Focused Like a Laser

All great accomplishments and creations
result from the willingness to do what might not work.

In our last conversation we discussed tragedies, crisis and challenges and how they contribute to the development of your will.

You can never know what’s truly important to you, or what you truly stand for, until you’re forced to take a stand.

Like a muscle is built pushing against greater resistance, your willpower is likewise built by maintaining focus and persistence in the face of greater adversity.

Energy flows where attention goes.   

energy flows-where attention goes-james-arthur-ray

One of key characteristics of true will is the focus of attention. The problem for most individuals in achieving their own Ultimate Performance is multi-faceted. Two of the facets we’ll discuss here are intention and attention.

Simply defined, intention is where you choose to go and what you choose to achieve. Attention is locking onto that “what and where” like a pit bull on steroids.

How is not your focus. No one ever knew how until it was done. Get busy.

Figure it out one step at a time.

Let’s start off with the problem of intention as it pertains to Ultimate Performance and living your best life.

Unfortunately the vast majority of individuals, when asked what they intend for their life, really don’t know!

Oh yes they may have some vague idea. They may have an outcropping of a socially programmed intention they’ve been told they should want. But our socially programmed “should wants” are not what our heart, spirit and soul really long to experience; and they’ll never lead to your best life or your own Ultimate Performance.

A false path will never lead you to your deep authentic path.
It’s not your fault.
You’ve rarely, if ever, been encouraged to find your deep authentic self.

Please remember when clarity and purpose are not present all intentions degrade to the lowest common denominator, which is money.

When clarity and purpose are nonexistent or unclear, all intentions degrade to the lowest common denominator which is money.

A vast percentage of the clients who come into my Ultimate Performance Coaching program tell me the major cause of all pain and suffering in their life is “money.” Yet experience proves:

If money is your problem
Money alone won’t solve your problem. 

Recent studies show what one in six NFL players file for bankruptcy after their last game

My point has been made. Thanks NFL.

They make a lot of money!

  • Money is the by-product of providing useful service; and providing it at epic levels.

So the problem you must solve is how to provide more service and value. Do you follow?

  • Providing service at ultimate levels is much more likely to occur when you find your unique gifts and genius and develop them fully.

Finding your unique genius is what I call “Beginning at the beginning”; and it’s a major component of the work that I do.

There’s something you’re here to accomplish
That no one else but you can do. Find it

Millions of people are spinning their wheels attempting to accomplish the desires and values of others with little to no consideration as to why they’re here and what they’re gifted to do.

Please, let that not be you.

A recent Gallup Poll tells us that nearly 75% (71% actual) of the people surveyed are “unhappy and unfulfilled in their life and their work.” Chances are great with these staggering numbers that you’re one of them.

If you are… I can help you; and I’ll be extremely honored to do so.

If you’re not in the 71%, congratulations; and yet I promise you that you’re barely scratching the surface of the performance you’re truly capable of achieving.

Again, I can help you and will be honored to do it. Ultimate Performance Coaching

Once you have an intention that’s worthy of your unique gifts, an intention to reach your own ultimate performance, you must build your will. Again, your will is largely about focusing and holding your attention.

Even when people have clarity of intention the biggest downfall I find is their lack of attention to what they choose for their life versus what they fear.

Most have A.D.D. when it comes to their own performance and living the life they love; and O.C.D. when it comes to their frustrations and fears.

Ultimate performance comes over time. You should definitely know this by now. Prodigies are not born they’re made.

The ability to hold your attention on what you choose for your life in the midst of tragedy, crisis, challenge and difficulty is the substance of which masters are made.

If I were to define the top five factors in ultimate performance of any kind, attention would definitely rank; and it might just be the single most important and overarching factor of all.

Given that attention muscles are so rare, it’s even more important that you “begin at the beginning” with your intention.

Success is hard. Find something you love.
If you don’t love it you’ll quit, like any  sane person would.
But if you love it you’ll continue.
~ Steve Jobsblog_steve_jobs_1

Since deep down inside we’re all wired to greatness, you have a much greater propensity to greatness when you start out to accomplish something that you have the innate ability and skill to accomplish. (reference Innate Ability Development series)

Setting goals in alignment with the ability to achieve them is well documented in psychological research as fundamental to success and Ultimate Performance. We’ve mentioned this many times and discussed in great detail.

Conversely the setting of goals and intentions just because society tells us what to value is one of the fundamental causes of frustration and failure.

Again, it’s not your fault.

But it is your responsibility!

When you don’t know who you are and why you’re here you’ll jump from one shiny object to the next. One potential short-cut or quick fix to another.

Beginning at the beginning makes focused flow and laser intention much more likely. Likewise true for success, fulfillment and Ultimate Performance.

Figure out how “begin at the beginning” deprogram the thinking we’ve allowed ourselves to assimilate here.

I’m not suggesting this makes it easy—it doesn’t. Life is not meant to be easy, it’s meant to be meaningful. But it will make it easier than the traditional stab-at-this-and-stab-at-that and then end-up-taking-a-paycheck-shot-in-the-dark approach that the mass majority employs.

Reaching your own ultimate performance is never easy.
It’s not meant to be easy. If it was easy everyone would do it.

You hold your world together with your attention. When you shift your attention your world changes. Please read that again.

The Observer Effect from quantum physics tells us that through the observation of a particular point on a wave of light, we participate in its transmutation into a particle.


Simply put we are participators in creating the solid physical stuff of this universe out of the non-solid non-physical stuff.

While the implications of this are profound, and we could discuss for days, we’ll leave that for another time.

Suffice to say that focusing your laser intention through the power of the will is a creative force with which to be reckoned.

So speaking of light you basically have two choices:

  • You can be a light bulb
  • Or you can be a laser beam.

What do I mean?

A light bulb through diffused energy lights up a large amount of space. Albeit not very intensely.

A laser on the other hand cuts through steel. Why?


Like a white hot bead.

Which do you choose to be?

Focus and direct your will and you’ll cut through steel.

Remember… energy flows where attention goes.

And the journey continues…

Stay Awake, Love Life, and Be Epic!