Leaders Do What It Takes

Leaders Do What It Takes

Hurry is fear disguised as passion.

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Do you ever get tired and impatient?

Do you ever feel like your results aren’t happening fast enough?

Yeah, me too.

But the bottom line is you must be willing to do whatever it takes; and the bigger the intention, the longer the gestation period.

The true leader and master have infinite patience.
While the amateur has short-term vision, the leader sees in terms of decades.

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Sacrificing time, energy, money and effort takes a lot out of us all. But if you’re not willing to sacrifice for your dreams, goals, intention, and purpose, then those things will be your sacrifice.

Read here: True leaders are willing to sacrifice for the calling far beyond their own personal comforts and needs.

If you’re not willing to sacrifice for your dreams, goals,
intention, and purpose, then those things will be your sacrifice.

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One of the primary qualities of all great athletes, artists, and entrepreneurs is that they’re willing to do whatever it takes.

We all wish it took less time. But it rarely does.

Whatever you’re going after is going to probably take
twice as long as expected and cost twice as much. Stay the course.

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It’s not supposed to be easy. If it were easy, then everyone would be at the top of their game.

Easy and great cannot coexist in the same space.

It’s guaranteed that if it’s easy it’s not great.
Easy and great cannot coexist in the same space.

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If you know anything about my life, you know it’s never been easy. I’m sure yours hasn’t either. But mine has been extremely meaningful. How about yours?

Ask yourself these questions in your difficulties:

1.What’s good about this?

Now I know the first impulse might be “nothing.” But what could be good about it if you wanted to find something good. Don’t let yourself off the hook.

2.What am I learning from this?

There are two types of people: Winners and Learners; and the bottom line is that if you’re learning you’re still winning.

3.How can I use what I’m learning to move forward and create a better life?

Life is about growth. Spirit is always for fuller expansion, experience and expression—never for contraction.

Spirit is always for fuller expansion, experience, and expression.
The human spirit will not invest itself in mediocrity.

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I craft these blog messages to help you in your journey. These ideas and strategies have helped immensely in my own.

My deepest prayer is that this meets you in the right space and time in which you need it most.

I look forward to helping you grow and learn.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!


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