Fight and Overcome the Resistance

Aye, fight and you may die. Run and you’ll live, at least for a while.
And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willing
to trade ALL the days, from this to that, for just one chance, just one
chance, to come back here and tell your enemies you may take my life;
but you’ll NEVER take my FREEDOM!
~ William Wallace: Braveheart

Life is a battle.

Whether you want to admit it or not.

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While there are many dragons to slay in the external world, especially if you’re running a business, yet they’re not nearly as fierce as the dragons and demons you must fight inside.

The demons of, “Thou shalt not, I can’t, I’m not talented, educated, worthy, young enough, old enough, I don’t have the money,” the list is endless.

Collectively these demons and dragons are The Resistance.

And The Resistance is a mighty opponent.

The Resistance has only one job. To keep you a prisoner of your
programming and past limitations. You have only one job as well.
To fight and overcome the Resistance.

There are those who want to tell you that growth and life situations should unfold “easily or elegantly or just in flow.”

I was actually one of those guys many moons ago.

I was wrong.

In my own struggle, I was unaware and unawake, even though I thought otherwise.

I searched and searched for the ideal struggle free state, yet it was never to be found.

For it’s in the struggle that potential greatness is born.

The greatest battle you’ll ever fight is the battle to be unique.
It’s a battle in which the entire world will marshal it’s every
force to keep you the same; and it’s a battle that never ends.

child standing while others kids are sitting

This is an idea that’s mirrored to us both from Nature and science.

In Nature, the chicken must struggle through the confines of the egg.

I’ve heard it said that if you help the baby chick through this struggle it has detrimental effects on the chick…

The butterfly must burst forward from the prison of the cocoon…

The snake must wiggle and wrestle its way to pull its new life from the tired worn out skin…

And even you battled forth from your mother’s womb to be birthed into this Life!

Changes in nature are explosive, not continuous and smooth.
~ Max Planck (father of quantum physics)

New life is disruption; and if it’s not disruptive, it’s just a repackaging of what already is or was.

Let’s go to science, and Ohm’s Law, and learn from here as well.

The output of a 60 watt light bulb versus a 100 watt bulb is the amount of resistance within the bulb.

The amount of resistance that you go up against determines the output you create.
If you’re not doing great battle with The Resistance
you’re not doing great things.

When observing a light bulb you see a little filament standing up in the center. This little filament is the resister.

Now think.

The amount of electricity in this universe is unlimited.

The factor determining a high output bulb versus a low output bulb is not the amount of power available.

Once again, that amount is infinite.

The amount of unlimited power exhibited by the bulb, is determined solely by the amount of resistance that infinite power goes up against.

Greater resistance equals greater output. (C=VR)

Less resistance, lesser output.

Life has a flavor for those who fight,
that a life of comfort and ease will never taste.

The Resistance is within you my Warrior friend; and fight you must.

Will you fight?

Will you overcome the demon of “Thou shalt not”?

The dragon of limitation and lack?

The infinite power is waiting for the most available and willing vessel to come pushing through.

Will that be you?

Stay Awake, Love Life and Be Epic!