Forgiveness is Leadership

Forgiveness is Leadership

True forgiveness always ends in gratitude.
Forgiving is the ability to honestly state:
Thank you for-giving me that experience.

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Being Angry is Pointless

Life is short.

Do you really want to spend your short time in this life being upset?

Think about it: most problems take care of themselves, don’t they?

Most bad news is eventually followed, by good news; and the converse is true as well.

Good news is followed with bad.

Most problems work themselves out on their own.
What value is there in getting angry, fearful, and upset?

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Such is the flow of both life and business.

Most frustrations decrease with time.

I encourage you to use your life experience productively.


Everyone is doing the best they can with what they know and have—including you.

People are not their behaviors.
People behave, but that’s not who they truly are.

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Don’t give temporary issues more substance and permanence than they deserve.

In this world, everything is temporary!

Life flows by us like a stream; and way quicker than any of us would like.

Days and moments wasted are spent; and can never be regained. Use them wisely.

Anger, worry, frustration, doubt, and fear are disempowering emotions and they steal your life force.

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Life is a game; and all games are temporary like it or not.
Before you know it, and probably before you’re ready, the game will be over.
Please remember a game is meant to “play”, to play is childlike enjoyment.
If you can’t play and enjoy it all, even if you “win” you lose.

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Forgiving is not agreement. It’s just understanding.

I now realize I was angry when I exited prison in 2013. It was unconscious at the time.

I was angry at the legal system, I was angry and hurt by those who I felt betrayed me, and much more. There were individuals who sat under oath and told lies about what I had said and done.

I was angry at the entire situation. I was angry at the colleagues who were once my “greatest friends” and who always wanted to partner with me who absolutely disappeared when things went sideways.

That hurt.

What hurt more was those who took their chance to go into the media and get their few moments of fame deriding me and attacking me.

Some who just months previously told me how “much they loved me,” even wrote books and articles slamming me.

Can you relate to any of this? At any level?

Forgiving does not equal agreement.
It’s just understanding.

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Slowly I realized that the only person my anger and lack of forgiveness was hurting was me; and my greatest anger and lack of forgiveness was with and for myself.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  1. Forgive yourself first. Ultimately, you’re doing the best you can; and if you can’t forgive yourself, you’ll never move forward.
  2. Forgive others. As stated, everybody is doing the best they can with what they know and the abilities that have. People are not their behaviors.
  3. Forgive the situation. You made a bad decision? You put yourself in a bad situation? In retrospect you would have done things differently? That’s how we learn. Success is a lousy teacher. Failures and mistakes bring life PhD’s.

At the end of the day, the only person you need to forgive is yourself.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!


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