Do You Love Life or Fantasy: 2

The question once again: Are you a lover of life or a lover of fantasy?

We discussed last time that there’s a distinct difference between the two.

You can read it here. Click here to proceed to the first part of the series.Do You Love Life or Fantasy?

The Law of Attraction advocates, as well as much of the spiritual community want to admonish me when I say that “things must get messy” or that “things are hard”  responding, “You’re attracting it by your thoughts, practice what you preach, that’s a limiting belief,” or something similar.

In my opinion and experience this is a lack of understanding; and I suggest also a major cause of disappointment and frustration. Not to even mention a big reason for lack of achievement.

There was a time when I was on the road over 200 days a year, speaking in at least 12 cities per month. One night, I was flying into a Minneapolis to speak to approximately 1000 people. My flight was late, the airline lost my luggage, the car service to the venue was late, and almost everything you can imagine went wrong. A thousand plus people were waiting for over an hour for me as I diligently attempted to get there.

This was during the peak of “The Secret,” and as I rushed into the back door of the auditorium the promoter said to me with a sarcastic grin, “How did you attract this into your life James?” (implying that I did something “wrong”).

I quickly replied… probably by choosing to travel over 200 days a year.

Please… let’s get real. While all things are spiritual, not everything is some profound spiritual happening. I challenge anyone to travel over 200 days a year and not ever have a delayed flight or messed up luggage. It’s part of the game (see previous blog “It’s all part of the plan”).

You can’t control external circumstances. You can only control your experience of circumstances. Please, oh please, read that and let it sink in.

If you’re going to play a bigger game, please don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’re challenges will disappear, or even become smaller. They won’t. They’ll multiply and expand. Yes we can learn to address and utilize them differently, as all high achievers do, but we first must see them clearly—exactly as they are—no spin. A nail is a nail, a thorn is a thorn. But wisdom understands that there’s value in both the nail and the thorn, and their sharpness and hardness exist for a reason.

Honest assessment. Seeing things clearly. These are the first steps in loving life.

See thing clearly and love life versus fantasy.

Keep the faith,

james arthur ray



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  1. Today I will make a conscious effort to see clearly and honestly 🙂

    1. James,

      I think you’re right on with these articles and other recent blog posts. I’ve found your story intriguing for the past five years. I had been inspired by your work in the The Secret and ordered one of your courses, which I found valuable. What’s been more telling for me is all that’s happened to you and how you’re dealing with it. I tend to believe that I need both ends of the spectrum — the Law of Attraction, or keeping my “eyes on the prize” of what I want from life and staying with it, no matter what form or shape it turns into; the other end of the spectrum was well expressed by Carl Jung in his theory of archetypes — the shadows, the darkness that we all live with. If I struggle with a problem like overeating, I can use affirmations and visioning and hope for the best. I can also go get help from a therapist and a recovery program. Positive thinking isn’t enough, nor is beating myself up for it or blaming others. My job is to love and accept all of me and life, and to keep stepping forward toward what I love while being as present as possible.
      Stick with it brother. I’m rooting for you.

      1. Jon, first I LOVE Jung and consider him a great mentor of mine even though we never met. I think you’ve expressed it very well and that’s why I stay that we must go 3 for 3… our thoughts feelings and actions all must continually be in alignment. True positive thinking is thinking that you’re positively in the right place right now experiencing exactly the right thing to grow and expand. Tough sometimes but powerful. Keep the faith ~ JAR

  2. You are soooo right. We don’t get to CHOOSE what happens to us, but we always get to CHOOSE how we respond.

  3. I have had about 35 years of going back and forth from Buddhism to law of attraction materializing things, back to Buddhism because I was “using” LOA to sidestep my current reality which often was horrible, but even the good stuff wasn’t being experienced. Only in the last few years have I realized that to experience the qualities of myself that I was avoiding was actually NECTAR. To tell the truth that I have shame, or envy, or irritation, impatience, feel like an orphan of the universe, etc. could actually be done wholeheartedly and then it would lighten up into what’s next … I would feel reborn for a while until I started resisting something else. That’s when I sit down with the Osho Tarot Deck and say, What is going on here, I am racing into busyness. What am I avoiding. I find that just going into the depths of say, humiliation, becomes NECTAR because I feel more complete about being a full human being with a mind that made up humiliation. I don’t have to candy coat it, experiencing it actually changes it into something else. So I don’t even think you need positive thinking, when you are willing to own and experience what goes on with you, and some of it is pretty horrible, it automatically self corrects, and Life brings you a better version. Then you get bogged down again and stuff starts to fall apart and go wrong. Its time to take time and tell yourself the truth. Of course for me Meditation practice is the answer, but my reality that I am currently facing is that sometimes I’m hooked by my need to race around and “make things happen”. Then I lose my keys, or stub my toe, or forget to pay my credit card and I see, I am racing around again. I need to come home to myself and see what’s going on here … Inquire Within! I love what everyone comments here … people who have walked thru the fires of the human drama are the best sharers for they are looking for the NECTAR of the drama, not dramatizing it ad infinitum. Thanx all.

    1. Barbara… you’re writing a great screen play. Which one of us would go to a movie that didn’t have drama of some sort? Remember Pleasantville? We all go back in forth (including me) and I’ve never met ANYONE who was on track all the time with their awareness. It’s something we grasp for moment and then we fall back asleep. Love yourself for it’s all part of life ~ JAR

  4. Hi James, you are right people have a misconception that stops them getting more successful and that is that if they practise the law of attraction that their lives will be perfect. We can create much better lives for ourselves when we realise that we live in a world of duality. We can’t have up without down, in without out and light without darkness. I practise the law of attraction and I can honestly say that my life has been turned around by using and teaching these practises. Do I have bad days of course I do but I have the tools to create better days if I choose too. It’s always in times of extreme hardships or sadness that we as humans grow and expand our awareness because we are more open to learning and growing as people.

    1. Yes Michelle… we’re not that open to look deeply when things are firing on all eight Cylinders are we? There’s a purification through pain and a salvation that comes through suffering. Something to ponder ~JAR

  5. This is beautiful, James. I encourage this in my students’ practice as well: “Start from where you are. Be willing to come apart. Go from there.”

    Nothing much more to add. Well said.

    1. Terry, the coming apart is what all the great traditions have taught us. As I have said before, “it’s not about the rise per se… it’s about the fall.” ~ JAR

  6. Refreshing words James. I’ve been explaining for years now that the LoA is NOT magic. besides, even if it was, it would be impossible to monitor and purposefully create each and every thought in your head. The LoA is trying to teach us how to change our Mindset so that we can see the events in our lives as simply that – events. WE get to choose how we react. WE get to choose the meaning. WE get to choose what to think and do next. Enjoying the new you James, keep it coming. 🙂

    1. Thanks Stuart and you’re on to something. We “appear” to be able to attract what we want when we embrace life and expand more fully. Not because of magic mojo but because of “utilization” (I’ll be writing on this soon). Utilizing EVERYTHING to our further development, advancement and growth ~ JAR

  7. Keep rolling with the punches James. Even the best fighters get hit, and most of the time hit harder then others. But it is in the taking of the punch that which makes them one of the best.

    1. Great metaphor Chris. And those with the highest batting averages strike out more than others. Why do we think life should be like that in one area and not collectively? Keep thinking ~ JAR

  8. Totally agree that challenges will not disappear but multiply and expand, especially on the road of spiritual growth. From my experience they don’t repeat if I understand the reason and learn my lesson. But then comes another challenge and so and so forth… Through challenges I grow. This is life. With love, Marika

    1. Marika you are correct and every single spiritual tradition has told us so… we’re just not listening. Truth be told the greatest souls have ALWAYS faced the greatest suffering. Even a quick study of history will prove this. Why is that? Is it possible that is the path of the soul? Much love ~ JAR

  9. This is such a refreshment James, thank you for being real!

    When I first was exposed to The Secret, I received that snarky reply many times from people. In fact, my entire belief system changed. I then went through the hardest time of my life. I experienced bankruptcy, foreclosure on my home, and divorce all within 2 year’s time. All this after learning about the Law of Attraction and readying Harmonic Wealth? You can rest assured it didn’t make sense to my mortgage lender, my creditors, or my ex for that matter. That’s no judgement against any of them either, it’s just the truth.

    What I know now is that I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. Those experiences released me from many demons I had been wrestling my entire. Coming out on the other side of that kind of thing was almost like a rebirth of sorts. I now know myself in a way I couldn’t have without having gone through those experiences, learning how to properly respond instead react. There’s a huge difference, at least in my opinion.

    Thanks for sharing once again my friend.


    1. J!!! Yes, yes, yes. I’m there with you, in all aspects. The ancients knew that the “Tower of Babel” must fall for new birth to occur. The hardest thing sometimes is letting go of what is to allow for what is to be. Thanks for being here and for your wisdom and courage to REALLY live! ~JAR

    2. James, I have a post it of a sentence from something somewhere you wrote or said years ago…on my bathroom wall… that has carried me through very difficult 3 years… my brother my husband and two best friends all died suddenly and young! within 6 months of each other. That Post it said: “It’s not your fault, but it is your responsibility. Responsibility defined as: What are your abilities to respond to the situation.” I cannot tell you how that simple post it carried me. Kept me from blame, self blame, shielded me from others who might have thought how could I manifest such devastating circumstance. Those words “…what are your abilities to respond…” keep/kept me focused on moving out of the pain and onto expansion. How one responds to a hardship is where the manifestation lies. Thank you for your courage to been seen in this way.

      1. Saja… I’m so sorry for your loss. It hurts and it’s hard; and I’m so glad you’re moving through it. If I was able to help in some small way I’m honored. I too have carried that thought with me over the last 4 years as I’ve continually asked myself how I was going to respond to the challenges life through my way. It’s not easy Saja… nor is it supposed to be. But it’s pretty simple; and I’m sure you can relate. Thanks for being here and sharing of yourself. Keep awake and Love life ~ JAR

  10. I appreciate your candid thoughts and learned wisdom. You have definitely earned your stripes. I was totatally going to go there with the practice of “what you put out you get out”. While I still stand firm in the need to consistently take measure of your thoughts and actions and turn them to positve side of things, I do also understand that our trials and tribulations give us the growth we need to go farther and find more joy in living…even though at that moment they suck. You are squarely looking the messes in the face and calling them what they are rather than skating around the issue a little more gently. This is for me what caused the initial reaction of slight panic that all my work to live in the light could possibly land me in the dark. Ouch. Then I took a step back and got out of my way, understanding and agreement came. Thank you for pushing the all too easy to get stuck in, comfort zone. Best wishes on your journey:)

    1. Carole… your a step ahead of me =) Yes, I agree that we should still take measure of your thoughts and actions, but until you face things honestly and boldly, you’re flipping to the positive too soon (not you literally but the collective “you” i.e. we). There’s a time and a place for the transmutation, but only after we’ve planted our feet firmly in the sand of real life. More to come. Thanks ~ JAR

  11. I loved what you said about the mess never going away. I think we (I) get caught up in trying to believe I have learned something by successfully managing a mess and moving through it only to find another, bigger and more unique mess later down the road. I like what you said about it being more important to learn to be in the mess and not affected as the goal rather than the elimination of messes altogether. The challenge for me is to embrace the messes and realize that life is like ocean waves that come in with positive and come in again with negative. To be the same whether abased or abounding. This is a great series.

    1. Faydra what you’re describing is the Hermetic Law of Rhythm. Tide goes in, tide MUST go out. Seasons come, seasons MUST go. It’s our denial of impermanence that is the greatest give of pain here… the resistance to what is. Keep the faith and love life ~ JAR

  12. Ahhhh…finally we are out of the clouds; to think we create everything with our thoughts and emotions?? We aren’t that How about “our experience is already destines as to what our souls want to experience? period. there’s no good or bad…just growth however we preceive it to be.
    “We create our reality by our thoughts and emotions” is just another program/belief. And there are many of those programs available in this mind matrix.

    1. Ellen… just food for thought. If as you state “just growth however we ‘perceive’ to be.” Don’t we in then indeed create our reality through out thoughts and emotions? Maybe we’ve just “perceived” it all incorrectly based upon our love for fantasy. Something to ponder. Much love ~ JAR

  13. Thank You, thank You, thank You James. OMG you are one of the rare ones who understands that spirituality encompasses everything that we are, the good, the bad and the ugly. It was about five years ago, that I woke up to the fact that I AM a spiritual Being living a human experience. It’s all Good. Thanks again

    1. Yes Joan… believe it or not when we do truly wake up we realize that even the “bad” is good. A hard one to get your mind around until you’ve been there ~ JAR

  14. Great points James! I think an absolute key is that people need to remember that we cannot control external circumstances or people. They intersect in our life, but we cannot control them. [I believe that when we try to start controlling them (especially people) then that is when we start affecting ourselves very adversely and then the law of attraction can kick our hiney! But that’s another blog post altogether! Hehe.]

    This also makes me think of the Law of Rhythm. Things ebb and flow, there will be high cycles and low cycles. It is through keeping our vibration up and law of attraction mojo going that we can pull out of the low cycles hopefully quicker, but they are still going to happen. It’s natural. That’s life. To believe you control everything – well, that’s fantasy!

    Thanks for the post!

    1. And please remember Lynn, that the mountain peak is ONLY majestic in contrast to the depth of the valley and the emptiness of the sky it stands above and against. Without them, it is nothing. ~ JAR

  15. Good timing for me to hear this. Seemed everything I touched went bad and I sat and pondered ” what on earth could be the value in this”. “Ahh to find the value in me” I get it.
    Thanks James

    1. Nice Johnny… pain is the mother of all growth and awakening. Let’s face it… we’re not motivated to look deeply when all is rosy. ~ JAR

  16. You can only control your experience of circumstances… and then if the entire key board of buttons gets hit on STUCK… What is the lesson I am supposed to learn here?! Doesn’t always put me back into control. I have noticed when I am a bit angry… getting more angry on purpose to point of ludicrous puts me back in control and the ‘humor’ there appears. We signed up for this and agreed to everything before hand for the greater good. Then we forgot we had and here we are. Thank you James. My annual trek into Minneapolis has had over half in the last ten years been an adventure. What is Minneapolis creating that for?

  17. One reason why I avoid airplanes.
    Personally,I am not a fan of them.

  18. From my experience the “new age” community has misunderstood the universal principles and have mistaken truth for belief. “Truth cannot be told it must be experienced”. We are in the physical for a reason, we need the contrast (physical) which includes pain,challenges etc.)) to realize and grow as eternal beings. If this life was meant to be easy we would’t be here, there would be no purpose! Live life to the fullest, forget the fantasies and embrace life… and you’ll find that what seems like fantasy is actually REAL.

    “When spirituality becomes unbalanced it becomes religion. When materialism becomes unbalanced it becomes vanity.” ~P.K

    Thank you James, your words stir my soul, we are from the same kin.
    Much love, Pete

    1. Thanks Peter, well said… I’ve decided to help re-define what it truly means to be “spiritual” and “physical” in this world. For spirit without form has no expression and form with out spirit has no life. They both need and MUST have each other. Maybe you can help me. Love your quote. If only one person listens and is touched then it’s all worthwhile. Keep the faith ~ JAR

  19. Thanks for this timely post James. I have been hospitalized for the 4 days with my 4th herniated lumbar disc, lots of pain etc. I have put aside the spiritual aspect of “why” and am focusing on creating/controlling my own experience of my circumstances. I guess that you yourself have had to do this over recent years. If I see anything spiritual in my situation it is one of rebooting, going back to essence, reviewing what I have learnt, what I can add, do or change to enrich my experience and the lives of those around me, to show gratitude, to embrace and love life. Thanks again .. John

    1. Yes John, well said. I love the term “reboot” and have used it frequently in my own life. We do it often with our computers when they start slowing down and operating inefficiently… maybe we all need a Cosmic Reboot from time to time to start over more intelligently. Take care of your back. I too had herniated discs after my motor cycle accident in the late 80’s and I’m doing really well. The body has an incredible ability to heal and repair if we’ll just work with it. Much love ~ JAR

  20. James,

    I’v followed you for years, not for your success, but for your methology, I found it quite helpful, but this post finally realizes the fact that : “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”

    Peeps look for meaning and understanding only to distract themselves from reality, for true reality is frightning to 99%.

    Many including myself, have read buddah and hundreds of other stuff, so what? How does that change now? nadda…

    Keep it real James,

    1. Marek… Freud took a lot of shit in his day for that statement. Many said he was in denial =)… again, so what!? Freud was without a doubt one of the most influential figures on modern psychology… even to this day. Sometimes we attempt to make the most profound spiritual happening out of just common sense. This magical mindset (also called fantasy and denial) is what robs us of joy. Thanks for being her my friend and giving me a good Freud laugh ~ JAR

  21. I’ve found that those who criticize or disparage the concept of the Law of Attraction, either in reaction to The Secret or because they believe they’ve “moved beyond” LOA as an aspect of their lives, often never really understood what the message of The Secret is in the first place.

    The Law of Attraction is a Law of the Universe, and not unlike the Law of Gravity, as Michael Beckwith shares in the film, it simply IS, whether we agree with it or not. Agreement has nothing to do with it. That I AM the Creator of My Reality (as each of us are) is not in question, the question is, as I am creating my reality am I doing so consciously or unconsciously.

    The Law of Attraction is not magic. It is a tool that helps us utilize the Power of Creation in each of our lives daily and, as a tool, it is neutral. As Bob Proctor said so clearly, the LOA is like electricity. “With electricity, you can cook a man’s breakfast…and you can cook the man!” The Law of Attraction doesn’t care how it will be used, it is simply ready and available TO be used.

    If we are to use this powerful tool for our greater good, we must learn to use it consciously. Part of that consciousness includes taking action, since we are, as human beings, living within certain (spiritually agreed to) limitations in a “real” world. It also means accepting pain and failure as part of the experience of life. However, the Power of Creation resides in the power of the mind and the power of the mind resides in where we focus our attention, and as James has shared many times: Where attention goes, energy flows.

    From that perspective, it does become imperative to focus the mind in the direction of what we want to experience in our lives and away from what we do not want or like in our lives. I AM the Creator of My Reality…and reality is how I perceive the world. My perception creates my experience. I can acknowledge my pain, whether physical or emotional, and I can learn and practice acceptance of it, but if I focus my attention on it, it becomes my reality and I attract more of than pain.

    When I learn and practice observing pain objectively, I release or diminish my emotional reactions to it and I can focus the power of my mind with increasing intensity in the direction of what I wish to create for myself and my world.

    James speaks of the energy of polarity in the world and polarity is a fact. Polarity, however, should not be confused with Duality. Polarity is like two sides of a coin. Each side has its individuality, but each is still the same coin. Duality is the illusion that there are opposite forces that are separate from each other. If one recognizes that All Is God and God Is All There Is, one can recognize the Spiritual Truth that duality does not really exist and that All Is Good because All Is God. It can be no other way…and that, for me, is comforting and empowering.

    Namaste! In Lak Ech! Shanti!

  22. Your book “Harmonic Wealth” had a major impact on me and my life. I have looked forward to your reemergence. I understand exactly what you’re saying and I agree totally, however I do believe as I experienced, that to find my purpose I looked at my fantasy (dream) and began to take steps to make it real. Of course as I take steps each day my fantasy has evolved into something attainable. Absolutely things have gotten messy along the way but I know I brought them to me because I have to go through these periods to gain the experience and knowledge to take the next steps. There is no question of the realness in these events and according to the law of polarity for every rough situation there is a smooth one. We simply must enjoy each moment and learn from both the good and bad.

    1. Michael, Thanks and I totally agree. Fantasy as I’m describing it is the belief that all is always rosy and there’s no thorns. The rose needs the thorns to protect the blossom. Many in the industry tend to believe that if we learn the right mojo or take the right magic pill then we’ll never again have any problems or challenges. You and I both know that’s just not reality. We can however see our challenges and pain as a vehicle to become more awake, aware and alive and then they somehow change in our experience. Make sense? ~ JAR

  23. Hi James. I love your posts. I look forward seeing you in person someday- your teachings are amazing, they have helped me for some years now. One of my beigest challenges is to earn my bachelors degree in sociology knowing the fact that I don’t speak English perfectly . I think that is one of my real dreams or “life”. 🙂 much love.

  24. I’m not sure I believe that you can’t control – or at least influence – what is external and that’s because I’ve done it. A brief story about myself:

    When I was 23, I experienced a major, deep depression. In the space of a few weeks, my girlfriend (who I thought, at the time, was the love of my life) broke up with me, I got kicked out of college and was involved in a horrible brawl at a bar that nearly cost me my life. I required surgery to repair a bone in my face, had dental work to replace a tooth and was basically bed-ridden for nine weeks. Now, all of this occurred because of my own, terrible choices but that didn’t matter to me at the time. I was humiliated and was considering suicide.

    Then, my parents saw a documentary about Liberace which mentioned his devotion to a book called ‘The Magic of Believing’ by Claude Bristol. Knowing I was in desperate need of help – ANY kind of help – they went out and bought the book for me. Maybe it was the painkillers or the fact that I was stuck at home without many entertainment options or that I simply had nowhere else to turn for direction, but the book instantly struck a chord with me. I absorbed every word and the power of belief became my religion (and this is coming from someone who had been to church about three times in his life).

    First, I got clear about what I wanted, no matter how unrealistic. My first priorities were getting my girlfriend back and graduating from college; both tall, seemingly impossible feats considering that the girl had moved on with someone else and that I had just gotten booted out of school. I also decided to work on my appearance as I had gained considerable weight and looked like a slovenly mess.

    The changes started slowly at first. I couldn’t figure out a strategy regarding my girlfriend so rather than risk further alienating her, my approach became just leaving her alone and leaving it to the magic of my believing to work it out for me. As for college, I found a loophole that would allow me to sign up for independent study courses that counted toward my degree even though I had been dismissed from school. In the meantime, I registered for courses at the local community college that would allow me to qualify for re-admission at my former university. I also began dieting and exercising.

    Long story short (I know, too late), within one year, my life completely turned around and much of it had to do with external forces that I was influencing through the techniques I learned in Bristol’s book. My girlfriend, unbelievably, came back without my really doing anything except believing it would happen and visualizing the event. Out of the blue, I was invited to be a part of the FDA testing for LASIK eye surgery, which was an enormous boost to my studies, my exercise regimen, my confidence and my ambition. Once I was re-accepted to my college, my new adviser began lecturing me to take things slow, to nurse my GPA so I didn’t get kicked out again. At that time, this was the perfect thing for me to hear because it only made me more determined to meet my goal of graduating ASAP. Not only did I refuse to take anything slowly, I registered for extra classes to speed things up and made the Dean’s list. Soon, I was the proud owner of a college diploma.

    My point is that things were working for me and I knew it. I could literally feel it internally when some external force, maybe far away, was working in my behalf. It CAN happen if you can get your subconscious in the right “zone” (for lack of a better word). Will there will stumbling blocks along the way? Sure. But when you’re truly believing, the setbacks will be minimal and temporary.

    I’m not trying to convert anyone to this approach. That’s not my job or goal. But I wanted to explain that I believe what I believe because I’ve lived it. We can not only control/influence the external circumstances, they can work in our favor and open doors and possibilities that we may never have dreamed of. But first, we have to get the INTERNAL house in order.

    My apologies because this came across as more preachy than I attended (and much longer) but oh, well. I’m nothing if not thorough.

    Good luck to James Ray and to everyone on this site!

    1. J, I’ll attempt to be more brief because I tend to be verbose as well =) First, Magic of Believing, I’ve read it, great book. Second, you nailed it when you said “influence.” It’s very obvious to me that you didn’t just believe (aka visualize and feel good like so many want to propagate in personal development) You actually DID SOMETHING. You changed your diet, you worked harder and applied yourself. Fantasy says I’m going to control external circumstances through my thoughts (good luck) Real life says I’m going 3 for 3… my thoughts, feelings and actions are all going to fire in alignment and I’m going to UTILIZE (key concept) EVERYTHING to my advantage. True “believing” is believing that everything is here for your continuous development, advancement and growth regardless of how they currently appear. Congratulations. Nice job. Keep believing and ACTING upon those beliefs. There’s a power working through you that’s far beyond any temporary challenge ~ JAR

  25. I don’t agree that you attract good or bad things into your life. There are always consequences of everything we do and those can be positive or negative. Also, sometimes things just happen. It all depends on how you look at things. That day James, when you arrived late to Minneapolis, 1000 people waited for you for over an hour just to listen to you! They didn’t leave but waited for you. In my opinion, you attracted something good which was all those people’s interest in what you had to teach them. No matter how many things went wrong that day, in the end you were able to arrive and deliver. That is the real LOA.

    1. Argel, I don’t think we are in disagreement as I don’t think I labeled anything “good or bad.” Nothing in life has any meaning besides the meaning we give it through our own perception, interpretation and preferences. Is it possible that the LOA “appears” to work for those who utilize everything for their own development, advancement and growth which is the sole (soul) purpose of the Universe? ~ JAR

  26. thanks James, since I have decided to love life,so many forces have been opposing me,I have been experiencing these forces from every direction of my life,most of the time I failed to distinguish between life and fantasy,
    as in our society we have this two 1.foreign culture (Christianity,Islams to name them but few). 2. ancient culture (our forefathers traditional and customs)..most of us have adopted one of the foreign culture belief, at the same time we still belief and value some of our culture and traditions.if you look at these two you will openly see some cultures are opposing to each other therefore it creates a catastrophe in the knowing the different between life and fantasy ,by considering our position,whats is your opinion on this?

    1. Dandalla… My experience is that you’re right on the mark. You may have read in my first installment that I think it’s a grave error to attempt to adopt the culture and practices of another. Maybe I should write on this some more. What do you think? ~ JAR

  27. “You can only control your experience of circumstances” This resonated so much with me this morning.

    Your blog post is the perfect example in terms of what’s going on in my life and business at the moment.

    I am working on looking at the way I have experienced a situation in the past and looking for new ways to see what situation that allows me to have a paradigm shift into acceptance and THEN I can take the action of responding in a way that grows my Soul when the situation arises again!.

    Love it!


    Astrologer Dawn

    1. Astrologer Dawn!! You’re a step ahead =)… good for you. Most of us attempt to take action and/or respond to quickly. I suggest there’s a functional process involved and I think you intuitively know at least part of it. Stay tuned. Much love ~ JAR

  28. If I may add a bit…

    I am a true believer of The Law of Attraction, Every bit is true, Thoughts Becomes Things, What You Think about and Thank About You Bring About, Visualization, Energy Flows where The Mind Goes, All is True and Works no doubt about it. I guess there is a very think line between loving life and fantasizing life, in fact, both could or may not work in your favor, results would still show up whether you class yourself in loving and living or fantasizing..

    With that I would also like to say that any there has to be a vision, a purpose, an action and belief in what you are doing, loving life thoughtfully or fantasizing,

    Action is one of the most important aspect of having things occur, however sometimes some things occur on their own?

    Life gives the parallel back to you, what goes around comes around, what you give to life, to the universe, it throws or gives it back to you, all make perfect sense,

    You a re responsible for your actions, true if you go deeper to search for its origin by connecting the dots,

    James & Respected audience here, I believe there is really a very thin line between Fantasy and Loving Life, Does it make any sense or not ? 🙂

  29. My Friends and I were discussing last week the Law of attraction, Newtonian physics, and purgatory. After 23 years of churches, 27 years of spiritual study, 8 years of quantum physics, and biology, I no longer know what to believe. Sometimes life is unbelievably beautiful and sometimes it is unbearable. Somehow the only thing that makes sense to me is we get to experience it all and it is unavoidable. I think we come in with the chosen blueprint but our soul selects the experiences for a personal ascension. How am I able to manifest certain things and not others? I’ve been studying astrology for the past year. It’s all mathematical and science based and has been around thousands of years.
    I’m discovering more truth in astrology than any religion I’ve studied. James, I wish we could see you in person again. The energy at your gatherings was soul lifting. I would love to pic your brain for a couple of hours. I’m sure all of us would. I feel stuck. I’m doing the work but Universal timing keeps whispering not yet honey. So I patiently look for the hidden messages to reveal themselves. If God wants us to experience joy and prosperity, where the hell is it ? It sure wasn’t in your glamorous prison cell, or was it?


    1. Kari the most profound question you ask was the final one… and yes it was. But it was a process in getting there that denial and “positive spin” would have never gotten me. You will see me soon, in the meantime I too am remaining patient and knowing that all is unfolding in accordance with Universal Will. ~ JAR

  30. I am sitting here shaking in my seat. I hear the message from Abraham-Hicks about ‘facing reality’ …. I’m lost, but James I am going to hang in there with you on this one.
    I have used PSTEC and Faster EFT to get a grip on life so I could move forward. The stress I am feeling must be the feelings I soothed or thought was healed, coming back …..

    1. Malana, I’m not familiar with Esters perspective on this topic but from my experience I can tell you that ANYTHING that is looked at clearly will disappear. All things in the third dimension are transitory. Hang in there and Keep the faith sweetie ~ JAR

  31. I have pretty much been a seeker of truth since I was in my mid teens. I have studied various religions, philosophies, martial arts, etc. but do not have the answers. In the story of Job, a wealthy man had it all and lost it all, including his family. His friends blamed him, believing it was something profound which created all these incidences which had destroyed the life he had once known,…but he kept his faith and continued to ask why. Many of us, including myself, can experience periods of loss, sometimes so quickly that you do not have time to recover from one, when another happens. One instance that comes to mind, is the “Harmonic Wealth” event I attended in Jersey City. From there I was supposed to go to Mexico for another event, but my intuition told me to take a week at home instead. I had bought a few more programs and began to do the meditations. One included the four elements. I had a fear of fire, and after going through the meditation, I believed that I had overcome this. I began the next day with your “Success Certain Coaching Program” That first day, I waited a bit before going through the exercise, so on the following day, I did not leave my room until I completed it. When I arrived in my home office after, I heard a sound like water dripping. I went over to the area and found all was dry. Upon looking up, I saw an orange glow above the ceiling, and realized my house was on fire. As the saying goes, we often find ourselves taking 2 steps forward, followed by 10 backwards……Obviously my focus was on positive creations and achieving my goals, I thought I cleared my fear of fire, but I attracted the opposite. There is also the law of Magnetism…..where like actually repels like and opposites attract.. I know that sometimes we dislike others because they seem to have qualities we do not like to admit we carry, both for success and failure. What is your view of these thoughts, James? Namaste, Marie

    1. Marie, loss and gain are both a part of life. You cannot have one without the other. Life is a constant back and forth in the Relative plane but you cannot always judge by appearances. Much love to you, keep the faith ~ JAR

      1. Thank-you, for the reminder, James….One of my favorite sayings is “You never know what is going on behind the scenes”. I must walk our talk and keep moving forward, no matter what events manifest in the present. They will only make us stronger and more committed to make a difference. Love to you and yours,

  32. “You can’t control external circumstances. You can only control your experience of circumstances.” (JAR)

    Exactly James! Exactly…

  33. James,
    One of the things you said, which I have always remembered is ‘what you focus on comes about..’ So, focus on getting an A grade and not focusing on not getting a C grade. I do affirmations of things in the future. Those things do become my reality. Thank you.

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