Do You Love Life or Fantasy: 7

The lover of fantasy wants to pretend he “never has a bad day,” act like everything is all roses with no thorns, instead of being honest and human. These people are plastic, inhuman, lacking in compassion, and disconnected from the heart.

These individuals are most often the boiling cauldrons just waiting to explode.

Frankly, unless they change their strategy they’re never even going to come close to their potential. Most of them as so disconnected and dissociated from their primal and most basic human energies that they’re completely asleep.

According to the tradition, even Jesus, what many call the “perfected man,” cried and anguished in fear of what was to come in the garden of Gethsemane. Earlier he picked up a whip in a rage and beat fellow human beings out of the temple (that’s pretty extreme). And he cried and felt forsaken and abandoned on the cross. Sure seems like normal human emotions to me.

How do the traditional rationalize that one? How is it that we are so conditioned to believe that those emotions are “negative,” unspiritual, and unacceptable? Just maybe “human perfection” is not what we’ve been conditioned to believe.

The fact is there’s a tremendous amount of power in the lower vibratory emotions. In fact, it’s the power that creates worlds; and unless we fully acknowledge them and utilize them, as we discussed last time, they work on us versus for us.

This a very complex topic to say the least, but the simple answer here is that to transmute these energies we have to first acknowledge them, appreciate that they have a place, and allow them the space to do their job.

Everything that has no value in this Universe has become extinct.

If it’s still here it must have a purpose.

When I was sitting in my cell with literally nowhere to go, I had to learn to meditate (I now prefer the term contemplate) as my anger, rage, frustration, fear. Not on it… but as it. Get the difference?

Contemplating as it… is not just a process of thinking about it… it’s owning and  being it. Vast difference.

Please be clear… I’m not suggesting that transmutation is necessarily acting upon these emotions in their rawest of form… I’m suggesting that it’s integrating and harnessing them. Again, big difference.

Anything that is given its attention and acknowledgement will eventually dissipate and integrate for the good of the whole. Please contemplate that long and hard.

Remember we discussed last time that nothing in the temporal realm lasts. Nothing—neither pleasure nor pain; loss or gain.

This lack of acknowledgement is where traditional personal and spiritual development totally misses the mark in my opinion. Attempting to reframe our thoughts and feelings too quickly and “be positive” leads to suppression and fragmentation versus wholeness.

When we are whole we have tremendous power… the power to move mountains. We have this power because all the attributes within us are moving in the same direction; and for the common purpose of the whole. Do you follow?

Once we have the “entire team” working together within us we can literally access and utilize the power of Universal Intelligence and Universal Will.

“In the entire Universe there is only one Mind.”

– David Bohm (quantum theorist; peer and colleague of Einstein)

Just consider… maybe it’s the challenges, difficulties and austerities in life that bring these awesome powers to the fore; and therefore these things are possibly the greatest gifts of all.

I sincerely hope that you now at least have a beginning awareness of what I mean when I talk about “Life versus Fantasy.” If you’re still in doubt please go back and re-read this series.

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The simple answer is that Life is often difficult, hard and painful; full of doubt and uncertainty and fear—accept it, embrace it, utilize it.

Fantasy believes that we can eventually read the right book, learn the Secret, attend the right seminar, study with the right guru, meditate, chant, circumambulate and pray, learn the latest technique; and when we do life will be all roses with no thorns. We’ll be fearless and constantly confident.

Won’t happen… until you’re no longer human.

You, like me, know that every single rose has both a blossom and a thorn. No exception. And true wisdom knows the thorns are there for a reason.

Next week we’ll take what we’ve discussed and dive more deeply into transmutation and the keys of true Alchemy. Thanks for being here.

Stay awake and Love Life

james arthur ray