When the Entire World is Against You

When the Entire World is Against You

I thrive because the fire inside me burns hotter
and brighter than the fires outside me.

girl standing in front of campfire

Have you ever felt like everything was against you?

Like everything is going wrong; and nothing’s going, right?

Boy, I sure have; and most of the people I coach have felt the exact same way at some point in life. Maybe at two or three points in life.

One of the 7 Laws of the Universe is “The Law of Rhythm” (LOR).

The LOR states that everything swings and sways—seasons come; and seasons go.

There’s a season to plant and a season to harvest but please understand—they’re not the same season.

There’s a season to plant and a season to harvest.
Please understand they’re not the same season!

hands holding soil with plant

Winter is a natural part of the rhythm of life. Winter is always followed by Spring; and there’s no exception to this law.

There have never been 2 winters in a row. There have been some super long winters—but never 2 in a row.

Let’s observe nature: when winter comes, the bears crawl into their cave to rest, the flowers and trees shed their own blossoms and leaves, we pull in the barbeque and cover the pool. Maybe we curl up more to the fireplace and read good books.

Nature does not freak out when winter comes; and if we’re wise, we don’t either.

Everything moves through cycles and seasons. Nature never freaks
out when winter comes; and if we’re wise, neither do we.

bubble icing up with ray of sun shinning on it

So, why is it that when winter comes in our relationships or business, or our society and world at large, we tend to think it’s the end of the world?

It’s not.

Keep the faith.

It’s just Winter.

Believe me, I’ve been through a really long winter. Ten-year winters to be exact. Not only did it feel as if the entire universe was conspiring against me, it felt like it was permanent.

Let me promise you this: You’ll have situations that are great and work in your favor. You’ll have situations that make you feel like the entire universe is conspiring against you.

But neither of these situations is permanent.

Seasons come and seasons go.

One of the greatest causes of human suffering is the fact that we attempt to
make things last forever. They don’t. Everything is temporary.

man on his back fading

For the last 10 years, I’ve been in my cave working hard on me.

Reflecting on who I was; and more importantly who I now choose to be.

It’s in the reflection that you find the ultimate truth.

It’s in the self-reflection that you find true Self-Awareness.

Read here: How truly self-aware are you? Most people have very little self-awareness.

Life has gifted you with a time for reflection.
It’s in the reflection that you find the truth.
In the reflection, you find your true Self-Awareness.

glass ball with the reflection of a man

One of my mentors once told me: “James if you go out into the world too fast, you may never finish your work.

In today’s world of “everyone wants to be an expert” many, if not careful, will never finish their work.

Quick success is a curse. When you go out too soon you
may never finish your work. Play the long game.

James Arthur Ray

And the Greatest Work of all is the work of Self-Awareness.

Remembering who you truly are.

I’ve learned many things in the last 4 decades. Some through successes and many through failures, flops, and pain.

I’d love to share them with you if you’ll allow me to.

I promise you’ll be grateful.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!


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