Escaping the Grand Delusion

You’ve been promised trinkets and prizes
and possibly riches if you’ll sell your soul,
suck it up, and just be part of the system.

I call this The Grand Delusion.

It’s the greatest lie that’s ever been sold; and make no mistake, it’s been sold hard; and most are buying hard.

You’ve been sold debt, reality TV,
and self-storage space for all the extra stuff you’ve accumulated;
but there’s still unrest and lack of fulfillment. been-sold-debt-james-arthur-ray-image
The answer is not yet found.

Is it any wonder that there’s so much fear, insecurity, boredom and listlessness in the world?

Most have traded in their fears and their dreams for a sense of false security and a steady paycheck.

All too often we trade in our fears,
as well as our dreams, for a false sense
of security and a steady paycheck.

I hope and pray that’s not you.

But if it is, not to despair.

There’s hope.

Look, I don’t care if you’re making 6 or 7 figures a year.

Because even if you are, you know there’s still most probably a nagging little splinter in the back of your mind telling you something is not quite right.

There’s got to be more.

If you’re not there financially yet, I hope you’ll read and listen to the voice of experience.

In the lack of clear vision and purpose,
the collective mind degrades to the
lowest common denominator.
Which is money and fame.

This unrest, listlessness and lack of fulfillment is all the by-product of the Grand Delusion.

The greatest lie we’ve ever been sold is “my company, my bank account, my house, my wife/husband, my car.”

None of it is “yours.”

It can be gone in the blink of an eye.

Believe me, I know.

It’s complete illusion to believe that you own anything.
It’s all going away. At best, you’re a temporary custodian
of your things; and the only thing of true value is that temporary-custodian-james-arthur-ray-image
which cannot be touched or taken.

Yet deep down inside you know you’re capable of something great. Capable of making true art. The art of ideas, business, music, creativity, painting, physical mastery. Whatever your unique gift is, it’s your art.

It matters not what type of art you choose to make.

It only matters that it moves you deeply.

It only matters that it comes from your very heart and soul.

It matters not what type of art you choose to make.
Business, entertainment, philosophy, or strategy.
It only matters that it moves you deeply.
That it comes from your very heart and soul. It matters that you’re bold.

Making your art is risky. It takes courage.

The big question
Is whether you are going to be able
to say a hearty yes to your adventure.highres_53159344
~ Joseph Campbell

Look, there is no courage without risk, challenge and uncertainty.

The fear of risk, challenge and uncertainty is the reason that so many trade in their dreams for a steady paycheck, and a little bread and circus.

But not you.

Once again, there’s that nagging little splinter in the back of your mind that knows.

Your true self knows who you are.

Your true self knows what you’re capable of.

 Are you living the life that you choose? Walking your own path?

Your true self wants to create your art.

Not for fame, money, power, accolades, applause or agreement.

But for the sheer enjoyment of life, purpose and complete fulfillment.

Are you listening?

When you listen, and follow, you break free of The Grand Delusion. The greatest lie ever sold.

You live!

Really live.

Stay Awake, Love Life, and Be Epic!