Do You Love Life or Fantasy: 6

One of the reasons we’re so often afraid to let our true feelings express, is that we erroneously think they’re going to overrun us; and completely take us over. Subsequently we’ll sink into an abyss that we’ll never get out of—never more to see the light of day. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You see, every single thing in the temporal realm (time bound, similar root to temporary) is just that—temporary. Regardless of whether it’s perceived as good or bad, it makes no difference, it won’t last. Let’s face it.

We’ve talked about two steps to Loving Real Life thus far. Seeing things clearly: a nail is a nail, it’s not candy; and…

Feeling what arises from a realistic observation without judgment, suppression or denial. Truth be told it takes true courage to admit and embrace your own demons (we all have them), but in the ancient Alchemical Keys of Solomon we’re taught that once we acknowledge and embrace our demons we can put them to use for us.

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Wasn’t it Napoleon Hill way back in the 50’s who found that successful business men of his day practiced what he called, “transmutation of sexual energies?” Certainly this works for women and their own primal drives as well.

There’s a tremendous amount of power in our most primal energies; and I submit that when we deny or suppress them, it’s like attempting to stuff a scared cat into a small box (in some cases it may be an angry tiger). Please don’t try that one.

If you’re successful (which is definitely questionable), the cat will only go kicking, screaming, biting and scratching; and you’re most likely going to get really messed up in the process.

I remember as a child observing a dog chasing a cat. As it ran by me, I heroically snatched it up to protect it from the dog that was quickly closing the gap. I had the best intentions, but when the dog started jumping up on my leg and barking to get to the cat, I got completely shredded. (I think I’m still scarred from that one by the way; and I don’t think I’ve ever picked up a cat since). I apologize to cat lovers, it is what it is.

The point, primal energies are powerful; and they are what they are. We either put them to work for us… or they will work on us. Do you follow?

You’ll never put them to work for you as long as you attempt to deny and suppress them. In other words, stuff them down in the box inside yourself and slap a smiley face on. Also often known as traditional “positive thinking.”

Properly understood what we’re talking about here is true Alchemy; and the true keys of Solomon the King.

Maybe it’ll make more sense now as I suggest once again that :

Transmutation, not denial , is the tool of mastery.

We’ll talk about transmutation as well as the third step next time.

Stay awake and Love Life


james arthur ray

James Arthur Ray