Expression the Key to Leadership

Expression the Key to Leadership

You’re a spiritual being and spirit has one objective: fuller expansion,
experience and expression. Life is spiritual. Business is spiritual.
Everything is spiritual.

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While I realize that the word “spiritual” is off-putting to some, please understand its definition in this context.

Science tell us that everything in this entire Universe is comprised of the same basic building blocks of energy. No exception.

Furthermore, science tells us that this energy is conscious and aware.

Mind is the matrix of all matter.

~ Max Planck, father of quantum physics

Max Planck

What science calls Mind, the ancient traditions call Spirit.

Therefore, Spirit is nothing more than the animating principle, or life-force, of the entire Universe.

And this spiritual (non-tangible) life-force desires to express.

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Current research tells us that 16.2 million people are reported to be depressed in today’s world. This is epidemic.

Most are turning to anti-depressants for a quick boost in serotonin and/or norepinephrine; and while I’m not a doctor, and I highly encourage you to consult your doctor, I submit that depression is not a signal to suffer, it’s a signal to grow.

Depression is a signal that something needing to be expressed is being suppressed.
Depression is suppression and lack of expression.

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What’s going on?

In my experience, junk values have made us miserable.

In the race for money and materialism (all in the name of happiness), we’ve ended up finding the exact opposite.

Your spirit wants to express.

Art, Love, Creativity, Music, Business, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and more.

Not in the pursuit of money or external rewards, but in pursuit of pure purpose and joy.

Since the dawn of time our species has looked to the heavens and attempted to find the meaning and purpose of life.

We should not be looking to the sky; we should be looking within.

Think about it linguistically: the word “depress” is like suppress and compress.

Depression is a form of suppression and compression.
It’s time for your spirit to express.

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Depression is a sign that your purpose is not being fulfilled.

I experienced this phenomenon in 2010 when my purpose was yanked away from me in a matter of mere months.

I’m here to be a guide; and at the time I believed, since I wasn’t able to teach anymore, my purpose was gone.

Depression set in.

However, I was wrong regarding my purpose.

It took me some time to realize that purpose was not lost or gone. It was just taking another course.

I was being required to climb a bigger mountain, to dive more deeply, so that I developed more tools with which to guide.

Maybe the same is true for you. Stand back and observe objectively.

When it appears that everything is working against you, you must find the place
where it’s all working for you. You’re just being required to become bigger,
wiser, more compassionate and awake.

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Let me share a quick Leadership Strategy to eliminate depression and allow expression:

  1. You must know beyond doubt the gifts you’ve been given. Be honest. Not everyone is here to be a public figure sensation.
  2. Clearly define your purpose based upon your gifts; and how to use those unique gifts to fulfill it.
  3. Recognize that all things (maybe most importantly the tough things) are contributing to your depth and strength.
  4. Find within yourself how what’s happening right now is improving who you are, building your strength and character, and better equipping you to do what you’re here to do.
  5. Stay locked into all the above, and you’ll realize purpose even in the darkness.

Please understand that the sun must surrender to the darkness every single day so that the next day is born.

The sun must surrender to the darkness to birth the new day.
The darkness births the light.

James Arthur Ray

The Dark births the Light.

Stay the course.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!


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