Epic Productivity and Performance

Gallup tells us that 71% of the people surveyed are unhappy
and unfilled in their work. Staggering! Life is too short.unhappy

 How is this possible?


It’s possible because quite frankly our school systems are dysfunctional in preparing us for real life; much less in preparing us for fulfillment.


Never in our traditional schooling are we asked or tested for our inherent abilities and genius. In other words, what we’re naturally good at and what we’re innately attracted to.


Never are we encouraged to explore our inner world. What we most uniquely value; and hold near and dear in our hearts and souls.


Therefore, we find ourselves chasing values that society tells us we should hold near and dear. With a lack of clear purpose, our decisions degrade to the lowest common denominator—money, fame and security.

Most people want to tell me what they want yet
they don’t even know who they are.unknow-man

Lacking clear purpose, we pursue houses and cars and bank accounts. Yet we find ourselves, even when achieving these things, feeling empty and unfulfilled.  ( Download Your 3 STEP WORKSHEET)

What does this have to do with Epic Productivity and Performance?


Productivity, progress and performance equals fulfillment.

Want to know how to achieve a complete and full-filling life? Read this article.

In another Gallup poll over 50,000 businesses, individuals, and teams; and over 1,400,000 people were studied. Asking them one single important question:

Do you use your strengths every single day?  ( Download Your 3 STEP WORKSHEET)

Most answered “no,” being part of the infamous 71% Club mentioned prior.

Yet with those individuals who answered a resounding “yes” the results were astounding.

These individuals:

– Were 38% more productive

– Had 50% higher retention with their company

– And produced 44% higher customer satisfaction

The companies they worked for:

– Were more profitable; and

– Stayed in business longer

The average entrepreneurial business folds in the first 18 months. Most large corporations are very shaky at best for the first ten years according to Business Week.

The companies where team members used strengths daily also had:

– Less accidents

– And their team members were less likely to sue even if an accident occurred.

The more you find and utilize your inherent genius,
the more productive and fulfilling your life will be.5e4ab8_95a30e356b8f46558e547e0a7ade1a99.jpg_srz_675_355_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz

 Plain and simple.

You want to perform at optimum levels and be super productive?

Find your unique and inherent gifts and genius and get to work at becoming great.  ( Download Your 3 STEP WORKSHEET)


Your work is your art; and the world is your canvas.
Your work is your love made manifest to the world.

Get busy.

Stay Awake, Love Life, and Be Epic!