Feelings Drive the Bus

Feelings Drive the Bus

Many believe that your thoughts drive your action and results.
But science now proves that many feelings are precognitive.
Changing your thoughts alone won’t change your life.
Your feelings eclipse your thoughts.

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Many want to talk about, and focus on, how “Your thoughts create your results.”

This is partially true.

Thought in-and-of-itself is weak; and does nothing on its own to create results.

Read Here: Leaders get results; and without results it’s all just nice ideas and talk.

Consider: how many times you’ve “thought” about doing something, becoming something, building something, and yet done absolutely nothing?

Your thoughts in and of themselves are weak.
How many times have you thought about doing something and done nothing?
Feelings drive all action and results.

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Your Thoughts, Feelings, and Actions must all be firing in alignment for you to create the life and business you deserve.

In my NYT bestseller “Harmonic Wealth” I call this process “going 3 for 3.”

When you study anyone creating what they desire and deserve, they’re going 3 for 3.

Their thoughts, feelings and actions are all firing in alignment.

To create what you desire and deserve you must go 3 for 3.
Your thoughts, feelings and actions all must be firing in alignment.

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Emotion is “energy in motion. It moves the body to action.”

Emotion is nothing more than energy in motion.
It moves the body to act. Science tells us that everything is energy
So, to create results you must get into the feeling of things.
If you can’t feel it, you won’t have it.

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In 2006 the movie The Secret broke big. Everyone was talking about the Law of Attraction. But please notice that 60% of the word attraction is action!

So many who still follow the Law of Attraction neglect to realize that they must act!

You must Act and act boldly!

Fate favors the bold.

You can tell me all day long what you “believe”; and if you won’t act, I know you really don’t believe it.

So many fans of the Law of Attraction neglect to realize
that 60% of the word “attraction” is “action”! You must act.
Big, bold, and continuously. Get busy.

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Feelings are different from emotions, but they are close cousins.

Feelings are tactile. A vibratory experience in the body. Emotion is a linguistic label we use to describe that vibration. Science tells us that everything has a vibration or frequency.

If you wish to understand the Universe
think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.
~ Nikola Tesla

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If your feeling and thought are incongruent, there’s cognitive dissonance; and the body, run by your unconscious/emotional mind, will not move into action.

A very deep topic to consider. Much too deep for a quick blog.

Maybe you’ll join us in a live event or coaching experience.

Are you just interested? Or are you committed?


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