Do You Love Life or Fantasy: 2

The question once again: Are you a lover of life or a lover of fantasy?

We discussed last time that there’s a distinct difference between the two.

You can read it here. Click here to proceed to the first part of the series.Do You Love Life or Fantasy?

The Law of Attraction advocates, as well as much of the spiritual community want to admonish me when I say that “things must get messy” or that “things are hard”  responding, “You’re attracting it by your thoughts, practice what you preach, that’s a limiting belief,” or something similar.

In my opinion and experience this is a lack of understanding; and I suggest also a major cause of disappointment and frustration. Not to even mention a big reason for lack of achievement.

There was a time when I was on the road over 200 days a year, speaking in at least 12 cities per month. One night, I was flying into a Minneapolis to speak to approximately 1000 people. My flight was late, the airline lost my luggage, the car service to the venue was late, and almost everything you can imagine went wrong. A thousand plus people were waiting for over an hour for me as I diligently attempted to get there.

This was during the peak of “The Secret,” and as I rushed into the back door of the auditorium the promoter said to me with a sarcastic grin, “How did you attract this into your life James?” (implying that I did something “wrong”).

I quickly replied… probably by choosing to travel over 200 days a year.

Please… let’s get real. While all things are spiritual, not everything is some profound spiritual happening. I challenge anyone to travel over 200 days a year and not ever have a delayed flight or messed up luggage. It’s part of the game (see previous blog “It’s all part of the plan”).

You can’t control external circumstances. You can only control your experience of circumstances. Please, oh please, read that and let it sink in.

If you’re going to play a bigger game, please don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’re challenges will disappear, or even become smaller. They won’t. They’ll multiply and expand. Yes we can learn to address and utilize them differently, as all high achievers do, but we first must see them clearly—exactly as they are—no spin. A nail is a nail, a thorn is a thorn. But wisdom understands that there’s value in both the nail and the thorn, and their sharpness and hardness exist for a reason.

Honest assessment. Seeing things clearly. These are the first steps in loving life.

See thing clearly and love life versus fantasy.

Keep the faith,

james arthur ray