Does God Want You to Prosper?

“If you knew how much work went into it, you wouldn’t call it genius.”

~ Michelangelo

So we’ve been exploring the topics of wealth and abundance and the erroneous thinking that many of us have adopted around these topics. True wealth is a state of wellbeing come what may—even in the storm.

Easier said than done but possible nonetheless.

Let’s just be clear… true wellbeing is not a state of denial. Not a positively plastic smiley faced suppression that’s so prevalent in many circles. Rather it’s a state of positive acceptance and utilization of what life brings your way.

Big difference.

Studies of peak performing entrepreneurs, and all those who achieve mastery in their field, prove that this strategy of utilization is a common trait.

The master resists nothing, and utilize everything.

Abundance on the other hand is the limitless choices, ideas and abilities that we’re afforded all around us. There is no shortage. When we shift our focus from competition to creation we begin to access our true internal greatness. Like oxygen… there’s no shortage, just abundance.

Shortage is limited scope and vision,
A myopia of the mind.

This lack of understanding is a major downfall of many who are so concerned about natural resources. If one resource runs out we’ll surely find another. We always have. By clinging to scarcity and the past we limit our creativity as well as our ability to see new doors of opportunity which are opening all around us. Something to ponder deeply.

Now, if you’re into sustainability, and you’re about ready to burn me at the stake… take a deep breath. I’m invested in sustainable resources as well; and my company has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to these causes.

It just makes sense.

That’s not the point.

My point is that there’s a big difference between acting from inspiration and abundance versus desperation and fear. Do you follow?

The only limitation you will ever have, is the limitation of your own thinking.

Recognizing that wealth and abundance are omnipresent, brings us to the subject of prosperity. Herein resides yet another term that has been twisted in the myopic materialistic mind.

Unless you’re highly unusual you believe (as you’ve been programmed to believe), that prosperity is the equivalent of an abundance of money. Right?

It’s not.

At least not originally.

In a quick study of linguistics you’ll soon realize that the original meaning of the word “prosperity” is “to travel.”

While traveling might be expensive… it’s certainly not the absolute equivalent of an abundance of cash!

All these prosperity propagators who tell you that “God wants you to prosper,” most probably have no idea that they’re telling you that God wants you to travel.

Let’s flesh this out a bit, and see if we can make more practical sense and use of the true meaning.

So what’s the equivalent of travel? To move, to experience, to expand, we could possibly even say that those are metaphors for growth. Are you with me?

Growth starts to make more sense.

Universal Intelligence has one objective,
fuller expansion, experience and expression.

Does “God want you to prosper?”


Now I don’t believe for one nanosecond that the Intelligence that creates and animates the entire Universe gives two shakes about how much money you make. Seriously?!

But science tells us that the Universe is expanding more rapidly right now than it ever has in our recorded history. Isn’t that expansion Universal growth?

Of course it is!

According to the Law of Correspondence (reference Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity 5) that means that you too must grow. You’re a part of this Universe and therefore to be wealthy, abundant and prosperous you too must grow! In this way you work with Universal Will versus against it.

Your results are a reflection of you.
If you want your results to grow, you must grow.

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It’s in this expansion and growth that your true prosperity resides.

So the question becomes are you truly prospering?

Possibly a better question:

What has to happen for you to prosper more fully?

And the journey continues…

Stay Awake, Love Life, and Be Epic,

james arthur ray



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