Don’t Wish for Easy Wish for Great

Don’t wish for easy. Wish for meaningful and great.
Nothing great ever came easy.11

Let’s be frank.

Life often hits hard.

The bigger your goals, commitments, outcomes, and intentions the harder the hits you’ll take.

You’ve most probably heard the saying, “Be careful what you ask for.”

I second that sentiment.

Once you set an intention to do heavy lifting in the world, the forces of gravity and resistance are set in motion.

At the gates of greatness and mastery stand innumerable centuries charged with guarding the gates. Their job is to imprison you in the past. Your job is to not let them!PHdPT7NZO24rhe_2_l

The greatest guardians and resistance are not outside of you, although you will definitely face external obstacles.

The greatest resistance is within you.

The demons named, “Thou shalt not pass,”

“I can’t,”

“I’m not capable,”

“I’m not worthy,”

And many more too legion to name.

When confronted with the resistance we have an impulse reaction to contract. In our contraction we step back into the shadows and live in the shadows versus the light.

All bright suns cast a shadow. Most see the shadows and believe them to be the truth. They’re not truth. They’re just a partial reflection of the truth. A shadow life is no life.

In Plato’s allegory of the cave he spoke of the shadow life. Prisoners chained and conditioned to look at the dancing shadows of the cave illuminated by the fire behind them which they could not see.

The fire you cannot see is the real you!

But to see it you must break the chains.

You must push against the resistance that keeps you stuck in the shadows.

Anyone who tells you that you must not struggle is not telling you the truth. Chains of resistance are strong.

Conditioning runs deep.

Great accomplishments take great effort; and it cannot be otherwise.

Are You Willing to Do What It Takes To Achieve The Greatest Accomplishments?

It’s not easy to step into your own greatness. It’s not supposed to be easy!
If it were easy everyone would be doing it. 

Please understand that the effort we’re discussing is primarily internal; and as we’ve already discussed, the larger the intention the larger the resistance and the greater the impulse to contract.

The forces of resistance must give way to the indomitable spirit
and undefeated mind that just keeps coming. greatness-james-arthur-ray

Break out.

Become truly confident <Developing True Confidence>

There’s a seed of greatness buried deep within you that is taking root and just waiting, oh so patiently, for you to give it your full attention. Remember, energy flows where attention goes.

Buried deep within you is a spark of greatness. A spark that can be fanned into flames of unlimited accomplishment and impact. That spark is not outside of you. It’s within you.

The problem is you think you have time.

You don’t.

Time has you and it will wipe you off the board sooner than you know.

Time is short.

Use it and leverage it wisely.

Tick tock.

Stay Awake, Love Life, and Be Epic!