; and certainly before you want it to be.

Make it grand.

The true question in life is not are you going to die? For the answer to that is self-evident.

The true question is “Did you really live?”

Did you touch the sun?

Did you feel its heat?

You can’t give too much, you can only live too little.

When someone tells me they’re exhausted, I know they lack understanding. You cannot exhaust an infinite storehouse. You can only disengage.

The universe is infinite energy.
If you give it all you have, you’ll get more.
There is no lack.

Those who accomplish greatness go all in. Elon Musk went from a net worth of $180,000,000.00 to having to borrow money for rent.


He put every single dollar he had into SpaceX, Tesla, and Solar City.

He went all in.

He flew high and tempted the sun.

Now Musk is worth $12,300,000,000.00 ($12.3 billion)

From abundance he took abundance and still abundance remained.
~ Uphanishads

You don’t get energy. You generate energy.

You don’t get energy. You generate energy.

Everything is energy. That includes money. You don’t get more money you generate money.

There is not lack.

There is no lack. Lack is a mindset grounded in ignorance and fear.
Go all in. Give everything you have.

Everything you expend will be replaced. Just as sure as when you expend your full breath of air there is more oxygen to breath.

Everything you expend will be replaced.
Just as sure as when you expel a full breath of air there is still more oxygen to breath.
When you take a full breath, there’s still an abundance for me.

Break out of your own prison.

Touch the sun.

Stay Awake, Love Life, and Be Epic!