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Discover your innate gifts and abilities


Your greatest gift from Life and God is your infinite potential. Your greatest gift back to Life and God is to use it fully.

The number one resource in today’s face-paced world is self-awareness.

You were born with innate gifts and abilities. This is your unique genius. Research from Harvard University proves that you’re a genius in at least one area of your life; and you only begin to develop your unique genius when you:

  1. Know exactly what it is
  2. Leverage that gift and genius in everything you do.

Gallup tells us that 72% of the people are completely unfulfilled, disengaged, and unhappy in their life, career, or business.

The secret to fulfillment in all areas is to know your unique gift and calling. Find out what yours are; and then leverage them to live your life, and build your career and business to the fullest.

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More importantly, do everything stronger and more powerfully.

Would you like to know how your personality effects your life, and use that knowledge to become a more effective leader and entrepreneur? Would you like to know how it effects your relationships? Both personal and professional?

Learn these things and more; and use them to increase your wealth, happiness and fulfillment.


“You really helped give us hope and determination to move forward in our lives and in our businesses. As a result, I’ve seen renewed focus and passion from our members and my teammates”.

Judy Wander
International Council of Shopping Centers

“All said and done, I observe my team is more committed and passionate to do “whatever it takes” to produce results in their business”.

Rori Ferensic
Association of Financial Professionals

“If you’re ready to have your organization produce revenues, profits and performance that literally put you in a class all your own, then contact James’ office immediately.”

Bruce Dickinson
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