Forget Balance, Choose Mastery

Balance and mastery cannot coexist in the same space.
Mastery brings harmony not balance. Big difference.

I know the quote above may seem like a riddle but let me break it down for you.

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Balance is all the buzz; and I still maintain, as in my New York Times Bestseller Harmonic Wealth, that it’s a total crock.

Of all those talking and preaching and teaching balance… not one of them is balanced!

Frankly, balance is complete bullshit!

Let’s get real for once can we?

Not only is it an impossible crock, it’s a complete focus on lack and limitation.

Let that one sink in and rattle your cage.

Balance is a focus on lack and limitation.
Balance is the collective objective for the cult of mediocrity.

I’ve never in all my time in life and business met one highly successful individual who even thinks about balance.

Not one.

They just live! And they give everything they have to their life and cause.

I’ve never in all my time in life and business met one
highly successful individual who even thinks about balance

Okay, have I got your attention?

Now let’s break this down logically:

  1. No one is perfectly balanced. It’s impossible. In perfect balance nothing happens because perfect balance is static. Life and energy are dynamic.
  2. Science proves that all things in this universe are comprised of energy. Energy is dynamic and must flow. It never is static and never sits still.
  3. Since the concept of everything being in so-called “perfect balance” is impossible, those focusing on it are focusing on what they don’t have.
  4. Therefore, they’re focusing on lack and limitation.

Focusing on lack and limitation and what’s not there,
creates more lack and limitation and what’s not there.
You move toward what you focus on.
What you give attention to must grow.

Let’s use the famous high wire phenomenon Carl Wallenda as a primary example of what we’re discussing. You may recall he fell to his death.

Now some might say that he “balanced” upon the wire.

I submit that’s incorrect.

At the risk of arguing over semantics, I suggest he was never balanced… when successful on the wire he was obsessed.

A high wire artist doesn’t give a shit about balance. man-on-wire
If successful, he’s obsessed,
with one thing and one thing only.
That wire; and whatever it takes to stay on it.

You may recall that Wallenda fell to his death from the wire.

In a telling interview with his widow, she told of a nightmare he had a few months prior.

He dreamed he fell to his death.

From that moment on he became obsessed with not falling. Prior to that time he was only obsessed with bigger, better, and bolder.

There was a distinct psychological shift.

An obsessive attention on “not falling” versus bigger, better, bolder is a very different obsession. Energy flows where attention goes.

An obsession is only dysfunctional when it’s a dysfunctional obsession.
Find the One Thing you’re here to do and do it!_1256985

You see, if you watch a high-wire performer when they’re successful in their craft, they’re swaying back and forth, forward and back. They’re rarely if ever in perfect balance and stillness.

Life and energy is movement.

I submit that a full life is harmonious. Like a dance. When the cymbals of life crash and the drums thunder, the master knows it is all part of the drama of the concerto.

When the cymbals crash and the drums thunder
we appreciate it as a dramatic part of the concerto. Such is life.

Forget balance.

Balance is all instruments playing at the same time, tempo, cadence, rhythm, volume and pitch.

That’s either heavy metal or boring put-you-to-sleep elevator music.

Appreciate the ups and downs, the long hours it takes to accomplish your purpose.

Be grateful that you are being continually used up by life; and for your reason for being.

Stay Awake, Love Life and Be Epic!