Failure Is Your Friend

I can implement something, totally screw it up and then fix it,
much faster than you can analyze to perfection and implement nothing.implement-image-james-arthur-ray

One of the greatest thieves of dreams is the fear of failure.

Sadly, when you get hamstrung by the fear of failure you create the very thing you’re attempting to avoid.

Most of my ideas don’t work.
But how many ideas that do work does it take?
If you’re afraid of failing, and you let it keep you stuck,
then you’ve already failed.

You see those who are massively successful don’t fail less, they fail more!

Why? Because they’re taking more action!

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It’s in the so-called failures that we ask the tough questions. If we’re wise we step-back, analyze and adjust, and then act again. RHoffman_Cnt61_F48.tif

If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product,
you’ve launched too late.
~ Reid Hoffman

How many times do you think Apple has failed?

While Apple seems to set the standard for success, a quick study will prove that it sets the standard for failure as well.

The Apple USB Mouse, the Power Mac Cube, and InfoWorld are just a few of the complete flops that came from Apple.

But they also set the standard for success with the IPad, IPhone, ITunes and IPod.

If I try my best and fail, well I tried my best.
~ Steve Jobs1521990

I submit you adopt a philosophy that there are no failures in life, only feedback. Sometimes you get the greatest feedback from those things that don’t work.

Is it failure? Or is it just feedback? Use it, learn from it, improve it, go!

Chamath Palihapitiya was part of the team that launched Facebook and he stated, “We celebrated our failure more than we celebrated success.”

Not everything is going to “work.” But then again, everything does work.

If the objective is to get bigger, better, faster, stronger and provide more value, then the information you need comes from analyzing and adjusting post the things that didn’t work out as you like.

There are only two times that you truly fail: when you don’t learn;
and when you give up on yourself and life.

What others see as failure, the one on the road to mastery sees as temporary setback. As an opportunity to learn, grow and improve.

What the amateur sees as failure, the person on the road to mastery sees only as a temporary setback.
An opportunity to learn, grow and improve.

Go out and make something happen!

Even if it doesn’t appear to work, it works!

As long as you make it work.

Stay Awake, Love Life and Be Epic!